Kiiroo Powerblow Review: The Interactive Suction Device

Men’s sex toys were revolutionized in 1998 when the Fleshlight, the first reusable silicone male masturbator, hit store shelves.

From that time on, men’s masturbation toys have gotten more sophisticated, but the mid-range ones still share the same general form factor: A squishy silicone sleeve that’s trapped in a flashlight-like (torch-like if you’re in the UK) cylinder, that’s placed over your cock and pulled in and out until you release into it.

What’s the Kiiroo PowerBlow?

Powerblow Kiiroo review testing

Add-ons to simple toys like the Fleshlight, and Kiiroo’s equivalent, the Feel series of masturbators, often disappoint, because the operation of the toy is so simple that just about anything that could get it away from that basic principle would be a strict step down.

But the Kiiroo PowerBlow, billed as a blowjob simulator, would be a simple option, and probably a strict upgrade for a Fleshlight-like toy.

The best options for a toy are the simplest.

The PowerBlow’s form factor is a simple knob that screws onto the top of a Kiiroo Feel toy and sucks.

The suction then makes the Feel toy’s squeezing tighter, and makes orgasms easier to reach, harder, and more fulfilling. Reaching orgasm faster and harder is the basic goal of any sex toy.

If PowerBlow works as advertised, it enhances the basic idea of pocket pussy or stroker like toys, making them more fun and easier to play with and handle.

It’s a great concept, and fascinatingly simple: A straight upgrade to an already popular toy.

But then, so was the Sega 32X, and that crashed and burned so hard that it almost destroyed the company…

How does it work?

best blowjob masturbator

Ok now that we’ve gone through some basic introduction and maybe planted a seed of doubt in your mind with that last paragraph, how does this thing work, and is it the 32X of sex toys?

The answer, fortunately, is no. The Kiiroo PowerBlow is, at its core, a suction device that pulls air out of the Feel stroker’s body, making it cling tighter to the user’s cock.

The device is simple in operation.

Even better, it can be operated either from controls on the toy or from the phone app, but if you’re masturbating it might be a little much to try to juggle a phone, a mouse, and the actual stroker.

Fortunately, the body controls are super simple to operate.

The basic configuration of a Fleshlight or RealStroker kind of toy has a small hole at the top with the access of the toy to air controlled by opening or partially closing the hole with a cap.

The more the hole is open, the more pressure equalizes with the outside environment and the looser the feeling of the toy is. It’s basic physics, which you probably paid minimal attention to in high school.

PowerBlow enhances this with more science, specifically the same kind of vent fans that are in your laptop.

So basically, you get some of that air continuously sucked out to maintain a partial vacuum inside the toy.

How to Attach?

PowerBlow interactive suction device

The PowerBlow attaches to the top of the Feel toy’s body with a rubber gasket that keeps the air it’s sucking out of the toy from leaking back in.

Nature abhors a vacuum, after all (which is why witches never ride Hoovers).

Once you have the gasket in place, there’s no way for the air to leak back in, which leads naturally to the controls of the toy.

What Does it Do?

Reusable pocket pussies like Fleshlight and FeelStroker normally come with a screw-on cap that creates a partial vacuum inside the toy.

Replacing that screw-on cap with the PowerBlow gives you access to higher partial vacuums inside, improving the feeling of suction that you get from the stroker’s skin.

In short, you can get harder, stay harder, and cum harder with PowerBlow attached than without it, unless you’re skilled at setting up the cap.

And let’s face it, nobody’s “really skilled” when they’re masturbating.

If you’re setting up your PowerBlow, there are two main options for operating it: You can operate it using the FeelConnect app on your phone, the same as any other Kiiroo toy (FeelConnect works for Kiiroo the same way the Lovense app does for Lovense toys), or you can operate it using the controls on the toy itself.

Kiiroo PowerBlow Masturbator Extension

For the PowerBlow, the toy controls make a good bit more sense than using the app.

As I said before, juggling three sets of controls to make your toy work while you’re also trying to watch your porn and just get off is a bit much.

Fortunately, the onboard controls are simple. The up button increases the pressure, the down button decreases it.

Once you let go of the control buttons, the suction tries to always keep the same pressure on the toy, letting a little air in when it rises too high and letting it back out when it comes back down.

So, you’re getting a consistent, strong blowjob from the toy without having to constantly fiddle.

Another thing you’re going to be happy to hear, since this is a toy made of ABS plastic, is that cleaning it is almost not required.

The RealFeel TPE material of the inside of the sleeve should collect all your bodily fluids.

You are hereby reminded that RealFeel TPE is porous and needs to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every play session and discarded if the texture starts to change or the toy starts to absorb off smells or discolored spots.

Make sure you turn the sleeve inside out every so often to check.

A friend of mine reused a Tenga cup a few times when he was in his 20s and got a nasty STD as a result. Don’t do that.

Green Means Go, Red Means Stop

PowerBlow FeelSensation Stroker Combo pack

The power indicator on the PowerBlow is one of the simplest parts of the toy, and anybody who’s ever sat at a stop light understands how it works.

The light starts at green from 100 to 90% power and as the power wanes in the battery, it turns first yellow, then orange, then red.

When the battery is red and flashing, it’s time to put it on the charger because it’s going to be out of power soon.

The simplicity and familiarity of the indicator is a huge bonus because when you’re really going, you probably aren’t really recognizing subtlety.

