The 8 Best Adult 3D Sex Games (Free & Paid)

Ever try to get turned on by a single-pixel twitching across a low-resolution monitor? Well, that’s all we had a couple of decades ago – and even then, there were just a dozen or so games to choose from.

But now we have uber-talented programmers slaving away in their attempt to try to program each and every sway, dip, or bob of an erotically-alluring female character, as well as putting the same (often insane) amount of dedication into the trickles of their lustful secretions.

The result of all this – along with finally having enough computing power to do more than push that long-forgotten pixel to and fro – has put hundreds of incredibly realistic adult games well within our grasp.

Which also makes it rather difficult to assemble a list of exceptional examples of ultra-realistic adult games. Never one to walk away from a challenge, we put our none-too-paltry expertise to work, and after an exhaustive – and, we have to admit, quite pleasurable – search, we’ve managed to assemble what we hope are the following Best Adult 3D Sex Games.

All we ask is if you don’t find anything here to your erotic liking, don’t give up but do your own hunting as it’s a pretty safe bet there are more than a few games out there with your sort of arousing interests in mind.


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Getting things off to a steamy start is our number one pick. What places DreamSexWorld firmly up here is the apparently passionate dedication the minds behind it have put towards making theirs more realistic than the many already insanely-lifelike games out there.

Seriously, take a look at their screenshots and try to tell what you’re seeing isn’t real people having real sex. Yes, DreamSexWorld is that good.

Now imagine that frozen lifelikeness but fully animated – and after that, picture a game that allows you to fully customize your artificial sexual partners and control what erotic activities you want to have them engage in.

And them is quite right, as you’re not limited to one or even two characters. Crave a balls-to-the-wall orgy? DreamSexWorld lets you do that and more, including the option to get your whips-and-chains fun on with its extensive range of BDSM gear available to get your spanking-good fun on with.

Back to graphics for a second, we also want to bring up DreamSexWorld is a rarity among adult sex games, as it supports 4K resolution – with the only drawback being that you’ll need a monitor good enough to take advantage of that wonderfully ridiculous amount of erotic detail.

And good news if you’re a budding porn director, as DreamSexWorld’s user-controlled camera is ideal for getting every angle – and making it feel even more like you’re right there enjoying the action.


  • Exceptionally lifelike character models and activities.
  • Extensively customizable.
  • Wide range of sexual positions available.
  • Ability to control the camera angle.


  • Limited gameplay.
  • No virtual reality support
  • No sextoy integration.
  • PC only.

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Playing with yourself is fine and dandy, though everyone at one time or another has felt the urge to fool around with other people.

Our next entry is a platform that’s all about providing an erotic multiplayer experience: one where you can chat, befriend, and – if the stars are in alignment – meet other people for interactive sexual encounters.

That’s not all, as 3DXChat‘s got more than that to offer, including a staggering amount of customization. Ah, we hear you say, but isn’t that already what so many other games provide, too?

Here’s the thing, buddy… Sure, you can do everything from tweak a character’s eye color to changing its body proportions, and put them into endlessly entertaining kinky outfits and as many sexual positions and activities you want in a good number of competing titles.

However, 3DXChat, for once, understands it isn’t merely how a character model looks or how it behaves. Or, to be direct about it, this is a game where you can also make your own environment.

Compliments of their World Editor, users have the ability to contour the landscape, play architect to build the house of their dreams, followed by finishing it in their preferred style – and picking the perfect furniture to go along with it.

Then, as this is a multiplayer game after all, you can invite a few dozen players to have yourself a rollicking orgy.

And 3DXChat also gets that we aren’t back in those kludgy days of dial-up modems and pathetic processors but living our day to day lives in the future.

And what’s more World Of Tomorrow than supporting Oculus Rift’s CV1 virtual reality rig? Get your hands on one of these babies, and with the flick of a switch, you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into your perfect house where you can have perfect sex with perfect partners.

