Lovense Solace Review: What You Must Know Before You Buy

The world of male sex toys is finally starting to catch up to all the fun that the ladies get to have. These sex toys are exciting and innovative, unlocking a whole world of new pleasure.

The Lovense Solace is an ideal sex toy, whether this is your first or you’re looking for something that delivers a little bit more excitement than your current toy does.

Lovense is well-known for their sex toys, but the Lovense Solace is really the star of the show when it comes to what they have to offer for male masturbators.

Hold on tight as I review the Lovense Solace and see whether or not this sex toy lives up to its marketing hike. 

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Get to Know the Lovense Solace

Lovense Solace testing experiences

The Lovense Solace is the latest male sex toy from one of my favorite sex toy brands.

Lovense is responsible for revolutionizing the field of teledildonics and helping many people stay romantically connected even when they have to be living apart.

One of the most exciting features of the Lovense Solace is that this is a new take on a classic sex toy.

The automatic masturbator has been around for a while, but it’s never looked quite this good or worked quite this easily.

My favorite thing about the Lovense Solace is that it’ i’s a lightweight sex toy that’s easy to travel with – and especially easy to set up.

Even if you’ve never had experience with a sex toy like this before, you can get this one ready to go quicker than you might expect. 

Main Features of the Lovense Solace

There’s a lot to love about the Lovense Solace, but these are some of my favorite features and definitely what you want to check out first when you unbox this sex toy. 

Hands-Free Fun

Lovense Solace Release Hands-Free Stroker

The most impactful feature of the Lovense Solace has to be the hands-free design. This sex toy has been built to work without having to hold on – no matter what position you want to be in.

This is great for solo play when you want your hands to do some more work. The Lovense Solace really frees you up to explore your body’s needs and have a more exciting experience.

The Solace is also great for using a sex toy with your partner. Having everyone’s hands free and still being able to get a lot of pleasure just means a better time for everyone.

And if that’s not enough, the Lovense Solace allows you to enjoy your favorite adult content without having to juggle devices or worry about getting lube on your phone. 

Sync With the Lovense Remote App

All of that hands-free excitement works because of the Lovense Remote app.

You can follow the on-screen instructions when you boot up the Lovense Remote app to sync with your new Lovense Solace.

Once you have that set up, you can choose from a few presets or design your own patterns for nearly limitless fun.

Lovense Solace Automatic Stroker

You can also use the Lovense Remote app to have a partner control your sex toy from afar. There’s an option to let a stranger control your sex toy, too – adding even more excitement to solo play.

One of my favorite options is syncing the Lovense Solace up to music, which gives you a new way to enjoy your favorite sexy playlist. 

Unlimited Patterns 

Speaking of those patterns I just mentioned, one of the most exciting features about the Lovense Solace is that you have nearly infinite patterns to choose from.

Whether you want to start slow and work your way up or mix things up in surprising ways, you can design patterns to exactly match the kind of erotic experience you’re looking for.

You can let a partner design some patterns for you for some unique surprises while they’re away from home, as well.

Your options are really limitless when it comes to how you can design patterns with the Lovense Solace. 

The VibeMate App Syncs to Your Favorite Adult Movies

Lovense Solace tip-activated automatic stroker

Another thing that got me really excited about the Lovense Solace was that this sex toy works with more than just the Lovense Remote app.

If you sync the Lovense Solace to the VibeMate app, you can synchronize the stroking of this sex toy with your favorite adult movies.

There are movies out there designed with customized sex toy scripts that keep you moving in sync with the action you’re watching on screen. 

Solace was Designed for Interactive Porn 

I’m going to let you in on the best kept secret when it comes to automatic masturbators like the Lovense Solace.

There’s a whole world of interactive porn out there and this sex toy allows you to get in on the action.

Interactive porn allows you to choose what’s going to happen next.

You can choose between your favorite positions, different fetishes, and just about any options you can think of when you’re interacting with this new type of adult content.

Interactive porn was immersive from the start, and it’s designed to work with sex toys like the Lovense Solace. 

The Perfect Controller for Adult Games

app-controlled automatic thrusting male masturbator

I’ve already explored how the Lovense Solace can interact with a whole new world of adult content, but it doesn’t end there.

There are adult games that are specifically designed to work with smart sex toys, like the Lovense Solace.

These games allow you to explore and set up erotic encounters that you might not have experienced in the physical world.

This automatic sex toy works like a peripheral controller that allows you to really feel, and experience, what’s happening to the player character in the game. 

Can be Mounted at Nearly Any Angle 

Traditionally, mounted masturbators only worked at a 90° angle. This was a major setback if you wanted to enjoy anything outside of standing up while having fun.

The Lovense Solace has an articulated base that allows you to change the angle. This lets you enjoy this sex toy whether you’re standing up, lying down, or sitting in front of your computer.

The articulated base gives you more options when it comes time to use the Lovense Solace with other sex toys that a partner might have during a long-distance relationship.

Perfect for Solo Play

Solo play gets a lot more exciting with a toy like the Lovense Solace.