The nice thing about the simple indicator, then, is that it really doesn’t take anything to recognize what your toy is trying to tell you.

Really this is the case anyway – if the suction is losing strength with the same amount of input, it means you’re close to the end of your battery life.

But visual indicators are easier to interpret than context.

Just remember when you’re looking at your PowerBlow power indicator: “Green means stop, yellow means caution, orange means you’re pushing it, and red means stop.”

That simple rule will serve you just as well in the PowerBlow as on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for, anyway?

Kiiroo Powerblow Attachment

The PowerBlow is for anyone who wants to experiment with an automated blowjob machine (like Kiiroo’s own Keon or Fleshlight’s Launch series) but fear the three-digit price tag on either of those devices.

It doesn’t have the same features as one of the other devices, but it absolutely has some magic to impart to your nether regions and can leave you feeling very satisfied.

So basically, it’s for (most) cisgender men and (some) pre- or non-op transgender women.

Who Isn’t this for?

Apart from the obvious (anyone who doesn’t have a penis), the PowerBlow isn’t for someone who’s already decided that a higher-end toy is the right thing for them.

With that said, PowerBlow is perfectly compatible with both Keon and the first-generation Fleshlight Launch.

It’s also not for someone who doesn’t care to use their hands to get a blowjob feeling, so if that makes you feel weird, be warned.

Of course, if it makes you feel weird, you’re probably not using a stroker in the first place.

What are the rules of the road with the PowerBlow?

Turns Stroker Blowjob Machine

Not much, other than paying attention to what your junk is telling you about the suction you’re putting it through. If things start to feel painful, back off, don’t try powering through.

That, dear children, is how you get an embolism, and those can kill you, or at least your dick. Don’t risk tissue necrosis just because you think you should be able to go a little further.

Which toys is PowerBlow compatible with?

It was originally designed to be compatible with FeelVictoria Mouth, FeelKayley, and FeelTanya.

But since it was made, every subsequent Feel stroker is compatible with it, so feel free to try it with any Feel stroker you have lying around. If it doesn’t work, well you tried.

Otherwise, great, have fun! Any toy it’s attached to is compatible with the Keon, so PowerBlow is also, by extension, compatible with the Keon.

That means you can combine both of Kiiroo’s powered toys for twice the orgasmic fun.

How does it charge?

suction device screw top mechanism

One of my biggest complaints about PowerBlow’s sister device, Keon, is its continued use of the antiquated USB-A/Micro USB charger type for power and charging, along with the fact that it can’t be used while it’s charging.

While PowerBlow still can’t be used while it’s charging (a necessary evil, given its form factor), with the PowerBlow device, you can at least charge it with USB-C, which is a much sturdier charger type, and less prone to be accidentally damaged when you try to jam it in wrong side up.

Hopefully this is a sign that Keon will soon be re-released with a USB-C connection replacing the ancient and slow Micro USB-A.

What comes in the package?

Kiiroo PowerBlow comes with the following items packaged in its surprisingly small box:

  • Kiiroo PowerBlow
  • USB-C charge cable
  • One absorbent foam replacement
  • Quickstart manual
cumshot fleshlight kiiroo pocket pussy

PowerBlow has a battery life of 3 hours before it needs to be recharged, making it one of Kiiroo’s longer-lived electrical toys.

Kiiroo PowerBlow weighs in at .44 pound (about 1/5 of a kilogram), with a height of 2.8 inches and a diameter of 2.4 inches. It represents a modest knob that goes on top of a Feel stroker.

It increases its height by a relatively insignificant amount, but it might make it look a little bit less like a generic flashlight.


  • Compact.
  • Works well.
  • Compatible with Keon, giving you multiple dimensions of sex toy from the same device.
  • Much less expensive than things like the Keon, giving you a chance to sample an automatic blowjob before taking the plunge.
  • Much easier than arranging a blowjob if your joyfriend doesn’t care for oral.
  • A decent battery life of 3 hours will go well beyond your average stroke session with a device like this.
  • Doesn’t really get dirty, your bodily fluids should stay inside the stroker unless you’re hung like Long Dong Silver.
  • A nice upgrade for the Keon Feel stroker series.
  • The Quickstart manual really doesn’t BS you. It tells you the minimum of things that you need to know to get it going and doesn’t bother with anything else.
  • The build quality is solid, no rattles or odd sounds coming from it at all.
  • More reliable than your ex.


  • Needs to be removed from your stroker so you can clean it.
  • Not compatible with every Feel stroker, some of the earlier ones are a problem for it for unspecified reasons. You can give it a try, but if it doesn’t work, don’t fret too much about it.
  • If you already know you want a full-up masturbator or sex machine, this might be an unsatisfying step between a stroker cup and the actual masturbation machine that you’re really fantasizing about.
  • Um… doesn’t work without power.

What we think about it

By the very lopsided list of pros and cons, it should be clear that we think the Kiiroo PowerBlow is a good buy if you have a penis and are already bought into the Kiiroo sex device ecosystem.

It’s a cost-effective, pleasure-effective add-on to your Kiiroo stroker collection, and the minor downsides listed here really are not enough to recommend against buying the PowerBlow.

Plus, the inherent compatibility with Keon (you can even put the stroker into the Keon with the PowerBlow already attached) makes it an attractive buy for anyone thinking about Keon.

There’s just no reason, if you’ve got Kiiroo toys lying around, not to buy the PowerBlow to enhance them. Treat yourself.

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