Lovense Max 2 vs Max 1: Should You Really Upgrade?

As the market for male masturbators continues to grow, it has become saturated, making it even harder to determine what you should go. Lovense is one of the main manufacturers of these toys, with one of their latest inventions being the Max 2, preceded by the Max. Here is a look at these two toys to see how they compare to each other.

The Max and Max 2 are male masturbators from Lovense that comprise of a skin-like inner sleeve and a plastic outer casing. They are quite similar to each other, but the Max 2 features a couple of improvements and some new features that you will not find in the Max.

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The Max


These are the main features that make the Max stand out:

Multiple-sensation sleeve

The inner sleeve of the toy is skin-like and ridged, resulting in pleasurable sensations as thrust into it.

Vibrator at the end of the toy

The vibrator of the Max is found at the end of the toy. As a result, the vibrations are focused on the glans of the penis.

TPE body sleeve and ABS plastic outer casing

It has an inner sleeve made of TPE and an ABS plastic casing.

USB quick charge

Use the USB cable that comes with the toy to charge it on your computer or a compatible wall charger.

Bluetooth compatibility

Control your toy remotely via your phone thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities. You can also connect the Max to compatible toys via Bluetooth.

Sync to Music

Listen to a sexy playlist as you use your toy and allow it to vibrate and contract to the rhythm of your favorite music.


My Experience with the Max

The Max was the first masturbator of the two that I tried. Insertion was quite difficult, and I had to use a considerable amount of lube to squeeze in. Nevertheless, the textured inner sleeve felt soft and amazing against my member thanks to the ridges that went around my shaft and glans.

Towards the end of the toy, I felt the rumbling vibrations on my glans that significantly elevated the sensation from the ribbed sleeve.

The contraction provided by the air pumps added an interesting perspective to the whole experience, and I found that by combining the highest vibration settings with mild contractions, I was able to reach a satisfying climax (albeit with a little help from my hand)

The Max 2

lovense max 2

Apart from all the features of the Max, The Max 2 has newly integrated features as well as improved some of the features of the Max. Some of them are:

Adjustable air vent

The adjustable air vent is useful in adjusting the suction of your Max 2.

Quick air release

Reduce the level of pressure of your max 2 using the quick air release feature for more comfort.

Extended vibrator

The redesigned vibrator of the Max 2 allows for pleasurable sensations on the shaft and glans of the penis.

360-degree contractions

The air pump technology in the Max 2 produces 360-degree contractions that you can set to deep, mild, or subtle.

lovense max 2 air vent

My experience with the Max 2

When I got the Max 2, I was keen to see how it would compare to the Max and if the added features would make a difference. Right away, I noticed that the contractions were much more intense thanks to the 360-degree design that allowed me to feel them all around my member.

Due to the intensity, I found that I had to adjust the suction using the adjustable air vent which was so much easier to do with the Max 2 due to the new design of the feature. Unlike with the Max, I could feel the vibrations all over my shaft as well as my glans mainly due to the extended vibrator.

Although the feature changes were somewhat subtle, the performance of the masturbator had significantly improved without a doubt. A medium vibration setting and subtle contractions combined with clever experimentation with the quick air release and adjustable air vent on my part led to a mind-blowing orgasm that barely needed the use of my hand.

How they work

Getting started

The first thing you should do once you unbox either the Max or Max 2 is to charge your device. Ensuring that it is turned off, plug in the USB cable into a USB/AC power adapter or USB port.

It will take around 2 hours for it to fully charge. Once the toy is fully charged, the solid red indicator light will turn off.

lovense max 2

There are two buttons on both the Max and Max 2:

  • Button A

Button A is found just above the Turn the toy on/off by pressing and holding button A for approximately three seconds. Other than serving as the power button, button A is also used to toggle vibration speeds in both toys.

  • Button B

The second button on the toy is found directly above the first one. Press it to activate contractions.

Care and usage

Before you use your toy, ensure that you clean it. To clean the sleeve properly, you will want to remove it and wash separately.

Avoid using soap to clean it as it could damage the soft, delicate material. Use warm water and dry it before storing it. As you are washing your toy, ensure that its control buttons don’t come in contact with water as both the Max and Max 2 are not waterproof.

To make insertion easier, you will want to apply lube on your penis, the entry hole, and inside the sleeve. Always use water-based lube as oil- and silicon-based lube tends to damage the sleeve. Water lube tends to dry out fast, so you may need to reapply regularly.

If your Max feels too tight around your penis, find the air vent which is located on the opposite sides of the two control buttons to release the pressure.

As you use the Max, experiment by covering and uncovering the vent rhythmically to elevate the sensation.

To adjust suction with the Max 2, use the adjustable air vent which is located on the underside of the toy near the charging port. The Max 2 also features the quick air release that allows you to lower the pressure level and consequently reduce discomfort.

lovense max 2 app

Pairing with your device

To pair your Max/Max 2 with iOS, Android, or Mac, turn it on. Blinking green light shows that the toy is ready for connection. Connect to the Lovense Remote app and click on the link icon.

Start your search by tapping “+”. After you find your toy, tap “done”. The indicator light should remain solid to indicate that it is connected. You will then be able to control the toy remotely using your device.

Connect with your partner

On the “long-distance” tab on the Lovense app, tap “+” to add the username of your partner. If your partner accepts your request, they should pop up on the tab.

Tap “+” to connect and message your partner. For long-distance sex, click the “sync together” or the “video chat” button. At the bottom of the page, you will see a two arrow icon which you can click to change how two toys sync together.

Tap the “long-distance sex” or “remote control” button if you want to switch between the two modes.

Pros of the Max

The Max is considerably cheaper than the Max2

Its inner sleeve is made of TPE which feels very soft and skin-like. It has several ridges which caress your member as you thrust into the toy.

The outer design of both the toys is very conventional, with no features that make it stand out as a male masturbator. This is convenient especially if you are worried about someone discovering exactly what it is.

When you allow the Max to charge as required, you can use it for several hours before needing to charge it again.

lovense max 2 sleeve

Pros of the Max2 over the Max

The Max2 stands out mainly because it has a number of features that are not included in the Max. Some of these are:

  • It has an adjustable air vent that adjusts its suction intensity.
  • It also comes with a quick air release option, which allows you to reduce the pressure levels in the Max 2 and increase your comfort
  • After the redesign, it was extended, allowing for more pleasurable sensations on the shaft and glans of the penis.
  • It comes with 3 settings for the air pump technology. You can set the 360 degree contractions to deep, mild or subtle.


  • Both toys are not waterproof

Neither the Max nor the Max 2 are waterproof, so you will want to avoid using them in the shower or bathtub.

  • Lack of appeal

While the outer design of these toys allows for discretion, it is certainly unappealing, which can be off-putting for some.

  • Limited girth

Some well-endowed users will have a hard time trying to squeeze into the toy due to the limited girth. A significant amount of lube might help, but this may still not work for some.


Both of the Max and Max 2 are high-quality male masturbators that will elicit pleasurable sensations, but if you are looking for more stimulation, you may want to upgrade to the Max 2 due to the improvements made on its design.

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