Whether you want to mount this sex toy on your desk and use it with an adult video game or just go freestyle and use it handheld while lying down, you really do have endless options to use this sex toy for your own pleasure.

Automatic Thrusting Pussy Men SexToy

I really enjoyed that the Lovense Solace was designed to work with so many different types of adult media. I never found myself running out of new things to explore or new videos to enjoy.

Most of the games and interactive adult videos update their content pretty regularly, which means that you can check back to your old favorites and find new updates with new ways to have a feel-good time. 

Easy to Travel With

I wouldn’t go as far as to call the Lovense Solace a portable sex toy or something that’s designed for travel, but it’s definitely a solid option if you’re looking to take something a little bit more intense on your next work trip.

The Solace is a sex toy that’s discreet and easy to pack away.

However, I will give you a heads-up that it does make a fair bit of noise, which might be a little hard to get away with, depending on where you’re staying on your trip. 

How Does the Lovense Solace Work?

This might be the first time you’ve purchased, or considered purchasing, an automatic masturbator.

The basic mechanics are going to be pretty familiar, but there are a few new ins and outs that you should be aware of before you unbox this sex toy for the first time.

I’m going to walk you through something of a quick-start guide for the Lovense Solace. 

Charge Up, Lube Up, and Get Ready!

App-Controlled Automatic Thrusting Masturbator

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Lovense Solace is fully charged. Lovense recommends charging the Solace for 2 hours to receive a full charge.

On top of that, I recommend making sure that this thing is charged out of the box, because you never quite know how long it’s been sitting, uncharged, at the factory or on a shop shelf.

Next, you want to make sure you get the right lube. Always use water-based lubricant with your Lovense toys in order to make sure they last, and you don’t accidentally wind up damaging your sex toys. 

Now, it’s time to pick your settings and decide how you want to have some fun.

Choose Your Settings and Pick a Movie

 You’ve got pretty much endless options when it comes to picking a way to enjoy the Lovense Solace.

However, everything is going to start with your smartphone. The Lovense Solace works by integrating with a variety of apps, and you’ll control any of those from your smartphone.

lovense Solace Adjustable desk mount

You can use the Lovense Remote app to enjoy the most basic features on the Lovense Solace or connect with a long-distance partner.

You can also use other applications to sync the Lovense Solace with your favorite adult movies or even games.

Any way you do it, if you choose to use the Lovense Solace, you’re sure to have a great time. 

Easy Cleanup After 

You want to make sure that you always clean the Lovense Solace after every use.

I’ll admit, it can take a while to get into the swing of cleaning your sex toys after every use, but trust me, this really pays off.

You can clean the Lovense Solace with warm, soapy water or use Lovense sex toy cleaner.

Just remember, you only need to clean the removable insert and wipe up any lube that might have gotten on the outside of this sex toy.

The Lovense Solace is not meant to be submerged in water or cleaned with something like an autoclave. That could damage the electronics and even the hard plastic case. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lovense Solace

What are the dimensions of the Lovense Solace?

Solace automatic male masturbator

The Lovense Solace measures 11.6 x 4.07 x 3.94 inches. The internal sleeve has an insertable length of 6.06 inches. 

Are there interchangeable sleeves for the Solace?

The Lovense Solace currently has two interchangeable sleeves.

The default sleeve that comes with the sex toy has a neutral design and the additional sleeve, that you have to purchase separately, is meant to have a design that feels like a natural vagina. 

Is the Lovense Solace Waterproof?

The Lovense Solace is not a waterproof sex toy. However, this toy has IPX4 water resistance. This means that it can stand up to some light splashing, but you should not get this sex toy wet. 

What is the Lovense Solace made of?

The body of the Lovense Solace is made out of a sturdy plastic material. The internal sleeve masturbator is made out of a body safe synthetic that’s easy to clean and is non-porous. 

Are there free porn movies to use with the Lovense Solace?

solace automatic stroker long-distance dates

You don’t have to pay for an expensive subscription to enjoy the Lovense Solace with your favorite porn movies.

You can find plenty of free movies on a variety of streaming platforms that work with the Lovense Solace. 

Lovense Solace Pros

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Can be mounted at nearly any angle.
  • Stroking speed ranges from gentle to pretty extreme.
  • 12.5-hour battery life means you can go all day.
  • Syncs with your favorite adult content.
  • Great for long-distance play.

Lovense Solace Cons

  • Design is a little utilitarian and could be more fun.
  • Lovense needs to design more sleeves for this toy.
  • Can get a bit noisy.
  • Not waterproof, only water resistant.

Lovense Solace – Verdict

The Lovense Solace is one of the most exciting sex toys to be released by Lovense in a while.

This combines a lot of what I’ve experienced with other automatic masturbators before, but with some exciting new technology and a new approach to design.

This is a more refined sex toy than you can get with other brands and it’s even got a smaller form factor, making it both easy to store and a bit more discreet.

I recommend checking out the Lovense Solace and redefining how you have a good time. 

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