Lovense Max 2 Review: The Best Wireless Male Masturbator So Far?

Teledildonics has revolutionized the sex toy industry by incorporating technology that gives users a variety of ways to spice up their sex lives. With so many teledildonic sex toys in the market, it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad just by looking at them.

Here is an honest review of one such toy, the highly-anticipated Lovense Max 2 masturbator, to help you determine if it is worth your while.

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What is the Lovense Max 2?

The Max 2 is a teledildonic handheld male masturbator from Lovense that features a multiple-sensation sleeve made from TPE and a casing made from ABS plastic.

The Max 2 is an upgrade of the Max, incorporating new features such as an adjustable air vent, redesigned vibrator, and 360-degree air pump contractions.


Key features

lovense max 2

Quick air release

If you feel like the pressure level you are experiencing using the Max 2 is uncomfortably high, simply control it sing the quick air release.

Upgraded vibrator

The Max 2 features a completely redesigned vibrator that is extended to allow for more intense sensations along the shaft of the penis. The vibration settings include low, medium, and high.

Multiple sensation sleeve

The inner sleeve of the Max 2 stimulates your member as you stroke by imitating the ridged feel of a vagina.

Body-safe sleeve and outer covering

The inner sleeve of the Max 2 is made from skin-like TPE material while the outer casing is made of ABS plastic. Both of these material types are free of phthalates and other harmful chemicals, making the toy body safe.

Adjustable air vent

Use the adjustable air vent feature of the Max 2 to increase or reduce the suction of the toy.

360-degree contractions

The air pump technology featured in the Max 2 releases 360-degree contractions around the inserted penis. The contraction settings range from subtle, mild, to deep, mimicking oral sex.

USB charge

Charge your Max 2 using the included USB cable. Ensure that you charge the toy before use – after all, it only takes 2 hours to achieve a full charge.

Sync to music

Control the Max 2 remotely through your phone via the Lovense app. Opt to listen to your favorite songs while using the toy and have it move to the rhythm of the music for an elevated sexual experience.

Bluetooth compatibility

The Max 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android. Bluetooth allows you to control the toy remotely using your device for


The Max 2 has an ordinary outer appearance that doesn’t make it stand out as a male masturbator.

What’s in the box?

Lovense Max 2 comes in a discrete package that contains a USB Bluetooth dongle, a charging cable, a user manual, a setup guide, and the Max.

How it works

Getting started

The Max 2 has two main buttons that control how it functions. To turn the toy on/off, press button A, located just above the indicator light, and hold for three seconds.

There are three vibration patterns available – low, medium, and high. To switch from mode to another, press button A. Pressing and holding button B allows you to toggle the three air pump settings provided – subtle, mild, and deep.

lovense max 2 air vent


It is of utmost importance that you fully charge your Max 2 before you start using it. Use the USB charging cable that comes with the toy, and ensure that it is switched off before you start charging.

Since the charger is magnetic, you may have some trouble finding the correct position to charge the toy. If the indicator light does not turn red to show that it is charging, try turning the cable 180 degrees. Refrain from using the toy as you are charging it.

Cleaning and care

Always clean your Max 2 before and after every use. Since the Max 2 is not waterproof, you might want to take the sleeve out for thorough cleaning.

You will only need to use water. Soap tends to degrade the material, so avoid it at all costs. Once the toy is clean, dry it thoroughly and keep it in a cool dry place that is not too hot or too cold.

Usage tips

To adjust the suction of the Max 2, use the adjustable air vent that you will find on the underside of the toy. If the pressure turns out to be uncomfortably high for you, use the quick air release to balance it out.

You must apply a generous amount of lube inside the sleeve, your penis, and the entry hole of the Max 2 before insertion. Water-based lube typically dries out quickly, so you will want to keep reapplying it for maximum comfort and pleasure.

When using the Max 2, ensure that you always use water-based lube. Using silicone- or oil-based lube will degrade the material.

lovense max 2 app

Pairing with compatible devices

Here are the steps to follow if you are pairing the Max 2 with your iOS, Android, or Mac:

  • Turn on the toy. a green blinking light indicates that it is ready for pairing
  • Download the Lovense app, create an account, and log in.
  • Click the link icon
  • To start the search, tap the “+” icon. Once the toy is found, click “done”. The indicator light will stay on to show that it is connected. You can then control your toy remotely from your phone.

To pair with your PC, here is what you need to do:

  • Turn on Max 2.
  • Plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on your PC.
  • Log into the Lovense app
  • Click the link icon
  • Tap ‘+” to search for your toy. Tap “Done” when you find it. Once again, the indicator light will stop blinking.

Connect and play

In the Lovense app, find the “Long distance” tab and tap “+” to add someone from your contact list. To do this, they will also need to have a user account. Remember to provide their username.

After the person you add accepts your request, they should pop up on your tab. Send messages back and forth in the private chatroom.

