Lovense Osci 2 Review: What’s New with This Oscillating Sex Toy?

In the past decade alone, there has been such a large quantity of sex toys released in the market that it has become difficult for consumers to find a toy that distinguishes itself from the pack without compromising on quality.

Previously niche products assembled by select brands now have counterparts that function and look almost the same as each other to the extent where you can almost lose interest in the sheer amount of g-spot stimulators and vibrators that have flooded the market.

This review takes a look at Lovense Osci 2 to determine if it brings something new to the table or is just another generic product that you want to avoid.

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What is it?

According to Lovense, the Osci 2 is the world’s first oscillating sex toy that targets the g-spot. Unlike other conventional g-spot stimulators, the Osci 2 doesn’t exactly vibrate, with the oval head making oscillation movements instead.

This simply means that the head moves side to side against the g-spot. The exterior of the toy is made of silicone, and it has an S curve configuration with a button towards the lower end for controlling the settings. The Osci 2 is a follow-up to the Osci which is smaller in length, diameter, and insertable length.


Key features

Oval head

The oval head of the Osci 2 allows for pinpoint G-spot stimulation. It contains a motor that delivers powerful oscillated pressure to the G-spot.

S-shaped configuration

The Osci 2 is precisely curved to fit a wide variety of body types. The curved design also makes it easier to hold.

Three levels of intensity

Using the button on the Osci 2, you can set the level of intensity to low, medium, or high depending on your preferences.

Customize speed, patterns, and intensity

You have the option to customize the speeds, patterns, and intensity levels of the toy via the app. This allows you to experiment with a variety of patterns and discover new favorites.


The Osci 2 is waterproof, allowing you to enjoy your playtime in the shower or even in the bathtub. This also means that you can easily clean and rinse Osci 2. However, you will want to avoid submerging the button-end of the toy into water.

Made of body-safe material

The Osci 2 is made of medical-grade silicone and a bit of ABS plastic. Both the ABS plastic and the silicone are completely body-safe as they do not contain phthalates or harmful chemicals that may affect the user.

USB rechargeable

When your toy runs out of charge, use the included USB cable to recharge it. It takes about 105 minutes for the Osci 2 to fully charge.

Sync to music

Connect your Osci 2 to the Lovense app and play your favorite songs as you enjoy a pleasurable session. The sensations are elevated by the toy moving to the rhythm of the music you are listening to.

Bluetooth compatibility

The Osci 2 is compatible with iOS and Android. As a result, you can enjoy long-distance play with your partner remotely controlling your toy from a different room or from across the world as long as you have an internet connection.


What’s in the box?

Here is what you can expect to find in the Lovense Osci 2 package:

  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • Bluetooth G-spot vibrator

How it works

Getting started

Before you use your Osci 2, start by charging it (when it is off) by plugging the included USB charging cable into a USB/AC power adapter or a free USB port on your PC.

It is worth noting that the Osci 2 charger is magnetic, and when you attempt to charge the device, a solid red light will appear. The LED light will remain on while the device charges, and once it is full, the solid red light will turn off.

If you are not too sure if your Osci 2 is fully charged, simply check the battery indicator you will find in the app. It will take about 105 minutes for the device to fully charge.

Never use the device when it is charging. When it is fully charged, you can use it continuously for 4.5-5 hours before needing to recharge it.

To turn on the device, press the on/off button hard and hold it down for about three to five seconds. The toy will vibrate for one second to indicate that it is on.

lovense osci 2

Using the Lovense Osci 2

The Osci 2 can elicit intensely pleasurable sensations, but if you fail to use it properly, you won’t have the experience you expect. Here are tips on how you can get it to stimulate more nerves for increased pleasure:

  • Apply the lube

To ensure that you safely insert the toy with ease and have a pleasurable experience, start by applying a generous amount of lube to the toy as well as your body. This will reduce the friction between the vaginal walls and the Osci 2 because even if you are already mentally turned on, it doesn’t mean that you are ready for penetration.

Always use water-based lube rather than oil or silicone-based lubes which tend to degrade the silicone casing of the Osci 2. Using water-based lube also allows you to have an easier time when it comes to cleaning the toy as it washes out easily.

  • Use it at a 45-degree angle

The Osci 2 is not like a wand or other similar toys that target the g-spot. It has a curved shaped, so you want to be careful how you insert it. To hit the right spot on your g-spot, opt to insert it at a 45-degree angle.

If it is used at an incorrect angle, it won’t elicit the expected sensations. Additionally, inserting it at the 45-degree angle will allow for more control in how you move the toy.

  • Insertion

Ensure that the Osci 2 is turned off before you attempt insertion. This is important because trying to insert it while it is on won’t be easy, plus you might end up hurting yourself.

Instead of vibrating like your typical sex toy, the Osci 2 moves in an oscillating motion, with the oval head delivering powerful stimulating the g-spot.

