The 5 Best Interactive Sex Games (Compatible with Sex Toys)

Video games can be a lot of fun, and video games combined with adult content can be more so. But the fun o’ meter (patent pending) pegs at 11 when you add games, sex, and the ability to interact with what’s happening in them.

Welcome to the wildly wonderful world of interactive sex games – and while it’s a relatively new genre, and there are more than a few bugs yet to be worked out, we’ve selected five of the absolute best for you to potentially experience.

If you don’t have time to go through the entire post right now, here’s the winner!

Our Top Pick
3dxchat game


The Most Innovative and Immersive Online 3D Sex Game

  • Chat and have sex with real people
  • Hundreds of sex animations
  • Highly customizable characters and rooms
  • Continuously updated since 2012
  • Compatible with Lovense toys and VR headsets

What Do We Mean by Interactive?

First, let’s briefly touch on what you may expect from these and other interactive games. While the term remains somewhat fuzzy, as it’s every game, video or otherwise, is somehow interactive – as in what happens in them depends on the actions of the player. For our list we’ve compiled sites that are either designed to or support working with current generation smart sextoys.

So when playing these games you can, if you want, sexually interact with the action – if you have the suitable sextech hardware, of course.

As this can be somewhat complicated, we’ve added small notations to our Best Interactive Sex Games list about what toys they support, how well they work with them, and any other information you might need to know to try them out.

By and large, no matter the game and the toy, you’ll need a computer and smartphone – both Bluetooth-enabled.

If your Apple or PC doesn’t have one, it’s easy enough to get your hands on a dongle that, when plugged into a spare USB port, grants wireless access to your preferred smart sextoy.


interactive gay games

As you will see below, most of our entries are about enjoying the company of a video game character. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they can only do what they’ve been programmed to.

3DXChat takes an entirely different approach, as behind everyone you encounter in the game is a living, breathing person. This multiplayer experience begins by registering – and paying a monthly fee – then using 3DXChat’s comprehensive character creator to make a sexy avatar for yourself.

Once that’s out of the way, you can jump right into things. Or, I should say, take advantage of the game’s social function to chat, flirt, and negotiate what you want to do with another player.

Fortunately, 3DXChat provides a good range of these get-togethers, like spin the bottle games, a strip show to check out, and nightclubs to hang out in.

And if you do get lucky, you have the option to have virtual sexytime activities in your very own digital house – including the ability to furnish it however you like.

3DXChat’s character models are nicely detailed yet manage to avoid plummeting down into the Uncanny Valley: think cartoonish without being overly exaggerated.

The fun keeps on rocking as 3DXChat is coded to work with every Bluetooth-enabled smart sextoy Lovense makes. So you can feel what your avatar is getting into, as well as see it, by using the Lovense Remote app on your iPhone or Android smartphone to link it, via Bluetooth, to your PC. No Apple computer support, we’re sad to say.

best interactive games for mac

Virtual Reality works with it, as well, though it’s limited to Oculus headsets. Fingers crossed in the future others will also be supported, especially with so many different rigs currently available.

If there’s a downside to being a multiplayer experience, there can be the same awkwardness in trying to wrangle a date in the real world that’s also in 3DXChat’s virtual one.

Though, during our experience with it, we found it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be, with us finding playmates in a relatively short amount of time.

While a fun and exciting experience, we think 3DXChat’s biggest downside is its use of microtransactions in addition to the game’s monthly fee. So if you want to do anything, like changing your avatar’s gender or buying clothes, furniture, sex positions, and the like, you’re going to have to pay extra.

This is quite disappointing as it may make users feel like the developers are holding them upside down and jiggling them for the loose change in their pockets.

It’s bad enough to have to pay a rather large monthly fee, which is right up there with premium services like Netflix and Hulu, only to have to spend more to get your character to look how you want them to – or perform the sex acts you like.


