The 5 Best Teledildonics (Ever Created) You Need to Buy Right Now

In the past, unrefined and improvised devices and means were used to attain sexual satisfaction, apart from human intercourse, of course.

The rise of sex toys has changed that reality and has made it safe, as well as assuring one can achieve sexual satisfaction.

Teledildonics is a more-advanced aspect of sex toys that has to do with a more active approach to the uses of sex toys to obtain satisfaction.

Imagine you’re not in the country for a while, and your partner or yourself are in the mood for some fun. Ideally, solo masturbation is the way to go, or better still, phone sex could be an option.

In truth, we all know this approach can’t be as satisfying as having your partner right there with you.

With teledildonics, the distance sex game can be upped a bit and become more intimate, almost rivaling being together with your partner.

Teledildonics make it possible for your partner – located in any part of the world – to still take part in helping you reach sexual satisfaction.

“How is that even possible?”, you ask.

Well, it’s simple really, some special sex toys are now available to make this possible.

What these sex toys do is interpret actions from your partner’s connected device and respond to this act like you’re controlling it.

As a result, you’re not going to be in charge, but your partner, wherever he or she is, will be – and eagerly waiting for their turn.

This device works mostly through the use of a mobile phone app that can be downloaded by both partners and connected using Bluetooth or the Internet.

In this article, we’re going to be giving extensive and informative opinions of the top five teledildonics toys of the season.

All the listed teledildonic toys have one way or the other gained media attraction, so you surely must have heard of them before, but if you haven’t, well today’s your lucky day.

Lovense Lush 2

lovense lush 2nd generation

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For those conversant with the whole teledildonics topic, the Lovense toy is most likely to be the most recommended one you might have come across.

The top-notch Lush sex toy has won many hearts, basically due to its shape, efficiency, and overall appeal of the idea to sexual intimacy it’s pioneered.

The toy’s major selling point has been that it was designed mainly to hit the G-spot areas in the female vagina, which makes it the perfect sex toy for that toe curling, body tingling sexual experience.

The vibrator is said to give very strong and powerful rumbly vibrations, while still maintaining that quietness that’s almost become a trademark of this toy.

The Lush 2 is also considered to be the most powerful Bluetooth-connecting remote controlled vibrator present on the market at the moment.

The devices are said to be perfect for both private, as well as public playing, mainly because of its size and stealth mode.

This bullet is designed to work with a smartphone application that makes it possible to use this device over a long distance.

This toy is perfect for those in a long distance relationship who still feels the need for each other to be involved in their mutual sexual satisfaction.

Unlike other devices that can be found on the market, this device is flexible with its patterns since it gives the controller the ultimate power to form the best pattern and strokes to be used.

This vibrator gives you total control over choosing what works for you – without interference.

The toy has several key features, like matching the vibration of the music playing on your device, allowing you to voice-control the intensity of the vibration, as well as save a pattern that works for you and use it over again.

The Lush 2 also allows you to synchronize with other toys. In this way, two people can share the same vibe at once!

This fun toy is made from a 100%  body-safe silicone and is also waterproof. It’s battery capacity is good for about 1.5-2 hours of daily play, once fully charged.

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Mystery Vibe Crescendo

Crescendo review

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This is another very powerful teledildonic vibrator on our list.

Actually, the Crescendo is often referred to as the “world’s most advanced vibrator”. The toy performs its very powerful functions by making use of six motors.

These motors give the toy one of the strongest vibrations on the market, making it even more appealing to those in need of something strong(er) to knock their socks off.

The toy was designed using industry-standard materials which gives it a non-porous body that’s waterproof in nature.

The Crescendo has proven to be the best buy in terms of efficiency as it’s managed to sneak in another function, which is to massage the body.

This feature can be traced to its six motors, which help to make the vibrator a very perfect massaging tool, as well.

So instead of buying a mining massager, you can always opt into buying the Crescendo, which will serve both functions of sexually pleasing you, as well as relaxing your tensed-up muscles.

The toy is structured in a way that makes it bendable and adjustable. This flexible nature makes the toy really great for public use and taking around on errands with you.

The toy also offers some key features like:

  • wireless charging.
  • multi-speeds.
  • hands-free use.
  • and so much more.

These features make the toy even more appealing to buyers and therefore well-worth investing in.

The app allows for very easy customization of the vibration pattern, making it quite convenient to discover what works for you and what doesn’t – and help you easily reach an intense orgasm quickly.

Mystery Vibe’s Crescendo is made from waterproof, silicone materials. The toy doesn’t have a preset vibration pattern, but you can customize your pattern using the mobile app.

The toy is also rather flexible so it can take the shape of most other sex toys – thereby making it perfect for use by all genders.

