MysteryVibe Molto Review: A P-Spot Vibrator Worth Trying?

Suppose you’re looking to experience a powerful climax. You may want to look into the MysteryVibe Molto, as it has prostate stimulation.

The device is advertised as being the world’s first bendable and ultra-slim prostate vibrator.

So, if you want to spice up your sex life or have more fun during solo play, you may be interested to know if the Molto lives up to the hype.

I’ll be able to review the device so you can see what all the talk is about. Some of its main features sound too good to be true.

However, I’m going to put those to the test and also review everything Molto has to offer.

The Dirty Little Secrets of the MysteryVibe Molto…

mysteryvibe Ultra Slim Prostate Massager

The Molto is MysteryVibe’s first p-spot stimulator, which sets it apart from other releases.

It is designed to provide different stimulation from other male devices, such as the Tenuto 2 and Crescendo 2.

The curved design has precisely placed motors to help stimulate the prostate.

Aside from that, they’ve also included an ultra-slim design with a much broader base making it compact and portable.

Below, I’ll explain the main features and benefits of the Molto.

P-Spot Stimulation

The Molto is designed to bend and hit the prostate. With a precisely placed motor, the vibrations travel and stimulate the p-spot, giving extreme pleasure.

This can add to the experience if you’re having intercourse with a partner or with solo play.

The vibrations also travel down the anus and provide an incredible sensation that enhances the overall experience.

Not only do the vibrations stay strong and stimulate the surroundings, but it also focuses on males keeping an erection.

Soft Body-Safe Silicone Material


The Molto also includes body-safe silicone, soft to the touch, and antibacterial. If you’re looking to use lube or water-based products, then the vibrator won’t break down.

The safe non-porous material also prevents any substances from sticking to the device.

This prevents infections and helps eliminate bacteria when you wash the device. Plus, all bacteria easily clean off with a few easy wipes.

It’s perfect for those who want to spend only a short time standing and cleaning after a long session.

Waterproof Design

Using a unique waterproof powder, the device is coated. It prevents any liquids from entering the device and ruining the motor.

Even the tiny charging port is protected and won’t get damaged if submerged in water.

This makes the device safe for shower sex, baths, or other kinky activities with liquid substances.

The waterproof design is also suitable for preventing lube from damaging the device.

With anal play, it’s very important that you use enough lubricant. So, you can rest assured that you can use as much as you like without damaging the device or motor.

Multiple Settings

 vibrator perfect size soft bendable

MysteryVibe is very good at including multiple settings, patterns, and intensities. The Molto comes with a few presets that are standard for most vibrators.

This has eight preset vibrations, 16 different intensities, and the ability to customize your experience via the app.

Some slower settings are mild enough for beginners if they need help knowing where to start.

However, the intense settings enable those more experienced to enjoy the device still. So, you’ll have a lot of variety when it comes to stimulation.

The different patterns cycle through steady pulsations, delayed or designed to be random.

Personally, the random setting is the best for those who want surprising stimulation that helps them get there.

However, the steady and slower pulsations may be good for edging or for those who are beginners.

Small & Discrete Design

The Molto is the perfect to-go p-spot vibrator if you want to take it with you.

It features a small design that is both compact and slim. This allows you to fold it up and take it with you without anyone noticing what it is. 

Mysteryvibe Molto Ultra-Slim Prostate Vibrator

Design-wise, the Molto has a slim shaft and a large base. This makes the buttons easily accessible in any position.

Aside from that, the base isn’t too big, but it feels bulky when you store it away. So, it’s the perfect medium for travel and discrete fun.

MysteryVibe App

The MysteryVibe app is a must-have for any of their products. The Molto is no exception and benefits from the use of the app.

You’ll need to head to the Google Play or Apple store to download the app. Once downloaded, you will be able to sync your device.

Once your device is connected via Bluetooth, you can control the settings. The app allows all users to create and save custom-made modes.

This means you can tamper with the intensity, pattern, etc., and find one to your liking. The app also gives the ability to swap through preset settings as well.

The app also enables hands-free play and is perfect if you go solo. However, you can also give the controls to your partner for a more intense and kinky night.

ergonomic wearable smart vibrator men

This means you can also allow your partner to control the device via long-distance.

No matter what, the MysteryVibe app is a must-have if you want to explore all of the Molto’s capabilities.

How Does It Work?

MysteryVibe ships all their orders in discrete packaging, which can help if you live with others or don’t want the mail carrier to know what you’re buying.

