SheVibe Review: The Ultimate Sexual Wellness Boutique?


SheVibe is an online adult store that offers a wide variety of products and sex-positive information. This site review will provide an insight into the company’s inventory catalog, website accessibility, security policies, and additional information that might be useful for prospective customers.

What Sets SheVibe Apart

shevibe online superhero sex store

The site is more than just a place to go virtual window shopping or pick up your next vibrator. The creators have worked hard to create a place where everyone can feel welcomed and find something to heat up their sex life.

Their “More” section has health and wellness goods, sexual education guides, and Interviews with people in the adult entertainment and sex education community. The well-being of their customers is obviously a priority for this online retailer. Their desire to provide sex-positive education and the unique, bold artwork that can be found all over their site sets SheVibe apart from other adult websites.

Key Features

The standout feature of SheVibe is the comic-book-inspired custom illustrations, which can be found all over the site. Several of their founding members were illustrators, so art is an integral part of their brand and visual appeal. These beautiful pieces of artwork give a sense of excitement and fun to your adult shopping.

They also have a wide range of items, including those for alternate gender expression like packers. SheVibe clearly aims to provide the best sex novelty accessories and toys for every customer.

Each product has a comprehensive breakdown of customer reviews, device specifications, and suggested complementary items to place in your cart if you buy it (e.g., batteries, adapters, lube, or other similar add-ons, etc.). This makes shopping for everything you need quicker and more efficient.

There are many categories available, including fetish wear, traditional vibes and dildos, accessories, educational material, bondage tools, and much more. Unlike online adult superstores with every single toy under the sun, SheVibe limits their products to only the best quality brands and models.

They are also partnered with several sex design companies, including Tanus, Inc., to give site visitors a chance to buy products not found anywhere else like the A-Spot Avenger Dildo line.

Who Will Enjoy This Site

Sexually adventurous people of all types will enjoy surfing through all that this website has to offer. They will love the look, the detailed product information, and the ease of ordering.

This website is designed to promote acceptance of alternative lifestyles while celebrating all forms of sexuality. SheVibe is geared towards serving every customer and their partners, especially those often overlooked by other sex shops such as the LGBTQ+ community.

Navigating the Site to Find Specific Products

What Categories of Toys and Accessories Do They Offer

shevibe packaging

There is a holistic approach to the categories that SheVibe has presented for your sexual satisfaction. Your body, soul, and mind can find peace and pleasure in the products offered. They include the following primary categories, each nesting quite a few subcategories.

  • Lingerie and body jewelry
  • Bondage and fetish wear
  • Traditional sex toys (e.g., Vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, and electric stimulation, etc.)
  • Bath and body self-care
  • Movies, books, and games
  • Gender expression

Highest Rated Products

Due to the high standard of quality across the site, it is hard to find a product that does not have a high customer satisfaction rating. However, you can funnel the search by rating in any category.

Their Bestsellers

SheVibe’s bestseller list includes a wide variety of categories. The number one item that comes up on their search is an NJoy, double-ended stainless steel dildo with a five-star customer rating.

Toy cleaning supplies, personal lubrication and protection, and traditional vibrators fill out most of the best sellers’ first page, but there are five more pages in total. You can find them through the search function funnel or by clicking the best seller menu button.

How to Find Promotions and Deals

There is a “Hot Deals and Promos” section, which can be found at the bottom of the main page, and it directs you to their clearance page where exceptional items are being sold at a low price. If you have always wanted to dip your toe into a new area of sexual experience but did not want to pay a lot to do it, this is the perfect place to look for your first or latest novelty item.

Unique Product Lines

As previously mentioned, they have the A-Spot Avenger Dildos, which come in colors associated with the Marvel Avenger characters (e.g., red, white, and blue, green and purple, black and red, etc.). These were designed specifically to be sold by SheVibe, but there are more unique products, including ones created in partnership with The Realm.

For example, in 2010, The Realm Draken Silicone Lock-On & Harness Compatible Dildo won an AltPorn Award for the best sex toy. Expect to see more custom designs coming out in the future as they continue to work with the best in the industry.

Ethics of the Products

le wand petite rechargable shevibe

Some brands, such as NJoy, place an ethics section at the bottom of their product pages under the materials and features. This provides a manufacturer guarantee that you are looking at a brand or item model that has been ethically sourced and manufactured. This can give some peace of mind to the more environmentally conscious shoppers.


There are a few things that everyone wants to know about their online shopping sites. They want to feel sure in the knowledge that it is a reliable retailer where their financial information will be kept safe, and they will get quality products when they order. We have looked into a few of the frequently asked questions so that you can know precisely how SheVibe ensures the safety and security of its customers.

Will My Information Be Safe?

Your personal identifying information and financial details are kept secure through the ordering process, whether you choose to complete the order by registering or checking out as a site guest. They use a business-class SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that any information you share with the site from your browser remains secure and outside the reach of hackers.

If you would like to know more about their privacy policies and how they use any data gleaned from your visit, you can find out more about their “Privacy” section of the help page.

Do They Have Discreet Shipping?

We would all rather the postal worker, neighbors, and our roommates are not privy to some parts of our personal life. Ordering novelty sex products can be nerve-wracking if you are unsure how the package will look when it arrives or what it will say on the shipment tag.

This is not something that you will have to worry about if you order from SheVibe. Their discreet shopping policy means that your package will arrive without any outward indication of whatever fun thing you have bought. The box is unmarked, and usually, the sender’s name is that of a SheVibe manager rather than the site or manufacturer.

If you go to their “Shipping” page located at the bottom of the main page, you can find out more about their shipment options, features, and policies. They provide the alternative to reroute your order to a new location, allow electronic drop off authorization, and the ability to sign up for alerts to track the progress of your shipment.

What Warranties are Offered?

The warranties offered are dependent on a few things, including the brand that manufactured them. SheVibe also has the policy to provide replacement pieces if anything arrives in non-working order or has damage caused by an error on the manufacturer’s part.

Satisfaction guaranteed is not available, and because of their intimate use, sex toys cannot be returned for a refund if they do not look, feel, or work in the way you had anticipated based on the online preview. There is, however, a 30-day return window for some unopened products.

We recommend that you read through the “Return” page, which you can find a link to at the bottom of the home page. Each product page will also have information on any manufacturer’s warranty if one is available.

Pros and Cons of Available Products

shevibe fantasy coloring book review

They have a lot to offer, but every store, no matter how attractive, has some cons that need to be pointed out to prospective customers. SheVibe is no different. Below is our breakdown of this adult site’s pros and cons regarding their available product catalog.


  • They offer well over 100 of the top quality name brands in adult entertainment and products
  • Their categories are inclusive of alternative sexual needs
  • SheVibe is incredibly easy to navigate, so looking up specific products is quick and effortless
  • You can see immediately on every item page what the brand is that manufactured it and whether there is an accompanying warranty
  • They have excellent customer service willing to help you with any issue or give out information on their available line of devices and accessories


  • They carry a minimal number of long-distance couple’s toys. If you are hoping to choose from a wide variety of internet distance toys, this is not the site for you
  • SheVibe only offers a 30-day return window for some damaged or incorrectly shipped items
  • Unlike some other adult sites, SheVibe does not have a standing discount for students, military personnel, or any different demographic

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This site is welcoming and able to cater to any demographic. Whatever your sexual preferences, SheVibe has the accessories, toys, and clothes you need to help you bring your fantasies to life. Inclusivity, sexual positivity, and an appreciation of the human sensual experience are evident throughout the site and its products.

You can feel confident spending your money on their products.

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