Top 10 Best VR Masturbators for Virtual and Interactive Sex

Thanks to technology, masturbation is more enjoyable and, best of all, arousing than ever.

A few years ago, you only had your fertile imagination to get you off. Then came the Internet. But despite its boundless erotic images and videos, you still had to rely on your own two hands to get you off.

But now, compliments of groundbreaking achievements in virtual reality, it’s like you’re right in the middle of things. Not only that, but sextech breakthroughs also now allow you to not only see but actually feel what’s going on.

Fascinated? Let’s check out these exciting new technologies with our look at the Best VR Masturbators for Virtual and Interactive Sex and see why you should be excited about this intersection of VR and interactive sextoys!

Before we go on, to avoid inferior merchandise, we heartily recommend purchasing these or any other sexual devices either from the manufacturers directly or their authorized retailers on sites such as Amazon.

Regarding what virtual reality rigs do or don’t work for interactive sex videos, all of the toys on our list should be capable of giving you a very good time with practically every virtual reality system on the market today.

This is because the toys themselves only have to be able to connect to the site or the downloaded virtual reality video you want to watch. Once that’s done, it’s merely a matter of donning your VR headset and accessing the site via your system’s web browser or app.

So if you have just your smartphone and a cheap cardboard or plastic headset or top-of-the-line systems like the thousand-dollars-plus Valve Index, you should totally be able to get in on all the immersive, interactive fun.

Keep in mind for that last bit, that is interactivity, your rig needs to come with a pair of controllers, which pretty much leaves out purely smartphone-based rigs. But if you don’t mind only being a passive viewer and not an active participant, they are quite fine for that.


VR Masturbators #1: Lovense Max 2

lovense max 2 review

Topping our list is a sleeve masturbator many consider the pinnacle of sextech engineering, the Lovense Max 2.

Why has it been so highly lauded? Well, for starters, it comes very, very, very close to feeling 100% realistic, a feat that few sextoys can claim to successfully accomplish.

This is due to the Max 2’s pliant yet flexible, soft yet textured inner sleeve and how its sophisticated inner workings not only deliver an immersively wide range of especially arousing vibrations but Max 2 contracts as well!

Put these together, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more sexually arousing sextoy.

But the fun doesn’t stop there as it comes from Lovense, one of if not the leading sextech companies in the world today. And it’s fully compatible with their amazing Lovense Remote app.

So it not only feels great, it has a smart design and is superbly engineered. But it can sync up with a huge variety of VR porn videos easily and with minimal latency.

The Lovense Remote app is also our personal fave when it comes to offering the most features. These include the ability to set it up so a Max 2 or any of their Bluetooth-enabled smart devices to respond to music or any nearby loud-ish sounds. It’s also capable of creating and sharing user-created vibration playlists, setting up an alarm so your toy will wake you up in the very best way, and it can chat with your partner when you link two or more toys together during long distance playtimes.

The Lovense Remote app is available for Apple and Android smartphones. In addition, there’s a Macintosh and PC desktop version too. To connect the Max 2 to any of them is as easy as one, two, three.

As in one, install the app on your preferred Bluetooth-capable device. Two, charge and power up the Max 2. Three, use the app to locate and link to the Max 2, and you’re all set to go!

Lovense Max 2 can be used for solo play (manual or interactive) or with a partner.

A neat feature of using the Max 2 with a partner is you can chat with each other through the Lovense app. Something sextoy apps from Kiiroo and Fleshlight lack.

Regarding virtual reality, Max 2 can be used with 3D or immersive POV content. Doing so is a real delight, as its contractions sync with the actresses’ speed while its vibrations do the same when there’s body-to-body contact.

VR or not, if you have a penis or know someone with one, get yourself a Max 2 and be prepared for a fully immersive, totally interactive, and amazingly exciting time!

The Max 2 needs around two hours to completely charge. It will then last for upwards of ​​200 minutes.