With the Molto being a new sex toy, the first orders may take a week or more to get to where you live. Once you get the Molto, you can do the following.

Step 1: Open the Box

The box will include the Molto box and quick start guide. It also contains the charging USB cable and user guide.

You will need to read the quick setup guide, which will walk you through all the steps and how to power on and control the device.

I recommend you read through everything, especially if you’re a beginner as the guides walk you through the settings and controls.

Step 2: Charge the Device

award-winning body-adaptable smart vibrator

Plug the USB side into a wall outlet with a USB charging port or your computer’s USB port.

Take the other end of the charging cable and plug it into the small dot at the bottom of the device.

From there, allow the device to charge for at least one hour. Once fully charged, the device can last up to one hour.

Step 3: Power On the Molto

Next, hold down the “>” button for a few seconds to turn on the Molto.

The power button also functions as the pattern setting change button. You can also control the device via your phone through the MysteryVibe app.

Step 4: Browse the Settings

Browse through the different patterns by clicking the “< “and”>” buttons. If you want to ramp up the intensity, you can use the “-” and “+” buttons.

I suggest reading the manual for a rundown of this massager’s wonderful settings. If you want more customized settings, then we recommend using the MysteryVibe app.

Step 5: Bend the Molto

molto first bendable prostate vibrator

Before using the Molto, you must contour the device to your body. An easy way to accomplish this is by bending it with your hand.

The soft silicone material is flexible and will stay in place once it’s bent in a particular position. Once bent, the Molto will stimulate your p-spot.

Step 6: Download the App

You must download the MysteryVibe app if you want to use specific modes. It’s available on the Google Play store and on the Apple store.

The app is perfect for using advanced settings, such as customizing patterns and intensities.

Step 7: Test It Out!

Once you have the settings you like, all you need to do is test it out! Lubing up and taking it slow is the best way to use it.

After inserting it, you can adjust the app’s settings for the most pleasurable experience.

However, if you’re a seasoned user you can skip right to the customized settings.

This will give you more pleasure and can help increase blood flow to have a long-lasting session with a partner.

stimulate p-spot anal orgasms

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Molto come with a warranty?

MysteryVibe believes quality is king, which means all their products are backed by a 24-month warranty.

The Molto is covered for two years by a manufacturer’s warranty. You won’t be able to purchase extra warranties.

However, the warranty covers many malfunctions and defects for the Molto. The warranty does not cover damages or malfunctions due to a mistake by the user.

Is Molto suitable for couples play?

The Molto is designed for p-spot stimulation whether you’re doing it alone or with a partner.

Specifically, the Molto is perfect for couple play as the flexible neck is designed so you can position it while enjoying intercourse with a partner.

Plus, the app allows for kinky foreplay when you let your partner control the device.

What situations does Molto help with?

PROSTATE massage relief pain pressure

MysteryVibe goes above and beyond to help create sex toys that provide both stimulation and health benefits.

All products are designed and clinically tested to ensure that the claims are proven to show results and work.

The Molto is clinically designed to help with a handful of different conditions and treatments, some include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate health
  • Urine flow
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  • Alternative to oral treatment

How long does the battery last on one full charge?

The Molto’s battery lasts a minimum of one hour, depending on your settings. So, it could be better for long sessions.

You’ll have to charge it after each use, which is sometimes a hassle. However, it charges within an hour, which enables you to use it quickly again.

Do you have to download the MysteryVibe app to use the Molto?

No, you don’t need the MysteryVibe app because the Molto has button controls located on the base of the device.


The app adds more extensive features that wouldn’t be accessible without it.

Some of those being uniquely linked to only the app. However, it’s unnecessary unless you want the extra features and controls.


  • Waterproof  coating
  • Powerful motor
  • Increases blood flow
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable experience


  • Short battery life
doctor recommended prostate vibrator


Suppose you’re looking for a prostate massager that doubles as a solo or couple-sex toy. In that case, you’ll definitely enjoy the Molto.

It features a unique design that is perfect for beginners who are too timid to try bigger toys.

However, the vibrator also includes intense patterns and vibrations that seasoned sex toy users will still enjoy.

Overall, the Molto is perfect for compact and on-the-go use. The only downside is its low battery life, which isn’t suitable for long sessions.

Use it if you want to do a quick solo and couple play or improve your prostate health. Consider checking out the MysteryVibe website for more information about the Molto.

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