Fleshlight Launch vs Kiiroo Onyx 2 Comparison: Which one is the Best Male Toy?

The world of sexual pleasure has grasped the interest of so many people worldwide.

It all started with the women’s sex toys flooding the market, and it wasn’t until recently that we saw the evolution of male equipment being unveiled in the world of masturbators.

This led to the introduction the most astounding male sex toys, the Fleshlight Launch and the Kiiroo Onyx 2. These male sex toys are fascinating devices that are designed to give intensive sexual stimulation and enable men to achieve the most coveted orgasm.

They have revolutionized the sex toys industry and have seen many other male sex toys being incorporated into the sex toy realm.

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What are they?

UpdateSadly the Fleshlight Launch designed by Kiiroo is no longer available. No idea what happened between the 2 companies, but it seems that they don’t plan on selling this product in the future ever again.

The good news is that they are many strong alternatives on the market such as the Kiiroo Onyx + (our review), the Kiiroo Titan (our review) and the Lovense Max 2 (our review).

These 3 products are amazing high-tech masturbators that have mostly the same features as the Launch did.

The fleshlight launch and the Kiiroo onyx 2 are male masturbation devices that have been forged to give men the similar feel and excitement just like the female sexual organ.

They are composed of several rings and a layer of skin-like material called sleeves that creates a great sexual feeling.

This technology is a great achievement in the world of sex toys that were only dominated by the female masturbators. The fleshlight launch and the Kiiroo onyx 2 are a great definition of sexual enhancement products that give men a chance to enjoy sexual pleasure on the go.

Similarities between the Fleshlight Launch and Kiiroo Onyx 2

launch fleshlight review

Fleshlight Launch

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Before diving straight into the differences between these two exceptional sexual stimulation devices, it’s better to take a look at the similarities these two devices possess.

They are both pioneers of the male sex products

The fleshlight launch and the Kiiroo onyx 2 marked the initial launch of the male sex toys. They are the devices that saw males start enjoying the similar pleasure women were enjoying with their huge varieties of sex toys.

These contemporaries have so far been able to fulfill their functionalities and have successfully introduced men to the world of sexual stimulation.

They can sync with the other Kiiroo toys

These two devices have the ability to synchronize with various Kiiroo toys in an attempt to achieve an even better sexual feeling.

Some of the Kiiroo products that the fleshlight launch and the Kiiroo onyx 2 can sync with include virtual reality content, 3D interactive games, and experiences as well as interactive 2D video content.

Both products have similar functionalities

Both the Kiiroo onyx 2 and the fleshlight make use of sensors and telemetry to interpret tactile and kinesthetic data.

This means that they are able to respond to certain movements and give feedback making the experience more real and pleasurable.

These basic functions are very important and are what makes the two devices sexually satisfying.

Differences between the two sex products

As much as the two contemporaries have a good number of similarities, they also have numerous differences that make them suite different people.

These differences have also seen them get different testimonials on their review pages as well as different rates. For instance.


The weight of the two devices varies significantly.

The Kiiroo onyx 2 is much lighter compared to its counterpart. You can easily carry it around without anyone noticing even a thing. The Fleshlight, on the other hand, is heavy and you will have to do a pretty good job keeping it from being seen.

This means that it is mostly preferred indoors unlike the Kiiroo onyx 2 that can be used outdoors or when moving from place to place.


As much as the two sex toys have similar functionalities which are to give sexual stimulation. It goes without saying that the fleshlight has a much better performance than the Kiiroo onyx 2. The Kiiroo onyx 2 works on the principle of contracting and expanding.

The feeling is like that of a massage. The fleshlight launch moves up and down thus giving you the best thrust that helps you to get properly satisfied.

This is among the main reasons why people prefer the fleshlight launch than the Kiiroo onyx 2. With the Kiiroo onyx 2, you can have problems getting satisfied, and that can be a bit problematic.

kiiroo onyx 2

Kiiroo Onyx 2

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The package

The two devices come packed similarly with a little bit of variation:

  • The Kiiroo onyx 2 box comes packed with the Kiiroo onyx 2, the fleshlight sleeve, a couple of manuals and a charger to help you power up the device. The Fleshlight sleeve is found already inserted in the device.
  • The fleshlight launch, on the other hand, comes packed with the fleshlight launch, a charger and a couple of manuals. What makes the difference is that you can’t use the launch on its own. You will have to get the fleshlight itself. That is the only way you will be able to make use of the launch.

The sound they made

Since they are both mechanical devices, it is very normal to hear some noise emanating from them.

But once one starts using them, you will notice that one is much louder than the other. The Kiiroo onyx 2 is louder than the fleshlight launch.

With the Kiiroo 2, it is much more likely that it will be audible to a much longer distance and it is highly recommended to those people who live alone since you won’t have to worry anyone hearing it. The fleshlight launch is a quitter and thus very ideal whether you have company or not.

Which one syncs well with other products

The Kiiroo onyx is good when it comes to syncing with other products especially the interactive porn, but the fleshlight launch is the best.

While the Kiiroo onyx can manage to give only 140strokes per minute, the fleshlight launch can go up to 180strokes per minute making it the best device when it comes to syncing with other Kiiroo  products.


From the above comparisons, it is unmistakably true that both the two devices have great functionalities. They are both interesting and entertaining, and they will surely give you a good time.

What is also clear is that the fleshlight launch is generally the best device.

Even though it is not easily portable, it has great performance and gives you a sensational sexual experience.

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