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Ohmibod Esca

ohmybod esca

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This a lightweight wearable vibrator that’s perfect for outside use. The vibrator was designed to focus more on the G-spot area of the vagina.

The Esca design also features a LED light and is built in a small streamline-shape which makes it perfect for intimacy, as well as moving around with while wearing it.

The app makes the toy hands-free and usable over a short or long distance.

The Esca is made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials, and is also phthalates- and latex-free. The fact that it’s made from 100% body-safe silicone material makes it perfect for insertion, too.

The small weight of about 56 grams makes it quite easy to wear this toy and move around – and in case you’re not keen on keeping it inserted while in motion or it’s perhaps gone flat from use, it’s so small that it fits into a mini wallet and also has a privacy pouch.

The toy is one of the cheapest in its product line and also the smallest one, thus making it a perfect buy.

The Bluetooth and Wi-fi features of the device, working along with the mobile app, makes it possible to use the device over either a short distance or around the world.

The rechargeable battery makes it possible to use the device for a long period of time.

The OH!DOMETER features also help to keep track of your orgasms. This way, you can set your sexual satisfaction targets for the month or week and then do your best to achieve them.

The app is also comprehensive, since you can send photos and text while using it.

This way, the phone sex between you and your partner is taken to a more intimate and visual level and you can be sure of meeting each other’s needs – whether you’re together or not.

Overall the toy has created a huge buzz on the Internet scene and is also one of the media’s favorite sex toys of interest.

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Kiiroo Onyx 2

onyx 2 review

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The Onyx 2 is a game-changer when it comes to male sexual satisfaction. The toy is said to make it possible to achieve orgasm at a rate that rivals having sex.

The Onyx 2 masturbator is power packed and capable of giving 140 strokes per minutes – while still maintaining its silent and cool underlying mechanics.

Made to fit all penis sizes, the Onyx 2 is about 10 inches in size. It contains one inner ring for every inch, giving a total of 10 vibrating rings.

The main functions of each ring are to simulate real-life sexual intercourse.

For example, watching a video on the app where a blowjob is being given – and using your Bluetooth-connected device – will lead to the toy rings contracting in such a way that mimics the rhythm of an ongoing blowjob.

Each ring you stroke past is another contraction. This alone is more than enough reason to want to get the toy.

Since the device also works with other Bluetooth-connected devices like the OhMiBodFuse mentioned above, it becomes easy for your partner to send a signal through their own app devices.

These signals are then interpreted and turned into a stroking pattern by the rings.

The Fleshlight sleeve found in the device makes it possible to connect directly with online videos from the Fleshlight models. This way, you can bring your fantasy to life and switch between synchronizing with your dream girls as much as you want.

Kiiroo’s Onyx 2 also lets you feel your partner’s touch from anywhere in the world. All they need to do is get connected to the toy and they can send you over the moon right from across the planet.

The device, however, has a shorter power time than most other male-focused devices, but, generally speaking, one hour of playtime is more than enough time for most people to reach sexual satisfaction.

The toy is made using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS plastic) and POM materials, which are safe-to-use on sensitive body parts.

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vibease vibrator

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This is another lightweight, small-sized remote controlled vibe that’s perfect for long distance sexual satisfaction and pleasing.

The Vibease was designed to make the distance in a relationship seems like nothing.

The toy has a key feature that makes it possible for you to enjoy phone sex to the fullest, as well as make you enjoy the most real sexual satisfaction that comes from listening to a sexual audiobook.

The sex toy matches it, vibrating its patterns with the voice and command of the reader. The more intense the book gets, the more the vibration gets and vice versa.

This is way beyond what users of sex toys are used to in any way or form, which makes the toy even more appealing than any other on the market at the moment.

The Vibease is also perfect for public plays, since it’s inconspicuous and very quiet – so it can be worn in almost all kinds of places without fear of attracting attention.

The shape of the vibrator also makes it very easy to wear around, as mentioned here.

With this device, you have full control over your vibrations or those you’re about to give your partner.

The toy also makes it possible for the vibration pattern to be sent from one phone to another through the Internet-connected mobile app, making it very effective as a well-designed patterned surprise gift given by your partner.

All he or she needs to do is take the time to design this pattern and send it over the app and you get to download it.

So even when your partner is not available, you still get to feel their love and intimacy, thus making your session even more meaningful and sexy.

The Internet-connected nature of the Vibease makes it perfect for people very far apart.

As per standards, the toy is made from body-safe silicone materials which contain no latex or porous material. It’s also water-resistant and very durable.


Best Teledildonics (Ever Created): In Conclusion

There are many toys on the market right now, dedicated to teledildonics, but these are just the five we feel are worth talking about right now.

Whichever one you choose to enjoy will depend entirely on your sexual needs, the toy’s compatibility with your partner’s sex toy, your affordability levels, and the device’s battery life.


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