The 7 Best Sex RPG Games for Intense Role-Playing Fun

You’ve got your First-Person Shooters (FPS) like Call Of Duty, open-world sandboxes such as Grand Theft Auto, as realistic-as-possible ones including Microsoft Flight Simulator, plus Rogue, Roguelike, Roguelite, bullet hell, and a bunch of other game mechanics to enjoy playing.

But if going on side- and fetch-quests, defeating mini or full-on bosses all to rake in those so-very-sweet experience points to put towards advancing your character or characters is your cup of tea, then you’re probably already an avid Role-Playing Game fan.

Even if RPG doesn’t mean anything to you except those three initials, these types of games are very much worth a try as they can be incredibly immersive and pleasurably addictive – and there’s an undeniable thrill in watching your character level up after finally reaching a hard-earned new tier.

A thrill that manages to be extra thrilling when RPG mechanics are also sexual: where all those quests, boss battles, and so forth won’t merely unlock cool new abilities, costumes, or weapons but full-blown explicit sex scenes, too.

So say hello to this new breed of Role-Playing Games, titles that are equally stuffed full of engaging and occasionally challenging mechanics as they are of outrageously erotic content.

These are our choices for Best Sex RPG Games waiting for a player to push their sexual buttons – and if you play well enough, they’ll return the favor to you.

Project QT

rpg sex games hentai

For our number one spot, here’s a somewhat different take on traditional RPGs. Despite this, Project QT is a fine example of the intersection of hentai, that uniquely stylized Japanese erotic aesthetic.

In fact, RPGs are often thought of as a particularly Japanese thing, as they’re insanely popular there, and they’ve made many of the most popular ones.

For Project QT, Nutaku – who you’ll be hearing quite a lot of here – pits your harem of busty and wanton characters up against monsters, demons, or other busty and wanton (though decidedly evil) opponents, is RPG where players solve puzzles.

It’s what happens when you do that puts Project QT at the top of our list as the game’s artwork is enticing, elegant, and amazingly erotic – and part of leveling up your characters involves sexually exciting them.

Playable on Android phones or computer browsers, Project QT is wild, hot, and will draw you in and keep you excited like nothing else.


  • Amazing artwork.
  • Sexual interactivity.
  • Engaging mechanics.
  • Lots of content.


  • May not appeal to classic RPG fans.

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Gay Harem

best sex games on pc

Another RPG twist lies in this lusciously queer adult experience, where the player’s goal is to put together a bevy of steamy studs – with the doing of it involving exploring the stylish environment and seeing what sexual positions make your would-be harem member the most excited.

The difference is Gay Harem draws inspiration from yet another popular Japanese game mechanic: the visual novel. While other RPGs may have you battling foes, completing puzzles, gathering resources, or crafting, visual novels involve understanding a character and then choosing the right dialogue option to get them to go to bed with you.

Visually, Gay Harem is cartoonish yet delightfully erotic, knowing when to be charming – as well as hard, wet, and steamy in its explicitness.

So if you like your guys beefy, your characters fascinating, and your gameplay intriguing, you really can’t go wrong with this Android or browser title.


  • Immersive encounters.
  • Wicked sense of humor.
  • Decidedly erotic.
  • Great introduction to visual novel RPGs.


  • Less polished than other games.

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Craving Quest

rpg adult games

Right up there with Nutaku, Erogames is another one-stop shop for dozens on dozens of erotic games. With lots of them jammed with juicy RPG goodness – not to mention copious amounts of good old-fashioned sex.

And one of our favorite of these is the right-from-Japan delights of Craving Quest. In this battling, brawling, busty title, you do all of the strategizing and combating found in any excellent RPG.

And not just against artificially intelligent opponents but your fellow human players as well, making their knock-down-drawn-outs noticeably more challenging and – when the smoke’s cleared and you emerge victorious – so much more rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding, Craving Quest delivers the sexy, sexy, and yet more sexy with animated scenes, memorable music, and wildly enthusiastic maidens totally up for a veritable cornucopia of erotic antics.

