Lovense Dolce vs Flexer: Which One Is The Best?

The Lovense Dolce and Flexer are panty vibrators with many cutting-edge features that let you customize your intimate experiences with or without a partner. 

If you want to add some spice to your routine, then these vibrators may be just the thing to do it.

However, they have differences, so you should keep reading to find out more details.

I will cover the features, benefits, and why or why not they should be considered for your next sex toy purchase. 


dolce vs chorus vs flexer

The Lovense Dolce and the Flexer are dual-ended g-spot and clitoral stimulators with a similar design.

They both offer dual stimulation points and look quite similar upon an initial inspection. However, there are some features that make each unique. 

The Flexer has a more sleek and modern design with contours that help fit your body more efficiently.

It is smaller than the Dolce, making it slightly less bulky if you wear it under your clothes.

The edges of the Flexer are more prominent, whereas there is a lack of edges with the Dolce. 

The Dolce is slightly larger and more rounded when compared to the Flexer, and there are no contour lines on it like there are on the Flexer.

The Dolce is also a bit thinner and has less girth.

However, the silicone is almost the same as the Dolce and is designed to be comfortable when in contact with your sensitive areas. 

The Flexer is also better for people who want to wear the device in their panties in public or while moving around.

Sex Toys flexer comparison

It has less tendency to shift out of place or fall out of your underwear when you’re using it.

It is also a good idea to wear tight panties with both if you move around to keep them from falling out. 

Both products feature a soft, hot pink external silicone material that is comfortable for most user’s skin.

It’s worth mentioning that the Dolce has extra bumps and ridges to provide additional stimulation once you use it, but it may prove irritating to some if you grind the device hard against your body. 

The Flexer, however, can be moved to adjust to the user’s preferences once the external arm is turned on and doesn’t have as prominent bumps and ridges. 

The Dolce’s function buttons are also on the external arm for easy access, which is a handy design feature.

Another part of the design that I love is the flexibility of the center portion of the Dolce, which is one of the design features that makes it stand out from competitors. 

You can easily bend the device to hit precisely where you want.

You must be careful, however, because it does have limitations on the positions you can move it to without causing damage. 

The Winner

lovense lush vs dolce

The winner of the design has to go to the Dolce.

The Dolce and the Flexer both have a similar structure and appearance. However, I think the Dolce has a better overall design. 

The ridges of the Flexer don’t assist much with the sensation, and the bulkier design may hinder you from wearing the device in your panties.

The Dolce can also be adjusted to hit your clit and g-spot just right. 

Vibrations, Motion, and Sensations

The Flexer delivers a back-and-forth motion and vibrations to provide extra stimulation to the g-spot.

This movement is meant to feel like the movement of a finger inside the body that you can control manually or you can do it with the app.

However, the Flexer must be turned on to be adjusted, whereas the Dolce is flexible even when it’s not in use. Just be sure to take care of how you bend the Dolce. 

The Flexer offers three vibration options along with five patterns.

These patterns have different pulses that you can combine with the vibration intensity to create the stimulation that’s just right for you. 

When it comes to the vibration, I would have to say that the Dolce delivers more of a rumbly sensation.

dolce two motors control

The vibrations are slightly deeper than a typical vibrator and can be directed more precisely, thanks to the two motors built into each end to help create the stimulation you need to reach orgasm easily.

It seems like this would make this toy a slightly better fit for those who have trouble using vibrators that are intended to hit the G-spot. 

The Flexer, on the other hand, is also rumbly in terms of sensation, but that can change with the increase in speed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Flexer has powerful vibrations that you should experiment with first before using it. 

Many people may want to start off with the lowest settings or lowest vibration first to get used to it.

It’s best to increase it gradually to avoid any discomfort gradually. Eventually, you’ll learn which settings work best to start out.

Don’t let the power of the Flexer scare you off, though. It can be gentle, too.

The higher the power setting for vibrations, the more intense they are and less deep and pulsing.

dolce bigger weighs more

The Dolce also has pre-programmed vibration patterns that come with the device, which you can choose manually or through the app.