2024 firmly cements itself as the age of erotic interactivity – and via a partnership with Lovense, an always excellent sextoy manufacturer – you’re able to finally have a feel for what your avatar is doing, or what’s being done to them.

We can’t leave it at that, though. This arrangement with Lovense is a mighty huge deal as the game not only works with toys from this well-respected company, but it’s compatible with many of their products, too.

As long as it’s supported by the Lovense Remote app (available on Android and iOS devices), it’s just a matter of using it to network your Lovense smart sextoy to your phone. From there via Bluetooth to your PC that’s running 3DXChat, and viola! – may the pleasures begin!


  • High-end graphics.
  • Built around multiplayer interactions.
  • Customizable characters and environments.
  • Supports virtual reality.
  • Works with Lovense smart sextoys.
  • Users can enjoy a social, as well as sexual, experience.


  • Not great if you’re uncomfortable chatting with others.
  • Can be somewhat complex and intimidating to navigate.
  • Only the Oculus Rift CV1 supported.
  • Getting sextoys to work with the game can be tricky.
  • PC only, Apple devices not yet supported.

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Virtual Lust 3D

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Here’s another game with a distinct and remarkably effective focus on making their characters look as close as possible to actual human beings – and especially when they’re enjoying lots and lots and lots of passionate sex.

Virtual Lust 3D’s unique approach is to put greater emphasis on avatar customization. Here’s a game where there’s nothing you can’t tweak, adjust, minimize, maximize, color, shape, or modify. With Virtual Lust 3D, there’s little – or perhaps nothing – you can’t do to conjure up the wettest of your wet dreams.

And in 4K resolution, no less! Not to mention providing you with a sprawling list of sexual positions, erotic actions and activities, as well as complete control over where your point of view is coming from.

Virtual Lust 3D also extends its pursuit of more-real-than-real graphics to its various environments, as nothing’s more mood-killing than state-of-art sex taking place in what looks like a low-rez, cheaply-made 2D playspace.

Like with DreamSexWorld (which appears to come from the same company), if you’re into that sort of thing you’re also able to enjoy the company of multiple partners at once.


  • Realistic graphics.
  • Excellently detailed.
  • Thoroughly customizable.
  • Detailed environments.
  • User’s control camera angles.


  • No real gameplay.
  • Doesn’t support virtual reality or smart sextoys.
  • PC only.

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Are you lusting after a 3D erotic game, though are put off by how unappetizingly surreal lots of them look in their pursuit of mega, ultra, nutso realism?

Then run, don’t walk over to the digital streets and byways of CityofSin3D. Unlike its earthly counterpart, the name of the game here isn’t gambling but providing a sexual playground where you can live out your most outrageous fantasies.

While a few people might not find CityofSin3D’s cartoonish graphics all that appealing – or arousing – you can’t disagree that it certainly stands out, which is a good part of its popular appeal.

That and it comes pre-packaged with sixteen pre-rendered characters ready to jump into bed with you. While this may not immediately sound all that special or attractive, remember not everyone wants to take the time (or has the talent) to make a playmate of their own.

There’s also the allure of the unexpected: since you’re in absolute control of a character’s appearance and what sex they have, every so often, this can get a little… dare we say it, dull.

Not so when someone else is done doing the creating. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and this is one spicy adult video game. Not that the characters are exceptionally well done, but they don’t have to be – sex game fans aren’t necessarily looking for Citizen Kane, just Citizen Came (if you’ll excuse my spectacularly lousy joke).

Even more fun’s to be had with CityofSin3D if you happen to have – or get your eager hands on – Fleshlight’s Launch or Vstroker, which can connect it up to respond to what’s happening to your erotically adventurous avatar.


  • Pleasant (if cartoonish) 3D graphics.
  • Lots of customization options.
  • Has sixteen pre-rendered characters.
  • Simplified controls for better ease of use.
  • Supports Fleshlight’s Launch or Vstroker sextoys.


