Lovehoney Review: The Best Online Sex Toy Shop?


More adults are embracing sex toys and taking charge of their sexual fulfillment. New technologies make it possible to produce innovative sex toys that meet different needs. While there are many online sex stores today, finding high-quality and innovative adult toys can be challenging.

Lovehoney is among the top online stores selling high-tech sex toys. In this post, we are going to review the store comprehensively. Read through and find out why it might be your go-to sex store.

Check the Prices and the Products on Sale on LoveHoney


What is Lovehoney?

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Lovehoney is a company that aims to increase the sexual happiness of adults. The company founders, Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst were college friends when they decided to start the company.

In 2002, the company was operating out of Richard’s bedroom as they tried to change the future of sex toy shopping. The ability to shop discreetly for sex toys is one of the reasons why the company took off.

Over the years, the company has grown to become the number one online sex store worldwide. The company has awards for the manufacture of male, female, and couples sex toys that deliver high stimulation to users.

The company has over 300 international employees who help customers find the right products for them. The team is responsible for packing and shipping products all over the world on time.

Key Features

Several features make the online sex store perfect for shopping discretely at the comfort of your home. Lovehoney has been in the business of providing sexual happiness to people for over 18 years. Here are some of the features that you will enjoy when you shop at Lovehoney.


Lovehoney is a one-stop-shop for anyone who is looking to spruce their sex lives. You can get lingerie, sex toys, and sex accessories from the store. The company has a collection of a vast number of renowned sex toy brands.

The collection of sex toys includes vibrators, massagers, remote control vibrators, cock rings, and couples toys that synch in movement. You can get accessories like padded handcuffs, whips, and leather ties.

The store is the perfect place to explore the options you have for adult sex toys when you are a beginner. There are several patent products by Lovehoney that provide sensual stimulation for both genders.

The company has the patent to make toys under the Fifty Shades of Gray Sequel. You won’t lack to find something that interests you from the online sex store.

Excellent User Experience

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The website is simple to navigate on your first visit. You can check out the items on sale, brands and access customer service. The website has categories that have exciting things all in one place.

Then you can buy products directly from the website and track the order online to see the progress. You can check out the sales section to see whether you can find a toy that suits you.

The site operates 24/7 with customer supports available at any time of the day or night. You can call customer support any time you need help with making an order or asking questions about your order’s progress.

Discreet Shipping

Privacy is one of the most significant policies of Lovehoney. You can order sex accessories online and discreetly from the comfort of your home. Lovehoney understands that every adult deserves sexual happiness, but not everyone dares to walk into a sex store.

The neutral website allows you to choose what you want peacefully. No one will be the wiser whether you have a fetish or love big adult sex toys.

The company makes it a priority to package everything in brown paper to avoid attracting any attention. The tracking system ensures that no package gets lost in transit.

Also, the company keeps all customer information protected to prevent access by malicious attackers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out what you have been buying on Lovehoney.

Payment Options

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The website is compatible with a variety of online payments available in Europe and the USA. You can make payments through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Klarna.

The processing time for each charge is a few minutes. You do not need to wait for long before you receive the payment receipt. There are sites available to different countries, and the sites will use the currency of that site.

Overall, you do not have to leave your living room or office when purchasing the latest sex accessories on Lovehoney. The company ensures that all customer payment information is secure from malicious attacks. You can make payments knowing that the site has the infrastructure to keep malicious attackers at bay.

Customer Service

Lovehoney understands the value of human relations. The customer support team is helpful and polite to all customers. Customer support is available 24/7, making it simple for customers to get assistance fast in case of an issue.

The team is responsive to any complaints that the customer launch concerning the company products. All complaints get solutions as soon as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. You can reach the company for questions about the products, your orders, or a delay in delivery.

The customer service team includes staff who speak different languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Welsh. You can request a customer support person who speaks your language of preference.

The language options are also available on email and chat. You will be able to communicate your problem and get assistance as soon as possible.


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There are many benefits to using Lovehoney as your source for adult sex accessories and toys. The company runs efficiently, and the delivery of all products is discreet. Above all, they have a vast collection of sex toys, lingerie, and sex accessories.

It is rare for customers to leave the site without getting what they want. There are many positive reviews online about the efficiency of the company and the effectiveness of their products. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from using the website.


The online sex store is convenient for anyone who isn’t ready to go to a physical store or adults with busy schedules. The increase in internet access enables most adults to have access to the online store from anywhere. It takes a few minutes to register and make a purchase on the website.

