Lovense Edge 2 vs Lovense Edge 1: All You Need To Know

In this article, we’ll pick the two products apart and see which is the better, more pleasurable device

Lovense is a company that has specialized in giving high-tech toys to those looking to spice up their sex life. Part of that is its foray into the prostate massage market in form of the Edge Series.

Upon the release of the Lovense Edge, people have raved about its unequaled ability to stimulate the prostate. The app-control feature too has been quite popular for its variety of settings and its usability in fun among partners.

Now, it seems Lovense is trying to strike gold twice with the release of the Edge 2. This, however, begs the question: Which of the two is the better device? Is the Edge 2 just another cash grab or is there merit to the claims that its added feature makes it the superior one of the two? Let’s see…

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About the Lovense Edge

lovense adjustable incredible vibrations waterproof

The Lovense Edge is an app-controlled prostate massager which has made waves in the sex-toy market for its highly customizable controls and powerful dual-motor vibrations – all of which go into giving the user as much pleasure as possible.

Many reviewers have praised it for its slender, non-threatening size and the power of its motor. The app interface too gets top marks for the variety of vibration settings it offers. The latter has also made it quite popular among couples looking for some anal fun.

Another benefit is that with the advent of the Edge 2, the Edge 1 is now the cheaper of the two options. The unique shape too takes this teledildonic device beyond being just another anal vibrator – it can stimulate the prostate and perineum too.

Physical Features

  • Full Length: 4.50 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.13 Inches
  • Size and Shape: Black in color. Two-pronged arms that both vibrate. One arm is designed to stimulate the prostate and the other, shorter arm is intended for the perineum.
  • Material: Black 100% body-safe silicone and hypoallergenic. The entire thing is soft enough to be flexible but firm enough to maintain its shape. The device runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

lovense edge comparison

Other Features

  • Water Resistant. The entire device is waterproof which makes it submergible. This is beneficial for either having fun in the hot tub or bathtub or for cleaning purposes.
  • Powerful Dual-Motor and Independent Arm Mechanisms. This feature provides for a highly customizable user experience as the power and vibration patterns of either arm can be set to personal preferences.
  • Amazing Software. The app-controlled nature of the device lets it have over 5000 patterns, great distanced controls through either Bluetooth or WiFi, and 3 power levels.


Along with its high-tech nature comes with one noticeable downside: without a wifi connection, the entire device is next to unusable. This makes having some fun during blackouts somewhat of a problem. Updates to the app too can cause problems depending on your phone’s operating system.

Another part of its features that some people have a problem with is its length. For more advanced individuals, the length of the Edge 1 might not cut it. These are usually the same users who also complain about the battery life (clocking in at about an hour) not being long enough.

Some users also state that the Edge 1 cannot seem to stay inside on its own.

About the Lovense Edge 2

lovense edge toy

For the Lovense Edge 2, designers of the device basically took all of the criticism people had of the Edge 1 and rectified it. On top of that, they added features that no one knew they wanted.

All this means that in terms of high-tech sex toys, the Lovense Edge 2 is certainly one of the most futuristic options out there. This, in turn, means you’ll be spending more money to have it as opposed to its predecessor. Despite that, many users are not complaining as they seem to express their satisfaction with the Edge 2 quite enthusiastically.

Physical Features

  • Full Length: 4.89 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.59 Inches
  • Size and Shape: Black in color as well. The Two-pronged arms vibrating arms shape has been kept but the length has been extended and the tip enlarged.
  • Material: They retained the all-black 100% body-safe silicon surface and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Other Features

  • Water Resistant. As with the Edge 1, the Edge 2 is entirely waterproof.
  • Powerful Dual-Motor and Independent Arm Mechanisms. Again, the motor is some of the strongest out there in terms of teledildonic devices.
  • Amazing Software. The app has maintained the versatility and customizability from the Edge 1. It also allows for both close range and long-distance control – allowing for more risqué adventures.
  • Longer Battery Life. The Edge 2 now averages a battery life of 1.5 hours when fully charged. The new magnetic charging is a great addition too that adds flexibility.
  • The Larger Bulb and Longer Insertable Body. The most important improvement is the one made to the size and shape. Though already mentioned, it cannot be stressed enough how the Edge 2 is designed to be more satisfying in terms of size and its ability to reach the harder-to-reach places.


lovense edge prostate massager bluetooth

The main and most glaring downside of the Edge 2 is that it costs much more than its older counterpart. This, of course, bears a lot of importance especially if you’re just looking for something that gets the job done.

Another critique is that it lacks the girth that some buyers look for in an anal device. As with the complaints leveled on the original Edge, some people say that on its especially wild vibration settings the Edge 2 cannot simply stay put. This is a problem if a user is looking to do other things with his hands.


The main features that both devices share includes:

  • Both products boast the sleek silicone design and app-controlled feature that sets them apart from other similar devices in the market.
  • Both essentially have the same power levels when it comes to the intensity of vibrations.
  • Both devices are waterproof and can be fully submerged in water.
  • Both devices support hands-free play, long and short-distance control.
  • Both are generally easy to clean.

It is also worth mentioning that both devices have the same motor and adjustability which is one of the main things users love. The apps are also compatible with App, Android, and can even be downloaded on your MacBook or Windows PC.

Both of the devices are hampered down by the dependability they have on the digital app. Though many say they are fine with the manual control, it is still nothing compared to what it can offer when it has a wireless connection. And versatility is basically what you buy a Lovense Edge for.


The main feature that both devices differ upon includes:

  • The Edge2’s larger size and length. This a direct consequence of the makers listening to customer demands. It has been stated that the newer model boasts a better ability to provide pleasure and stimulation for different kinds of anatomy.
  • The Edge 1 is much more affordable than the Edge 2 but not by too much. The Edge 2, according to many who buy it, is well worth its higher price due to the added features.
  • Many of the internal specs of the Edge 2 is an improvement over the Edge 1. Bluetooth for instance has been made to be more stable. The charging system too of the Edge 2 received quite the upgrade with its magnetic charging.
  • The Edge 2 allows for more devices to be controlled by a single user – making for some interesting applications outside of personal use.
  • In an effort to answer those complaints concerning the Edge’s inability to stay in place, the Edge 2 possesses a little larger shaft than the Edge 1. Though some still claim it’s not enough, the Edge 2 has a better chance of holding on as opposed to its predecessor.
  • The Edge 2 has a longer battery life but not too much so to be labeled significant. Even though, the extra 30 or so minutes are very much welcomed


If you are looking for something simple and uncomplicated, then maybe the Edge 1 will be more than enough. In fact, the Edge 1 is still way more than enough in terms of versatility and ability t0 pleasure the user. Not to mention, the fact that it’s cheaper now is definitely a big plus for the budget-conscious buyer.

All that being said, the clear winner between the two is the Edge 2. The many new features and the improved design make it the obvious choice for pleasure seekers.

Its extended battery life is perfect for those seeking extended fun time. On top of that, dual-motor and waterproof features make it an investment too.

The Lovense Edge 2 is far superior to the Edge 1 in many ways and should definitely be considered when deciding on getting a prostate massager.

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