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If you’re on this page, it is probably because you are wondering who is behind this blog.

Truth is, we are a young couple passionate about the new sextoy industry and who wants to share its reviews with the world.

Our story

In a relationship for more than 5 years, we know how smart and teledildonic sex toys can help keep the flame burning on a daily basis!

Of course, we are not sexologists or self-proclaimed sex experts.

We are a couple like any other, with their preferences and opinions on various issues. And through this blog, we simply want to share them with you, so you can choose the best toys for your couple or your personal pleasure!

And for a good reason: on the Internet, you can hear all kinds of things about teledildonic sex toys.

After spending thousand dollars on adult toys for the two of us, we know something about it and we want you to make the best choices.

Our mission

That’s why our mission will be to give you all the tips and information you need to find the sex toys of your dreams, whether you are in a relationship or not and whether you are a man or a woman.

All the products appearing on the pages of this blog have been tested before giving you our final opinion. We also analyze the existing opinions, positive as well as negative, of the other people who used them in order to have a full feedback.

Which sex toys are scammy?

What are the best high-tech sex toys today?

We will tell you all that and even more on Teledildonics.co!

Let’s go further together!

Do you like our approach? If yes, do not hesitate to follow our blogposts and recommendations because we have some really really good stuff to introduce to you!

We sincerely hope that all the information published on this blog will give you answers and help you in your purchase process.

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