  • A multiplayer sexual experience.
  • Fun, cartoonish art style.
  • Works with every smart Lovense toy.
  • VR support.
  • All kinds of ways to interact with other users.


  • PC exclusive.
  • Can be challenging to find people to play with.
  • Excessive number of microtransactions.
  • Somewhat steep monthly fee.
  • Only supports Oculus VR headsets.

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Mirror Life

top best porn games

Second of our list is a game that’s not only wonderfully explicit but was designed from the ground up to be an interactive experience – and it’s the product of one of the most respected sextoy manufacturers in the world.

The interesting things about Mirror Life don’t stop there, as Lovense created their game as kind of a testbed for interactive erotic games: a platform to explore the potential of this new breed of adult entertainment while giving owners of their Max 2 male masturbator a novel way to use it.

If it’s possible, Mirror Life is more impressive as it supports any VR headset that works with Steam, the online video game service. This includes the Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, Odyssey, and the HTC Vive.

Graphically, Mirror Life walks the thin line between realistic and cartoonish. Their present model, advertised as a “fun-loving succubus from another time and space,” can be put through a good selection of sexual acts and positions in a pleasantly detailed set of unique environments.

Succubus or not, Mila is undoubtedly an alluring playmate: her animation is smooth and lifelike, the physics of her body entrancing without being laughable.

Plus – admitting this may sound weird – she has a great range of facial expressions giving Mirror Life a unique sense of lifelikeness yet with enough playful Hentainess to make it feel like a wet dream brought to virtual reality.

As Mirror Life was built as an interactive sextech experiment, it plays exceptionally well with Lovense’s Max 2, and connecting it to the game is a pleasantly-smooth procedure.

erotic interactive games outdoors

Though Mirror Life does require a Bluetooth-enabled PC computer, or if you don’t have one, a smartphone with one to act as a bridge between the sextoy and the computer game. Apple people will have to wait or hope in the not-too-distant future Lovense wakes up and smells the reality that they want to have fun with Mirror Life, too.

The downside of being a test-bed for new technology is when it comes to gameplay or offering a satisfying range of things to do with its digital playmate, Mirror Life doesn’t fare particularly well when compared against the other games on our list.

But please don’t think Mirror life ever feels like it’s a lot of hype for little payout, as what is in the game is impressive, enjoyable, and most of all, remarkably exciting. Since they manage to do this and show off their programming skills at the same time, Lovense’s development team should get a much-deserved pat on their collective backs.

So Mirror Life more than earns our number one spot for demonstrating how good merging sextoys and games can be – and making a fantastic thing yet more… well, fantastic. It’s free to download, play, and enjoy.


  • Built by and for Lovense and their Max 2 male masturbator.
  • Good graphics and a nice variety of sexual activities.
  • Connecting the game to Max 2 is remarkably easy.
  • It’s free of charge.


  • PC only.
  • Does not work with any other smart sextoy.
  • Only one model is available.
  • Limited number of sexual activities and locations.

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Virtual Mate

best porn games online top picks

As our previous entry took a unique approach to interactive sex games via being developed by a sextech company for one of their toys, the developers of Virtual Mate have instead brought us an integrated, interactive sex game experience.

Advertised as “The World’s First Virtual Intimacy System,” Virtual Mate’s software side is an ultra-realistic game featuring Sheila, who began as a living model that was scanned and digitized – and who can be interacted with in either the game’s fast mode, which drops you right into the action or as part of a story where the goal is to get to know her better before getting to the sexy stuff.

Meanwhile, the hardware side of Virtual Mate is the Core: a heated, sleeve-type male masturbator packed with sensors that, via a Bluetooth connection, transmits what’s happening to it over to the game: so if a user gets vigorous with the Core, Sheila will respond appropriately.

The only downside is this interactivity is one-sided since Virtual Mate’s Core isn’t equipped with motors, vibrators, or stuff like that. So though Sheila reacts to what’s happening, the only thing you’ll feel is the masturbator’s contoured inner sleeve.

