The 5 Best Video Sync Apps for Interactive Sex Toys

Interactive sex toys have become a big market in the last few years. The Bluetooth communication protocol makes lossy control and dropped connections a thing of the past.

Because Bluetooth connected devices are more reliable than they’ve ever been before, we have a new proliferation of remote-controlled interactive sex toys that are changing the business of adult play day by day.

These toys demand new ways to play with your favorite porn content, and for the most part, sites have delivered.

The slew of new interactive toys on the market has inspired the creation of control apps that interact with not just your phone and a remote partner, but with the countless hours of free, available porn on the Internet, as well.

There are several apps that have caught our attention – with more on the horizon – that are worth checking out for your online adult entertainment.

Of what’s available, a few favorites show themselves above the rest.

How Does It Work?

interactive videos sync wireless sextoys

Regardless of how much content they work with, these interactive sex toy apps work through the Bluetooth connection of your sex toy.

Every time your toy activates after the first, though, it will autosync to the app, just like any other Bluetooth device.

Once your devices are synced up, the apps take over.

And for the most part, this is a seamless process – choose the content you want, insert your parts into the toy’s parts or vice-versa, and you’re ready to let the automation take over your sexual experience.

If you have a collection of different toys, your phone is likely to sprout more than one of these icons.

FeelMe AI: Works Great With Kiiroo Products

pornhub videos now sync sextoys

With a variable-price subscription plan and a wide array of options on tap, FeelMe AI is one of the best options out there. FeelMe AI has native compatibility with Kiroo products.

With an SSL-secured app to connect its AI to existing content from major porn websites, your data is secure with FeelMe AI.

FeelMe AI is a banner system that has some great options and functionality.

One of the biggest advantages of the FeelMe AI system is that its AI functionality works with any porn content.

Being free from the requirement to use specific pieces of content written to work with it, you’re free to go your own way and use your own favorite content.

I found FeelMe AI to be easy to use.

Syncing is totally transparent and the AI system – while it’s a little weird at times – makes it really easy to take your mind off of it and just focus on the experience, which is great, too. I found the connection to be rock-solid, despite my body hiding the receiver from my phone more than a few times.

Speaking of the phone experience, it does indeed go both ways. Apps in both the Android and iOS ecosystems make FeelMe AI a great option for anybody who has a smartphone.

best interactive porn sites reviews

The AI options once you’re connected, either by phone or PC, are well-designed and the system generally has a good sense of what movements should be used with which bits of footage, though there are occasional misinterpretations by the system – some users have noted that hard thrusting sometimes started while the video was in a quieter or setup scene, while actual hard intercourse could have odd step-downs in intensity.


  • Apps are available for web, iOS, and Android.
  • Easy to handle, AI does most of the work.
  • Interactivity doesn’t require specific websites or specific content to use.


  • AI mostly gets the movements right but there are some scenes where the AI starts lots of thrusting in a non-sex scene or stops motion while the performers are doing sex on-screen.
  • Detection calibration could use some work.

FeelMe AI: Verdict

With spontaneity on its side, FeelMe AI can be one of the best tools in the belt for a jaded porn pro.

If you feel like you’ve experienced everything in adult entertainment, FeelMe AI can make you feel like you’ve just found some of your most favorite clips all over again.

While it has some pieces that could be refined, FeelMe AI is the total package for AI-enabled adult content browsing, and works with most sites on the Internet.

VibeMate by Lovense: Personalized Content For The World’s Favorite Interactive Sex Toys

transform video interactive porn

Vibemate is the latest game-changing teledildonic technology by Lovense, the leader in the camming and internet-enabled sex toy segment.

VibeMate opens on a blank screen, which can be very confusing to begin with. After all, aren’t most adult toy apps out there to interface with the user? And VibeMate is.

It’s a content-aggregator app, which means that the more content you interface with, the more efficient VibeMate will be at picking up the kinds of content that you’re most interested in.

Unlike most adult web apps, the blank-slate nature of VibeMate can take some time to get used to.

There’s no initial suggested content – you develop your VibeMate playlist by seeking out content and bookmarking it to the app.

Once the bookmark list is populated, it will begin showing you relevant content outside of your bookmarks. This might sound daunting but remember that the easiest way to handle it is one day at a time.

Don’t try to think of everything you want to look at when you’re loading up your bookmark list – just find one or two things every day and add them, then come back the next day and add more.

The same way you built your bookmark list on your web browser.

how use lovense app


  • Totally free content-aggregator app from Lovense.
  • A comprehensive adult content browsing web app.
  • Can also be used for vanilla content if you want.
  • Everything from adult websites to podcasts aggregators can be bookmarked in the VibeMate app.


  • Learning curve is a bit steep.
  • Blank screens at the beginning can be a bit daunting.
  • Rebuilding your bookmarks is best done one bookmark at a time, rather than moving everything all at once.

VibeMate: Verdict

A daunting learning curve gives way to a satisfying experience once you’ve learned the ins and outs of the software.

Guide App controlled sex toys

If you know high-end sex toys, you know Lovense.

In addition to its app-based VibeMate aggregator, Lovense also offers a VR-enabled media player called, unsurprisingly, Lovense Media Player.

Unsurprisingly given that it’s Lovense, syncing your toys to it is amazingly seamless and you’ll be ready to go shortly after starting up the app.

If any difficulties show themselves, Lovense’s comprehensive documentation should get you on the right track.

Lovense Media Player has an extremely customizable experience – it’s one of the main appeals of Lovense’s product line, after all – but that customizability, as always, comes with a steep learning curve.

