Lovense Lush 3 vs Lovense Lush 2: Tough or Obvious Choice?

A majority of Lush users consider these egg vibrators to be superior to any other penetrative toys of the same category. This is because the Lush works best for LGBTQ and straight partners who are in a long-distance relationship.

It also comes in handy for cam show performers, including porn stars. Both models of Lush are also suitable for anyone who feels like spicing up their naughtiness.

One notable feature is that they can both be controlled remotely using the internet to connect to the app. That way, you could be continents apart but still literally help each other to climax.

These two are waterproof, and the silicone material covering them feels like real sex arousing human skin. The manufacturer’s only recommendation is that you need to use lubrication that will not harm the sex toys and is friendly to your body.

In case you’re wondering where to find good lube, there is a suggestion written in the manual that comes with the packaging.

The Lush 2 is a second-generation, while the Lush 3 the third generation of the vibrator model by Lovense. A fun fact about the Lush insertable vibrators is that each generation is an improvement of the previous model, and it features all the feedback from users all over the globe.

Most users will be reluctant to upgrade to the Lush 3 from the Lush 2 unless they have a good reason to do so. This article will point out the features of both and perhaps help you to decide which Lush fully satisfies your current sexual desires.

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The Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator

bluetooth remote control vibrator

This latest version of Lovense Lush vibrators does not beat about the bush when it comes to stimulating the G-spot. It is fitted with a more powerful motor than the previous Lush 2 and the original Lush, which means you’ll explode into your biggest orgasm yet.

The Lush 3’s tail has been made to be more flexible so as to transfer the much-needed vibrations onto your clit. The result is simultaneous stimulation of both your clit and G-spot; not many toys can achieve that effortlessly.

The tail also features a control button and functions as an antenna for a more vigorous uninterrupted pleasure session.

Previously users complained that the original Lush had poor connectivity, which improved with the Lush 2. Still, a small portion of those sex enthusiasts mentioned a delicate Bluetooth connection between the app and an inserted Lush 2, a problem that was eradicated by the Lush 3.

The Improved Features of the Lovense Lush 3

Longer playtime

Sex toys are known to have poor battery life, at least according to many avid users, but the Lush 3 challenges that norm by offering up to 5 hours of playtime. That is lightly about 300 minutes of pleasure-inducing vibration exposure. That aspect means that this egg vibrator comes with an improved battery, which takes less time to charge and provides more time for use.

Quieter than competition

The Lush 3 makes a noise of 43dB, which is a difference of about 3dB from what the Lovense Lush 2 makes. A quiet insertable bullet vibrator becomes an asset for those who enjoy getting their freak on discreetly in public. It is always more thrilling to turn your vibrator on, and no one else around you can tell that it’s on, let alone that you’ve one inside your vagina.

lush bluetooth remote control vibrator

There are so many places you can try this, whether at a town hall meeting or during a blind date. Sometimes when you’re at work and your long-distance partner facetimes you, rush to the ladies’ room and ask your partner to connect to the Lush 3 via the internet.

No risk of wiggling out

Previous Lush models, especially the Lush 2, sometimes rumbles so much that it slides out and, in the process, kills your pleasure. This tends to happen when you’re wet, and to address the problem, Lovense made the Lush 3 with a firmer tail, which helps to hold the vibrator in place even when at maximum vibration pattern. The tail tip is rigid enough to provide your clit.

Better Bluetooth Connectivity

The one thing users of the Lush 2 complain about is that the connection can sometimes prove frustrating. One user mentioned that when the girlfriend closed her legs, the connection with the app got lost, and at times it never connected until she pulled the vibrator out of her juicy pussy.

These are similar complaints that accompanied the original Lush 1; that’s why the Lush 3 is equipped with advanced hardware located at the tip to offer long-distance and practically unbreakable connection.

lovense lush internet controlled vibrator

If you experience any problems with the connection, then check your connecting device. The Lush 3 comes with a button at the tail to select different vibration intensities, but Lovense prides itself on offering hands-free pleasure gadgets so take advantage of the Lush 3 app.

The app can be used on computers, smartphones, tablets, and feel free to test on a smart TV because it is that compatible. After connecting the app to the toy, there are options to sync patterns with songs and the use of voice commands to operate the Lush 3 remotely.

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The Second Generation Lovense Lush 2

Unless you are a vibrator aficionado with vibration mileage in you, it’s difficult to tell the Lush 3 apart from the Lush 2. They are both internal egg vibrators and pink in color.

The design is the same, but once you take a closer look and take the bullet vibrator for a test, you’ll notice what sets the Lush 3 miles apart from the Lush 2.

Features of the Popular Lush 2

Reasonable battery life

Unlike the Lush 3, you will enjoy a maximum of 3 hours of playtime on the Lush 2. This is plenty of time to enjoy endless orgasms, and by the time the battery dies, you’ll already be asleep from exhaustion.

You can control from anywhere

Whether your partner is in Greenland and you’re stuck in South Africa on safari, you’ll still be able to remotely control each other’s vibrators as long as there is an internet connection. The remotely controlled vibrations will be enough to ruffle your camping tent but not as strong as the maximum pattern levels offered by the Lush 3.

The app offers many options, from voice command, creating custom vibration patterns, to synchronizing your sex toy to your favorite songs. The only setback is that the Bluetooth connection is not as strong and can break in case of a barrier.

lovense vibrator stimulator bluetooth vibration

After inserting the Lush 2 into your wet vagina, the protruding tail feels comfortable even when you wear a panty over it and go about your outdoor business. When you do this, remember that after the vibrator has been on continuously for three hours, you will have to recharge it using magnetic charging.

The Lush 2 does not make noise

The maximum it can output is 50dB, which is still discreet for public kinkiness. The Lush 2 has a powerful motor that offers seven vibration patterns, and the highest setting will be audible at a place as quiet as a library. When testing your naughtiness in a quiet environment, stick to the low rumbly settings.

Somehow people will know what it is when they hear it, even when you decide to attend church service and the one controlling the app turns it way up during a moment of silence. So, to be safe and avoid embarrassment use your bullet hand-free vibrator in public locations that already have a certain noise level. Clubs are always a favorite hangout for anyone looking to discreetly orgasm in public.

The Cons of Each of the Toys

A noticeable disadvantage of the Lush 2 is that the connection signal is affected when you put on heavy clothing. The second problem is that this model features a fragile tail part that can snap when bent too far, so be gentle even when engaging in rough fetish sex.

The Lush 3 was made with women in mind and may not be so pleasurable to men who always crave some anal action. This is because the design is shaped to favor the maximum stimulation of the clit and G-spot.

The toy also offers an average rhythmic penetration intensity. The magnetic charging needs a redesign for it to work seamlessly.

In Conclusion

The Lush 3 is an upgrade from the Lush 2, and the noticeable improvement between these two generations is a better Bluetooth connection. The Lush 3 features a slight improvement of all the features on a Lush 2 egg vibrator.

The only drawback that could prevent most fans from upgrading is the price. But with the special online discount, the Lush 3 costs just a tiny bit more than the Lush 2. So the price might be worth it if you are dying for longer playtime and powerful rumbling vibrations.

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