Top 7 Best Sex Toys for Couples that Should Be in Every Bedroom

All of us have been having vanilla sex from the beginning of time, but the story changed when we finally discovered a better way to have sex.

This way changed the way we have been having sex and luckily, for the good. This new way was exciting, refreshing and used toys of different kinds.

It was not soon when we came up with the idea of involving sex toys in the regular intercourse in a healthy couple.

While this might sound unnecessary and stupid the first time, the use of sex toys for the couple is actually a very interesting and highly sought-after idea.

Couples have been exploring their fetishes and kinks with sex toys and thanks to the fact that one can now find couple sex toys easily online, the experiment has become easier than ever to carry out.

Sex toys have been in existence for a long time, although they weren’t as fancy as the ones we have now they were still very good at performing their task of giving sexual satisfaction.

Sex toys have evolved and now comes in different variations, functions, design for both men and women… AND couples!

These devices have been so handy for lovers that they are now commonly used during self-pleasuring, either solo or partnered. So here are the top seven best sex toys for couples to help you decide what is the right choice for you.

Lovense Max + Nora

max and nora

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Keeping an active sexual life in long distance relationships is a very difficult task, it is almost as difficult as counting the numbers of hair on one’s head.

This is because of the lack of physical contact for a very long number of days or months as the case may be and this can cause a major rift in relationships.

Although sex toys have become an alternative means for people to get sexual satisfaction with or without their partners, there is really nothing like the real thing and this nearly doesn’t solve anything.

This problem of keeping an active sexual life among people in long-distance relationships has been curbed with the help of teledildonics.

What is that? This is a concept that makes it possible for one’s partner, no matter how far he or she is to actively participate in helping them reach sexual satisfaction.

This device works mostly through the use of a mobile app that can be downloaded by both partners and connected using Bluetooth or the internet.

The Lovense Max + Nora is a very good example of what teledildonics can do for your couple.

They are male and female sex toys that are used alone or with a partner. The best part of this device is that the other one doesn’t have to be in a close distance, in the same country or in the same time zone as one is to be able to use this toy.

Max is a masturbatory sleeve that was created to imitate the feel of the vagina. The Max sex toy is equipped with a Bluetooth chip, which allows the user to connect the Max to their phone so they can control it in solo or to pair it with a partner’s phone for some long distance control.

The Nora vibrator is made out of an extremely smooth silicone material and it is about five inches long.

It has a curved G-sport stimulating head as well as a clitoral mound, which allows one to enjoy both external and internal stimulation.

The Nora has very similar features to the Max which includes sensations, vibrations, and rotations. The beads lining the shaft allow such sensations. The rotations and vibrations are controlled by the buttons at the toy’s base or through one’s phone.

It can be controlled at the same time or individually. Both toys are connected through Bluetooth, but before use, both partners need to download the app to their phones in order to get the full experience.

The app gives the instructions on how to do this, but the producers offer a more detailed guide to connecting the devices. Once the devices are connected, the next thing is to invite the other person to the app.

The app can also be used as a platform for both videos and messaging. Skype or any video platform can be used with the app. Each of the Max and Nora toys can be used independently but they must be used with an app.

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Kiiroo Onyx 2 + Pearl 2

onyx pearl 2 couple set

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Kiiroo is another very established brand of teledildonics.

This specific couple set is very helpful in keeping the sexual lives of couples in long-distance relationships active. Before these devices can be enjoyed to the fullest, the Feelconnect app must be downloaded.

The Feelconnect app requires the permission of the phone in which the user agrees to the location permission. This is only used to improve Bluetooth connection services.

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a handheld automatic masturbator often referred to as a blowjob machine. This sex toy is made specifically for enhancing the sensations of intimate touch, no matter how distance partner is.

This device is compatible with the Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Pearl, or another Kiiroo Onyx2 for gay couples.

It has the ability to perform 2.5 strokes per seconds. In spite of this speed, the kiiroo Onyx 2 is more discreet and quieter than the previous model.

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 pack comes with a USB charging cable, a sample packet of water-based lube, a protective end cap for the opening of the toy, an instruction manual in multiple languages and a warranty registration.

Meanwhile, the Pearl 2 is a vibrator with touch-sensitive technology that when connected with the Onyx 2 it results in a great long-distance sex.

It has different vibration modes which are low, medium, high, slow pulse and fast pulse. It has an advanced G-spot vibrator that helps one reach the heights of sexual pleasure.