Alternatively, click “+” on the bottom right of the app to explore other options. To enjoy sex over a long distance, click the “video chat’ or “sync together” button. Tap the two arrow icon if you want to end the syncing or change the way two toys sync together.

Click the “2 way interactive”, “remote control’ or “long-distance sex” buttons to change from one mode to another.

To check if your partner is connected, look for the “live control” button. If you find that it is greyed out, it means that your play partner is yet to connect their toy.

Change the settings of the app by clicking the “settings’ button that you will find in your partner’s chat window. These are the options you have:

  • Auto-play patterns that this person sends
  • Auto-play the alarm from this person
  • Allow control without requests
  • Notify when he/she logs in
  • Vibration notification for all texts

My patterns vs. shared patterns

You can explore the different patterns created by other users by going to the “patterns” tab. Here, you will be able to preview and download the patterns you want to try out by tapping the download icon. However, you won’t be able to create patterns of your own or loop them in this tab.

To view downloaded patterns, go to the “My patterns” section. In addition to being able to view your downloads, you also get to create playlists as well as randomize or loop patterns in this section.

My experience with the Max 2

lovense max experience

When I got the Max 2, I was particularly keen on trying it using the Lovense remote app and exploring all the new aspects incorporated. The first option I tried out was listening to music as I used the Max 2.

I had a playlist already set up, so all I had to do was connect the toy to my phone via Bluetooth. Without a doubt, the rhythmic vibrations and contractions of the Max 2 to the beats of my favorite songs gave the music a whole new meaning.

Since my partner had the Nora, we decided to try syncing our toys to see how both the long-distance controls would hold up when I was away from home.

Using the Lovense app, she was able to control my Max 2 from across the globe and get me all fired up just by combining the highest vibration setting with medium contractions that could be felt all over the penis.

Stroking the ridged sleeve brought about delicious sensations, and within no time, I found that I had to slow down to avoid reaching a climax too soon. I also loved the fact that I could lower the pressure whenever I became uncomfortable using the quick air release function at the lower end of the toy.

I was also able to control the suction motion of the Max 2 simply by opening and closing the adjustable air vent, something that was not possible using the previous version of the Max.

My partner then paired her Nora to my Max 2, and within no time, we were moving in sync with each other. As she moved her Nora back and forth, the vibrator and the air pump of the Max responded accordingly, and we were able to enjoy sex and intimacy despite being thousands of miles apart.

One of the issues we experienced using the app was the delay that often happened whenever the internet slowed down. Additionally, when we had to use Skype rather than the video app in the app due to the poor audio and video quality.

lovense max 2


  • Soft and skin-like feel

The inner sleeve of the Max has a soft and skin-like texture. The ridges incorporated into the sleeve enhance the sensations during stroking.

  • Body-safe materials

Both the TPE and the ABS are 100% skin safe, meaning there is little to no chance that you might have an allergic reaction when you use the Max 2.

  • Combines pleasurable vibrations with a suction motion

The suction motion provided by the air pump combined with the vibration patterns of the Max 2 allows for intense stimulation and pleasure.

  • Long battery lifespan

Once you charge the Max 2 fully, you can enjoy using it for extended periods before needing to charge it again.

  • Multiple options using the Lovense app

Though you can use the Max 2 on its own as a male masturbator, opt to take advantage of the Lovense remote app for an elevated sexual experience.

When you have the app, your partner can control the toy while in another room via your mobile device. The app also allows for long-distance play – by syncing the Max 2 with a compatible toy such as the Nora or another Max, you can simulate long-distance sex.

Another option using the app involves listening to music as you play. Create a sexy playlist and experience pleasure from the toy as it moves in rhythm to your favorite music.

  • It is discreet

Thanks to the simplistic and ordinary design of the Max 2, it does a good job of blending into the background, so you don’t have to worry too much about someone stumbling upon it.


  • Choppy connection using the app

To use the Lovense remote app effectively, you need a reliable internet connection. As a result, if you momentarily lose connection, you might fall out of sync with your partner. Furthermore, there have been numerous complaints regarding the quality and audio of the video app.

  • The max 2 is limited in depth and girth

The maximum girth accommodated by the Max 2 is 14.5cm. This is somewhat limited, especially if you are well endowed. You will need to use a lot of lube and a lot of effort to be able to squeeze into the toy.

  • It lacks the appeal that some seek

The outer covering of the Max 2 is too ordinary for some, and its clunky appearance can even be a turnoff.

  • The Max 2 is not waterproof

You cannot use the Max 2 in the bathtub or the shower as it is not waterproof.

lovense max 2 sleeve


The Max 2 is a top-notch masturbator that has significantly improved from the previous Max in terms of design as well as functioning.

While you may have a hard time reaching an orgasm by solely using the Max 2, if you are looking for intense sensations from a combination of suction action and vibrations, it is definitely worth your while.

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