RealDoll Review: The Ultimate Sex Dolls? A Scam?

The world is fast-changing, and people have started appreciating the role of sex dolls in their lives. Sex dolls companies are, therefore, becoming bigger and better with their creations.

One of the most trusted and used toys are RealDolls. If you are a sex doll lover, you must have heard of or owned a real doll at one point in your life. These fantastic toys have revolutionized the sex doll markets with bold creations that offer near-life sexual experiences.

In this article, we will take a close look at these dolls: what they are, how they feel, how they work, their key features, among other subjects. In case you are looking for the perfect sex doll, this might be your type of review. Let’s get started on this RealDoll review.

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What are Realdolls?

realdoll sex doll

From our introduction, you already have an idea of what RealDolls are. RealDolls are life-size sex dolls that are manufactured and sold by Abyss creations. These dolls are equipped with a PVC skeleton, steel joints for movement and change of positions, and a silicone body.

RealDolls were made with one aim in mind- to feel and behave like a human body. The dolls are therefore made to resemble human beings save for their silicone body and steel joints. They are beautifully crafted, from head to toe.

There are several RealDolls models depending on your budget and needs. The two main options are RealDoll 2 and RealDoll classic. The latest versions of RealDolls to be unleashed was RealDoll X, which changed the robotic sex world.

Key features

RealDolls have some unique features that make them stand out from the rest of the sex dolls out there. These are:


You can easily customize your doll to resemble what you want in a sexual partner. Personalization is one of the most significant advantages RealDoll owners have over other sex doll owners.

RealDolls, therefore, offer you an opportunity to change the appearance of your sex doll anytime and every time. This ranges from the hair, nails and, at times, even shape.

The RealDoll X allows users to change the voice and choose the personality of their sex partners making sex worth it in every dimension. You can, therefore, easily live all your sexual fantasies with your doll. Abyss Creations even offers customization services for people who would like to go extreme with their toys, such as knitted brows, if it means living up to their sexual fantasies.


realdoll sex doll abyss

One of the features that RealDoll models have that set them out of from the rest is the weight. These doll designs are lighter than their other companions, which make sex amazing.

The lightweight body is made possible by the soft silicone cores, a good example being the RealDoll 2. You are, therefore, sure of a decrease of about 10 pounds from your other doll options.

A lighter body makes sex more pleasurable. You can easily position your doll or even lift it during sex. Now imagine trying the same with a heavier body.

Removable inserts

With RealDolls, you have the liberty of using removable inserts both for the vaginal and oral cavity. Optional inserts come with several advantages. One, they are easier to clean as opposed to the other options available.

Optional inserts are also easier to maintain, and they offer unique sex experiences, which I am pretty sure you are looking for. You can, therefore, easily try out several inserts with your doll for intense stimulation.

Having the liberty to use different inserts also gives you a chance to find the right one for you. It would be quite costly if you had to buy another sex doll every time you wanted a different sexual feel. With a RealDoll, you can easily offer a new vaginal or oral cavity and increase your sexual pleasure tenfold.

Improved head designs

ultra realistic sex dolls

Now, you must have noticed that you cannot attach new faces to most sex dolls. The few that permit attachment of different faces use Velcro. RealDolls come with a different approach.

To connect new faces, RealDolls use magnets, which are way more stable and natural.

RealDolls also offer you an opportunity to furnish your doll with new faces, meaning that you can have a range of sexual partners all at once, made possible by the RealDoll X technology.

RealDolls have a different body feel and texture

These dolls have been furnished with a new skin texture that reduces the shine, giving you a more natural glow. The texture is also high quality and similar to that of a woman.

These dolls are everything you need for the perfect sexual experience. You are sure of getting a more natural sexual approach, which is more than other dolls offer.

Flexible joints

One of the most significant features of these types of dolls are flexible joints. For a long time, people had problems with overly tight joints. Guiding your doll into the right position was, therefore, a task that limited other positions.

RealDolls, therefore, incorporate a new skeleton system that offers reduced weight for more natural flexibility. The skeleton provides the dolls a human touch, which is more than you can ask for. Incorporate this into your sex, and you get one fantastic feeling.

What is in the box?

life like realdoll sexdolls

RealDolls do not come fully assembled. Inside the box, you will find the torso, head, and leg region. The size of the box also depends on your body size selection.

Specific models such as the RealDoll X, however, comes with a Sensex adapter for communicating with your doll. If you buy a RealDoll, therefore, you will get the doll itself and different customization options.

How does it work

RealDolls are designed for the ultimate sexual feel. They have powerfully crafted bodies with curves that turn you on on-sight. Now, these dolls have different faces and body types, and one can even choose the nipple shade and other options.