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lovely sex toy

The Lovely sex toy is a stretchy silicone ring worn around the base of the penis, although it could also be put on a finger or a dildo.

This sex toy uses sensors to measure movement and position, it then sends the information to an app through Bluetooth.

This device has great features that allow the user to see his top speed, the number of thrusts recorded and how much calories were burned during sex and it also promises to enhance erections by constricting blood flow to the penis.

This sex toy vibrates to provide clitoral stimulation, hence, an unforgettable orgasm.

This device also helps to enhance the user’s sexual experience by offering up personalized recommendations for new positions and stimulation techniques.

The Lovely is also waterproof, which makes it usable in wet conditions. This feature also makes it possible to clean the toy easily without fear of it getting spoiled.

The silicone materials used in making the ring are also 100% safe for use and does not lead to any form of allergy.

The toys are also rechargeable and can last up to 2 hours when used consistently. This is a perfect toy for most couples.

Satisfiyer Pro 4 Couples

satisfyer pro 4 couples review

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This couple sex toy comes in both white and rose gold variety. It is non-porous and completely body safe.

The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a dual stimulator, it possesses an internal arm that sits inside the vagina and against the penis during penetration to stimulate both the vagina and the penis simultaneously.

The control of this device is found on the handle, there is the power button that controls the air pulse and a +/- button that controls the intensity of the vibrations.

Water-based lube is advisable to be used with this device because of the silicone surface and any other lube that is used might harm the surface of the device.

The device is very quiet during use, this feature makes it a very discreet toy.

As a result, it is a very good travel companion for couples who are looking to have some fun while on vacation or better still while at home with their kids around the house.

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Lelo IDA

lelo ida

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Ida is a remote-controlled couples’ vibrator that is worn by the woman during sex.

This sex toy is designed in a way that allows partners to share the rotation and vibration. This device teases the G-spot of the woman and does the same to the length of the man simultaneously.

It is a wireless device with a smooth and silky feature that allows it to bend in any desired position.

The IDA has 8 vibrating patterns. Each of this pattern represents a level of vibration intensity, so if you are looking for something soft and or something deep and intense, all you need do is select the options on the remote control.

The Lelo toy is also, rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

It comes with several other things if bought at the right store. These things include: a couples massager, a wireless remote controller, an USB-charging cord, a satin storage pouch, a warranty registration card, a detailed instruction manual, 2xAAA batteries for the remote.

The toy is also very quiet in its functioning, making it the perfect toy for public teasing.

The toy is made from 100% safe silicone materials which prevent any form of allergies and give the toy its non-porous nature.

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We-Vibe Sync

sync vibe

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The We-Vibe Sync sex toy has a well-constructed design that makes it enjoyable with a partner.

It is designed to give great pleasure to the G‑spot and the clitoris. It’s made from body-safe silicone, it does not have phthalates, BPA, and latex.

This device enables dual stimulation by increasing the intensity of pleasure with very powerful vibrations that stimulate the G-spot and clitoris of the female.

The Sync is also adjustable on the body so as to enable the vibrations to reach the desired place. It is not complicated to adjust.

This device also comes with a remote that can change vibration modes as well as their intensity. Any of the couples can use the remote and it can work even from a distance of 3 meters.

The Sync can also be used with the We-Connect app, this gives access to the individual to play and control the sexual activity of their partner from any part of the world.

The We-Vibe Sync sex toy is 100% waterproof and can be used just about anywhere.

Its battery is an eco-friendly USB rechargeable one that charges in 2 hours and this can last one for about 90 minutes.

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Hot octopuss Atom


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This is a Hot Octopuss cock ring made of smooth, black silicone with a silver plastic strip around the top. It is about 1.5cm thick.

The ON and OFF button can be found on the silicone, this button gives access to the five vibration modes. Just above the button, at the edge of the plastic is a minus button and on the other end, there a plus button is found.

This is used to adjust the intensity of the vibrations, where the plus button is to increase and the minus button is to reduce.

The cock ring can also be used with a water-based lube this makes it easier for the device to be slipped on an erect penis.

All things being equal, it is very evident how sex toys can affect the relationship between a couple.

Toys like this one help the partners not to worry about their sexual performance and their ability to please one another.

These sex toys can also create great bonds in a relationship, has it helps bring about effective communication between the couples.

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Couples sex toys have seen a great advancement in recent years and new products are making it to the market on a daily basis.

So even if you cannot find the perfect toy for you out of the thousands already available, in about a few months something new will find its way to the shelves and who knows?

It might just be the perfect one for you and your partner.



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