Lovense Vulse Review: It It Worth The Price?

Vulse by Lovense is a new spin on the company’s most famous product.

With design cues and ties coming from the famous Lovense Lush 3, the most popular G-spot vibrator on the planet, Vulse adds thrusting to the already-intense mix of sensations coming from Lush 3.

So how does the additional Vulse thrust mix with Lush’s award-winning vibration and quiet operation?

Can you get orgasms at least as intense from Vulse as from Lush 3? And can you use it the same way you use Lush 3?

We’ll get to the bottom of this one together. As Bette Davis once said, strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

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It’s New! What is the Vulse?

vibrating thrusting lovense vulse

Lovense Vulse is the newest product by popular sex toy manufacturer Lovense, combining the best of their popular g-spot vibrator, the award-winning Lush, with their popular thruster, Gravity.

Putting the two together gives a wearable experience with added thrust for a more complete experience.

When you pair it with a clitoral vibrator, Vulse can give some of the best orgasms of any toy out there.

Lovense’s well-known and popular toys are in more demand than ever as 2023 draws to a close, and more and more people are meeting and falling in love with people at long distances.

Vulse is a new option for sex at a distance or on the go. You just need to find the creative edge to take full advantage of it.

Vulse: Like Lush, but More

The most important feature of Lovense Vulse is the addition of a 10 mm thrusting stroke to Lush’s award-winning g-spot vibrator.

The two features put together have some truly amazing possibilities, with the vibrations and thrusting giving a more complete sexual experience than either vibration or thrusting alone.


Unlike Lovense Gravity, another thrusting vibrator from Lush, Vulse can be worn the same way as Lush.

Compared to Gravity, Vulse has a much shorter stroke – only 10 mm (.45”) as opposed to 3 cm (1.18 inches).

But with that thrust starting from deeper inside your body, you will not notice the loss of stroke length very much, because it has more effect for the shorter stroke.

You’ll like the way Vulse treats you.

How Does the Vulse Work Exactly?

Blended Orgasms are a Huge Plus

With Lovense Vulse’s addition of thrusting to the recipe of features offered by Lovense’s toys, it has a pretty awesome capacity to help you reach a blended orgasm – an orgasm that you get from mixing sensations, like thrusting and g-spot.

Vulse Thrusting female egg vibrator

You can get even more by adding in a butterfly or other type of clitoral vibrator, since almost 2/3 of women can’t get an orgasm by g-spot or thrusting alone.

With all three in your pocket, you’re going to have a lot of fun, and Lovense offers plenty of clitoral options that you can take advantage of.

Stroke Frequency and Depth

Because Vulse starts a lot deeper in you than its friendly counterpart, Gravity (Lovense’s other popular thruster toy), its stroke can be a lot shallower to get the same sense of fullness as Gravity.

With a thruster dildo, you’ll usually get a stroke of around 3 inches, but Vulse only has a stroke of 10 mm (just under half an inch).

Despite this shallower thrust, a lot of the early reviews we’ve looked at are saying the same things we’ve noticed: You’re going to feel just as full from a Vulse thrust as you will from a Gravity thrust, and that stands to reason since unless you’re on a hard surface to start with, half of a thrusting dildo’s power is going to be pushing the base of the dildo down, just as much as the tip into you.

Physics, it works.

lovense vulse hands-free thrusting

So the 10 mm thrust is all the way inside you with Vulse, making it feel twice as long, and with up to 2 strokes per second (Lovense advertises 120 strokes per minute – my unscientific measurement seems to say yeah, that’s about right.)

Anyway, the depth is not a problem at all for me, and the frequency feels just as good as a guy who’s really going for it.

Familiar Design

The design of Vulse is, sensibly, very familiar to anyone who’s experienced with Lovense’s legendary Lush vibrator.

Compared to Lush, the interior bulb is just a little bit longer, giving you an instantly familiar vibe shape to start with.

As long as you know how Lush fits in your body, you’ll be right at home with Vulse, and that’s before you get going with the additional features.

The overall advantage of any Lovense toy is familiarity, and between the design and the app interface, which we’ll get to in just a moment, Vulse absolutely delivers on this promise.

If you love Lovense toys, and I do, Vulse is just another hit.

Familiar App Interface

app-controlled wearable G-Spot massager

If you’re familiar with Lovense toys at all, you know how their app works.

We won’t go over the technical parts of the app other than to say that pairing is of course a breeze, and the app lets you create a nigh-infinite pallet of pattern and intensity options.

Loving the app is also crucial for making use of most of any Lovense toy’s features, since you’re going to be using it for almost everything.

Make sure you dry your hand before you use the app, since I’ve heard smearing lubricant on your phone does not make it work better.

How does it work?

Insertion is as easy as any other Lovense egg

Lovense has had 7 years to perfect their egg vibrators, and they’ve gotten really good in that timeframe.

If you have any questions about how Lovense’s eggs feel once they’re inserted, you’re going to have that answered in very short order once you start playing with the Vulse.

But if you’re ordering Vulse, you’ve probably already had a good experience with Lush and are wanting more, so you’re already familiar.