Cleaning the Max 2 begins by carefully removing the inner sleeve, washing it with water, and then drying it with a lint-free cloth. Don’t allow excessive amounts of moisture to get into its outer shell, and be sure to open the small port at its base so if any does enter, it will drain away.

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VR Masturbators #2: Kiiroo Onyx+

virtual sex toy

Another leading light in the ongoing sextech revolution is Kiiroo. Their products are equally innovative and creative, with designs and engineering few can dare to match.

Hence, this is why they are so sought after, leading to partnerships with the likes of Fleshlight, OhMiBod, We-Vibe, and others—with Kiiroo providing the electronics and compatibility with their Feel Connect 3 smartphone app.

Their flagship masturbator is the Onyx+. Looking like it came from outer space, its rotating motor coupled with a unique vibrating and contracting mechanism is all but guaranteed to make your day, night, or weekend.

Thanks largely to how it can deliver a whopping 140 strokes per minute for more than an hour of continuous use!

The Onyx+ comes with a specially made Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve, providing an amazing skin-on-skin sensation.

And the new and upgraded Onyx+ is now stronger, quieter, smarter, and lighter than its predecessors while also being smarter in how well it works with interactive virtual reality videos, adult games, and so forth.

To set it up, you’ll need to install the Feel Connect 3 app on your Android or iOS smartphone and, as with the Lovense Remote, find and connect it to your Onyx+.

From there, you can head over to any number of the countless supported virtual reality or 2D adult sites and jump right into the immersive, interactive action!

And by countless, we mean countless as there are not hundreds but thousands of them to choose from. Sure, most of them aren’t virtual reality, but there are still enough of them, both live or pre-recorded, to keep you in virtual heaven for a very long time.

Charging the Onyx+ takes four hours. It will then be good for an hour or so of use.

When finished using the Onyx+, clean the sleeve with either Kiiroo’s own Pure solution or a small amount of antibacterial soap with some warm water. After drying it thoroughly, it will be ready for the next time you want to play with it.

The Onyx+ is a brilliant piece of technology that will surely spice up your sex life in ways you can barely imagine. Trust us, you’re gonna love it.

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VR Masturbators #3: Kiiroo Keon


Another great sextoy from Kiiroo is their Keon Stroker. While their Onyx+ is a stand-alone sleeve masturbator, their Keon takes a different and thoroughly pleasurable approach in that it’s a motorized drive unit that any number of Feel Stroker sleeves can be attached to.

While the Keon is a bit heavier and slightly less portable than the Onyx+, its innovative sleeve-swapping design means if you don’t like this, that, or any other Feel Stroker sleeve, you can easily change it for another.

Meanwhile, its motorized component can reach 230 strokes per minute and is built with Kiiroo’s widely respected sextech smarts. Hence, it works extremely well with their Feel Connect 3 smartphone app for virtual reality or 2D porn interactivity.

As well as sextoy-to-sextoy, share-and-share-alike, short or long distance, teledildonic fun with any similarly compatible Kiiroo product. So, for instance, you could link a Keon to an Onyx+ or a Keon to one of their Pearl 2 vibrators and feel like you and whoever is using any other of their smart sextoys are playing sweet music together.

Charging the Keon takes about four hours, after which it’s good for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours of use. But even if you run out of juice in the middle of a particularly exciting time, you can always detach the sleeve you’re using and go the manual route without skipping a sexual beat.

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VR Masturbator #4: The Handy


Straight from Norway’s greatest pleasure specialists comes a slightly different approach to VR masturbators. Like the Keon, The Handy is a separate motor to which sleeves can be fixed.

The difference is the Handy can hold far more sleeves. In fact, it can handle anything as long as you can get the toy’s Velco straps around it. This opens up all sorts of erotic possibilities, as you can use whatever you like with it and use it whenever you like. And if you get tired of one sleeve, it’s simply a matter of removing it from the Handy’s motorized section and putting on a different one in its place.