The Dolce’s vibrations are also pretty strong, so it’s best to begin at the lowest settings and work your way up to a higher setting until you know what works best.

The Dolce also allows you to use both ends separately or together to create isolated or all-over stimulation.

The overall vibrations and options to change patterns make it much like the Lush 3 toy offered by Lovense.

What really sets this toy apart from others, though, is the ability to adjust it to fit where you want it.

If you’ve ever wished for a toy that could be adjusted to hit or move where it feels best, then this might be what you’ve been searching for. 

The Winner 

Flexer comparison guide best choice

The winner in the vibration, motions, and sensation category goes to Flexer. The Flexer does a better job of providing good stimulation.

If you can adjust it to the perfect setting, it will get the job done quickly.

The fingering motion, along with the dual-motor control and various app and connectivity settings, make it an excellent choice. 


The noise level of a vibrating toy can be a big determining factor whether someone purchases it or not.

In terms of noise, the Dolce and the Flexer are comparable. Luckily, both toys are on the quieter side but have some slight differences.

The Flexer operates at around 70+ decibels, which is like background noise from traffic.

It isn’t completely silent, however, and if you intend on wearing it in public, I definitely won’t advise you to use it in a busy location because it can give you away. 

App-Controlled Dual Stimulation Panty Vibrator

The Dolce is slightly quieter, but it still produces 60+ decibels of sound, and, like the Flexer, I wouldn’t use it in a quiet place if you wear it in public.

If you plan to use it in the comfort of your home or your hotel room, you should be good unless your walls are very thin. Either way, they generate a lower-end noise level for a toy of this type. 

The Winner

The winner for the noise category is the Dolce. It has a slightly quieter sound, but the difference isn’t that much.

If you want to use these devices in public, be warned that you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation if it’s really quiet. 


There are different options and possibilities with these two sex toys that can include having a partner or using them solo.

For example, the Dolce is a good beginner model for couples who want to start experimenting with BDSM. 

lovense flexer vs dolce Quake

On the other hand, the Flexer isn’t really adapted for movement restriction or similar BDSM play.

There is always the possibility to fit it in with some creativity when it comes to using any toy, though, which is where some imagination may come in handy.

Both toys have ten pattern possibilities, but the Flexer features novel fingering motions to add to the stimulation in just the right spot.

If you plan to use your toy in public, you could technically use them both, but you’d want to stick with the Flexer for a better fit and to remain more discreet.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the Flexer vibrator has the best control range of their Bluetooth vibrators, according to their website. 

Of course, the Dolce can provide clitoral and g-spot stimulation that’s adequate for most users. However, the Flexer does a better job in terms of motion and consistency

The fact that both of these panty vibrators are supposed to be hands-free makes them appealing to people who are interested in using them while on the go; you’d want to take sensible precautions if this is your goal.

This is especially true of the larger Dolce. That is one area that gives the Flexer a real advantage. 

 Lovense Dolce like Lush

You’ll also be able to use your toys with a great degree of connectivity and compatibility.

This gives the user more opportunities to use their toy with their favorite electronic device, such as a PC.

However, you can also use them both while on the go with your phone or tablet when you want to be portable and discreet.

When it comes to the Lovense Dolce and the Flexer, they’re compatible with most iOS operating systems, such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. 

For Android, you can use it with Bluetooth for the 4.0 or later versions.

If you plan to use the Dolce or Flexer with the Windows PC, then you’ll need to have the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter. For Mac users, you can use it via Bluetooth 4.0. 

The Winner

The winner for the possibilities department is the Flexer.

This toy has a better range and lets the wearer use it more freely due to its smaller size.

Although both have the same connectivity and compatibility stats, the Flexer offers more overall possibilities than the Dolce. 


lovense dolce louder slipping out

If you’re looking for a dependable vibrator that delivers g-spot stimulation, the Dolce is probably your best bet.

I think it offers plenty of features and options that would make most users happy.

It gives you plenty of power and offers a good charge for longer sessions or multiple sessions.

You can also bend it to hit just where you need it, and it offers many custom settings and patterns.

If you want to learn more about Dolce, visit the Lovense website and check it out. 

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