Lovense eggs are highly ergonomic and go in really easily. The harder part might be wanting to pull them out again.

Using the app

egg shaped g spot vibrator

I know I’ve said this a few times at this point, but if you’re in the market for Lovense Vulse, you’re probably a Lovense veteran. That means the app is going to be pretty familiar to you.

Reviewing everything, the Lovense app uses a slider for every dimension that the toy can use – thrusting and vibrator frequency for Vulse – and a free pattern draw function for your finger on the screen.

If you’re connected to someone else’s app, they can take over your Vulse egg vibrator, creating their own patterns for you to ride.

The app is Lovense’s big differentiator – it’s copied but never improved upon by other toy makers, and where other toy apps are just a repeat of the pre-programmed vibration patterns built into the toy, the Lovense app can create truly original patterns.

Barely Any On-Toy Control

Vulse has a single button on the toy for turning it on and off and cycling through the pre-defined patterns in one scrolling direction.

This sounds really restrictive – and it is. That’s the point. You’re not supposed to use the on-toy control at all, other than for turning it off and on.

Hands free thrusting g-spot orgasms

So if you’re app-phobic or have removed smartphones from your life, you’re going to either need to use the PC app (downloadable) or maybe consider a different toy, because the Lovense app is pretty much required to use any of the major features of the Vulse.

But for those of us who love our smartphones (I basically can’t be peeled away from mine), you’re going to love your phone app combined with Vulse.

Materials and Safety

A lot has been done about dangerous toys in the adult toy space over the last few years, with more people being aware that a lot of toys that are made of “jelly” or other undefined material are actually pretty toxic and body-unhealthy.

Fortunately, all Lovense toys are made of body-safe silicone materials, so you’re not going to have to worry about it either breaking off microplastic bits inside you while you’re playing with it now, or in the future, and because it’s body-safe, you won’t have to worry about toxicity or other forms of body damage while you’re playing with it.

Battery Life

Because Vulse has an additional feature – the thrusting – it doesn’t have as much battery life as the Lush egg.

Where Lush has a comfortable 2 to 3-hour battery life, Vulse can squeeze about an hour, or just a little more, out of its 57-61 minute charging time.

G-spot wearable vibrator app control

If you want a toy that can last over a longer play session, Vulse may not be the toy you’re looking for.

But if you’re fine with a shorter playtime, you can get all that you want out of Vulse. Or consider getting two, though that’s a pretty big outlay.

Frequently asked questions

Is Vulse waterproof?

Like most Lovense toys, Vulse is IPX7 water resistant, which means that it should be just fine to take into a shower or bath with you.

The bulb that’s inserted into you is completely surrounded with silicone, so it’s completely waterproof as long as the silicone skin is intact.

You’re going to have a lot of chances to test this, of course, and make sure and dry off the magnetic battery contacts before you connect the magnetic charger to the Vulse egg.

body-safe silicone Thrusting feature

What Else is On the Market?

With the additional thrusting feature, Vulse is one of the first, if not the first, thrusting egg toy on the market.

A quick search on the internet shows a few other thrusting eggs, but they’re mostly from fly-by-night brands on Amazon, and their quality assurance is probably pretty suspect.

Compared to the amazing QA and customer experience support of the world’s foremost producer of teledildonic sex toys, you’re going to have a hard time justifying the current competitors, even with the additional price commanded by Lovense toys.

Make sure you’re getting something from a brand you trust, regardless of price.

How About Public Play?

A popular subgenre of play with the Lovense Lush toy is public play, where the wearer puts the Lush in before they start with their daily errands.

However, we’re not sure that Vulse is good for this – it’s got a distinctive pulsing sound that might be more audible through clothes than Lush, and personally I wouldn’t risk it until other people have taken that chance first.

Public play with the Vulse is – as far as I’m concerned, anyway – not recommended.



  • Unique combination egg-thruster toy, there’s nothing else in the premium market like it yet.
  • Lovense’s high quality standards and customer experience standards are shown in this toy.
  • Familiar form factor – if you know Lush, you know Vulse.
  • Lovense app familiarity means that you’ll have an instant ability to identify with your toy, and it has the same tail as the Lush, so if you’re a cammer, your clients will know what that means.
  • Good durability and IPX7 water-resistant, so you can play with it while wet.
  • While Vulse’s thrust is shorter than most toys, it starts deeper so it feels long.


  • Because there’s nothing else like it on the market yet, if you’re not a fan of Lovense’s products, you’re not going to have any alternatives for a bit.
  • Vulse’s battery life is a lot shorter than most other thrusting toys on the market.
  • The thrust is still only 10 mm, compared to about 75mm for other thrusting toys in this market.


Lovense Vulse is an exciting new trailblazing toy in the space of eggs.

With a combination of Lush’s popular egg form factor and a miniature thruster creating more depth from a small package, you’re going to have some amazing times with Lovense Vulse.

Unless you have a serious aversion to Lovense’s app, you have absolutely no reason not to check this out, and if you’re a cam model, adding Vulse to your playground can have some amazing effects on your revenue.

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