Svakom Phoenix Neo Review: Is it Worth the Price?

It took me some research to decide which adult toy to buy, which could fulfill my sexual interests and my partner’s. I love pleasure and finding one that completes my sexual profile was difficult.

However, the evolution of technology has reached overwhelming levels and Svakom’s Phoenix Neo is a product I appreciate.

Svakom has created an adult toy that quickly adapts to the needs of modern women, who adore pleasure, judging from the design.

It is an app-based adult toy that integrates modern technology and traditional appeal, which have revolutionized my fantasies.

I have owned the Neo for a while, and here is a firsthand review on why I feel it is a good buy.

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The Design

svakom connexion series phoenix NEO

Take it from me when I say that there are many vibrators out there, but a good deal falls short of what the Neo can achieve.

So far, I am impressed with the design, packaging, and accessibility, which make a significant difference from competitors.

Svakom fitted the device with rumbling motors of various sizes at both ends, complete with a distinct head and tail.

I find the shape of the head extremely useful because, for the first time, I can reach simultaneous targets when pleasuring.

From a fair distance, the bright red Phoenix Neo falls short of an S designed distinctly to reach and stimulate the depths of the G-spot. The S design also does not discriminate and my partner can use the device to stimulate his prostate.

The flawless 3D design at each end gives the device a 360-degree angle. The design is a plus for women who struggle to reach their G-spot. 360 degrees is a large enough angle to hit all points.

For me, it is easy to stimulate the G-spot, but for first-timers, the large angle can be a plus.

Phoenix is bold, not just from the bright colors it has, but from the sturdiness created by the silicone material atop metal electronics. It feels premium and is not too heavy in my hands.

Svakom’s design team has created the phoenix Neo with distinct sides that serve a significant purpose. One end of the Neo is large, about 4″, which I find convenient for anal stimulation.

I also feel that the design team shortened the other end deliberately, less than 3”, to help it enter the most intimate places for precise stimulation.


svakom connexion phoenix neo controlled

I have had some bad experiences when buying vibrators in the past. A while ago, I bought one that was too small to have any impact when I used it.

I feel that manufacturers should label the sizes alongside human body size. Women have different body needs, and this should be reflected on the product’s website and packaging.

That said, I am not a large person, so standard sizes are often a perfect fit. With the Neo, I was lucky to hit the right tones when it came to size. For larger women, the device might be too small.

Here are some of the Neo’s specifications that I find useful for making a buying decision:


The Neo stands at about 75g. It is the lightest I have owned so far, the ones I have owned previously stood at 175g.

The lightweight comes in handy for extended periods of pleasure, and the moments I multitask, especially during intimate video calls with my partner.

However, for those who love extreme modes, and those who have used heavier vibrators, the weight might not do it. I wish the Neo could come with other heavier versions.


svakom phoenix neo bullet VIBRATOR

Svakom Phoenix Neo is a work of art, evidenced by the way the buttons are camouflaged with the device. So far, I have counted three buttons with an included visual display, which makes it perfect for night use.

The power button is oddly specific, though, with two zigzag lines running parallel to each other. The lines block out the LED to create a zigzag beam.

How to Integrate Svakoms’s App with the Phoenix Neo

I owned adult toys before apps were a thing, so the Phoenix Neo app surprised me when I first tried it. It is designed with easy-to-use configurations when connecting with an iPhone.

From the first time I used the app, I counted several buttons. The feature that gets me the most is the vibration configuration button with eleven different settings.

I can hit the high nodes gradually when tuning up the pleasure settings until I reach the eleventh for maximum excitement.

The Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu has several buttons to add intensity and change vibration modes. A pause button is available, which I use during short breaks.

Changing the vibration pattern is a simple click of an S button that is easily reachable in the app UI.

Music Mode

svakom phoenix neo interactive app

The music mode synchronizes with other music apps on the iPhone; it allows me to pick the most romantic sounds to spruce up the mood.

The Svakom app’s music function has an inbuilt recorder, which is a plus when my partner is away. I have not recorded their voices yet, but I have trailed the feature with my voice.

The recording feature clears any distortions by picking out the correct nodes with razor-sharp perfection that might bring the partner home while away.

Web Connectivity Mode

I tend to get lonely when my partner is away, but I find the webcam interactive feature that comes with the Neo enjoyable. It is as if it brings my partner to where I am.

I have no worries about connecting to him even though he uses an android.

