10 Amazing Online Sex Stores You NEED to Know

No matter what you are trying to find, there are online stores that insist that only they can offer precisely what you desire. There are thousands of online adult stores claiming to have the best prices and highest quality products.

To make it easy to locate the right store for your specific needs, we have gone through and found the best the internet has to offer. We have brought together ten sites with a wide variety of offerings from niche sex toys to super stores where you can find new and exciting things to accentuate your sensual tastes.

We have created a comparison list for these sites so that you can tell right away if it is going to have what you need. The brief descriptions of each adult store give a sampling of what they offer, how easy their site is to navigate, and what features make them stand apart from the competition.

Top 10 Adult Sex Shops

Whether you are looking for technologically based ways to spice up your sex life or want to purchase a few classic toys, these sites have everything you could ever want to heat up the bedroom.

Each store has a summary of their offerings, site description, and special offers, if any exist, along with the pros and cons to help you decide which one is right for you.


sex toys onlineIf you are contemplating cutting edge, quality technology in the bedroom, then Lovense is the right site for you. The landing page immediately breaks down the three main categories for their toys: long-distance, programmable, and wireless.

Navigation is a breeze with menu buttons along the top for products and services. At the bottom of each page, there is also a more detailed menu.

There are thirteen unique sex toys featured on this site, including the Max 2 and Nora combination of long-distance sex toys that work in sync to provide a fantastic experience. What makes this website distinctive is the pure focus on tele-sex with additional camming information to go with the smart-toys. Virtual sex is now something anyone can enjoy with the products and programs provided by Lovense.

Each item page shows the full setting ranges. They provide information on that product’s history and its standout features. Every toy on their site has some capacity to connect to a smart device, and there is a list on each page for what services you can expect on your device as well as system requirements.

This makes it easy to ensure you have a compatible tablet or phone.


  • There is a one year or 90-day warranty coverage for all products with the specific coverage details on the product pages. This warranty covers product defects and workmanship failure.
  • This site includes set-up guides for camming and information on how to use their trademarked long-distance sex toys to get more from your camming experience.
  • Shipping costs are low, and they ship internationally through Amazon, which keeps the price down and the delivery times fast.


  • There are not a lot of unique items with only thirteen listed sex toys and four accessories.
  • They cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

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best online sex shop

Lovehoney has over 15 years of experience, providing only the best in all things sensual to clients worldwide. It is no surprise then that their site is easy to navigate, comprehensive, and bursting full of sexy products.

The landing page has multiple sections listed, including lingerie, best sellers, bondage gear, sex toys, new products, and accessories. There are also multiple Deal of the Week coupons you can click on to see their current active discounts.

You can search by product category, customer rating, brand, color, length, circumference, material, and price. This makes it easy to find what you want from their vast array of sex toys and accessories. There are hundreds of options listed on this site, and each one is given a complete breakdown on their product page, so you know precisely what you are getting if you decide to purchase.

There are detailed customer reviews, videos of the product, and a full breakdown of their features on each product page. This includes measurements, how the material feels, and essential information like allergy warnings and additional special attributes (e.g., waterproof vs. water-resistant).


  • There is a massive list of products with over 200+ listed in the “realistic dildos” category alone.
  • They offer a student discount of 20%.
  • They offer discreet packaging so your neighbors will be none the wiser about any purchases.
  • There is a sixty-day return window for refunds.
  • Lovehoney Reward Points gives you points for every purchase you make to put towards your next sexy toy or piece of lingerie.


  • Shipping services are through FedEx and are slightly pricier than some other online sex toy shops.
  • You need to register with Lovehoney to get their one-year warranty guarantee.
Check the Prices and the Products on Sale on LoveHoney

Kiirooadult sex toys most popular

The site navigation is basic. There is a hot, steamy category for everyone on the landing page of Kiiroo. You get immersive technologically advanced sex toys at the top, wearables, traditional clit stimulators, long-distance toys, and accessories links mid-page, followed by several articles on porn at the bottom.

Like Lovense, this company is all about sharing sexy-times with your lover using the forum of technology.

Kirroo has eight different long-distance sex toy sets for couples and over a dozen options for individual sleeves, strokers, and vibrators for him and her. The product pages have all the technical specifications, but they lack videos or GIFs of the toys in action, so you have no way to see what you are really getting before you buy.


  • Free shipping for orders over $100.
  • The novel product, FeelPornStar Experience box set, allows you to feel every sensation of the porn you are watching through your toy’s movement.
  • All products are mid-to-high priced with high customer satisfaction.