Or, if you prefer, you can use any of the Handy’s four available sleeves: the True Grip Gen 2, an updated version of their classic sleeve; the Open Ended Soft, with its quite literally endless and pleasantly soft design; the Open Ended Medium, the same but a touch tighter; and then there’s the Open Ended Hard which has a much more textured interior.

The powered unit itself connects to the Handy’s own smartphone app via a combination of both WiFi and Bluetooth. Once done, it can be set up to interact with a large number of virtual reality porn sites like Feel X Videos, SexLikeReal, and The Jerk Off Games.

The only potential downside to the Handy is the lack of an internal battery. So you’re going to need an extension cord to use it. The good side is that you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power unexpectedly.

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VR Masturbator #5: Lovense Calor


Lovense is back with their amazing Calor “pocket pussy” masturbator. Equal parts portable and powerful, brainy and sensual, with it Lovense has somehow managed to reinvent the entire idea of a sleeve sextoy for the 21st century.

How so? For starters, the Calor is remarkably small and portable yet provides some truly amazing vibrational power.

Its open-ended design is also welcoming to any penis length, and if you connect the Calor to a power supply with the press of a button, it will get nice and toasty, compliments of its internal warming system.

That’s just for starters, as there are three different ways to operate the Calor. The first is via its set of built-in controls. The second is by connecting it to the Lovense Remote app for Apple and Android smartphones as well as PC and Macintosh computers.

But you can also set the Calor to automatically vibrate more or less depending on how fast and how long your strokes are. So all you have to do is engage this mode to disengage your brain from having to think about adjusting how it feels.

Talking virtual reality, while it’s a manual stroker, it can be set up so its vibrations are linked to whatever happens in an interactive adult video or explicit game.

On the subject of games, Lovense has developed their very own. Mirror Life is their remarkably arousing experiment in interactive, virtual adult entertainment. Free to play and absolutely worth your time, it’s an example of what a top-notch sextech company can do when they put their minds to exploring the potential of virtual reality and video games.

If that’s not enough, Wild Life is an upcoming open world, sex and dating sim, role-playing 2D and VR game set on a vast alien world chocked full of similarly alien beings to have sex with. Not only that but it’s been designed from the ground up to work with Lovense toys.

Ninety minutes is all that’s required to fully charge the Calor. When done, it can go for an hour and a half.

Cleaning the Calor is as simple as simple can be. Merely run some warm, never hot, water through it with a bit of sextoy cleaner or antibacterial soap, dry it afterward, and you’re good to go!

Honestly, we can’t rave about the Calor enough. Though it doesn’t have as many features as some of the other masturbators on our list, its groundbreaking design coupled with its arousing feel is something we think you’ll have loads of fun with.

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VR Masturbator #6: Svakom Alex Neo

alex neo interactive powerful thrusting

For our number six spot is the Alex Neo from Svakom. This up-and-coming sextoy company is quickly becoming one to watch out for, and this, their interactive sleeve masturbator, has a long list of good features—not least of which is its compact size and overall elegant shape, which makes it look less like a sleeve masturbator and more like a piece of fine European engineering.

Right alongside its portability is its novel transparent section allowing for a window into its inner workings. Finally, it works very well with Svakom’s own Android or iOS smartphone app for virtual or non-virtual reality interactive experiences.

Svakom even provides a set of thematic vibration patterns for you to use their Alex Neo with. Scenarios include Airplane, Beach, Classroom, Wild, and Office—along with the toy’s set of seven auto thrusting modes.

After a full five-hour charge, the Alex Neo can go for approximately an hour. Less or more, depending on how many of its features you happen to use.

To clean the Alex Neo, give its sleeve a wash with warm water and an appropriate cleaning solution followed by a good dry.

As the Alex Neo uses the same Feel Connect 3 software as does similar Kiiroo products, it’s capable of the same virtual reality or 2D interactivity. So as long as a site supports Feel Connect 3, you should be able to easily pick a VR video, link your Alex Neo to it, and you’ll be totally ready to get grooving with its action.

