The 10 Best Teledildonics (Ever Created) You Need to Buy Right Now

Remember when you only, and we mean only, had a good time with yourself was it with your single, solitary hand?

Or maybe, if you were lucky enough, you found and/or could afford one of the very few well-made sexually satisfying devices that were available.

Thankfully, those days are far behind us. As evidenced by the truly staggering number of dildoes, vibrators, massagers, stimulators, and everything betwixt and between, you can get your eager hands any of them today.

Best of all, these aren’t your ordinary, everyday, dumb-as-a-post sextoys. No siree, thanks to years of thorough research on human sexuality coupled with a fierce dedication to giving customers as good a time as possible, the current new breed of wildly innovative sextech entrepreneurs have brought us toys that are as smart as they are arousing.

How smart? Well, for starters, they don’t merely buzz, vibrate, oscillate, and so forth. They are now able to sync up with the sexual action on thousands of adult videos, sometimes even in thoroughly immersive virtual reality, but they can be linked to other intelligent sexual playthings anywhere in the world.

So wherever you happen to be, it’s now possible to fool around with anyone, anywhere. If, of course, they have a similarly compatible smart sextoy.

Like the ones in this, our aptly named “The 8 Best Teledildonics (Ever Created) You Need to Buy Right Now” guide: a comprehensive breakdown of the top toys for anyone interested in short or long distance erotic activities.

Not to mention the number of other sexual benefits, as well as important stuff to know like how they work, how long they last, how to clean up afterward, good points and otherwise, as well as other important things you need to know about them.

1. Lovense Lush 3

Lush 3 Powerful Insertable vibrator

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Starting our list of the most thoroughly excellent smart sextoys is one that combines more than enough power to satisfy practically anyone you uses it, with an ergonomically comfortable design.

Say hello to the Lovense’s Lush 3: a G-spot vibrator considered by many to be the pinnacle of teledildonic engineering. Designed to do its stimulating job like no other sextoy can, for those with vaginas who are into G-spot pleasuring, nothing comes close to it.

How dedicated was Lovense when they created the perfect vibrator for teledildonic activities? Case in point, they equipped the Lush 3 with a specially created antenna that is able to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection between it and whatever device is running the Lovense Remote app.

Even without this connection, the Lush 3 is a sexual force to be reckoned with. Its motor can deliver four times the vibrational power of your run-of-the-mill bullet or same-sized sextoy.

But when coupled with the Lovense Remote, the Lush 3 can really shine. Often considered the best sextoy app, which is saying a lot when you realize how much time, effort, energy, and money other sextoy companies have put into developing their own. Lovense’s own app is easy to set up and use, includes a host of innovative features, and is available for Android or Apple smartphones and PC and Macintosh computers.

You are right if you think we admire Lovense for their Remote app! Not to knock smartphone apps from other sextoy companies, but they should take a page from Lovense’s programming playbook, beginning with how insanely simple it is to link either a single or a pair of Lovense products to it.

Simply turn on the toy or toys you want to connect, fire up the app, and bingo, you have total control of it. Yes, it is just that easy.

Once connected, you have all sorts of amazing features at your beck and call. Like making and sharing customized vibration playlists, having one or more toys respond to any nearby noises or your choice of music—and what we’re all here for—set up a pair of toys for long distance loving.

All with the same degree of smoothness coupled with user-friendly software design. So you will never, as in never-ever, be frustrated while setting it up or enjoying those as well as its other myriad features.

The Lush 3 is made of 100% body-safe silicone and is thoroughly waterproof. After an 85-minute charge, it’s good for a whopping five hours of use.

It comes with a magnetic charging cable, a neat little bag to keep it in when not in use, and a user‘s manual. To Lovense’s credit, all of their sextoy manuals, helpful FAQs, and troubleshooting guides are available on their website.

Cleaning the Lush 3 is insanely easy. Just splash some lukewarm water on it, then some mild antibacterial hand soap, rinse, dry, and you’re done.

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2. MysteryVibe Crescendo 2

Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2 REVIEW

Next up is a groundbreaking sextoy from MysteryVibe. The reason why we call their Crescendo 2 “groundbreaking” is because of its remarkable degree of flexibility. This enables it to be placed practically anywhere you need or want it to go to maximize your sexual pleasure.

And we ain’t kidding about it being bendable, as you can—within reason, of course—twist, torque, or turn it in a thousand different ways. In addition to reaching all your arousing places, it can simultaneously get to your G-spot and your clit and helps to open the door to the possibility of dual or mutual orgasms.

