The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon: Battle of the Smart Strokers

Have you ever tried an interactive sex toy before?

They’re the latest developments in sex toy play, offering users plenty of features and even health benefits.

The Kiiroo Keon and The Handy are some of the most popular choices on the market right now – both top performers that are also VR compatible,

Keep reading to learn more about each of these two options.

This information can help you determine if one or the other is a good choice for your preferences. 

Design and Stroking Action

kiroo keon or the handy

Both The Handy and the Kiiroo Keon are stroker masturbation toys. They both have advanced sleeve designs and stroking action that makes them simulate skin-to-skin sexual contact. 

It’s easy to get started using The Handy, and it has a highly-intuitive design that makes it simple and effective to use.

The minimalist design is not only appealing, but also provides comfortable and gentle sensations. 

The stroking motion of The Handy is adjustable in terms of the grip on the penis and the speed of the stroking. There are also three stroking-speed settings on board that are easy to reach. 

Once you find your favorite settings, you can program them into the device. The TrueGrip sleeve also assists with the feeling of each stroke to make it more realistic. 

The design of The Handy is highly advanced and delivers a quality experience, thanks to cutting-edge technology and the various sleeves.

The Handy is 10.5 inches in length and a total of 2.75 inches in diameter, with a stroking length of between 0 – 4.3 inches. The goal of the design is to give the user more sensations for a custom experience.

On the other hand, you can choose to use the Keon by Kiiroo with sleeves that match the shape and feel of your favorite pornstars.

keon more intuitive the handy

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with them, the Keon custom sleeve can let you experience it. 

It gives a heightened experience that makes it feel as if you are really having sex.

You can also adjust the stroking intensity and speed in real-time with the on-board buttons, which is a huge bonus.

The Keon relies on the combination of the external part of the device and the Feel Stroker pocket vagina that attaches to it, making the experience much more realistic than the Handy’s transparent and elastic sleeve.

The FeelStroker more closely mimics a real vagina and has many different styles to choose from.

Keon offers a maximum stroke depth of 75 mm and a maximum speed of 230 strokes per minute on the highest setting. 

The Kiiroo Keon allows you to have a customized experience that allows for precision. You can easily adjust your toy’s speed and the length of the strokes.

There are buttons on the device that allow you to make adjustments even while you are using the toy. 

The Winner

the handy superior keon launch

The winner in the design category is The Handy. It is slightly more sophisticated in terms of overall design, quality, and ease of use.

There are also plenty of comfort features that make the experience more pleasurable for the user.

However, the Kiiroo Keon is the winner when it comes to stroking action and experience because you can choose the sleeve of top porn stars and sync them with the motion on your screen.

You can also easily toggle between three speeds while using the Keon to help you adjust as you enjoy your synced videos. 


The Handy has a wide range of connectivity options.

Whether you plan to browse your favorite porn videos on websites or use downloaded videos to create the ideal experience, the Handy can sync your session via the Internet.

You can also further customize your experience through Open API. 

Rather than using only Bluetooth, The Handy can use WiFi for a more reliable and fast connection.

Most toys on the market rely on Bluetooth, which can cause inconvenient interruptions during your play sessions. 

The handy light easy hold

The Kiiroo Keon not only connects to the screen via the FeelConnect app for a streamlined experience, but it also displays the controls at the bottom of the screen. 

You can see the connection, speed of the toy, and its battery life. It also allows you to connect with webcams and content creator pages.

In addition to the many great features of the Keon, you’ll probably also enjoy controlling the lighting for the device – a LED lighting scheme that’s voice-interactive for a truly unique experience. 

The Winner

The winner when it comes to connectivity is the Kiiroo Keon. I feel that it’s the leader because of the advantageous controls on the screen and the interactive displays.

While both of these stroker toys are a good choice when it comes to connectivity, the Keon slightly outperforms The Handy. 


The Handy does a great job of providing a highly tantalizing experience to combine with your chosen videos or games. There are also ten different sensors on board The Handy.

Kiiroo Keon masturbator similar Handy

They are designed to provide a realistic feeling that mimics vaginal sex. Additionally, there are four sensors that can detect the position of the penis to direct the action. 

Not only does the toy detect the position of your penis, but it also has dual temperature sensors that use infrared technology.

There’s an additional sensor to lock the penis into the proper position. All of these sensors work together with precision to ensure you get the most mind-blowing experience possible.