Craving Quest is playable on Android smartphones or on any computer capable of using a current browser.


  • Diverse and entertaining gameplay.
  • Multiplayer option.
  • Superb and enticing erotic content.
  • Works on Android or any browser-supporting computer.


  • Mechanics may be confusing at first.
  • Not playable on iOS smartphones.

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Hentai Heroes


Hankering for a rollicking RPG that’s heavy on the sex, a bit light on the challenging, and brimming with lusciously artistic characters?

Staying with Erogames, here’s Hentai Heroes: an absolutely erotic experience that has all this, in addition to giving giggles via its goofy-yet-endearing characters and writing – as well as its outrageously arousing explicit content.

Though hentai is in its title, Hentai Heroes is only really inspired by Japanese porn, but in its own way, this is a good thing as it allows for its developers to poke good-natured fun at the genre – which it’s pretty good at – while delivering all of hentai’s explicit allure.

For the same reason, Hentai Heroes is one of the most playable games on our list, perhaps right up there with Gay Harem, as from-Japan RPGs can be quite challenging to the uninitiated – especially if you want a more immediately adult game and not spend hours struggling to understand how a game works.

Hentai Heroes is also a treat for Apple users, as it’s playable on iPhones or iPads and Macintosh computers – plus Android and PCs.


  • Pleasant though simple gameplay mechanics.
  • Doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Unique and spicy art style.
  • Playable on iOS, Android, or PC and Apple desktops.


  • Gameplay not particularly challenging.
  • Erotic content may feel overly cartoonish.
  • Humor is relative, so you may not think it’s funny.

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Eros Fantasy

rpg role playing sex games

Another fascinating subset of Role-Playing Games are those that kind of play themselves.

We can guess what you’re probably thinking but, no. By play, we don’t mean with themselves, though that would definitely be fun to watch.

In more traditional RPGs the player has to actively gather resources, manage characters and property, and all the other bits and/or pieces needed to progress.

What idle games do is run in the background, whether or not the game’s being played. Depending on the title, this means anything from a steady trickle of in-game points or currency to automatically harvesting your crops.

And Eros Fantasy from Nutaku is a picture-perfect take on this: a fantasy-themed erotic wonderland overstuffed with exciting mechanics to discover and utilize – and it provides in-game bonuses even when you’re not playing it.

Better yet, Eros Fantasy is a hentai-themed game that knows and celebrates being a hentai-themed game, with each of its chapters brimming with in-jokes, parodies, homages, and references to classics of the genre.

Brimming with sex, too, since Eros Fantasy doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to its arousing 70+ erotic encounters with more than 30 exciting characters.

Eros Fantasy is also a multiplayer game with an active community base, with Nutaku actively supporting it via special events and the like.


  • Delightfully sexy parody of the hentai genre.
  • Excellent erotic content.
  • Idle RPG so gets you points, etc., even when not playing.
  • Multiplayer and community events available.
  • Runs on Android or any computer browser.


  • A bit too easy for hardcore RPG players?
  • Non-fantasy fans may not enjoy it.

Horny Arcana

hottest role playing sex games

Lustful princesses plead for you, the player, to save their fantasy kingdom from a seething, foul, corrupting evil. Always up for the task – we are, after all, talking about freaking princesses with big, ol’ hentai bedroom eyes; after all – you embark on your quest to dispatch this loathsome nastiness.

And, naturally, it has as many sexytimes with them and any other wanton character you may happen to encounter in Nutaku’s Horny Arcana game.

Along the way, you’ll round up busty and lusty companions, defeat a variety of foes, uncover mysteries… and fill your harem with princesses and anyone else you happen to desire.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as, within Horny Arcana, you can strip, tantalize, and cavort with them complements of fully-realized interactive experiences.

Horny Arcana is available as an Android app or playable on any browser.


  • Exceptionally erotic content.
  • Engaging gameplay in a fantasy setting.
  • Great range of activities to enjoy.


  • Only if you’re a fantasy fan.

