Lovense Max 2 vs. Kiiroo Onyx2: Battle of the (Fapping) Titans

Teledildonic sex toys have made significant waves in the sex toy industry thanks to their versatility and unique designs. Lovense and Kiiroo are two of the most well-known pioneers of these types of toys, and as a result, their products are often compared. Here is a look at the Max 2 and Onyx2 from Lovense and Kiiroo respectively.

The Max 2 and Onyx2 are male masturbators that both comprise of an inner skin-like sleeve and an outer plastic casing. Although they serve the same purpose, there are some distinct differences between the two in terms of design and functioning.

The Max 2

lovense max 2

The Max 2 comes in a box that contains a user manual, a quick set up guide, a  USB charging cable, and the Max 2. It has the following key features that make it stand out:

Multiple-sensation sleeve

The skin-like ribbed sleeve of the Max 2 hugs the penis when inserted and elicits pleasurable sensations.

Made from ABS plastic and TPE

The outer covering of the toy is made from ABS plastic while the inner sleeve is made from skin-like TPE.

USB quick charge

Charge your Max 2 for two hours using the USB cable included in the package.

Adjustable air vent

Make adjustments to the suction action of your Max 2 using the adjustable air vent.

Quick air release

Control the level of pressure buildup in the Max 2 using the quick air release feature.

Extended vibrator

The extended vibrator releases vibrations on the shaft and glans for added pleasure.

360-degree contractions

The 360-degree contractions from the air pump of the Max 2 simulate the feeling of oral sex.

How to use the Max 2

To get started with the Max 2, charge it for two hours while it is turned off by plugging in the included USB cable in a USB port or a compatible power adapter. There are two buttons on the toy:

  • Press button A to turn on the toy. This button is also used to activate the vibration mode. Press the button three times to activate the low, medium, and high vibration modes respectively.
  • Press button B to activate the air pump settings of the toy. By pressing his button three times, you will activate subtle, mild, and deep contractions respectively.

Always clean your Max 2 thoroughly before you use it. You will only need to use warm water as soap tends to degrade the delicate inner sleeve.

Ensure that you close the air vent as you clean it and don’t let the buttons get wet as the Max 2 is not waterproof. As a result, you might want to take out the sleeve and clean it separately.

Before insertion, apply water-based lube to the sleeve and entry hole of the toy as well as your penis to make it easier. Avoid silicone- and oil-based lube to preserve the quality of the toy.

The adjustable air vent feature allows you to lower the suction action of the toy when it gets a little too tight as you use it. Adjust the level of pressure from the toy using the quick air release feature.

You can pair your Max 2 with your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Touch iOS 9.0 and later, iPod Mini, or Android 4.3 and later.

Connect your toy to the Lovense app by tapping on the link icon on the top right corner and then tap “+’ to search for your device. Connect your PC by plugging in the USB and clicking the link icon in the Lovense app.

Connect with a partner in the long-distance tab of the app by tapping “+” and typing in their username. Once they accept your request, you can start sending messages to them.

For long-distance play, click the “video chat” or “sync together” button.

My Experience with the Max 2

lovense max 2 app

The textured inner sleeve of the Max 2 was amazingly soft, and the ridges cozily embraced my member. Insertion required a considerable amount of lube, but once I was in, I loved how the sleeve felt on my penis even before the vibrations and contractions kicked in.

The extended vibrator of the toy provoked pleasurable sensations on the shaft as well as the glans of the penis, and when combined with the 360-degree contractions, my solo play was elevated even further.

I had to lower the contraction settings from deep to mild and adjust the suction as well using the adjustable air vent to control the intensity.

I got to use the Lovense app over a long distance when I was away from my partner who had a compatible Nora. The toys were in sync with our movements, and we were both able to reach toe-curling orgasms which encouraged us to continue using our toys for more sexual escapades.

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The Onyx2

The box containing the Onyx2 contains a USB charging cable, a fleshlight superskin sleeve, a warranty card to activate your 1-year warranty, a quick-setup guide, a user manual card, and the Onyx2.

The Onyx 2 has its own unique set of features that make it stand out. Some of them include:

Body-safe materials

The fleshlight superskin sleeve of the toy is free of phthalates and other harmful chemicals, making it completely safe to use.


The exterior of the Onyx2 is made from ABS and POM plastics which makes the toy lightweight and easy to hold in your hand.

Contracting rings

The Onyx2 features ten contracting rings along its length that pulsate in a variety of patterns and simulate the sensations of intercourse.

Touch-sensitive trackpad

You can control the speed of the strokes using the trackpad when in manual mode. Track upwards to increase the speed of the stroke and downwards to decrease it.

Fleshlight superskin sleeve

The Fleshlight superskin sleeve is very soft and comfortable upon insertion.

USB rechargeable

Charge the Onyx2 using the USB cable included in its. It takes around 4-6 hours to fully charge the toy.