  • Not appealing to fans of realistic graphics.
  • Limited range of customization and activity options.
  • PC only.

Hentai 3D

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Where would we be without the Japanese? To begin with, cars would look and drive like battleships; our TVs and radios would be the size of refrigerators and breadboxes, respectfully; and porn would be exceptionally boring.

So how do you satisfy your animated, big-eyed, and outlandishly sexual hentai fetish – all while relishing in every one of the erotic delights a well-rendered 3D game offers?

The answer is right over at the aptly-named Hentai 3D: your portal to Japanese-flavored, lifelike, customizable sex.

You have to give the developers credit for managing to put together a game that combines what may at first appear to be two wildly disparate aesthetics.

On the one hand, you have hentai, a genre known for its exaggerated characters and still more grandiose action. Then on the other, you have 3D with its aim to eventually look like you, the user, peering through a real person’s bedroom window.

Yet Hentai Sex 3D pulls all this off, and though it may not push the envelope when it comes to super-duper resolution, it does enough to make the game look like a hentai anime brought to life.

Game-wise, Hentai Sex 3D follows what must be to you the now-familiar trope of offering lots of customization, a big helping of sexual positions and actions to use, set in a well-rendered environment.

But, hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If anything, by somewhat limiting what players can do it in, this allows Hentai Sex 3D to pay attention to what’s essential: fooling around with a user-generated avatar that, for all intents and purposes, appears as if it was lifted from your favorite anime or manga.

In addition, it’s one of those rare games that support smart sextoys. In this case, the Fleshlight’s VStroker – so if you have either, you can get a real-life tactile feeling of whatever the game’s employing to excite you, as well.


  • Unique hentai-inspired look.
  • Totally customizable.
  • Can be used with Fleshlight’s VStroker.


  • Graphics are somewhat low resolution.
  • Compared with other games, options are limited.
  • PC only.

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Complements of the interestingly-named X Moon Productions, for number six we have XStoryPlayer: a game providing users with ever-more-sexy things to play around with.

Bucking the predominant trend we’ve seen of offering an erotic sandbox for people to play in – after making, dressing, and fooling around with your customized 3D-rendered figure – XStoryPlayer does this yet mixes in a refreshing dash of relationship sim.

Not that you can’t get right to the action. Still, suppose you want a bit of a challenge? In that case, you can decide to opt for chatting with a potential 3D lover on a dating site and if that goes well, get together with them to meet digitally face-to-face – which, as we all know by now, working for anything can make the eventual rewards taste so much sweeter.

Just be careful with how you proceed with your digital lover-to-be, as just as it is in the real world, you won’t win any prizes by being a jerk.

Though, unlike reality, if you put your foot, or any other body part, in your mouth, you can always go back to a previous save and try again. Dance this fine line, and you and she will be bumping happy bits to your and her heart’s content.

XStoryPlayer is additionally no slouch in the graphics department, either. It’s clear that X Moon Productions knows the precise amount of fantasy to add to their realism, resulting in a remarkably-lifelike game – made much more so by not working too hard on too many, often unnecessary, minor details.

Another point in XStoryPlayer’s favor is how the game feels very much like an ongoing experiment: one that the developers are using to try out, fine-tune, or receive player feedback on features they might someday use for XStoryPlayer 2.0.


  • Innovative gameplay mechanics.
  • Superbly alluring graphics.
  • Customizable characters.
  • Can be played over and over again.


  • Not great if you want to get right to the sexual point.
  • Graphics can look somewhat unusual.
  • PC only.

3D GoGo 2

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From the same company responsible for Hentai Sex 3D, 3D GoGo 2 also takes a different path towards turning its players on.

Inspired no doubt by the developers thinking to themselves, “How do we make something as realistic as possible?”, 3D GoGo 2 is a game that captures the sensual eroticism of a top-notch stripper.

The answer they came up with was to motion-capture some of the performers mentioned above and use that information to build 3D GoGo 2.

