What are Ben Wa Balls and How to Use them? (Beginner’s Guide)

If you are a sex toy lover, most likely you might have heard of the Ben Wa Balls.

These beauties have been around for eons, and thanks to their proven ability to strengthen vaginal muscle and enhance sexual pleasure, they have become a sensation among sex pleasure seekers.

But just what are Ben Wa Balls?

They are a set of small, rounded, marble-like, vaginal exercise weights that a woman inserts in her vagina.

They help to strengthen both the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, to build up sexual stimulation, and make the woman incredibly aroused.

At times, the arousal can be so intense that it can result in orgasms.

The Ben Wa Balls go by different names like Kegel balls, Venus balls, Geisha balls, Pleasure balls, Duotone balls, Orgasms balls, and jiggle balls.

Moreover, they exist in an assortment of sizes and weights to make it easy for the wearer to contract and relax different muscles.

The conventional balls types include the light weighted, weighted, adjustable weights, corded, and the cordless variety.

Not so long ago, the typical Ben Wa Balls comprised of marble-sized metal balls, filled with mercury.

Over time, however, the toys have undergone significant changes, and they come in a wide array of materials that include metal, latex, plastic, jade, glass, and even remote-controlled vibrating Orgasm balls.

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Who should use them?

A well-kept secret to having a delightful sexual experience lies in how well you can flex the kegel muscle. These balls are therefore perfect for;

  1. Anyone who wishes to strengthen the vaginal muscles to experience gratifying orgasms.
  2. Lovers who want to make the sexual encounter adventurous. The sensation caused by the balls inside your vagina will make the man’s penis stimulated, leaving both of you delighted and incredibly satisfied.
  3. Mature women who have started to lose bowel and urinary control.

Even though these sex toys are helpful to many women, it is prudent to first check with your doctor to ascertain whether you should use them.

Especially if you are pregnant, recuperating from childbirth, using a menstrual cup, or recovering after gynecological surgery.

Benefits of using the Ben Wa Balls?

  1. They increase sexual pleasure and improve sex
  2. They promote rhythmic contraction during sexual orgasms
  3. Adds an erotic sensation to both the penis and vagina during intercourse
  4. Helps to enhance urine and bowel control by strengthening the vaginal muscles
  5. Boosts sexual stimulation and clitoral erection

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How to use Ben Wa Balls

1. Select the right ben wa balls for you

Even though using the balls is relatively easy, they need a little getting used to. Hence, you should first determine which orgasms balls is ideal for you.

For instance, if you are a newbie, it is best if you opt for the wide, light-weighted and corded variety, which are easy to hold and use.

An excellent pick, in this case, would be the Duotone balls. However, if you are an experienced user, anything within the small-sized, weighted, cordless balls range will suffice.

2. Prepare the balls

After identifying the right set for you, you need to prepare them for use. Bearing in mind that the balls go into a sensitive part of your body, observing maximum hygiene is of the essence.

Use heated water and antibacterial soap to wash both your hands and the balls.

After which, you need to apply onto the balls a generous amount of lube (water-based) to make their insertion a breeze.

3. Insert the balls

Once your balls are ready, you should apply the water-based lube onto your vagina, and then lie down in a comfortable position, preferably eagle spread.

When you feel relaxed enough, you should gently insert the first Ben Wa Ball in your vagina.

Depending on the type of Ben Wa Ball set that you bought, the balls should be connected to one another by either a tiny plastic or a string.

Make sure you also tuck the strand or plastic into your vagina, before moving on to the second ball.

You then need to push these balls as far as possible into your vagina. If you have the corded balls, only leave the removal loop outside the vagina.

Even though having the balls inside your body feels distinctive to different women, it seems more or less like a tampon.

If you are worried that the balls will get lost inside your body, don’t. They cannot go beyond the cervix.

Just tighten up your pelvic floor muscles to secure the balls in your vagina. Nevertheless, do not push the balls into positions that create discomfort.

Once the balls are in a comfortable location, you can go about your daily chores. As you move around, the balls will slightly jiggle inside your body to create that sexually stimulating sensation.

The tingly feeling often intensifies as you walk, bend, reach up to something, or have sex. In case you feel like having sex, you do not need to remove the toy.

The balls especially the cordless type are perfect for various stimulating sexual encounters, including penile sex.

If you feel like the balls are falling out, squeezing your vaginal muscles will help push the balls deeper into your body.

The squeezing exercise also acts as a perfect workout for your PC and vaginal muscles.

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4. Wearing the Ben Wa Balls

Once the balls are in your body, what you do next depends largely on why you needed the sex toy in the first place.

For instance, if your sole purpose was to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, then doing targeted exercises such as kegel routines might be ideal.

But if you seek sexual gratification be it solo or with a partner, leaving the balls in your body to stimulate your clitoris will do the trick.

You can wear the balls for up to six hours, and in any location you wish, be it outside or while you are in the house.

However, note that the more movement you make, the intense the jiggle will be.

For this reason, if you are a newbie, it is sensible to wear the balls when doing natural position activities such as laying down, sitting, and standing, before moving to difficult positions such as doing squats.

5. Removing the Balls

To remove the balls, lie down in a comfortable position and apply lube on to your vagina’s opening. If you had the corded type, gently pull the removal string till the balls slide out.

But if yours are cordless or separated variety, stand upright with your feet slightly apart.

Then bend your knees slightly as if you are squatting, and push the balls out by squeezing your vaginal muscles.

6. Cleaning the balls

Always keep the balls clean to prevent infections. Run the set in warm water, and wash them thoroughly using antibacterial soap, before rinsing them off in warm soapy water.

After which, you should wipe them dry using a clean hand or face towel, and then carefully store them away


For those asking “what are ben balls?” or “how to use ben wa balls?”, it is evident that they are the perfect sex toys for working out the vaginal muscles.

As you continue using them, you will begin to notice improved vaginal strength, increased sexual pleasure, and your orgasms will become more intense.

You will also see significant improvements in your urinary and bowel control.



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