  • The cart does not show shipping prices before you put in your payment information.
  • There is no guaranteed refund if you cancel an order if more than 4 hours have passed since your checkout time, and there is only a seven-day return window for exchanges with the customer covering 100% of return shipment costs.
Check the Prices and the Products on Sale on Kiiroo


buy adult pleasure toy online

The attractive, easy to maneuver loading page for LoveLife makes it easy to see what they have to offer. When looking through the entire catalog of products, you can only narrow it down by price and main category, making it harder to find what you want.

Each product page has details for everything you could ever want, including special features, full specs, a video showing how it will function and any settings, and product dimensions. Their OhMiBod toy line is sexy and shows that comfort and easy accessibility are an obvious priority for this company.


  • There is free shipping on U.S. orders over $35.
  • They have an excellent range of prices, quality, and types of toys available in their shop.
  • They offer discreet shipping.


  • Their product search tool is quite limited, and the button menu at the top of the site only takes you to the search tool.
  • The shipment amount is not shown before payment information is entered.
Check the Prices and the Products on Sale on LoveLife


adult pleasure toy online

This shop has a real comic book and feminist vibe that comes across in the original artwork. The navigation is intuitive. You can quickly and efficiently maneuver to anywhere on the site from the landing page.

The site is kept updated with all the latest toys and event news.

There are nine main shop pages, including Pleasure Toys, Bath & Body, Bondage & Fetish, Lingerie & Body Jewelry, and much more! What sets Shevibe apart from other sites is that they include sex education and gender expression as a part of their shop displays and overall content. This open acceptance and inclusivity stands out from the crowd of other online sex shops.


  • Free shipping for orders of $68 or more.
  • There is a thirty-day return window for defective items.
  • One year warranties are offered for select products.


  • No videos or GIFs of the products.

Ella Paradis

adult couple toys online

Ella Paradis has an intuitive catalog menu that makes it easy to zero in on what new sensual toy you want. This superstore keeps up to date on all the latest adult toy trends to ensure that there is always something new to see.

Their search function allows you to narrow things down by color, price, and manufacturer though you likely will not need to search the whole catalog since it is so easy to find sub-categories and specific types of toys through the menu buttons alone. You can find a toy to satisfy any need on this site.

It has everything from technology-enhanced toys to sex machines and traditional dildos. Whatever you are looking for, the odds are pretty good you will find it on Ella Paradis.

Each product has detailed guides exploring what features and accessories it includes, how it works, and any enhancements such as waterproofing. There are also videos and extensive customer reviews of each item so that you know what to expect from the toy or accessory when it arrives.


  • Price match guarantee offered.
  • Site mapping is very well done and simple to move through.
  • There is a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee on select items.


  • Orders from Ella Paradis cannot be canceled once they are processed.

Adam & Eve

popular sex toys on sale

Adam Eve is a tasteful, well organized online store. They offer multiple free gift options for orders $39 and over.

The thing that sets Adam Eve apart from other online sex stores is their long-standing quality and customer satisfaction. This superstore is a one-stop-shop. It also has linked affiliated sites for gay and lesbian centric toys.

It is simple to find what you are looking for thanks to their detailed search catalog that allows you to narrow products down by noise level, intensity level, material, width, length, brand, color, customer rating, features, price, category, and popular searches.

Their amazing inventory is enough to get anyone a bit heated up. Their product descriptions are details, and checkout is fast and easy. Related accessories are automatically shown at the bottom of the cart for you to add on so you will not forget batteries or extra lube.

The shipment total is included as soon as you add anything to the cart.


  • They have a 24/7, 1-800 help number.
  • Discounts for military members, first responders, teachers, and college students within the United States.


  • No videos or GIFS of the products.

Babelandintimate sex toy

Babeland is all about creating an inclusive community of people who share the belief that love is beautiful, and sex should be celebrated. They are unique in that they offer curbside pick-ups from various locations in the United States to accommodate social distancing and community health.

The site itself is easy to move through with a detailed menu on top of all their main and sub-categories. You can refine the search tool using fourteen unique data points. They make it simple to find the products you love and discover new and exciting toys.

They also offer gender-affirming products for trans men, women, and non-binary individuals. Sex health and safety is another focus of this site, and they have sections that include safe sex and other sex-related literature.


  • $5 off order with email registration.
  • Free shipping with orders of $69 and more.
  • There are comprehensive videos of each product.
  • They offer interest-free payment options for more expensive toys.


  • You need to register your name and location before you can see your checkout information and price totals (even on a guest account).


sex toys adult games

Bvibe is all about appreciating the beauty and sensual pleasure of the human body. You will find gorgeous original artwork and top quality toys along with education about all things anal.