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VR Masturbator #7: Kiiroo Titan


Speaking of Kiiroo, they’re back. But this time, it’s with their Titan interactive masturbator.

As for how it compares with the Onyx+, think of the Titan as its slightly beefier, more robust big brother.

Case in point is the Titan’s nine bullet vibrators which, when working together, are wonderfully effective and especially sexually potent.

But this is just the tip of the erotic iceberg, as the Titan has brains to match its arousing brawn, what with it capability of interacting with, as Kiiroo puts it, “over 4,000 interactive videos on a range of different content platforms.” So you can feel every movement your favorite stars make, whether their videos are in 2D or VR.

The Titan comes equipped with a pair of Manual Modes: Targeted, which selects either its top, middle, or bottom vibrations; and Targeted Power, that’s all about increasing or decreasing those same intensities.

And it has three fully automatic modes: Auto, which simulates penetrative sex; Blow, which, you guessed it, replicates oral; Pulse, for a looping sensation; and finally, Endurance, which provides an extra-stimulating series of vibrations.

Put all of this together, and when talking about virtual reality masturbators, you can’t go wrong with a Titan.

If it’s long distance play you’re looking for, the Titan is another of Kiiroo’s sextoys engineered with their Feel Connect 3 app in mind. So setting it up to respond to, as well as remotely operate, any of their own toys is not at all difficult.

To charge the Titan, keep it plugged in for at least three to three and a half or even four hours, just to be sure. Then you can use it to your heart’s, or other organ’s, content for as much as forty or so minutes.

Not exactly a long time, to be sure, especially when compared with some of the other masturbators on our list, but considering the Titan’s wide range of powerful motors and their accompanying vibrations, you’ll be surprised how fast it can do the trick!

Remove the Titan’s inner sleeve before or after each use, apply sextoy cleaner or mild, antibacterial hand soap, rinse, dry, and that’s it!

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VR Masturbator #8: Lovense Gush

lovense gush

Thus far, all of our VR masturbators require one thing. That is, the users have to be erect in order to use them.

This is fine for many people, but achieving or retaining an erection can be challenging for others. More so when penis-equipped folx have to cope with emotional or physical challenges.

And even if getting and keeping hard isn’t a concern, there are more than likely times when you or your partner simply want more options regarding penis-focused sexplay.

Getting us to the Lovense Gush, an innovatively designed and engineered glans massager that not only can be used without the wearer being erect but is also fully capable of being enjoyed even without the need to move it.

For example, it can be used on the head, or glans, of the penis, where its potent motor delivers all of its power directly there for all sorts of arousing fun.

Or you can use its provided tightening band, a loop of silicone that can be placed around the Gush to give it a firmer grip. Both of these can be done hands-free. In other words, lie back and enjoy the ride.

But if you do like a more hands-on approach, you can hold and move the Gush anywhere you want, with or without the band when you want a tighter or looser grip.

For VR masturbation experiences, it, like practically everything Lovense makes, is Bluetooth-enabled and oh-so-very sextech smart. So as long as a site or video supports the Lovense Remote smartphone or computer app, it’s no trouble at all to sync your Gush to it.

You’ll first need to charge the Gush for at least an hour for a full two hours of use. When talking cleaning, as the Gush is waterproof, just apply a small squirt of mild hand soap or sextoy solution along with some warm water, rinse, then dry, and you’re done.

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VR Masturbator #9: Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive

hot octopuss interactive pulse

Though it may seem like Hot Octopuss might be a newcomer to our “Top 10 Best VR Masturbators for Virtual and Interactive Sex” list, they’ve been long respected for their amazingly well-designed, excellently engineered sextoys for many years.

If they have not made the step from fantastic products to smart and thus interactive products, it is because they did not feel the need to do so.

Until now, that is, with the release of their Pulse Interactive.

A member of their Pulse line of masturbators, this new iteration has everything its brethren have but now comes equipped with Kiiroo circuitry and thus is fully supported by their Feel Connect 3 app.

