Lovense Hush vs Lovense Edge: Which one is the Best Anal Toy?

Sex toys are principally used to aid human sexual sensation, such as a dildo or vibrator. Most sex toys are tailored to imitate human genital behavior and are sexually satisfying.

Many may think that a sex toy is a new thing, but the existence of a sex toy can be dated several years back ago.

Today, high-tech, luxury, and remote-controlled adult toys are designed scientifically to enhance sexual pleasure in both female and male. It is not a simple task to simultaneously arouse your body and mind, and this is where your sex toy intervenes.

Lovense Hush and Lovense Edge are the worlds known technology-driven sex toys designed to prompt your orgasm with less effort during the act.

These sex toys can be controlled via Bluetooth, internet, or wirelessly without touching the device. They offer sexual satisfaction that cannot be easily achieved by man-on-top.

Women should have a pleasing clitoral or mental sensation that enables them to reach orgasm without much struggling.

Knowing the best sex toys you would need for your sexual satisfaction opens ways for your sexual needs and desires. Take a look at Lovense Hush vs Lovense Edge, the comparison shows a very little difference which means they are all powerful.

Our review reveals what makes these toys so special in the industry and which anal toy is the best!

Lovense Edge

lovense edge review

Lovense Edge

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Edge by Lovense is not just a prostate massager, it is a product equipped with all the appetizers and flavors necessary for your screaming orgasm.

It is a high-tech toy that activates all the sensible parts of your body and makes you cry for pleasure. This product is accompanied with a free application that enables you to have control over the entire craves of sensation.

This interface is compatible with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, and Windows PC. Since it works with the internet, it can be used to stimulate and arouse your partner from any location.

The product can as well operate without Bluetooth or Internet connection, though you will only have low, medium, or high vibration options for your pleasure. Whether you are yearning for low, medium, or high vibrations, the sweetness is on your hand.

The toy has an ergonomically shaped shaft and an improved neck to enhance hands-free play that doesn’t move around unpredictably during the act. Lovense Edge is manufactured with everyone in mind – it is suitable for both beginners and frequent users.

The box containing the toy is sexy and portable. You will not find many part items because it is self-contained. The package only includes edge prostate massaging shaft, a USB charging cable, and booklet manual for to ease the operation.

Additionally, buyers of the Lovense Edge will be issued with a 1-year warranty from the vendor. Though, buyers may be required to register their toy details on the manufacturer’s website to activate the warranty. In most cases, vendors give a span of 30 days and the warranty may be rendered invalid if you fail to activate at the right time.


  • The operation of Lovense Edge is smooth and efficient; it is technologically designed to use Bluetooth and internet connection.
  • Couples can use Lovense Edge to increase sexual pleasure; even more, women can also use it privately to enjoy themselves.
  • Advantageously enough, the shaft can be tilted into different angles to ensure the device is aligned to the sweet spot.
  • The Lovense Edge shaft is adjustable, but it stays firm even when things get crazy.
  • It is hygienically designed with medical-grade silicone and waterproof cover. Cleaning Lovense Edge is not stressful.
  • For rhythmical orgasm, Lovense Edge can be tuned to dance your loved music right inside your pants.
  • With the internet control, you can delve into more vibrations and speed settings that you ever deem pleasing.


  • Some men might be jealous when this toy is too much for their sex partner.
  • When your partner is enjoying and you are operating the Lovense Edge, it is possible to lose much energy than expected.
  • Since it is operative with Bluetooth and internet, you may experience connectivity breakdown if you have got malfunctioned services.
  • Without effective internet or Bluetooth connection, the interface might be rendered helpless, and you won’t experience the maximum pleasure.
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Lovense Hush

hush butt plug

Lovense Hush

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Lovense hush is a powerful sex toy purposely built to stimulate all your sensitive spots that quicken orgasms. It plays with all your sensitivity corridors and makes you feel as if you are in a different world.

It is a remote-controlled product, played from your Smartphone to spark a fulfilling pleasure from any geographical location. If you are new to this machine, you may be wondering how it performs this miracle.

There is a Bluetooth chip installed on this toy that connects it with its application on the phone, so you can control it wirelessly without handling the shift.

Lovense hush is designed for solo players, a private game suitable for long distance couples. Just imagine your partner traveled abroad for work, and you feel like warming your pant. It is a good option if you don’t want to hook up with a casual sex partner.

First impression matters – the package is captivating, sizable, and can be easily carried around. The hush is placed in a smooth inlay.

The user manual, USB charger, and butt plug rest beside the toy. All these are packed to ease your operation.

The product works best with all operating systems. In order to start your sensation, you download and install Lovense app from the play store.

When the toy is turned on, you will see everything signaling. The toy will play by default unless you want to adjust settings to suit your sexual desire before or when you are on the process.


  • Lovense hush offers a real-time sexual sensation from a distance. This is possible due its internet and wireless functioning features.
  • Since Lovense hush is both waterproof and technology-driven, you can enjoy wonderful foreplay even from the bath.
  • Lovense hush has a rechargeable inbuilt battery and can operate for a long time when fully charged.
  • It is hygienically built and cannot cause rashes in your organ. It has no rubber, latex, or phthalates.
  • It is user-friendly can be operated by anyone. When you purchase the toy, you will be issued with a manual to guide your operation.


  • Regardless of the operation booklet, some people might still find it difficult to operate Lovense hush effectively.
  • It doesn’t come with a discreet pouch, and most people feel shy to carry it right from the market.
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Verdict: Lovense Hush vs Lovense Edge

In conclusion, Lovense hush is an ideal option for achieving serious pleasure to anal sex, especially for couples staying in different geographical locations.

The application that controls this toy is amazing in its operation, and everyone finds it enjoyable.

On the other hand, Lovense Edge is worthwhile if you have all the required services for the device to operate effectively. Also, it is a prostate massager that can send pleasurable tickling across the world, since it uses the internet.

My favorite? Edge, because it is fully adjustable, unlike Hush. Then it depends what you’re looking for.

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