Compatibility with other devices

Pair the Onyx2 with other Kiiroo devices such as the Pearl using the Bluetooth function of your device via the FeelConnect app. When connected, you can move in sync with your partner from anywhere in the world.

140 strokes per minute

The stroking motion of the Onyx2 can reach speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute.

Three modes

You can use the Onyx2 manually, with a partner, or with interactive videos.

How to use the Onyx 2

Like with the Max 2, start by charging your Onyx2 using the micro USB charger for about 4-6 hours. Once the device is fully charged, the indicator light will turn blue.

Before you download the FeelConnect app to pair the toy with your mobile device, ensure that you create your Kiiroo user account, register your Onyx2, and activate your one year warranty.

To get started using the toy, turn it on by pressing the multifunctional button that you will find at the bottom of the toy and hold for about 4 seconds.

A solid blue color indicates that the device is in Bluetooth mode, allowing you to connect to your toy and pair it with the FeelConnect app on your Android or iPhone.

When you pair your Onyx2 with a corresponding device, it will mimic the intimacy in real-time no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.

You can also sync the thrusting motion of the Onyx2 with what you are viewing on the screen, significantly elevating your porn-viewing experience. The toy can also be used with VR glasses and VR porn.

When you push the button again, the indicator light will turn purple to show that the toy is in manual mode. To control the speed of your stroke in this mode, use the trackpad that is found on the front part of the device.

It is recommended that you remove the fleshlight superskin sleeve from the Onyx2 to be able to apply lubricant generously for maximum comfort. Always use water-based lube as silicone and oil-based variants tend to deteriorate the sleeve material.

After every use, ensure that you clean the fleshlight superskin. Use warm water and a specialized toy cleaner or mild dish soap. Harsh soaps will degrade the delicate sleeve material.

Clean the exterior of the toy by wiping it down with cleansing wipes as the Onyx2 is not waterproof and can get damaged if it comes in contact with water. Never use cleaners that contain acetone, alcohol, or petrol. Keep the device in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

My Experience with the Onyx2

kiiroo onyx2 review

One of the first things I noticed using the Onyx2 is how lightweight it is, which made holding it in my hand quite effortless. The fleshlight superskin of the Onyx2 is ultra-soft and quite lifelike, and although nothing beats skin to skin, it makes for a pleasurable experience.

In manual mode, I was able to control the speed of the stroke – I knew exactly when I needed to speed up or slow down. The rings inside the Onyx2 were quite helpful in replicating the thrusting movement of real penetration.

Changing the tightness of the rings in this mode was easy using this mode, which was quite a relief as I thought that there would be some fumbling.

Despite the pleasure I experienced as a result of the sensations brought about by the contractions of the rings, it wasn’t enough to bring me to an orgasm and I had to thrust and even use my hand to help things along.

I was taken aback by how quiet the Onyx2 was especially when you consider how powerful the vibrating motor is. Although it is not whisper-quiet, it is discreet enough to prevent your neighbor from listening in on you in the throes of pleasure.

To see how the device would work over a considerable distance, I paired my Onyx2 with my partner’s Pearl2. I was impressed by how any subtle changes in the vibrating motion of her vibrator elicited a change in the thrust of my Onyx, making for an orgasm-filled long-distance experience.

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Pros of the Max2 over the Onyx2

lovense max 2 sleeve

Compared to the Max2, the Onyx2 has a significantly shorter battery lifespan. After charging the Onyx2 for approximately 4-6 hours, you can only use it for an hour before needing to charge it again.

It has an overall better build quality than the Onyx 2. Although both toys use similar body-safe materials in their design and construction, the Max2 feels significantly better put together and of higher quality than the Onyx2.

Pros of the Onyx2 over the Max2

kiiroo onyx 2

Although both toys are discreet in terms of appearance, the Onyx2 is noticeably quieter than the Max 2 when in use.

It has a more lifelike internal sleeve. The inner sleeves in both toys are comfortable and skin-like, allowing you to get in the mood quite easily. However, the Onyx2 comes with a superskin sleeve, which makes it feel significantly more life-like than the Max2.

It is more immersive, as the contracting rings of the Onyx2 combined with the stroking action heighten your sensory experience and simulate sex in real-time. On the other hand, the Max 2 only relies on vibrating and suction to elevate your pleasure.

Cons of both toys

Both the Max 2 and the Onyx2 are not waterproof and using them in the shower or bath water can damage them.

You might not reach orgasm by solely using either toy. Many customers, myself included, still need the help of their hands to orgasm using these toys.


Both the Max 2 and Onyx2 are high-quality male masturbators that can provoke pleasurable sensations even though their functioning is slightly different.

While the Onyx2 relies on stroking, the Max 2 vibrates and contracts on your member, so whatever you go for will entirely depend on the type of motion you prefer.

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