And the Crescendo 2 doesn’t sacrifice vibrational power in the process because its six separate motors are more than up for whatever sexual job you give it, including the possibility of stimulating not just your clit and G-spot but everywhere else as well.

Yep, you read that right. While other sextoys may have one, two, or on rare occasions, three motors, the Crescendo 2 tops them all with an astounding six. All while putting them into an amazingly bendable, ergonomically designed silicone body. So, putting its half a dozen motors together with this innovative and finely designed housing without sacrificing either, is a remarkable achievement.

It’s waterproof, so you can even take a Crescendo 2 into the shower or bath whenever you want without worrying about damaging it or yourself.

For short-range use and a bunch of other things you can do with a Crescendo 2, MysteryVibe has their very own Apple and Android smartphone app. Like Lovense’s, their app allows you to create your own vibe patterns and check out ones created by the MysteryVibe community.

Alas, the option to use Crescendo 2 or any of MysteryVibe’s other sextoys for long-distance play is still in development. So keep an eye on their site for updates. In the meantime, Crescendo 2 and their other products are absolutely pleasurable without this option.

Charging a Crescendo 2 takes approximately an hour for two hours of uninterrupted playtime.

With the toy, you also get its charging cable, a Quick Start Guide, and a more detailed manual.

Before and after use, wash your Crescendo 2 with warm, not excessively hot water, apply sextoy cleaner or gentle hand soap, wash it again, and then dry it completely with a suitable cloth.

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3. OhMiBod Esca 2

ohmibod esca 2 review

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For a different approach to G-spot pleasuring, look no further than the Esca 2 from OhMiBod and Kiiroo. If those names sound familiar, it is because both are sextech industry leaders who are known and respected for fine engineering, excellence of design, and for setting the standard for long distance, teledildonic playthings.

And the combination of these two amazing companies has brought us a G-spot vibrator like no other. The Esca 2 is powerful when it should be and comfortable where it must be, enabling it to tickle your sexual fancy, and is light enough to be worn outside of your bedroom.

Which, when you think of it, is a remarkable accomplishment since to pull this feat off requires the Esca 2 to be extremely lightweight while not sacrificing sexually stimulating horsepower.

And believe it or not, it does exceptionally well and with style.

And because of Kiiroo’s role in developing it, the Esca 2 works amazingly well with their Feel Connect 3 app.

Predominantly considered the most popular smartphone app, evidenced by the dozens and dozens of adult sites supporting it, it also makes long distance, interactive play as easy as one, two, three.

While it may not have as many features as Lovense’s Remote app and tends to be slightly more tricky to set up, Feel Connect 3 remains a popular choice for those looking for teledildonic experiences with their distant partner.

In addition, the Feel Connect 3 app can connect a wide variety of toys, including ones from OhMiBod, Hot Octopuss, and others—as long as they’re equipped with Kiiroo electronics.

Their OH!DOMETER app also helps to keep track of your orgasms. So you can set your sexual satisfaction targets for the month or week and then try to reach your goal.

This is a unique feature we hope will catch on among other sextoy manufacturers because it could be invaluable for those struggling with understanding their bodies, together with learning how and when they orgasm.

There is no reason it should be limited to sextoys built for vaginas, as penis-owners could also benefit from having a way to monitor their various ups and downs, or comings or goings. Armed with this knowledge, you can take control of your sexuality.

The Esca 2 is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials and is phthalates and latex-free.

Weighing just 56 grams makes it very comfortable as a wearable sextoy. It’s also small enough to easily fit in a bag or purse when not in use.

An hour and a half is all that’s required to completely charge an Esca 2. Which allows it to be used for a full three hours.

The Esca 2 ships with its charging cable, a satin “privacy pouch,” an authentication card, and its quick start guide.

Cleaning requires nothing but a bath in warm water, the application of antibacterial soap or sextoy cleaner, another splash of water, concluded with a good dry.

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4. Kiiroo Onyx+

onyx+ ad

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For people with penises, Kiiroo has another amazing sextoy: the Onyx+. Delivering up to 140 strokes per minute and equipped with a unique rotating motor system that can perfectly imitate sex with another person, this premier masturbator is an erotic dream come true.

It does all this while remaining nice and quiet. Making it ideal for surreptitious pleasuring or when you simply don’t want the neighbors to know what you’re doing.

