How to Massage Your Prostate for Pleasure and Health Benefits?

Very few men if any, would openly talk about how to massage your prostate. To most men, such talks are a taboo that should never reach the discussion table.

In truth, however, many of these guys are either suffering or likely to suffer from one or more prostate diseases.

Fortunately, there are practical ways of keeping the prostate healthy and disease free. One such method is by massaging the prostate.

When it comes to prostate massage, you have the option of either seeking medical help or doing it yourself. But getting a competent prostate massage specialist can, at times, prove daunting.

Besides, even when you get one, the prostate therapy procedure is highly invasive and embarrassing.

For obvious reasons such as privacy invasion and associated medical costs, therefore, self-prostate massages have become quite popular among men.

What is prostate massage?

It is a process where you or someone else inserts a lubricated, gloved finger or probe into your anus and gently presses on, or rubs your prostate for a few minutes.

Even though the process is invasive and uncomfortable, it is rarely painful, unless you have pronounced prostate enlargement or inflammation.

The exercise is also sexually stimulating. The massage therapy can either be:

  • External prostate massage
  • Internal massage
  • Prostate exercises

The external prostate massage involves the application of direct pressure and gentle rubbing of the male G-spot also known as perineum using the fingers or soft pads.

An internal prostate massage, on the other hand, is perhaps the most common. It involves inserting a finger or probe through the rectum to rub the prostate.

Lastly, we have the prostate exercises which is all about stimulating the prostate through physical exercises such as kegel.

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Why should you consider prostate massage? Benefits of Prostate massage

Even though the prostate is a tiny walnut-sized organ, it can cause serious health problems.

Studies reveal that a majority of male-related ailments and sexual health conditions are related to the state of the prostate.

Prostate gland stimulation, therefore, plays various beneficial roles. These include:

Helps to overcome impotence in men

Many men struggle with infertility. Surprisingly, by massaging the prostate, you can overcome this old age problem.

That is because prostate massages not only stimulates the seminal-fluid flow but also boosts its circulation.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Another problematic condition for men is erectile dysfunction. It not only makes men feel inadequate, but it is a common cause of broken relationships.

Many men suffering from ED also undergo plenty of emotional and psychological torture. The good news is that through prostate massage therapy and stimulation, it is possible to treat ED.

Eliminates painful ejaculation

At times due to UTI’s, illness, or improper use of sex toys such as cock rings, the reproductive system might get fluid blockages.

As a result, you will experience pain or discomfort when you ejaculate. Here too, prostate massage therapy will prove useful.

Regular massage and stimulation of the prostate help to ease the fluid blockages and even result in “explosion-like” ejaculation.

Restores normal urine flow

Because the prostate surrounds the urethra, an enlargement or inflammation of the prostate is likely to affect or even cut off the flow of urine.

But through a prostate massage treatment, normal urine flow can resume since the therapy helps to reduce and even eliminate the inflation.

Treats prostatitis

Prostate massage also helps to manage a variety of health conditions such as prostate enlargements, prostatitis, pain and swelling of the prostate gland.

It does so by stimulating the flow of blood to the swollen areas, which in turn helps to reduce the swelling.

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How to massage your prostate

A prostate massage not only offers health benefits, but it can be sexually pleasing as well. If you do it correctly with a loved one, it can also be a pretty intimate and rewarding experience.

The following are the ideal steps for carrying out a sexually satisfying prostate massage.

1. Clean up

The first thing you should do before you start massaging your prostate is to clean up.

For starters, make sure that your fingernails are clean, short and smooth, to avoid damaging the latex gloves, condom, or tearing into your flesh.

2. Empty your bowel

Remember the massage involves inserting a probe, a prostate massager, or your finger into your anus. You should, therefore, have a bowel movement to keep your rectum empty.

After relieving yourself, you should have a long hot shower to clean up your body. If possible, use a bath to help relax your pelvic muscles.

3. Lie down on your back

Get onto a comfy surface, preferably on your bed and place a towel to cover the beddings. You should then lie down on your back.

Ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed before progressing to the next step.

4. Prepare you probe

For you to conduct the internal prostate massage successfully, you need a probing tool. It can be your middle finger, a rounded tipped smooth dildo, or prostate massager.

When using your finger, wear a pair of latex gloves or a condom, and then apply a generous amount of lubricant over your anus and choice of probe.

That is the dildo, prostate massage or gloved finger.

5. Get your anus to relax

Ordinarily, the anal muscles are very tight. If you want an effective and sexually enjoyable prostate massage therapy, therefore, your body must be relaxed.

Use the middle finger to administer gentle pressure against your anus. After which, you should rotate the finger in tiny circular motions. Do not be in a rush at this stage.

Simply go with the flow and savor the pleasure. Eventually, your body muscle will loosen up and become more relaxed.

6. Insert your probe

As your body and anal muscles begin to relax, gently start inserting your finger or probing tool into your anus. If you are using your finger, let the finger face forward, and upwards towards the prostate gland.

Keep moving your finger gently back and forth until you find a natural point of entry, through which your finger will slide an inch or two inside your body.

Once your finger gets in, you will experience an intense sensation that will make your penis twitch or even achieve a mild erection.

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7. Take a few breaths

Since having a probe in your anus is an unusual feeling, your body might begin to stiffen. You, therefore, need to take a few slow breathes to restore your body back to its original carefree state.

When you feel at ease, gently squeeze your sphincter muscles. Doing so will enable you finger or probing device to go deeper.

8. Contact and massage the prostate

Gently press your finger or device upwards in the direction of your navel and slowly keep reaching out until you touch the prostate.

At the same time, you should start doing the kegel squeeze routine to retain the massaging motion in progress.

Once you feel the prostate, start moving your finger in a back and forth motion, as if you are beckoning a person in front of you.

Make sure the movements are slow, and gentle to avoid damaging the prostate tissues.

9. Enjoy the feeling

As you keep up with the slow and gentle rubbing of the prostate gland, and the kegel routines, your erectile nerves, which help the swelling and hardening of the penis, will become stimulated.

Keep rubbing the prostate in various time intervals, with breaks in between.

For starters, you could massage the glands for about five minutes, then ten, and eventually fifteen minutes.

10. Remove your finger

Once you reach your maximum build-up time, which in our case is fifteen minutes, you need to remove your finger or whatever probing device you used.

You then need to dispose of the latex gloves or condom and wash your hands with warm soapy water.


Even though massaging the prostate might seem like a long-winded process, it is straightforward.

All you need is a little practice and you will be ready to enjoy some of the most stimulation and health benefiting anal stimulation ever.



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