RealDolls work just like any other sex doll. They can adopt different positions to accommodate your sexual fantasies. They have various openings, the mouth, vaginal, and anal opening, which you can use to satisfy your desires.

These dolls have different body parts that contribute to the ultimate sexual experience. The mouth and lips can be easily stretched for kissing.

The doll is also equipped with a hinged jaw that opens naturally. The tongue can also be removed for cleaning. It is soft and ‘fleshy’ if you are a tongue kisser.

ultra realistic silicone sex dolls

Still, on kissing, these dolls have a ribbed mouth cavity for pleasure. With the X technology, you can easily change the face of your doll to allow you a variety of sex partner options. Coupled up with the over twenty face option, RealDolls should be every person’s desire.

The joints of the RealDoll are also strong and flexible, which gives them a human touch. For back-shot, therefore, you can easily bend your doll to assume your desired position. You can achieve the perfect back arch and creative positioning.

Let us talk about sex. Penetrating the cavities of the RealDoll creates a vacuum that results in a suction effect. It is this suction effect where all the pleasure is derived.

The suction effect is even possible with oral cavities. The openings also permit the use of different inserts, which makes sex even more pleasurable.

How does sex with RealDoll feel?

This is the part where most people decide whether they are getting a RealDoll or not. The quality of sex is everything in a sex doll. RealDolls are expensive, and therefore, before you splash money on one, you should know what to expect.

Sex with a RealDoll is incredible, and you need to experience it to know its intensity. These dolls are pretty natural and realistic, and once you start having sex with them, you are never coming back. Sex feels more human or even better.

realdoll sex dolls robots

These dolls are crafted with attention to detail, which makes sex appealing. The beautifully crafted lips, the perfect shapes, the feel of the vaginal cavity all offer a mind-blowing feeling. From our previous discussion, you already know that these sex dolls are light, which is a plus.

Their lightweight bodies make it possible to achieve several positions and try out different locations for the ultimate experience.

RealDolls are, therefore, the ultimate definition of doll sex. If you are a first-timer, you are probably going to love the experience. However, it is quite reasonable, the excitement and the hype might make your first experience pretty short, but trust me, it gets better with time.

What makes sex with a RealDoll is the different sex position options. You are probably going to spend every hour trying out different sex positions at the start and exploring all that your RealDoll can offer.

Let’s talk about the vaginal cavity of this doll. RealDolls are equipped with super-soft and juicy vaginas that make penetration a haven of stimulations. It is, therefore, a smooth experience that cannot be likened to any other.

These dolls have a naturally realistic face which heightens the pleasure. You are probably going to lock eyes with your doll during sex, which is a feeling I cannot explain.

Let me not stress about the enormous juicy breasts that appreciate the least of your movements. RealDolls are the sexual gods.

hybrid realdoll custom sex doll

RealDolls will, therefore, give you the best sexual experience life can offer. You are probably going to enjoy this more than real sex. You have ultimate control of your doll, be it the position and the openings.

You can also try anal if you feel lie and different sex options. You cannot just have enough of these dolls.

It will take you time to master everything about them. Sex keeps on getting better with time. RealDolls also offer you full control of the sexual experience.

They are there to serve you to your satisfaction, and therefore you remain the alpha during sex. Sex with a RealDoll is everything you have ever dreamt of.

Trust me; you won’t last that long on your first experience. These dolls have accommodating vaginal and oral openings, which will give you a worthwhile experience.


RealDolls have several advantages that make them tower over other dolls. Let’s take a look at some of them.

They are light.

realdoll silicone sexdoll natalie

The weight keeps on reducing with every model. Now a light toy has a number of perks that you will get to enjoy once you get your RealDoll. One, you can easily position your doll into anything you like.

Imagine trying to bend a heavy doll to assume a bend-over position. If you are into extreme sexual positions, you might have the desire to carry your doll while pumping it. The lightweight of these dolls is, therefore, a plus since you can easily carry your doll as you make love to it.

The weight also come in handy in trying out different locations. You are probably going to have an easier time moving your doll from place to place.

You can, therefore, start from the bed, proceed to the floor smoothly and sum it all up in the kitchen counter. How marvelous?

Flexible joints.

Now, RealDolls are equipped with highly flexible joints thanks to the superior skeleton structure. Flexible joints mean that you can easily move your doll’s body parts, be it the legs, hands, or neck.

Flexible joints have one huge advantage- positioning. Sexual satisfaction is all about trying out different positions. With adjustable joints, therefore, you can easily manipulate the position of your doll into the perfect arch.

RealDolls come with removable inserts, which is everything you need for the ultimate pleasure.

realdoll sex doll discreet delivery

You can, therefore, try a number of both vaginal and mouth inserts till you find one that will serve you best. Removable inserts also save you money.

