POVR Review: Is it Worth Your Money?


Virtual reality is cool. “No, duh,” I hear you say. After all, it’s SciFi-level gadgetry, and the wet dream of cyberpunks everywhere; has the power to make you feel like you’ve dropped right into the action (whatever that might be), and it seems like just about every day some development team or other is pushing the technology forward in amazing new ways.

Cool? Absolutely, but its message, to mangle Marshall McLuhan, is what can make or break any medium. Keeping it short and sweet, spending any money on VR hardware is pointless if there’s nothing worth experiencing.

Luckily there’s not just quantity but quality: slew after slew of productions recognizing the awesome immersive power of VR and, armed with this knowledge, delivering all sorts of even-more-cool content.

Especially of the explicit variety—and one of the best places to find this kind of content is POVR: an all-in-one place for virtual reality adult entertainment.

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POVR: a marketplace for VR porn

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What sets POVR apart from other virtual reality sites is instead of focusing on generating their own content—which can be exorbitantly expensive and time-consuming—instead they act as a one-stop-shop highlighting various VR production studios.

They’re not shy about it either, with the company proudly highlighting the word “network” by posting right there at the top of the site’s landing page, right below the POVR logo.

This is a great approach; first, as I mentioned, they don’t have to foot the production costs in shooting their own VR videos, and, most importantly, it grants their subscribers access to an exciting range and amount of content.

POVR: channel after channel of VR porn

I know I’ve used this device in a few of my other reviews, but it’s true now than ever that it’s easier to say what adult VR studios aren’t on POVR than to try and list all of them that are.

To give you somewhat of an idea, though, I spotted big-time productions like BadoinkVR, VirtualXporn, SinVR, Naughty America VR, JVRPorn, and the list goes on and on after the barest glance at the site.

And the amount of what’s on POVR is equally impressive, as in the case of the well-known purveyor of explicit content, Naughty America VR, who has nearly 800 videos available there.

Acting as a marketplace also gives POVR the ability to offer a wonderfully diverse range of stuff. Yes, I know, it’s yet another of my hobby-horses, and one I’ve smacked you across the face with before, however since not every porn wants perfectly buffed and polished Barbie-bodied performers performing vanilla-style sexplay, seeing that a site like POVR openly promoting diversity is a breath of fresh air.

In fact, like how they are out and proud about acting as a network, they are the same by listing transgender content in their Premium section. Bravo, I say to them!

But if this type of porn isn’t to your liking, POVR has you covered by listing their almost 15,000 titles by categories, including Cosplay, Group Sex, Milf, Oil/Lotion, Cartoon, and what’s kind of sweet of them to do, Kissing. They additionally have a separate section that breaks the videos down by Pornstars, so you can find your favorites.

Seamless fun with POVR Room

povr povd porn sites

Their marketplace model doesn’t mean that they’ve skewed innovation, as compliments of their unique POVR Room, users can forgo having to drop in and out of the virtual reality experience—as in searching for a video and getting it prepped and ready to watch—by having the ability to transition from one to another seamlessly.

It’s a remarkably nifty feature, as for something like VR, where its enjoyment is derived mainly from its immersiveness, it’s a mood killer to have to leave it to select another video to watch.

Even better, it’s not one of those exclusive to ultra-high-end VR rigs site, so if you’re using your smartphone and something like Google Cardboard, users can take full advantage of it.

What hardware does POVR support?

Access to high-quality explicit videos from a wide range of studios and production houses? Check. Diverse content? Check. Lots of stuff to watch? Check.

But what about the nuts and bolts of POVR, as in what hardware you’ll need to experience all of this steamy, porny, kinky goodness?

Check and double-check, as POVR does everything right. Beginning by giving users the choice of streaming or downloading content. In case you’re wondering why this is so great, remember that VR files can be huge, so if you want to avoid waiting for content to transfer to a Mac or PC, as well as your smartphone, you can choose to watch it in real-time.

Recall how I said it was harder to list the studios up on POVR than attempt to cover the number that are? Same with the number of VR rigs and set-ups POVR supports.

