Lovense Kraken Review: Better Than the Tenga Egg?

There are more masturbators than ever on the market, which can make buying the right one for you that much more difficult.

The Lovense Kraken from Lovense is a new entry into this category of male sex toy.

The Lovense Kraken has a sexy nautical theme and features six different textured patterns that cater to your desires.

The need for discreet sex toys is also on the rise, which makes Lovense Kraken a great option for anybody who wants to have fun on the go without drawing attention.

Does the Lovense Kraken sink or swim? I’ll let you know in this in-depth review. 

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Introducing the Lovense Kraken

Lovense Kraken Male Pleasure Pods

You’re probably already familiar with the brand Lovense. However, Lovense Kraken represents a departure from their usual sex toy design into something much more simplistic.

The Lovense Kraken has no electronic components and offers straightforward pleasure – with none of the fuss or necessary upkeep of other sex toys.

This certainly won’t win any fans of sustainability, but it’s a good starting point for anyone looking to buy their first sex toy.

The plain white colorway belies the nautical theme of these masturbators. Each of these even features a tentacle pattern on the outside which is sure to cater to people with more exotic tastes.

You can either buy these solo or as a six-pack, but either way, I’ll take you through the best features of the Lovense Kraken. 

Main Features of the Kraken

While testing out the Lovense Kraken, I found that there were a few key features that I really have to mention.

These are the highlights of the experience that you’ll get when you unbox the Lovense Kraken. 

Six Naughty Nautical Designs 

lovense kraken six-pack egg masturbator

The Lovense Kraken features six nautical-themed designs.

There are different textures and patterns on the inside of this masturbator that offer you a different tactile experience while having some fun with this sex toy.

Each of the different patterns is sufficiently different that you won’t have the same experience with any of them.

The patterns have a fun nautical theme, you would likely not notice the specifics of the nautical pattern when you’re in the heat of the moment.

If you’re worried that the tentacles and nautical theme might not be your style, I’d say give these a try anyway.

As I just said, the nautical theme is more of a fun pattern than it is a serious dedication to some seafaring excitement.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the six different styles that come with the Lovense Kraken. 

  1. Submerge — Not just for the outside of these sex toys, the tentacular design of the Submerge toy includes bubbles for a swirling, ribbed, and textured sensation.
  2. Harpoon — Featuring a pattern of tridents, the Harpoon toy gives a sensation that has clearly-marked high and low points. It’s great for foreplay and heating things up.
  3. Riptide — Waves, swirling waters, and bubbles add a hint of texture that define the Riptide toy’s experience.
  4. Voyage — The nautical theme comes through clearly with the Voyage toy, which features anchors, ship helms, and plenty of seafaring action. The sensation is about as unique as the design.
  5. Whirlpool — An oceanic take on a classic textured masturbator. This design is for fans of textures rather than smooth patterns.
  6. Tidal — Dynamic wave pattern makes any journey more exciting.

As Stretchy as it is Durable 

Super soft stretchy egg masturbator

The Lovense Kraken is made out of an incredibly stretchy rubber material.

This means that, no matter how hard you like to go when having some solo fun, the Lovense Kraken is able to keep up with even the roughest seas.

This stretching quality isn’t just about action, but it’s also about accommodating people of all body types.

The default state of the Lovense Kraken is extremely tight, but it quickly stretches out to accommodate most body types and sizes.

This stretching quality also means that you’re not going to run the risk of breaking this toy.

If you’ve ever used a cheaper masturbator and accidentally had it break in the middle of having some fun, you’ll know how important it is to have a sex toy that can keep up with you. 

Non-Slip Grip Surface 


The tentacles on the outside surface of the Lovense Kraken are there for more than just some cute visual appeal.

Those little suckers pack a lot of grip and that’s extremely important when it comes to a masturbator.

This thing is going to get covered in sex lube while you’re using it. A smooth surface means you’ve got nowhere to grip, but those tentacles are going to hold on tight – even when you’re going hard.

I found that even when thoroughly covered in lube, the textured grip surface of the Lovense Kraken meant that I was never accidentally fumbling about when I was focusing on having a good time.

If you plan on using the Lovense Kraken with a partner, you’ll be especially grateful for this feature.

Nothing can douse the mood quicker than fumbling around with sex toys that don’t work as easily as you’d hoped. 

Ideal for a New Travel Sex Toy

Lovense Kraken Soft Stretchy Masturbator

The Lovense Kraken is easily one of the most discreet masturbators I have ever reviewed. This thing is easy to stash in your luggage, or even in your pocket, when you’re heading out on the road.

This is great for taking on a solo work trip or heading over to your partner’s house for a little bit of fun.

You don’t have to worry about the TSA accidentally scanning a sex toy in your bag. All they’re going to see is a plastic egg shape and not much more than that. 

Perfect for Partners or Solo Fun

Speaking of having a little fun with your partner, the Lovense Kraken is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying some alone time or getting intimate with your romantic partner.

This is one of the areas where the disposable nature of the Lovense Kraken is actually a positive.