There’s also a display that shows you how your device is connected, which can be via Bluetooth or WiFi, providing you with details about the speed you select and the battery life of your toy.

All of these elements mean you can create intense sensations that perfectly match your preferences. 

The Winner

The winner in the sensors department is The Handy.

Although the Kiiroo Keon delivers a highly advanced sensation, The Handy has more sensors and features that make the experience customized to the user to deliver an incredibly lifelike feeling and sensation. 

Setup Process

When it comes to setup and the ability to begin using The Handy straight out of the box, the process couldn’t be easier. There’s virtually no need to go through a setup process.

automatic masturbators

Simply follow the instructions for connecting to your videos or devices. Be sure to follow the connectivity instructions carefully to avoid setup frustration. 

Once you have The Handy connected, be sure to clean the sleeve and the parts completely for sanitary purposes.

If you want a hassle-free experience from a toy that’s almost ready to use straight out of the box, then you’ll enjoy The Handy. 

The Kiiroo Keon may be slightly more difficult to set up initially.

There are many features and screens that need to be adjusted and learned. It may take some time to get everything set up exactly as you want it.

Once you have the device programmed to your preferred settings and connected to your devices, you shouldn’t have much trouble recreating the experience without having to fumble with too many controls. 

The Winner

The Handy is the clear winner when it comes to ease of setup. You can nearly use it straight out of the box.

The connection process is simple, and you can follow the clear directions included with the product to connect to your videos and games.

The Kiiroo Keon, on the other hand, can be somewhat complex to use initially and has a learning curve. 

The Sleeve

interactive haptic sextoy VR porn

The sleeve of The Handy has an elastic sleeve that has TrueGrip technology. This advanced material allows this toy to be used with all shapes and sizes of penises. 

What I find interesting is that you can adjust the sleeve to fit tightly or even loosely. The freedom to adjust allows you to have a highly personalized experience that’s adjusted to your body shape. 

There’s also added texture on the surface of the included sleeve that’s designed to give you more sensation during each stroke.

The material itself is extremely smooth and mimics the feeling of a handjob precisely.

In terms of keeping the sleeve clean after you use it, you can use basic soap and water instead of having to use special cleaners. 

The Handy features several compatible sleeves, such as Touch, Lotus, Lips, and Coral. Each has unique patterns, ridges, and bumps to achieve a unique feeling.

These sleeves are all flexible, and you can reuse them over and over. Just clean them thoroughly and dry them completely before you store them away for later. 

The Kiiroo Keon also has a very lifelike sleeve that’s made to mimic the feeling of a vagina.

VR Interactive Sextoy handy kiiroo

It also offers a unique take on the stroker sleeve.

The sleeve not only feels hyper-realistic, but is also compatible with FeelStars modeled pocket vaginas, which are molded from casts of the star’s bodies. It’s like actually having sex with the star of your choice. 

The Kiiroo company is also in the process of adding even more sleeves to their current lineup, which adds to the anticipation of owning this stroker toy. 

The Winner

The winner for the sleeves options is The Handy. You have plenty of options to choose from, and the realistic feeling is just enough to top the Keon in terms of sensations.

You can easily clean it, store it for later, and swap it for various patterns and styles. The Keon is a very close second place, however.

It allows you to insert the FeelStars vaginas, which means you can totally experience the feeling of being with your favorite porn star. 

The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon: The Verdict

When it comes to an overall winner, considering all the categories, the Kiiroo Keon is the winner.

There are many features and benefits associated with this device, such as a hands-free experience and a hyper-realistic stroker sleeve. 

There is a high degree of connectivity that’s featured in the Kiiroo Keon via the FeelConnect app.

 Kiiroo long-distance relationships

You can watch almost any content and feel the action on the screen in real time. It’s very close to the real thing when it comes to skin contact. 

You can also mimic the experience of being with your favorite porn star by choosing one of the 14 custom sleeves modeled after each star’s vagina.

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience during the solo intimate time, the Kiiroo Keon may be a great match for your needs. 

Although there are some areas that The Handy excelled at slightly more than the Keon, it is somewhat lacking overall.

However, both of these stroker toys are a good choice for anyone who is looking for an exciting and technologically advanced experience

I recommend choosing the Kiiroo Keon over The Handy, but you can always choose to use both and find out for yourself.

No matter which toy you choose, you’ll likely get a mind-blowing experience that’s sure to impress you each time you use it for intimate play. 

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