It’s honestly amazing how well the game side of Virtual Mate works with its hardware. Using it, it’s pleasantly easy to forget there’s sophisticated electronics and well-engineered programming between you and Sheila.

And if you want an extra-immersive time with her, Virtual Mate supports Oculus and HTC Vive headsets. For a non-VR time, the game works on Apple or PC computers and smartphones – where you can have a VR time with it via Android or iPhone Google-cardboard style headsets.

This cross-platform compatibility is a good reason why it’s here at our number three spot, as when it comes to sex games – interactive or not – PC machines still rule the roost.

Though this predominance is getting challenged, a growing number of erotic games are playable on practically every browser, including those running on an iPad or iPhone.


  • Unique interactive experience.
  • High-resolution graphics.
  • Supports virtual reality.
  • Playable on PC or Apple computers, as well as smartphones.


  • Currently one model, though others on the way.
  • Virtual Mate Core is unpowered but heated.
  • Expensive when compared to other interactive sex games.

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ViRo Playspace

online interactive adult pornographic games

For our number four spot, we have a game that has so much going for it and offers such a wide variety of possible activities it’ll keep you excited for an extremely long time.

Where to begin? Well, probably that ViRo Playspace is a cartoonish/Hentai-inspired erotic game built around the idea of providing a safe and sexually-welcoming environment where users can indulge and explore what excites them the most.

It’s also all about providing a haptic experience as ViRo Playspace supports an eye-opening large assortment of Bluetooth-enabled sextoys.

How large? Just check out what it works with: Lovense’s Lush 2, OhMiBod’s Fuse, the Fleshlight Launch, Vector by We-Vibe, Kiiroo’s Keon, and a staggering forty-five other makes and models.

This early-access game – so it’s a little rough around the edges – also plays nice with virtual reality sets such as those from Oculus, the HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality VR. However, it works well without VR if you don’t have or can’t afford these set-ups.

Right now, ViRo Playspace has five pre-built games users, for a small-ish fee, can play. If you’re into splashing in water, there’s The Waterfall, and if you like your sexcapades with a touch of furriness, try out the dog-gone Doggie Style one.

And if you’re into medical-play scenes, have fun with Hello Nurse, or outdoorsy antics with Campfire, and finally fooling around in front of the fire with Cabin Fever.

Since it is early access, more episodes will be available when the game releases. We can only hope this also includes an Apple or perhaps a smartphone version, as right now it’s a Windows PC exclusive.

This is why ViRo Playspace isn’t higher up on our list; for all its potential, it’s like trying to review a concept car against a yet-to-roll-off-the-assembly-line car. So while we can give it buckets of good points of where it could go, you have to keep in mind it isn’t quite there yet.


  • Unique and alluring art style.
  • Works with a large number of smart sextoys.
  • Supports virtual reality.
  • Low cost, but users have to pay for each “experience.”


  • An early access game, so expect a few bugs.
  • Just five games are available.
  • Its Hentai-style may not appeal to some.
  • Current build is PC only.

City of Sin 3D

free interactive adult games

Concluding our list of the Five Best Interactive Sex Games is City of Sin 3D: a realistic-looking sex activity site with an emphasis on high resolution, lots of sexual positions, and it works with smart sextoys.

Actually, that’s two smart sextoys, as according to the game’s site, that’s restricted to Fleshlight’s Launch or their Vstroker. However, this lack of other toys may not stop you from having fun with City Of Sin 3D, as it has plenty of other exciting features.

After registering, you use one of the game’s pre-set characters or create your own. The positive side of this is City Of Sin 3D’s creation system is that it’s remarkably versatile, including allowing users to make large-bodied or trans characters.

The negative is the stock characters are ridiculously simple, almost cliched. But if any of them get you all hot and bothered, it’s not our place to say anything against them. We only wish they reflected a greater variety than what can easily be made with the game’s built-in character creator.