Because this store caters to a particular category of sex, there are not many options compared to other online retailers, but if you have always wanted to expand your tastes, this is the right site for trying out new and exciting forms of pleasure.

They do also have a “beyond anal” section, which features several pages of vibrators. Most of the site is focused on providing an accurate and healthy introduction to anal sex.


  • Free shipping for orders over $50 in the United States.
  • There is a one-year warranty guarantee.
  • They offer discreet shipping.
  • It is easy to see and edit your cart contents from any page on the site.


  • The shipment price is not listed until you put in your payment information.


sexual wellness products

There are not a lot of toy options with only nineteen individual sex toys in their catalog. What they do have is top quality. We-Vibe allows for devices to sync up partners that want to share their sexual experience over long-distance.

These technology-based vibrators are able to provide an intimate connection at genuinely affordable prices. Every item has incredibly detailed specifications, information, reviews, images, and even a downloadable instruction manual for each toy.


  • Free shipping with orders of $30 or more.
  • The company offers discreet shipment.
  • One year warranty provided for select items.


  • There are only a small number of sex toys currently available.
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Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Picking an Online Sex Shop

Buy From Trusted Brands

You want to know that your information is secure and that whatever products you end up buying will arrive quickly and in good shape. One of the best ways to ensure high-quality toys is to keep to known brand sites and visit online stores that have physical locations in addition to their online presence. This will keep you from accidentally buying from a third-party website that may have lower product standards.

Check Feedback From Previous Customers

Be sure to read the reviews because that is the surest way to find out if an item works as promised or if people find it less than satisfying. Reputable adult toy stores should have listed reviews from previous customers. Some encourage this as part of their loyalty program, and you may find pictures or video reviews from customers.

The honest feedback will cut through any marketing lingo in the product description and give you a clearer idea of how well the toy functions in the real world.

Find the Store That Feels Right to You

Taking the time to find the right store for you is going to save you a lot of frustration in the future. When you are ready to purchase another sex toy or accessory, you will already be registered with a site that you trust. Most of them have loyalty programs so you can save money by returning to brands that have worked well for you in the past.


Is it Safe to Shop From Online Adult Stores?

Before purchasing any items from an online store, you want to verify that they are trustworthy. Here are some ways to check that their site is secure.

  1. Look for a little lock icon next to their site in the URL bar. The lock shows that secure technology is being used by the site to keep information safe.
  2. Look for seals of approval before checking out your cart. These will be logos usually located at the bottom of your screen for places like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or TRUSTe. Newer sites may not have these listed yet, and that does not mean they are less safe.
  3. Check customer reviews to see what previous buyers had to say about the reliability of the shop.

You can also read about site and shipment security on the Privacy and Security section of most FAQs or policy pages. These are often located at the very bottom of the site page.

How Fast are Deliveries?

Shipment speed is going to be determined by who the company uses to deliver its packages. For example, Lovense is partnered with Amazon and ships through them, while Lovehoney uses FedEx services. The majority of the websites on our list have a shipment date range from between 7-10 days.

You can see the specifics or pay to upgrade your shipping speed when you checkout. For example, Babeland offers standard shipping of 7-10 days but has a rush, one business day option for $35. You can find this by looking under the “Shipping” section.

Will My Delivery Be Discreet?

Discreet shipping is essential. Nobody wants their neighbors snooping around their mail and reading a label or seeing a toy image on the outside of the box. You can check most sites for their shipping practices by looking under the FAQs.

It is also sometimes listed under a variation of “shipping” under their extended site menu. Non-marked boxes, labels with only the receiver’s full information, and double-wrapped envelopes for smaller items are standard practices.

What are Guarantees are Offered?

You can check product guarantees either on the product page under the details or under their FAQs. Some sites have links to their return and refund policies listed on their extended site menu if you cannot find it in the FAQ section. You can ask their customer support if you are ever uncertain about what their guarantee covers.

What If the Product is Defective, But I Miss the Return Window?

Shipment delays due to Covid are a fact of life in many countries. To account for this trend, most adult toy stores are offering extended return windows. For example, Lovehoney increased their return window from 30 days to 60 days in response to the pandemic.

You can check return policies by looking through their FAQs, policy page, or by reaching out to the site’s customer service department.


You now know how to pick the best site for spending your hard-earned money. These are high quality, community-centric sites. Whether you are looking for a specific sex toy or want to go window shopping online for some hot gift ideas, these sites will serve you well.

Shop with the knowledge that you are giving your patronage to places that value you as a customer while providing only the best adult products available.

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