If you’re scratching your head over that, imagine asking a gaggle of sexy ladies in the biz of dancing to music while taking their clothes off to do the same – while special cameras record every movement.

Not to make light of how difficult this was to do – though commenting it’s a job a lot of us would pay good money to do – the result is definitely different.

It’s that different isn’t always better. Putting it mildly, 3D GoGo 2 tends to be on the rough and glitchy side. Even with that, it’s hard not to respect the people who worked on it for addressing the unique problem of making this realistic in an equally unique way.

It’s also free, so you won’t be paying a monthly or one-time fee to find out if 3D GoGo 2 gets your libido dancing as energetically as the scanned strippers do.


  • Built from real-time scans of real erotic dancers.
  • A fun, if shallow, experience.
  • Browser-based so will run on PC or Apple computers.


  • Graphics are rather crude.
  • Not a lot of gameplay options.
  • Can often be hard to get running.

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Chathouse 3D

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Have you ever sat at home, thinking to yourself, “Gee, I’d like to go out to some club-or-other, pay ten times more than I should for a drink (or five), finally screw up my courage to talk to someone… only to make a mess of it?”

Then why not drink whatever you have at hand, and do your flirting in your pajamas – or nothing at all, if you like. And if you do manage to hit it off with someone, you can enjoy balls-to-the-wall sex with them while remaining safe and comfy at home.

Taking a page from 3DXChat, or maybe that game borrowed from Chathouse 3D, here’s a multiplayer sex game with a robust and engaging community of users up to all sorts of erotically adventurous activities.

Activities you can be a welcome part of, first by registering, putting together your digital proxy – here, Chathouse 3D fantastic has an impressive array of options – and joining in on the fun.

Chathouse 3D’s support doesn’t end there, though. The game’s developers are way into producing an experience that’s entertaining and engaging, demonstrated by how they regularly release updates to their player base.


  • Good mix of realism and cartoonish graphics.
  • An active user base.
  • Developers enthusiastic about their product.
  • Excellent customization options.


  • Graphics not as refined as other games.
  • Emphasizes player-on-player activities.
  • PC only.

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Best Adult 3D Sex Games: The Verdict

Picking one adult 3D sex game over another is like that age-old adage of apples or oranges: that many of them can feel like they’re the same but different.

Yet each does bring something new to the erotic gaming table, from allowing players to sexually interact with each other to trying to coax one more barely-perceptible detail out of the code.

Then there are things like cost to consider, with a few on our list being free to play while others make you pay a subscription fee before you can even see if the game is something you’ll enjoy.

Not forgetting a couple of games that embrace the extra immersiveness of virtual reality or how smart sextoys can grant players the superpower of getting it on with one of their high-resolution digital playmates.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… to prevent your head from spinning more than necessary, we recommend beginning with free games – though understanding that you get what you pay for: the graphics will usually be a bit lower-grade, the gameplay far from extensive, customization rather basic, and so forth.

So why start there? It’s that free games can be a practical introduction to 3D adult games in general, allowing you to learn what you like best about them and what you couldn’t care less about – all without paying a single cent.

After all, knowing is half the battle, so understanding your needs will better prepare you for when you’re ready to take the next step of considering the games you’ll have to pay for.

Whatever you decide, our final suggestion is as time inevitably marches on – with technology right alongside it – check back with us for updates on the adult 3D sex game world, as well as doing your own sleuthing.

Because as that lone pixel evolved into games with mind-blowing graphics and excellent mechanics, in no time, we’ll have erotic experiences we can currently only dream of.


M.Christian (they/them) is a popular Sex Tech journalist and the author of six novels,12 collections, 50+ short stories, and the editor of 25 anthologies. They’ve also written 700+ reviews and essays on everything from the best smart vibrator to the most exciting interactive sex game. Whether having fun speculating on the future of human sexuality or reporting on an exciting new teledildonic breakthrough, nothing pleases Chris more than knowing someone enjoyed reading their work as much as they had writing it.

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