Self-made or using one of the provided ones, you can then put your proxy into a sexual situation – though these are confusingly limited to the opposite gender: fingers crossed City Of Sin 3D will be more inclusive sometime in the future.

realistic interactive sex games

Another feature the game promotes is allowing users to play porn director by moving the virtual camera all over the place to capture every nook and cranny of whatever’s taking place.

Interactivity-wise, you’ll need a PC that’s Bluetooth-compatible or use a browser on your Android mobile device to get your toy and game synced up.

After everything’s working – which can take a bit of work – your sextech device should follow along with the bumping and grinding in City Of Sin 3D.

Fun or not, you’ll need to pay to get the whole experience, with the more months you sign up causing the overall membership price to drop considerably.


  • High-resolution gameplay.
  • Ability to create various body shapes.
  • Works with Fleshlight interactive toys.


  • Less-than-inspiring pre-created characters.
  • Restrictions on gender with gender sexual activities.
  • PC exclusive.
  • No virtual reality support.
  • Doesn’t work with many smart sextoys.

How to Pick the Perfect Interactive Sex Game

interactive game sex

With so many different play and technological balls to juggle, it can be frustrating to try and sort the good from the not-so-good when it comes to interactive sex games.

We’ve found an excellent way to begin is by considering what’s important to you: is it the overall gaming experience, with supported sex toys are a bonus? Or is the opposite true, where interactive enjoyment is what turns you on the most?

Then there are things like what you can do in a game and how it looks, as some people want their game to look as close to lifelike as possible versus others who want their character to appear cartoonish.

For the sake of argument, as our list is about interactivity, let’s focus on that as, after all, there are what often feels like thousands of sex games out there that don’t play well with smart sextech.

So your next question to yourself would be what do you have at home or what sextoy are you considering – since it doesn’t make much sense to pay for a vibrator or male masturbator to discover it won’t work with the game you’re interested in.

Another fact to ponder is hardware, even more so if you’re into virtual reality. Apple users know this quite well, as it’s rare to find a game, let alone a good one, that works on anything other than a PC.

We know this is a bit much to digest, so take your time, check out the games we’ve listed here, do your own research, and be prepared to face no small amount of frustration during your search.

But take all this to heart, and before long, you’ll be excitedly interacting with a game that meets your sexual dreams.

Best Interactive Sex Games: The Verdict

This was and wasn’t a difficult list to put together. Wasn’t, because while the interest is there, we have yet to see a massive surge in interactive sex games – so we didn’t have many candidates to consider.

Hopefully, this won’t always be the case. But until more games come onto the scene, we have these entertaining and arousing ones to whet our appetites.

And our list was challenging as we had to examine each of our entries and then try to figure out which would be first and so forth. Our final, by the way, wasn’t particularly hard as though it has good points and can be fun to play, City Of Sin 3D lacks a lot of important features, such as a small number of supported sextoys, doesn’t offer virtual reality, and not a lot of available information if anything should go wrong when playing it.

The rest were daunting to sort as each worked in some ways but not in others: more or less supported toys, more or less features, and more or less platforms… the list goes on and on.

What wasn’t a tough call is our first entry since Mirror Life has too much going for it not to land at the top. Starting with its price tag of zilch to its impressively realistic animation to seamlessly working with Lovense’s Max 2, it definitely feels like a peek behind the future of the sextech curtain to see what could be coming in the years or decades ahead.

But if it isn’t your cup of sexual tea, feel free to sample the others on our list – and shoot us a message if you have a favorite interactive sex game we didn’t include!


M.Christian (they/them) is a popular Sex Tech journalist and the author of six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and the editor of 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700+ reviews and essays on everything from the best smart vibrator to the most exciting interactive sex game. Whether having fun speculating on the future of human sexuality or reporting on an exciting new teledildonic breakthrough, nothing pleases Chris more than knowing someone enjoyed reading their work as much as they had writing it.

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