Lovense Lapis Review: Read This Before You Buy

With increased interest in Lovense’s products, the company has added more than a couple of new designs in fall 2023 to its product line.

The Singapore-based sex toy manufacturer is offering a new double-ended flexible vibrator design to its lineup, called Lapis.

The popular double-sided design has been around for a while, and its impressive size and vibrating features, along with its interactivity with the always-popular Lovense app, makes it an obvious choice for women loving women who want a vibrating edge to their bedroom play and don’t care about taking their new toys to the streets.

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Introducing the Lovense Lapis

lovense lapis strapless strapon

Lovense Lapis is a brand-new strapless strap-on by the leader in teledildonic sex toys.

Like Lovense’s other products, it’s an exquisitely responsive, Bluetooth-enabled sex toy that has a best-in-class app controlling it and the amazing experience of being connected in an intimate way that you’ve never experienced before.

Like other Lovense toys, this is meant to be used with a lover. Unlike other Lovense toys, it’s meant for both lovers to be using the same toy at the same time, on different ends of it.

One of the best choices in the strapless strap-on part of the sex toy industry, Lovense Lapis adds one of the strongest reputations in the luxury sex toy segment to one of the most intriguing products of the 21st Century, giving you some real amazing choices for your pleasure and your partner’s.

If you have any problems with the Lapis, Lovense’s award-winning customer service should be able to put them to rights.

How Lovense came to the Strapless Strap-On

The new Lovense Lapis brings Lovense’s attention to detail and excellent build quality to the field of strapless strap-ons, which have been around since the Feeldoe was invented in 2000.

hands-free vibrating double-ended dildo

These characteristics make the Lovense Lapis one of the best possible choices for a couple looking for a strapless in order to change up their sex lives, and Lovense knows this, advertising it not only to lesbians but also to T4T couples and heterosexual couples looking to get a good introduction to anal sex for the man where the guesswork of pairing a harness and dildo is taken out.

When adjusting to the strap-on world, I’ve had to spend more than I wanted to find a toy that fit correctly into the harness I’d purchased, and getting the real thing that worked on the first try without messing around with the harness was a big relief.

With the Lapis, Lovense had a real winner.

Lovense has created a toy that for all of its power and responsiveness is incredibly light and easy to use, without undue amounts of setup.

If you’re in for a new experience from the leader in teledildonic sex toys, you’ll find your experience with Lovense Lapis a smooth, intuitive, and remarkably happy one.

What do I Get Out of the Lovense Lapis?

Insertable Bulb

Tip-activated flexible double-ended vibrating strapon

The insertable bulb of the Lapis includes Lovense’s trademark g-spot stimulation toy, making the Lapis effectively a fourth-generation Lush in that regard, along with the Vulse which was also introduced in fall 2023.

With its additional external part, including a power on-off button on the “heel” of the external part, the Lapis adds clitoral stimulation to Lovense’s highly praised G-spot functionality.

Because the Lapis is pretty large, with an external insertable length of nearly 5.5 inches (138mm), it’s probably not going to be anywhere near a toy that you can pack with you in your pants and play with all day.

External Dildo

But if you’re buying a toy like this, that probably doesn’t matter to you. The Lovense Lapis does what the Feeldoe absolutely tried to do 20 years ago, creating a system of pleasure second to none.

Feeldoe’s optional vibrators were near the base of the external portion, making the vibrations primarily for the penetrating partner, while the receiving partner was mainly getting their stimulation from the thrusting of the toy.

And for the original, this was the point. The external dildo of the Lovense Lapis adds the interactive functions that Lovense is famous for to the proven Feeldoe formula.

app-controlled vibrating dual-ended strap-on

If you’re the person receiving the external dildo, you’re going to be riding a vibrator powered by the same technology as other Lovense toys, which means there’s a really good chance that it’s going to be setting you up for some amazing g-spot sexy times.

If that’s what you’re looking for with your partner, you’re going to get exactly what you need from the Lovense Lapis. If it’s not, well, I’m not sure about that one.

I loved this from the first time I tried it out, and because it’s so new, I’ve barely explored the basic contours of what this toy can do, but it’s an exciting chance to get in on the ground floor of something brand-new and exciting.

How does it work?

Getting the Lovense Lapis is one of the simplest parts of the whole setup since it’s in high demand from being new to the world.

If you’re going to look for it, make sure that you go straight through Lovense’s website.

They’ll be able to handle your requirements, set the right tone for your experiences, and make your delivery a good one.

Lapis G-spot vibrator bendable flexible

Though there are stores on Amazon and other sites promising to deliver the Lapis, they might not have the real goods.

The other option available is to go through a local sex toy shop like Smitten Kitten (Minneapolis) or Good Vibrations, where you can examine the toys firsthand and talk to trusted sex toy experts about its operation.

When you first get your Lapis, you’re going to want to connect the magnetic power adapter through its USB connector to the wall outlet.

Any USB-powered toy needs to be powered up to a full charge, which will take, according to the website, no more than 105 minutes.

With that charge time, the Lapis gets 150 minutes of charge, two and a half hours. This is pretty remarkable for a toy with two high-powered vibrators.