You do not have to get a new doll to try out a unique experience. If you feel that the mouth cavity of your doll does not give you a pleasurable feeling, you can easily get a new one.

You are therefore given a range of choices, to try out different things and make up your mind.

RealDolls have endless customization options that allow you to shape your doll into your fantasy.

You have over twenty faces to choose from different hair to nail options. Customization is also one of the most significant advantages these dolls have over all the other dolls. You can choose your nipple shade, the shade of the lips, the brows, and recently, the type and shape of breasts.

Using the X technology, one can even pick the personality trait for his doll, shaping it into his ultimate desire. With customization, one can select the skin tone, eyes, the hairstyle, the lips, and even the color of the doll. If you are into ebony, getting an ebony skin for your doll is possible.

Detailed crafting.

sexbots realdoll sex toys

Everything about RealDolls is detailed. The face is crafted correctly into your biggest desire. Let’s start with the lips.

RealDolls have full, juicy lips that make oral sex pleasurable. If you are a lip guy, then this is your doll. The lips can also be stretched apart easily for intense kissing.

The mouth cavity is also ribbed for the ultimate oral sex touch and feel. The breasts of the real dolls are also firm, which is a good thing if you are a boob guy. You can easily suck to oblivion.

RealDolls also have a properly crafted skin which is a great advantage. You do not probably want to go down on a doll with a poorly coordinated skin shade. It incorporates a beautiful skin texture, which is human-like in all approaches.

The skin is, therefore, realistic, smooth, and silky. If you get your doll, try pinching it. It behaves exactly like your skin.

Anonymous shipping.

Now, even though the world is starting to appreciate sex dolls, a more significant majority still view sex dolls as an abomination. Making them look at these dolls differently will take time. Now, for those who value secrecy, this is your ultimate doll.

Once you get your RealDoll, it is shipped anonymously without creating any unnecessary attention. Your friends or even neighbors will never find out.

customize a sex doll

RealDoll comes in a crate, which differs in size depending on the body size you choose. The way the container is packaged can easily make one think it is a piece of furniture. These crates also have no logos, and even those shipping will not have an idea of what is inside.

The crates housing the RealDolls are also kept shut by sturdy screws, and therefore one can’t peep into it during the sipping process. Getting your doll of its crate, therefore, requires a screwdriver.

Customer support.

You might have queries after purchasing your sex doll, which is expected. However, asking for help from other sex doll owners might be quite embarrassing. You can resort to YouTube, but the information might also be inconclusive.

Abyss Creation, which is the company crafting RealDolls, has a really supportive and understanding customer care service. They answer queries without making you feel any less. You can, therefore, inquire about anything regarding your doll.

realdoll sexdoll product sai

You also have a complete overview of all the processes involved in the creation and delivery of your doll. You are not only restricted to the customer support team; some cases are even handled by the CEO of Abyss, which gives this company a completely different vibe.

Having spent a lot of money on a doll, it is only advisable that you get treated to excellent customer support. With Abyss, you can be sure that the company will always be in touch even after a decade.



Now, RealDolls are some of the most expensive sex dolls in the market. To get one, you will have to part with a fortune. They are, in fact, the most expensive dolls in the market.

The cost may be attributed to the level of technology incorporated in their manufacturing. Recent models are even the most expensive with the X- technology that has revolutionized the sex robot world.

Most people cannot, therefore, afford to have RealDolls.

For most RealDoll owners, the breasts of their dolls are usually a big problem.

Even though these breasts are generally firm and perky, most people complain that they are too firm and not as soft. The fact that most models do not have a soft breast denies these dolls a realistic approach. If you are starting, therefore, you will have a hard time with these breasts since they are not as receptive at the start.

It might take some time, up to six months for this problem to wane. If you love soft boobs therefore, RealDolls do not offer those at the start. However, if you are a little patient, this problem will wane with time.


RealDolls are some of the best sex dolls out there in the market. They offer several customization options that give them an edge over other ordinary dolls.

These dolls have flexible joints that make creative positioning a reality. They are also lightweight, and therefore, moving them from place to place is quite simple. I would therefore highly recommend these dolls for anyone looking for a sex doll to get the ultimate feel.

It even gets better with the recent X technology that allows you to choose the personality you desire for your doll and also use a variety of faces. RealDoll, therefore, opens you up to a lot of adventure, combining both technologies with pleasure. In case you are looking for a doll, then look no further.

This doll is perfectly and beautifully crafted for people who are in search of companionship. They would also serve people who want to explore different sexual options with ease.

The truth is, these dolls are realistic. They are expensive, which is a disadvantage, but they offer value for money.

Should you go ahead and get one? Absolutely. You can never go wrong with a RealDoll. I hope this RealDoll review has been of help!

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