What are Butt Plugs and How To Use Them? (Beginner’s Guide)

Most of the women and men who have tried anal play swear that it is among the best sources of pleasure.

Anal orgasms, (yes, you read it right, they exist) are usually very intense and powerful. For most people, anal play sounds quite scary because the first thing that comes to mind is that it might be painful.

Before you come to that conclusion, take a look at this then you can decide for yourself.

The anal area has super sensitive nerve endings. What this means is that causing stimulation around that area can result in one feeling a lot of pleasure.

Butt plugs are a great source of pleasure since they exert pressure to erogenous zones. Anal pleasure can be enjoyed either alone or with a partner.

Butt plugs are a great way to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for long periods of time.

They are an awesome way to prepare your body (rectum) for anal play. Before allowing a large-sized object like a penis in that area, you can use a butt plug to prepare your rectum.

A butt plug increases the chances of you having pleasure during anal play. This is attributed to the fact that it reduces the chances of you feeling pain.

However, contrary to popular belief, butt plugs can also be used as a sex toy. It is not just a tool for preparation for anal play.

A butt plug is basically a toy designed for anal use. They are designed to be inserted in the butt and stay in there for the period of its use.

They can be worn for long periods of time. You can wear it and stay with it even for a whole day!

Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Butt plugs have a narrow shape at the top, they then tend to be a little wide in the middle and then slim back down at the bottom.

The narrowness at the top allows the sphincter to close therefore enabling the plug to be confined inside the body.

Butt plugs come in different sizes. You get to choose whatever size works for you.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a small butt plug and move up in size once you get used to playing with butt plugs.

Different butt plugs are made from different materials. The most common material is silicone.

Silicone butt plugs are great for beginners since they are really easy to clean and they are super flexible.

On the flip side, stainless steel butt plugs are heavy and not flexible to use but are great for temperature play. Glass butt plugs are easy on the eyes and are light in weight.

There are vibrating butt plugs for those who want to take their anal play a notch higher.

At the tip of the butt plug, there’s a motor that generates vibrations. These vibrations enhance stimulation of the erogenous zones.

butt plug

How To Use A Butt Plug

Just like any other new thing you are trying out for the first time, the key is to be well prepared. Don’t just jump right in without preparing both mentally and physically.

Ensure that you have everything you need beforehand. Get condoms, lube, etc. before getting started.

If everything on your preparation list checks out, you can now begin having fun.

The key to enjoying butt stuff is to ensure that you are totally aroused before inserting anything back there.

This removes the shock or any sort of pain that might be caused by the butt plug and makes the whole process a turn on.

If you are turned on and feel ready to insert the butt plug, you can go ahead and do so. But please ensure that you insert it slowly.

Be gentle. Whether you are doing it yourself or with a partner, the key is to be gentle.

If you are not used to doing butt stuff, it’s probably wise to start by inserting a finger first so that you get accustomed to that new sensation. Lube is essential in this process.

Ensure that you use lots of it so that your finger or the butt plug can slide right in without any resistance.

When you are all lubed up and turned on and feel ready to have some fun, then slowly and gently insert the butt plug into your rectum.

Once the butt plug is in, you can then decide how you want to enjoy it. Some people enjoy wearing it without doing anything. Just the mere fact that they are wearing a butt plug is enough for them.

For others, pulling it in and out does it for them. The going in and out action generates pleasure for them. Butt plugs can also be enjoyed during sex.

They can be left inside the rectum while having sex with a partner, solo masturbation or even during oral sex so that you have double penetration. Whatever works for you really is fine.

butt plugs


1. Do not insert your butt plug or fingers into your vagina during or when done with butt stuff. You may end up introducing bacteria into your vagina. You wouldn’t want to get infected, would you? Ensure that you wash your toys and hands after you are done with anal play.

2. Anal play can be really fun. To ensure that it does not end in a bad experience, always use a butt plug that has a wide or flat base or one that has a string so that it can be easily recovered once you are done enjoying its use. You do not want to have a plug stuck in your body and going to hard to reach places, right?

3. Always choose the right lube for your anal adventures. Butt plugs can stay in the body for long, using the right lube in the right amounts is vital. This ensures that when it comes to the removal of the butt plug, the process is smooth and pleasurable.

4. If you are new to the game, it is advisable to always start small. Wear the plug for short periods of time first before you eventually get accustomed to it.


If you are looking to try out anal fun, butt plugs are a great place to start.

When used correctly, they can open you up to a whole new world of pleasure. Once you get started, there will be no turning back.

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