No small accomplishment as sleeve masturbators aren’t exactly known for being particularly quiet. So, if you don’t want to interrupt either the person in the next room or the people living next door, the Onyx+ is able to keep your sexual escapades a secret.

The Onyx+ is fully capable of accommodating nearly every penis size there is. Along with its innovative design and more-than-enough motive power, it’s also able to apply gentle yet sexually satisfying suction to effectively and enjoyably replicate receiving oral sex.

But power and good engineering are only the beginning, as Kiiroo’s sextech genius extends to how they have made the Onyx+ in a way that never feels cold or mechanical. Quite the contrary, as when using it, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and the real thing.

Equipped with Kiiroo’s sextech electronics, the Onyx+ and the Feel Connect 3 app are an ideal match for one another. So you can do the same number of cool things with an Onyx+ as you can with any other compatible sextoy.

Stuff like using it for teledildonic, interactive play, feeling the action in certain adult videos or explicit games, operating the Onyx+ better than you can use its built-in controls, and more!

Not including the Onyx+, you also get its charging cable, warranty card, and user’s manual.

Ten hours is required to charge up an Onyx+ for a single hour’s use.

To clean an Onyx+, carefully remove its sleeve, wash it out, and dry it. Avoid getting too much water into the unit, as it might damage its inner mechanisms.

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5. Vibease (No longer available)

vibease vibrator

Returning to toys designed for the vagina-equipped, we have Vibease’s namesake, a wearable vibrator that, believe it or not, can add an extra-sexy new dimension to erotic books and stories.

But first, let’s go over why the Vibease more than deserves to be on our list of the “8 Best Teledildonics (Ever Created) You Need to Buy Right Now,” along with what sets it apart from all these other sextoys.

For starters, the Vibease can be used as either a handheld vibrator or, for those excited by the possibility of getting turned on when out and about, beyond the walls of their home or apartment, it can be worn within a pair of panties.

However it is used, the Vibease packs a pleasantly intense sexual wallop, delivered by its forceful yet arousing motor and decidedly comfortable, thoroughly ergonomic design.

But it is when the Vibease is Bluetooth linked to the Android or Apple smartphone app is when it truly begins to shine. And in addition, it is controllable even over exceptionally long distances for teledildonic sexplay adventuring. And it can be set to buzz and vibrate along with your music on your phone or the tunes on your Spotify playlist.

Remember how we mentioned using it while enjoying erotic stories? You can use the first along with the second, so while listening to any of the sexy tales that Vibease, the company, has available, your reading will be pleasantly accentuated by Vibease, the sextoy.

It is one of those technological breakthroughs you have to try for yourself. Though once you do, we are assured you will not read an erotic story the same way again. Think of it as the future of erotica. When a story hits its sexual high notes, you will too, as this toy vibrates as well.

Made of non-toxic, body-safe silicone, the Vibease is remarkably easy to clean. All that’s required is a splash of warm, never boiling water, followed by a squirt of sextoy cleaner or antibacterial soap, another quick wash, and a good dry.

To charge a Vibease, keep it plugged in for at least three or more hours. When done, it can go as long as three hours.

6. OhMiBod Fuse

kiiroo fuse

When talking vaginal pleasuring, it is important to remember that for some of them, sex may or may not only involve penetration, clitoral stimulation, or anal play but two or more of these at a time.

Enter the  OhMiBod Fuse, a clit and G-spot vibrator more than capable of doing both at the same time. Backed up by a notably hefty motor and enabled by Kiiroo’s sextech engineering, the Fuse is as vigorous as it is intelligent.

It is even equipped with specially designed sensors that know how, when, and how it is used and transmits that information to another Kiiroo-built pleasure device for unparalleled teledildonic interactivity.

Not only that, but the Fuse is capable of returning the favor. If your partner or playmate has a toy that is also capable of knowing its speed and position, your Fuse will respond in kind.

For this alone, the Fuse is one of the most highly sought-after sextech toys. Especially for couples interested in high quality, absolutely satisfying, and never failing to be arousing long distance lovemaking.

And if you’re into interactive adult entertainment, because of the Fuse’s compatibility with the Feel Connect 3 app, nothing prevents you from watching and feeling any of the thousands of available videos.

For an hour and a half or so of play, the Fuse requires two and a half hours to charge. Or, if you place it in standby mode, it can remain at the ready for as long as ninety days.

In addition to the toy, the Fuse comes with a privacy pouch for storage, a charging cable, and a user’s manual.

