Ohmibod Esca Review: The Best Bluetooth Wearable Massager?

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OhMiBod and Kiiroo have teamed up again to bring you the new Esca!

With a smooth, lightweight design, this purple wearable massager is intended for solo or couples play.

Take control or submit to your partner’s wishes from anywhere in the world with this remote-control technology.

To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective products, NEVER purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from trusted and authorized dealers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Stay safe and have fun! 😀
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About Kiiroo & Ohmibod

So here is what you should know about the companies you’re buying from.

Kiiroo is an innovative company based in Amsterdam.

They opened for business in 2013 and had since won several awards including a Live Cam Award in 2016, an XBiz award in 2015, and an Adult Entertainment Virtual Award also in 2015.

OhMiBod is a female owned and operated company coming to you out of New Hampshire.  Their goal is to combine the newest and best technology and high-quality toys for sexy play.

In 2012 OhMiBod won the AVN “O” Award for “Most Outstanding Product for Women.”

Their products have also been featured in many major publications and news outlets including, but not limited to, Glamour, Maxim and Cosmopolitan magazines and The New York Times.

Basically, this company is creating a serious buzz!

Toy Designer Mathieu Pung studied engineering and sculpture at the famous Ivy League Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

His career with OhMiBod began in 2009, and he’s been creating wonderful products–bringing art, design, and electronics together–for the company ever since!

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Features and Specs of the Esca

The Esca is made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials and is latex- and phthalates-free.  It is made of silicone and 100% safe for insertion.

Another great feature of this massager is how easy it is to wear.  It is both comfortable and lightweight, weighing in at only 56 grams (approximately .04 ounces).

This is the smallest vibrator Kiiroo has ever made and is very affordable! If you don’t want to wear it right away, it fits nicely in your purse to use later. It even comes with a privacy pouch!

If you want something new and different from the usual, old vibrating panties you’ll definitely want to look into this fun and sexy toy!

Also included with your purchase is a USB charger, so there’s no need to worry about regularly replacing batteries.

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How Good is It?

The simple design of this vibrator is perfect for hitting that sensitive G-spot for maximum pleasure.

It can be moved around while you’re pleasuring yourself (or being pleasured by your partner) but it’s not at all necessary to experience the incredible pleasure and orgasms the Esca will bring you!

The Esca is also perfect for long-distance partners.

ohmibod esca app

With the user-friendly Bluetooth tech, your lover can control your pleasure no matter how far apart you may be.

All you have to do is connect it to Bluetooth for more local pleasure or Wifi for pleasure from around the world!

LED lights even give your partner feedback on your play. You can also track your orgasms with the OH!DOMETER feature! It will chart your orgasms over time.

Want to set a weekly pleasure goal? You can do that too!

And don’t forget to send your partner a message when you reach orgasm via a pre-written stock message or write your own little note.

For solo play, sync the Esca up to the OhMiBod remote app (available on iOS and Android) and control the vibrations from your phone with just a touch! The app is secure and free to use.

You can also chat and send photos through this app, so you don’t have to go back and forth with the app and text messaging. None of your chats, pictures or partners are collected through the OhMiBod app.

For your privacy these things are stored only on the cell phone you use.

If you provide your email address when you sign up, it will be stored, but that is entirely optional.

Want to give back? Download the FeelConnect App and be connected to your lover’s Kiiroo pleasure device and sync your sex toys to match one another!

For the less tech-savvy couples out there, not to worry! The Esca comes with a detailed instruction manual in case you need some help figuring out how it works.

Still need help? Check out the online manuals on the OhMiBod website!

OhMiBod ships domestically and internationally within two days of your purchase. Your Esca will come in discreet packaging in a standard brown box.

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Cons of the Esca

The major downside to the Esca is that it is not waterproof due to the electronics in the device.

If you want to play in the pool or the bathtub, this massager is not a good fit for you. Of course, this toy is not dishwasher safe, either, so you must hand wash it after every use.

In addition, if you prefer silicone-based lubricants, this may not be the toy for you.

A silicone lubricant will break down the medical grade silicone this toy is made of. Therefore you must use a water-based lubricant when playing with this particular vibrator.

Even if mine was totally fine, some online reviews claim that this vibrator is not as intense as they would like, and the battery does not last for play sessions longer than 45 minutes.

For hours of play without recharging, you may want to consider another massager. Except that, some users have had difficulty getting the device to sync, despite the detailed instruction manuals.

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Overall the Esca is a great toy for playing solo anywhere, anytime, and for couples who want to please their lovers from a distance!

With so many long-distance relationships happening in the modern age, this massager is a perfect way to keep your intimacy intact, no matter how far you are apart physically.

Stay emotionally and sexually connected! There’s no need to pleasure yourself all alone when you can play together with the Esca!

With rave reviews for both OhMiBod and Kiiroo, it’s pretty safe to say you’re going to get a quality product.

By the way, if you like the design and features of the Esca, you will probably love the Lovense Lush 2! It is the best alternative to the Esca on the market.


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The Perfect Alternative to the Lovense Lush

Despite not having the best remote-control app on the market, Kiiroo and Ohmibod nailed the core of what makes a sex toy great: build quality, design, comfort, pleasure and convenience. If you don't already own a Lovense Lush or if you want to try new things, try the Esca and you won't be disappointed!

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