The website is compatible with mobile devices for easier access to users who are always on the move. Everything about the purchase, including payment, shipping, and customer support, is available in one place. You can make Lovehoney your go-to online sex store whenever you want to spice up your sex life.


You can find discounts on select items from the website. Keeping up with the sale items ensures that you know when you’re the sex accessories on your wish list have a discount. You can get that lingerie or that sex toy you have been coveting for a lower price.

It is standard for the online sex store to run big sales from time to time. The best part is that you will be getting high-quality sex accessories from a reputable manufacturer and distributor.

You can get discounts for birthdays and anniversaries. Another popular offer is free shipping for purchases above a certain threshold.

Gift Vouchers

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Send a voucher to your friends and loved on from Lovehoney. You can send your partner a gift voucher redeemable at the Lovehoney website.

The coupons are an excellent gift when you are not sure what a person is into sexually. Since Lovehoney is a one-stop-shop, anyone can find something interesting and use the gift voucher on it.

Loyalty Program

All new members on Lovehoney get 2,500 loyalty points immediately after joining. Each account earns points with every purchase.

The loyalty point program ensures that loyal customers can redeem something in the future on Lovehoney’s bill. The loyalty points tend to accumulate fast when you are a regular customer for sex accessories.

Return Policy

Lovehoney offers a one year guarantee that their products work as expected. Most online reviews show that products arrive in good working condition.

However, the company has a return policy just if something happens and a product arrives faulty. You can return any product to the company within 30 days of purchasing it.

The process of filling out a return is straightforward and time-efficient. You won’t face challenges because Lovehoney believes in providing customers with products that contribute to sexual happiness. You can call the company’s customer support in case of any challenge with finalizing the return, and you will receive assistance.

How Does It Work?

Shopping at Lovehoney is convenient and straightforward. The site is user friendly, and you will be able to find a sex accessory you like in no time. Once you select an item, you need to purchase it and fill out your payment information.

Payment processing takes a few minutes before you get a receipt for your order. The company will take one working day to package the product and prepare it for shipping.

The duration takes for shipping will depend on the drop off location. The average delivery period before the 2020 pandemic was 2-4 days.

However, the delivery may take longer because the company must adhere to health measures that keep employees safe. It may take up to seven working days before you get your new sex toy from Lovehoney.

You can track the progress of your package on the website. Also, you can pay more for faster delivery. Purchases above $60 get free shipping courtesy of the company.

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All you need to do is fill out the delivery details for your package. The brown paper package will not raise any curiosity from people when the package arrives on your doorstep.

You can contact customer support when a package delays more than seven working days to get answers on the delivery date. Alternatively, you can make a purchase and fill in a form that specifies the package’s delivery date in the next six weeks.

The option comes in handy when you want to surprise your partner on a special occasion. Keep in mind that the delivery date should be on a working day. Lovehoney keeps the details and plans the package delivery, so it arrives on the specified day.

What is the Cost of Shipping?

The cost of shipping may vary depending on the location. In the US, you pay $9.99 for shipping within 4-7 working days. Shipping is free when you purchase products worth $60 and above.

Customers will pay $19.99 to receive the package with four working days. Both the options above use DHL as the courier service. You can request for one-day shipping at $29.99 using FedEx.

You will get details on the estimated date of arrival of your package after making a purchase. The shipping options are available to customers when they are checking out items on the shopping cart. You may get one or two shipping options depending on your delivery locations.


  • A vast collection of sex toys, lingerie, and accessories
  • Reputable online sex store
  • Competitive prices and reasonable shipping fees
  • Excellent customer services


  • Delivery delays due to the current health measures
  • Some sex toys are pretty expensive

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Lovehoney is a multiple award-winning online sex store that lives up to its mission of providing sexual happiness to adults. It is the perfect website to find different accessories that will help you spice up your life. The company has a comprehensive collection of sex toys that suits different sexual needs and tastes.

The website is fast, and it allows customers to browse through the products with ease. You use a computer or mobile device to access the website from anywhere in the world. The compatibility of the website to mobile devices enables adults to purchase on the go.

They support a variety of standard online payment options like MasterCard and PayPal. The company values its customers’ privacy and does everything within its power to ensure that customer information stays safe.

The sex toys and accessories on the site are of the highest quality. The online sex store only caries sex accessories from their brand and other reputable brands. Overall, Lovehoney is an excellent place to shop for adult toys discreetly.

Check the Prices and the Products on Sale on LoveHoney


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