After a quick wash in lukewarm water, the application of mild hand soap or approved sextoy cleaning solution, a good rinsing, and a vigorous drying, the Fuse is ready to be used to put away until needed.

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7. Kiiroo Keon


Back for yet another amazing pleasure device, this time, Kiiroo has brought us their outstandingly energetic, impressively forceful, and quite effective Keon.

While other masturbators are all-in-one devices, typically composed of a soft, lifelike sleeve and a series of motors, the Keon takes an entirely different approach.

The Keon is a powerful motor that any FeelStroker sleeve can connect to. Rather than having to buy multiple masturbators to enjoy a range of different sensations, if you own a Keon, you can easily exchange the sleeve it comes with for any other FeelStroker sleeve.

Want a somewhat firmer sensation? How about one that comes real close to penetrative sex with a partner? Not to mention if you are craving a more textured experience. Merely attach the sleeve you want to the Keon, and you are ready to go.

And since the Keon doesn’t have to pack a sleeve and all of its necessary motors and gearing within itself, that means the entire unit can be dedicated solely to accommodating the biggest, most robust motor Kiiroo could find.

So if you want or need lots of strokes per minute and can swap one sleeve for another for you or your partner’s long distance playtime sessions, the Keon may be just what you are looking for.

As the Keon and the sleeve it operates are separate units, you don’t have to put a lot of work into cleaning the motorized part. A wipe or two with a damp cloth is all that is necessary, while following whatever cleaning instructions came with your FeelStroker sleeve for that part.

Four hours are required to charge the Keon. When finished, it will last for anywhere from sixty minutes to two hours. The reason for this broad spread is the faster it runs, the quicker its battery will deplete. So it may take some experimenting to find out for yourself how long you may be able to enjoy it.

The Keon comes with one FeelStroker sleeve and the unit’s charging cable. Other sleeves are available on the Kiiroo site.

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8. Lovense Calor


Distinctly different from the arousing though mighty Keon, for our number eight spot, we journey back to Lovense and their diminutive yet remarkably arousing Calor.

While this manual pleasure device is nowhere near as big or energetic as the Keon, don’t be fooled by its small size as the Calor is more than capable of enjoyably stimulating even the most jaded of penis-equipped sextoy users.

A fantastic example is how Lovense somehow equipped it with a motor capable of vibrating in all the right ways and places. The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as the Calor has a series of sensors tracking the user’s stroke speed and length and then increasing or decreasing its vibrations to match.

We can’t praise the Calor’s automatic vibration system enough. So much so, we hope other sextoy companies will be inspired by it and so moved to make it more of an industry standard while giving Lovense credit for leading the way with this impressive sextech innovation.

Why do we love the Calor so much? Though you can remotely operate every product on this list, it requires you to use your hands. Both for using the toy and for controlling it via a smartphone or computer app.

What the Calor does is free at least one of your hands for other things as it takes over, speeding up or slowing down its vibrations as you speed up or slow down your strokes. So it leaves you with a free hand to do whatever you feel like doing.

But more is yet to come; like when it is charging, you can tap one of its built-in controls to warm it up. Thus, you’ll never have to stick yourself into a chilly sleeve ever again.

Like every toy Lovense makes, their Calor is also Bluetooth enabled. And as such, takes full advantage of the Lovense Remote app for Apple or Android smartphones and PC or Macintosh computers for interactive porn videos, immersive sexgames, or short or long distance play with any other Lovense device.

Considering what the Calor is capable of and how pocket-sized it is while doing these, and its many other features, so well, it is as impressive as it is arousing.

Along with the Calor, you get a bag to keep it in, a charging cable, and a user’s manual.

For an hour and a half of usage, you first need to charge the Calor for at least 90 minutes.

Totally waterproof, the Calor can be used in the shower or bath, making it a snap to clean before or after use.

All it needs is some warm water, soap or sextoy cleaning solution, another rinse, and a good dry with a lint-free cloth.

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9. The Handy


Another approach to penis-stimulating sextoys comes from Norway. Akin to the Keon in that it is a motorized unit onto which sleeves can be attached, The Handy isn’t limited to only those manufactured by just one company but can be used with practically any sleeve that will fit.

Want to change one sleeve for another? Wrap the loop around your preferred sleeve, make sure it is firmly attached, and fire up your Handy.

And by fit, we are referring to how, rather than using a snap connector like the Keon, the Handy instead has a Velcro band.