While I can use the FeelConnect 3 app from the app store, he often connects to me via an android client that works as well as the iPhone app.

I have genuinely never noted a lag from his side, nor has he complained of issues on my side while we are teasing each other.

That said, we connect via Bluetooth when he is close by, say 10-15 meters apart. However, when far away, we often use Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity.

Regardless of distance, my partner has access to all the vibration modes—11 in total.

From what I have observed so far, the local and distant connections work well. I often let him take control, which makes things interesting because pleasuring feels a notch higher when he is in charge.


Furthermore, I am not into Only Fans and the likes, nor do I perform for audiences online, but I have once bumped into Neo’s video interactive feature that lets the fans take control.

I have tried it with my guy, and I find it formidable to give those unforgettable performances.

The connection is perfect, do not get me wrong, but for long-distance purposes, it might present some complications for newbies.

I feel that the connection, from the Neo to my phone, then to my partner’s phone, needs a little tweaking to make it easier to use.

How Does the Svakom Phoenix Neo Work?

  1. Svakom uses illuminated buttons that control power, vibration modes, and visuals.
  2. The device turns on by pressing and holding the power button.
  3. Before first use, it is important to charge the device.
  4. The tool will begin vibrating after holding the power button for a while.
  5. The switch button helps find the correct vibration mode that fits any mood.

Material and Care

Svakom designers coated the phoenix with a special body-safe silicone, common in many other tools I have used before. I have not had any injuries so far, even in aggressive vibrating modes.

The surface has a special waterproofing coating and can withstand a considerable depth of water, for up to 30 minutes. I have found this appealing when cleaning the device.

interactive app controlled vibrator RED

I do not use lubricants, but I find that water-based lubricants are the best for use with the design. Though I find them unnecessary, I recommend them for those with dry skin.

In my normal cleaning routine, I use soap and water in the bathroom sink to clean the device. Before storage, I make sure to dry it. It is important to do this to avoid infections.

Adult devices are a sanctuary; mostly I try to keep them away from other people. My best storage location is the little pouch bought with the device in the packaging, which I place safely somewhere in the drawer beside my bed.

Pros and Cons of the Phoenix Neo


  • It uses rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • It comes with a special pouch for easy storage after use.
  • The device is waterproof.
  • Special silicone covering the material reduces the chances of harm.
  • The device connects with a special app to spice up long-distance relationships.
  • It comes with many modes for better body stimulation.
  • Easy to use straight out of the box


  • The app has a long learning curve
  • Phoenix Neo takes over an hour to charge
  • Not easy to set up distance connections with a partner

FAQ about the Svakom Phoenix Neo

What Should I Do When The Phoenix Neo Malfunctions?

Phoenix Neo has a soft silicone coating, which makes it safe for heavy use. Pressing the power button shuts the motor during a mechanical error.

How Long Does The Phoenix Neo Last After A Full Charge?

svakom phoenic neo wearable vibrator

Battery usage depends on the mode. The high-intensity mode will consume more power. On the other hand, the web mode also takes a toll on the battery.

Does The Phoenix Neo Require AAA Batteries?

No. The device comes with an inbuilt 300-mAh lithium-ion battery. It also has a special USB cable included in the box for fast charge. Charge the device as soon as it goes below the 10% mark.

Can My Partner Use The Phoenix Neo?

Yes. Partners can share the device. But it is essential to wash the device with soap before using it again after sharing. It is best to have multiple devices for both partners.

Is The Phoenix Neo App Compatible With My iPhone?

Yes. The app connects with an Android or an iPhone. In addition, the device does not require special software for distant connections.

What Happens When I Get A Faulty Phoenix Neo?

The Phoenix Neo like other electronics comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Svakom’s website is the first place to visit for reporting defects.

Usually, the team responds with information about making returns or repairs.

What Do I Need To Care For My Phoenix Neo?

Normal soap and water can help keep the device clean. A silicon-cloth cleaner can also do the trick.

best adult toys svakom vibrator


I have used the Phoenix Neo for a while; it resembles a typical vibrator but delivers exceedingly well. When I hold the vibrator with both hands, then apply some inward force to it, it bends.

The sturdy material, made primarily from silicon with some metallic electronics within, shows the high level of ingenuity at Svakom.

However, the device has some shortcomings that I have overcome so far. Overall, it is a device recommended for pleasure and will have a positive impact on your sex life.

Reach Svakom on their website for delivery queries and other inquiries.

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