You have to figure out what feels right in a Lovense product before you can replicate it.

Obviously, Lovense Media Player is fully compatible with all of Lovense’s products.

Even better, its compatibility with VR was designed from the beginning, with Lovense understanding that fumbling with controls while your hands are slippery is bad enough, doing it with your vision blocked by a VR headset is even worse.

If it has a problem, it’s that the player is only compatible with downloaded content; you can’t stream using it.

If it has two problems, we can add that there’s no Apple computer support, this is a Windows-only world and Lovense users with Macs will just have to deal with it – though if you’re a Mac user, you probably already have a workaround for this problem in mind.

Lovense max sync virtual sex


  • Syncing VR to your Lovense toys is immensely satisfying.
  • Completely customize your toys’ responses to a scene and adjust them on the fly.
  • Programming is actually really intuitive, despite the daunting idea of it.


  • No Mac interface means your Mac-based Lovense dreams may have to wait, or try a different app.
  • Learning curve… now in VR!

Lovense Media Player: Verdict

One of the most satisfying VR video sync experiences out there, but one that’s for PC users only.

SyncMo: Enabling an Enviable Cross-Device AI Experience

syncmo makes any toy interactive

Released in 2022 and billing itself as the world’s first real-time motion tracking AI browser for sex toy interaction, SyncMo has compatibility with a wide variety of toys from many of the world’s most influential sex toy manufacturers.

Its support for toys from Kiiroo, Lovense, Lovehoney, We-Vibe, Svakom, Satsifyer, and more gives you some of the best versatility of any browser on the market – especially if you’re someone who has a lot of different toys from different makers. That makes it a great change from single-manufacturer browser apps.

It syncs to your toys just as seamlessly as their native apps.

That’s really one of the best parts of SyncMo: The fact that when you have it, you don’t have to download another screen full of apps to switch from toy to toy as the mood takes you.

It can be a challenge to switch from app to app, so SyncMo keeps you in the same interface for a longer time, letting thought filter out of your play.

Things can be more instinctive, letting you give more attention to just handling your pleasure instead of your toys and their apps.

If this sounds as appealing to you as it does to me, then SyncMo is a content browser you’ll want to check out. SyncMo is a pay app, so you’re not going to have the chance to preview it without putting some money into it.

The advantage is that the AI system lets you use it with any video, not restricting itself to videos that were analyzed before you started them, or videos that were selected for you before you even got to the app.

Being able to use it with your favorite porn instead of setting up your vibe cues beforehand or having to use pre-curated material that someone else thought you’d like is a huge improvement over pre-scripted videos for toys.


  • AI motion tracking lets you use SyncMo with your favorite porn.
  • Not limiting it to a single manufacturer ecosystem lets you replace app adaptation with mastery.
  • Supports popular toys from Kiiroo, Lovense, Lovehoney, Magic Motion and more.


  • It’s a pay app without a free preview option.

SyncMo: Verdict

If SyncMo isn’t already part of your paid adult site subscriptions, it really should be.

Its multi-toy compatibility and its motion-tracking AI that make it compatible with any porn, whether it’s written for AI or not make it one of the most powerful sex toy browser apps on the market.

SyncBrowser: the Newest Porn Synchronization Browser

toys sync interactive adult content

SyncBrowser, released in July 2023, is one of the newest video sync apps available right now.

Available on Valor & Toughness’s, SyncBrowser is the next generation of VT’s SyncPlayer video player.

Because of this, it’s transparent and completely compatible with all online videos, offering faster and more seamless data sync with porn videos than its predecessor.

SyncBrowser is in beta and supports Valor & Toughness’s SyncBot AI masturbator and Scabbard masturbation sleeve.

This is a let-down compared to other apps that support a wider array of devices. If it was the only game in town, it would be compelling.

The sleek, technological and gender-neutral Scabbard masturbator sleeve, however, gives it a high-tech and interesting look that could appeal to some users.

But someone looking for a more naturalistic experience with this device could find themselves having a hard time finding an angle to engage with it.

pornhub sync videos interactive sextoys


  • Syncs with any porn collection.
  • Functionality will be improving as time goes on.


  • Restricted to VT’s sex toy ecosystem. Current masturbators are penises only, so if you’re a woman looking for a sync app experience, look elsewhere.
  • As of this writing, still in beta.
  • SyncBrowser Mac compatibility remains a future feature. Company promises it by 2024.
  • “SyncBrowser” name is hard to search on the Internet.

SyncBrowser: Verdict

The restriction to one sex toy that’s designed only for men makes this a difficult recommendation at this time.

If the company expands their line to include female – as well as male – masturbators or opens up their browser technology to other manufacturers, it becomes a lot more compelling compared to other options.

How Secure is Remote Control for My Toys?

All these apps promise secure socket layer (SSL) control for the same level of security you would expect from ecommerce. Your data – and your browsing – are private.

Best Video Sync Apps: In Conclusion

All the apps previewed here are great ways to extend the playability and options of your interactive, Internet-enabled sex toys.

While each of them takes a different tack – and appeals to a slightly different user – you’re going to see that your joy in your sex toys will be rewarded with each of your different options in this article.

From huge apps with a wide variety of linked toys and content down to a brand-spanking-new option for a new, tech-focused masturbator with an interesting mission but a somewhat limited potential customer base, your options are broad.

Making sure that you can remain engaged, and ecstatic are the goals of the producers of these amazing programs and sites.

Check out your favorites, and maybe add a site or two to your bookmark list if you haven’t in a while.

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