Once you get the Lapis off of the charger, you can get it ready to go.

Inserting the g-spot bulb works the same as any other Lovense toy with a G-spot bulb.

It’s not tiny, so make sure to use plenty of lube and give yourself a lot of patience to adjust to it, but once it’s in, you can be assured it’s not coming out.

The power button on the base of the external portion means that you can turn it on and off without much trouble, but even more so than other Lovense toys, it’s dependent heavily on app control, with even the basic onboard controls of other Lovense toys being left off in favor of the more detailed, app-centric experience.

lightweight Strapless Strap-on

So, the first thing you’ll want to do once it’s ready to go is pair it to your phone.

The phone app’s functions are pretty straightforward – there are sliders and patterns, and the sliders can be used to create new patterns both pre-programmed and, on the fly, to create a truly endless sexual experience that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever had.

Beginner and veteran users alike have reported that they’ve had the best orgasms of their life using all kinds of Lovense products from the original rabbit vibrator Nora to the latest generations, and Lapis looks like it’s going to follow that up perfectly.

With the addition of Lapis to the product line, Lovense has almost every form of insertable sensation you could hope to ask for.

Frequently asked questions

Is Lapis Body-Safe?

One of the biggest concerns about sex toys in the last decade has been the idea of body-safety.

Toys can be, and often are, marketed for sex without any kind of concern for the safety of their material, which is a serious problem – “Jelly” materials are often porous and can’t be fully cleaned; they also will frequently break down into toxic chemicals that can invade and harm the body of the wearer over time.


Fortunately, Lovense has never used jelly materials and has been on the forefront of using body-safe, all-silicone rubber construction and phthalate-free plastic from their very first toys back in 2013.

You can use a Lovense toy, including Lapis, with the secure knowledge that everything that touches your skin is safe to be next to you.

How does Lapis differ from other toys in the same category?

Other strapless strap-ons like the original Feeldoe are simple non-connected or remote-controlled vibrators.

Exclusively using pre-programmed patterns, they’re an amazing option for sexual pleasure, but they’re not the customizable app-centric design that you can expect from Lovense, and their play options are relatively limited.

Lapis is also incredibly comfortable and light, which you would not normally expect from a toy that contains multiple powerful vibrators, 

How does Lapis differ from other Lovense toys?

Lovense Lapis Strapon Vibrator

Lapis is more like external toys from Lovense like Flexer or Ferri.

It’s a toy that’s going to make a great deal of noise rather than being near-noiseless like Lush or Vulse, and you’re not really going to be able to use it discreetly on the street, unless you want an inexplicable bulge in your pants.

If you do, however, you might have some use from a public play session with Lapis after all. But all in all, you’re probably going to want to stick to using Lapis only in the bedroom.

Not a problem, as the marketing materials for Lapis show that this is exactly what Lovense predicted.

How long does Lapis’s battery last, and what’s its water resistance rating?

Lovense Lapis’s battery lasts 150 minutes on a single charge. Its IPX water resistance rating is IPX7, so you should be able to use it in a shower or bath without any problem at all.

If you want to use it there, you’re going to be in great shape, and it’s going to last you and your lucky partner for over two hours, easily.

Lovense lapis Pegging Toy

What about Lovense’s warranty service?

Ever since they came into the business in 2010, Lovense have had best-in-class warranty service, with their products warranted against all material defects, and their technical support is also considered best-in-class, giving you a chance to make sure that your toy is supported, and your security is protected.

All customer service claims are handled with a primary eye toward your privacy, and Lovense has made great strides in their privacy protection since their 2022 data breach revealed some lax practices at the time.


  • Setting up a new experience in the well-established strapless strap-on market that originated in 2000 is a hard task, but one that Lovense was well suited for.
  • Lovense Lapis has one of the best batteries in the company’s history, with its two separate vibrators totaling two and a half hours of battery time between them.
  • Lovense’s app presents best-in-class sexual functionality between partners and with infinite patterns to choose from, you will never get bored.
  • IPX7 waterproofing means you can take your Lovense toy wherever you want to, and it’ll never get waterlogged or overexposed to the elements.
  • Price is very competitive considering the materials and electronics involved.
  • Lovense offers best-in-class technical support and greatly improved privacy.


  • Can’t take it in public without a considerable, noisy bulge in your pants.
  • If you’re looking for an onboard controllable experience, you’ll be looking elsewhere; Lapis’s controls on its own amount to an on-off switch.
  • Not a small piece internally. You will want to get very friendly with your lube bottle if you’re taking Lapis out for a spin on a regular basis.

Is it good?

If you love internal vibrations, and love sharing them with someone else, Lovense Lapis is going to be an essential addition to your toy box in the near future.

It’s comfortable to use, made with Lovense’s classically high standards in build quality, and has an exceptionally long battery life given that it includes a whopping three vibrator motors, usually a harbinger of battery life in the hour-or-less realm.

Lapis is an instant classic, and pretty much the ultimate modernized version of the classic Feeldoe architecture. Lovense most definitely has another hit on their hands.

➡️ Check the Price of the Lapis

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