Like the Gush, all of the Pulse toys can be used with or without the wearer needing to be erect. And also, like the Gush, each of the Pulse’s many variants has the option to be used with or without the user having to touch it.

Combine that impressive degree of flexibility with the certified genius that is Kiiroo’s understanding of the power and potential of sextech, and you have a masturbator practically made for interactive, virtual reality, adult entertainment.

Three hours is necessary to charge the Pulse Interactive. When done, the toy is usable for up to forty-five minutes.

This isn’t exactly a great charge-to-play ratio. Still, you have to factor in the Pulse’s extremely compact size, so it doesn’t have a lot of room for a big battery, and how Hot Octopuss had to also pack in a powerful motor and Kiiroo’s Bluetooth electronics.

As it’s a thoroughly waterproof sextoy, when finished playing with the Pulse Interactive, give it a splash of warm water, some sextoy cleaner or mild antibacterial hand soap, more water to rinse it off, and end with a good drying. Finally, store it somewhere safe.

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VR Masturbator #10: Svakom Sam Neo

svakom interactive stroker sam neo

Rounding up our list is one more from Svakom. What sets their Sam Neo apart from their already mentioned Alex Neo is the Sam Neo doesn’t merely vibrate, but it sucks as well.

It has a specially designed system of motors and values to provide a remarkably lifelike feel. So much so you’d be hard pressed to tell it from the real thing, and if you could, you might very well prefer it.

Even without its interesting new approach to masturbators, the Sam Neo remains a remarkably effective and pleasant toy.

This is particularly due to Svakom’s dedication to delivering an elegantly designed, superbly crafted, and thoughtfully designed product that is fully capable of interactive experiences with virtual reality or 3D adult videos.

The Sam Neo is equipped with five unique vibration/suction patterns, with more possible when connected to their smartphone app.

To use the Sam Neo, begin by charging it for three full hours. When done, it should be able to go for nearly an hour.

Before and after each use, apply a minuscule amount of sextoy cleaner or gentle antibacterial hand soap to its sleeve, wash it out with lukewarm water, and dry with a lint-free cloth.

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The Verdict: Which is the best VR sextoy for men?

When it, please excuse the expression, “comes” to choosing which of our “Top 10 Best VR Masturbators for Virtual and Interactive Sex,” the sextech industry is kind of at a turning point.

That is, to have a satisfying and especially arousing virtual sex experience, you need to weigh a couple of key factors.

For instance, there’s the question of which of our ten devices works with the most VR porn videos, i.e., which is the maximum number of supported sites.

Then there’s which of them is the easiest to set up and use. This will likely depend on the company with the best user-friendly smartphone app or how smoothly it functions in conjunction with VR porn.

Finally, there’s cost. Though, in all honesty, most masturbators fall into the same basic price range. Fortunately, all of them can be used with just about any virtual reality headset or rig, so there’s no need to cough up serious bucks to enjoy interactive virtual sex videos. As long as whatever VR rig you own can access the web, you should have no problems.

The turning point we mentioned is there isn’t a single one of our masturbators that scores high points in each of our points.

For which of them works with the most sites, hands down, it’s those made by Kiiroo, like their Keon and Titan.

This also includes toys with sextech electronics either made by Kiiroo or designed to work with the Feel Connect 3, such as the Hot Octopuss Pulse Interactive or Svakom’s Sam Neo and Alex Neo.

For the foremost app, as in ease of use and having tons of well-designed features, Lovense gets the gold star. Their Lovense Remote app is not only amazingly simple to set up and use but offers things like the option to create and share customized playlists and a host of other really cool options.

So, where does this leave you when it comes to picking which to go with? As with everything else, sexual or not, in this world, while we can make all sorts of well-informed and thoroughly researched suggestions, in the end, it is up to you and your own technological and sexual preferences.

The good news is that each and every one of our “Top 10 Best VR Masturbators for Virtual and Interactive Sex” playthings is excellently made, exceptionally well designed, and fully capable of giving you an arousingly great virtual reality sexual experience.

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