So if you have everything from state-of-the-art hardware, along the likes of an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, middle-range ones such as Playstation VR or Oculus Quest, or merely your handy-dandy Apple or Android smartphone, nothing is stopping you from getting your virtual reality playtime on.

POVR gives you the feels

best xxx virtual reality content

Break out the bubbly, you teledildonics fans as POVR’s embraced the immersive delights of virtual reality porn as well as interactivity.

True, not every video on the site is compatible, but they do have a whole category dedicated to the 224 titles that are. There’s also cause to celebrate as these work with the Feelconnect app: the current benchmark for interactive sexual fun.

And as its that top of the top, to connect your smart sextoy—that can be anything built to work with the app—it’s merely a matter of installing the software to your computer or phone, putting your sextech device into Bluetooth standby mode, and do the subsequent quick and easy step to cement the hardware/software relationship.

Then you’re all set to use the app, in conjunction with your smart toy, to get off on POVR’s interactive videos.

POVR: support done right

Technology, whether right out of the box or has gathered a layer of dust, is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

And to learn to get this gadget to work with that site is all about support. Something that POVR gets a parade of gold stars for handling most excellently.

Dear virtual reality or interactive sexual content site, I’m writing to inform you that POVR should be a shining example of how to hit every essential point when instructing users on how to take advantage of whatever you offer.

On POVR’s support pages, written so that everyone can understand no matter their familiarity or lack; therefore, with things like smart sextech gadgets or VR rigs and hardware, is just what need to set things up, figure out bugs and problems, and learn if what they have will work POVR’s content.

How POVR handles previews and premium content

povr high quality free porn

Yet another star goes to POVR for how they handle premium videos—and how anyone interested, yet not immediately willing to pay, can sample their wares.

For stuff you’ll need to pay to see, POVR adds a little red crown to these videos to help avoid confusion.

However, you can get a preview of them or any other video. Often quite long ones, too, even running several minutes in length. Now I’m not going to do my letter schtick again, though I’m sorely tempted to as not allowing potential users to check out a video is something I’ve seen far too often with other sites.

Not with POVR. Plus, these short previews are available in VR: a lovely feature as if what does or doesn’t look good in virtual reality is the difference between fun and not fun virtual reality.


  • Content from a wide variety of VR studios
  • Diverse and inclusive content
  • Supports a wide variety of VR rigs
  • Videos can be downloaded or streamed
  • Works with Feelconnect for interactive enjoyment
  • Offers previews
  • Low-cost trial period to sample content
  • Ability to view videos without virtual reality
  • Excellent technical support


  • Could do with better category breakdowns
  • Not much queer content
  • Free trial only lasts two days

YouTube video

The verdict

If you’re an old hand at enjoying sexually explicit VR or clueless yet fascinated by the technology, you can’t go wrong with POVR.

Though nothing and no one is perfect, as my cons suggest, POVR could do with improvement—that may or may not turn you off from giving it a try.

If you’re queer, you’ll probably be disappointed with POVR as it leads noticeably towards a more straight-focused audience—while simultaneously time embracing trans content, which is a little confusing.

The same could be said about kinky stuff, but not providing ropes and chains and the like isn’t exclusive to POVR as it’s one of those things that’s universally lacking from many adult VR sites.

Round up my criticisms, POVR offers an entirely free trial premium membership, with the drawback is this access is for a measly 48 hours. As every minute counts, considering how long it can take to download VR files, this will probably be too short for most people to get a complete picture of the site’s content.

Weighing all this, I’m sticking to my recommendation that POVR is a must-try for anyone into, or curious about, erotic VR. While not as inclusive as it could be, there’s enough diverse content to wet your whistle or get your motor running; it has all those Feelconnet-supported interactive videos so you can use your Kiiroo or OhMiBod to get a feel for what’s going on and with nearly 15,000 virtual reality experiences available it’ll keep you turned on for quite some time.

POVR may not be perfect, but it comes close to it in regards to providing an entertaining intersection of sex and virtual reality.

Check the Price of POVR (+ FREE Trial)


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