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Kamihime PROJECT R

adult steam games

Concluding our list is one more amazing erotic role-playing adventure from Nutaku: a gloriously full-bodied fantasy chock-full of full-bodied and oh-so-willing characters to “interact” with as you and your best friend try and stave off Ragnarok.

Kamihime PROJECT R has everything that makes a great, sexy RPG and more: turn-based action, customizable characters, collectibles galore, plenty of main and side quests, and lusciously animated, absolutely-explicit cut screens that’ll make your mighty sword stand at attention.

Polished is also what we’d call Kamihime PROJECT R, as this has no bargain-basement feeling of an off-market game. No siree, from its graphics, gameplay mechanics, musical score, and a plethora of entertaining features, this is an RPG that fans of the genre, or erotic games in general, can happily lose themselves in.


  • Excellent and detailed art style.
  • Huge number of things to do and characters to do them with.
  • Fully animated.
  • Web-based and with Android app version available.


  • Yet another fantasy-inspired game.
  • Some may find the gameplay overly complex.

How to Pick the Right RPG for You

Depending on your gaming experience, either you’re debating with yourself over the merits of puzzle versus arena battles, real-time or turn-based combat, like or dislike a focus on crafting, or the thousand (and counting) other unique flavors of RPG out there to play.

Not even touching on how many different erotic games there are, each with its own style, degree of interactivity, fully animated or not, fully voice or not, a lot or little ‘boob physics’ in them – look it up, you’ll probably get a giggle out of it – and the list goes on and on and (deep breath) on.

And if you’re green-as-grass when it comes to RPGs or gaming in general, and don’t have a clue where to start getting into the sexy variety, it can be ten times more confusing.

But that’s okay, as whatever our gaming level, we all need help now and again. To hopefully clear this up a bit, we recommend you start your search for your ideal erotic RPG by getting out there and sampling these and other games to give you an idea of how they work, what sexy stuff they offer, and if there’s anything about them that turns your panting, horny self off.

After doing this for some time, you’ll end up knowing a lot more than when you began looking. Perhaps enough so you’ll end up developing a personal cheat sheet to use when scoping out new games to try.

Even so, keep looking, open yourself to different types of games – and not just RPGs – and do your best to find pleasure in the process.

Best Sex RPG Games: The Verdict

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping around for an erotic game is if you especially enjoy immersiveness: as in losing yourself within in it, so you feel like you’re well and truly there.

RPGs are frequently good at this, what with their ability to make players invested in what’s going on, whether it’s risking a favorite character, screwing up a seduction by making the wrong dialogue decision, spending too much of your hard-earned in-game currency, or struggling with trying to figure out a game’s mechanics, these games can make you feel seriously invested in whatever’s going on.

It also means when your work pays off, the reward – erotic or otherwise – can be uniquely satisfying: like finally landing a massive trout you spent all afternoon trying to reel in.

Weird fish analogies aside, RPGs can be great at this immersiveness, though not without a few risks. Not in losing your gold, jewels, or whatever else the game hustles to earn, but that it might be one of those that seems to cruelly get off on moving their erotic, payout goalposts further and further away – so you end up getting frustrated rather than aroused.

Still, while these RPGs are out there, we picked the ones here in our Best Sex RPG Games for a very good reason: that each is pleasantly entertaining for its mechanics, as well as its spicy, sexy content.

But don’t let that get in the way of your own adventures in erotic RPG land. Just be sure to equip yourself and your characters with good gear, level them up with the right skills, and scope out the territory ahead before setting out with a song in your heart, lust in your nethers, and a willingness to take on whatever challenges may arise – as the rewards may be as numerous as they are arousing!


M.Christian (they/them) is a popular Sex Tech journalist and the author of six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and the editor of 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700+ reviews and essays on everything from the best smart vibrator to the most exciting interactive sex game. Whether having fun speculating on the future of human sexuality or reporting on an exciting new teledildonic breakthrough, nothing pleases Chris more than knowing someone enjoyed reading their work as much as they had writing it.

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