The whole toy is 8.66 inches in length and 1.54 inches in diameter. The insertable portion of the toy ranges from 2.4-3.2 inches in length depending on the location of your g-spot and how you intend to use it.

  • G-spot stimulation

The motor of the Osci 2 is located at the end of the toy. It causes the head of the toy to move in and out of the vagina at varying speeds. The Osci 2 stimulates the g-spot through an oscillating motion rather than vibration.

When using the device at the lowest setting, it will feel like a light tapping on the g-spot, and while on higher settings, it feels like intensely pleasurable massages.

  • The levels of intensity

When using the button that is found at the bottom end of the toy, there are three levels of intensity you can choose from: high, medium, and low.

However, if you are using the Lovense app, you have up to 10 patterns that you can try out. That said, the speed, intensity, and patterns are entirely customizable if you are using the app, which essentially means that you have what can be functionally considered to be unlimited vibration patterns.

  • Cleaning and care

Always clean your Osci 2 before and after every use. Ensure that you use warm water and a mild antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner for cleaning. Dry your device using a soft lint-free cloth or towel before storing it.

Never keep your toy in an environment that is extremely cold or hot. To keep your toy in good working condition, ensure that you recharge it at least once every six months.

osci 2 app features

The Lovense app

Using your Osci 2 with the Lovense app allows for more functionality. The Lovense app is downloadable on Android, Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad Air, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini. To connect your toy with your Windows PC, you will need a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter.

To pair the Osci 2 with your devices, click the “link” icon and then tap “+” to search for your toy. Once your toy is found, tap “Done” and wait for the indicator light to remain solid to show that it is connected.

After successfully pairing your Osci 2 to your device, go to the “My toys” section of the app and tap “program” to view the programming options. To adjust the first three levels, simply tap “adjust levels”. To add a preset pattern onto your toy, tap “create new pattern”.

With the Lovense app, you can connect your toy to the internet through the app and have your partner control your Osci 2 remotely. To enjoy this feature, go to the “Long distance” tap and select the partner you want to connect with.

It is worth noting that both you and your partner will need a Lovense account and an internet connection for this function to work. You will also have to add your partner by pressing the “+” before connection. With the live control button, you can then start playing with your partner.

Another function of the app is the ability to sync your toy to music. For this to work, you will need to have music n your internal memory for Android or on your “Music” app for iPhone.

To discover new patterns on the app, go to the “patterns” tab. You can preview and download patterns that you want to try out by clicking the download icon.

However, you cannot create or loop patterns in this tab. To view the patterns you download, go to the “my patterns” tab. Here, you can create playlists as well as randomize or loop patterns.

My experience with the Lovense Osci 2

The first time I used the Osci 2, I did not experience the toe-curling orgasms that I was expecting, which I thought was a bit disappointing.

However, after subsequent trials, I quickly discovered that the only way I could reach an orgasm using the Osci 2 was if I am already immensely turned on and close to an orgasm.

This was a bit underwhelming, but that being said, I quite enjoy using it when I am already worked up as it never fails to deliver powerful orgasms.

I love moving it around when it is inserted as the motor elicits powerful sensations which make the end of the Osci 2 move up and down.

When I tried the higher speeds of the toy, I noticed that it gives a spillover vibration effect, but this is hardly the main focus of the Osci 2. At these high speeds, it vibrates a bit loudly, but nothing compared to what the moans I have to suppress when it finally leads to an orgasm.

I thoroughly enjoy the in and out motion of the oval head as it softly goes over the most sensitive areas of my vagina.

I prefer starting at the lowest intensity setting and slowly work my way to the more intense settings as my g-spot is quite sensitive and the high-speed settings can easily leave me slightly turned off.

osci 2 review


  • The powerful and pleasurable oscillating motion

The pulsating motion of the Osci 2 elicits pleasurable sensations and stimulates the g-spot. It may be just what you need to go over the edge.

  • Decent battery lifespan

When your Osci 2 is fully charged, you can use it continuously for up to 5 hours before having to recharge it.

  • The materials used are body-safe

Both ABS plastic and silicone are completely safe when in contact with even the most delicate skin as they don’t contain toxic substances.

  • Customizable patterns

You can come up with your unique patterns via the Lovense app and elevate your experience with the Osci 2.

  • It allows for long-distance play

Using the Lovense app, you can connect with your partner and allow them to control your Osci 2 remotely for a unique and pleasurable experience.


  • It is not as quiet as expected

The Osci 2 can be a bit loud especially when you are using it on the higher speed settings. Therefore, you will want a bit of privacy when using it.

  • It can be hard to achieve orgasm solely relying on the toy

Based on my experience as well as some reviews online, reaching an orgasm using the Osci 2 alone is not easy.


The Osci 2 is a great sex toy for those who want to experience g-spot stimulation uniquely.

The oscillating motion of the toy is undeniably pleasurable, but you might need to warm up first before using the Osci 2 to push yourself over the edge.

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