The Handy also doesn’t come with an internal battery, so it must stay plugged in to be used. There are good and not-so-good things about this design choice.

The first is pretty obvious: unless its power cord gets accidentally disconnected, the Handy will keep going and going and going for however long you want it to. The second, and a potential downside, is it needs to stay plugged in, so you will need to use it somewhat close to a free outlet and more than likely with an extra-long extension cord.

Regarding using the Handy for interactive, teledildonic play, its manufacturers have developed their own Android and Apple smartphone app.

Not only that, but since they are dedicated to fostering a community of users, more than a few custom-created apps are also available for controlling your Handy.

To go from a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone to a PC computer, the Handy’s developers have opted for that feature as well as WiFi for an extra secure and stable connection.

While this double connectivity approach can be more secure, it also means if you have difficulties with WiFi or Bluetooth, you won’t be able to link your Handy to its accompanying app.

With the Handy, you get one of their sleeves, the toy’s charging cable and power supply, and a guide for setting it up.

Before or after use, clean the Handy’s motor component with a slightly damp cloth. For the sleeve, do whatever the manufacturer recommends as they know best.

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10. Lovense Dolce


Concluding our “8 Best Teledildonics (Ever Created) You Need to Buy Right Now” list is one more reason why Lovense is such a highly respected and wildly popular sextoy designer and manufacturer.

Why this is so, look no further than their flexible, pleasurable, powerful, and endlessly exciting Dolce adjustable vibrator.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that no two people are exactly the same when it comes to the size and shape of their bodies, especially their genitalia.

This is why Lovense should be applauded for giving us a toy capable of comfortably reaching a vagina-owner’s G-spot in addition to their clit.

And stimulate both, courtesy of a matching set of motors that can be used together or separately to aid users in achieving the Holy Grail of vaginal arousal, the dual or blended orgasm.

But even if you prefer your coming one erogenous zone at a time rather than a combination of the two, the Dolce is more than up for either of these two jobs and anything else you may want to use it for.

In our opinion, once you get your hands and other body parts on a Dolce, you’ll wonder why other vibrators aren’t as bendy. Especially as none of us is built precisely the same way.

This is why it can sometimes be challenging to use a non-bendy toy to a single, let alone several erogenous sweet spots, especially when aiming to stimulate two very different ones, like your clit and G-spot.

With Lovense at the wheel of its development, the Dolce is more than fantastic when used with the Remote app. Whether it is putting together a vibration playlist to share with a partner or offering to the Lovense community to enjoy, having your Dolce boogie along to songs on your phone’s playlist, relishing in myriad erotic pleasures to be found in interactive porn videos, or all the exciting fun of share-and-share-alike long distance loving with a partner, all this and more is possible with the Dolce.

The Dolce will last an hour to an hour and a half on a seventy-minute charge.

In addition to the toy, you get its charging cable, a storage bag, and a set-up guide.

Like other silicone toys, when finished or ready to use, first give the Dolce a bath in warm, not too hot water, apply sextoy cleaner or mild hand soap, rinse again, and use a lint-free cloth to dry it.

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The Verdict

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the right teledildonic sextoy.

The first is what turns you on sexually. For instance, do you prefer to do your self pleasuring manually, or does the idea of a device that does it for you sound more appealing?

Then there’s the question of what stimulation arouses you the most. This can be anything from strokes per minute to a varied choice of vibrations.

Not to forget size. As in if you’d rather have a small and maneuverable sextoy, one that lets you move it wherever and however you want, or one that’s on the heavy side?

There’s also what kind of computer and/or smartphone you have. Then, in conjunction with this, what do you want to use your teledildonic sextoy for? Aside from short or long distance play with a remote partner, that is.

Here’s a brief idea of how to narrow down your search. For our last point, if you only want to reach out and sexually touch someone, you may want to lean towards makes and models that may not support adult entertainment interactivity. Or maybe not as much as other brands

If all this sounds daunting, keep in mind that, as with everything else in life, finding the right toy may take some trial and error.

Teledildonic toys can be pricey. If you are unsure how any of our best feels, we suggest picking up a more affordable version to test drive its possible sensations.

Remember, there may be several big differences between a lower-end toy and any of these state-of-the-art playthings. But at least you may know what they are like to use.

Perhaps the most useful way to enter into the arousing world of teledildonic sexual play is to do what you’re doing right now: nothing beats reading articles like this one, as well as the hundreds of other informative guides here at Teledildonics for learning about these and other pleasurable technologies.


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