You just have to throw this thing away like a used condom, and you don’t need to worry about any awkward cleanup. 

Each Lovense Kraken Comes With Lube

Lovense Kraken Egg Stroking Sleeve

Making sure you’ve always got lube on hand can be especially challenging if you’re looking for a sex toy that you’re taking on the road.

You have a limited liquid allowance when you’re flying, and you don’t want to have to spend some of those precious ounces on a bottle of travel-sized lube.

The good news is that the Lovense Kraken comes with its own pouch of lubricant.

This means that not only will you always have your toy on hand, but you’ll always have lube that’s specifically designed to work with the Kraken toy you’re using. 

Made with Body-Safe TPE

The Lovense Kraken is made out of body-safe TPE, which is an excellent material choice for this type of disposable masturbator.

TPE is incredibly flexible and stretchy. This is what allows this sex toy to have a lot of give without breaking.

The only downside to this choice of material is that it’s extremely porous. This means it’s very difficult to wash this sex toy, and it cannot be cleaned with an autoclave or by boiling.

Random Styles Means Surprise 

kraken water-themed textures masturbation sleeves

There are six different styles of the Lovense Kraken, but they’re always distributed randomly. You’re never going to know which style is going to wash up on shore when you place your order.

This means that you’re always going to be on your toes when you’re opening up a surprise.

There are no bad styles with the Lovense Kraken, so you’re always going to have a good time, even if you don’t get something new. 

How to Unleash the Kraken!

This might be your first sex toy or your fifth. Either way, I put together a quick three-part guide for making the most of your brand new Lovense Kraken. 

Picking the Right Lube for the Lovense Kraken

The most important thing you can do with the Lovense Kraken is use the right lube.

Using the wrong lube can not only ruin your erotic experience, but it can also cause potential health problems and destroy your sex toys.

Lovense toys are made out of rubber or plastic materials. This means that you always need to use water-based lubricants with these sex toys.

Silicon and oil-based lubricants can break down the rubber materials that Lovense makes their sex toys out of. That’s not really the kind of fun you want to be having. 

Enjoy the Kraken Any Way You Like


Even though the Lovense Kraken comes in a discreet package that can easily fit in your pocket, it can take a beating – no pun intended.

This sex toy is designed with some pretty significant stretching in mind. No matter how vigorous (or how gentle) you like your pleasure, the Lovense Kraken is more than happy to oblige.

I recommend starting things off slow and easy and then working your way up to an exciting pace.

Safely Dispose of Your Used Toy

Lovense designed the Lovense Kraken to be single-use only. This is a disposable sex toy that’s designed to be thrown away after each use.

This is part of the reason that Lovense sells these toys in a six-pack. You can also buy a single Lovense Kraken if you want to test-drive the experience before you commit to buying a sixer.

It might be difficult to thoroughly clean the Lovense Kraken after use and the materials can start to break down much quicker than other sex toys from Lovense. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovense Kraken

How do you clean the Lovense Kraken?

Unfortunately, the Lovense Kraken was designed to be a single-use sex toy, which means it’s not meant to be cleaned, but instead thrown away after use.

pocket Pussy Stroker Adult SexToy

Some users have reported being able to clean it with a mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner, but we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Does the Lovense Kraken vibrate?

The Lovense Kraken is not designed to be a vibrating sex toy and contains no built-in vibrator. However, you can use this sex toy along with your favorite vibrator for a combined experience

Does the Lovense Kraken work with the Lovense App?

The Lovense Kraken contains no electronic components. This makes it easy to store, maintain, and travel with, but it also means that it has no smart features.

This is one of the few Lovense sex toys that cannot connect with their smart control remote app

How do you discreetly carry the Lovense Kraken? 

Each Lovense Kraken comes in its own egg-shaped carrying case. These cases are essentially slightly larger versions of the plastic Easter eggs you might remember from when you were a kid.

The egg-shaped case has no labels, logos, or other markings, so it’s the perfect discreet vessel to carry your new sex toy. 

What is the size of the Lovense Kraken?

Lovense Kraken Egg Sensation revealed

Each Lovense Kraken pod is 62 mm tall and 52 mm wide. They can stretch up to 20 cm in length and can stretch wide enough to accommodate virtually anyone of any size. 


  • One size fits all is great for just about everyone.
  • Material stretches without breaking.
  • Easy to use for solo or fun with a partner.
  • Discreet and easy to transport.
  • Nautical theme is fun.


  • These are designed to be single-use, which makes them less than environmentally friendly. They’re also not recyclable.
  • Could have more color options.
  • Nautical theme not for everyone.

Lovense Kraken Review: The Verdict 

The Lovense Kraken is a great sex toy if you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry with you and won’t draw too much attention.

The textures are fun, but I really wish that these were designed to be cleaned and reused rather than thrown away.

That’s a pretty big drawback, but these are still a great introductory sex toy for guys out there looking to have a little bit more fun in the bedroom.

Check out the Lovense Kraken today and maybe you’ll find a new sex toy worth reeling in. 

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