Lovense Calor Review: The Ultimate Smart Masturbator?

The Lovense Calor personal masturbator toy is a combination of technology and sexual pleasure specifically designed for men.

For years, most of the sex toys on the market, whether for personal use or enhancement, have been predominantly for use on women or for entry. Very little has been functionally designed for men.

While there has been a few male products on the market, they’ve mostly been designed for simple friction use and not much more. The industry assumption has been that men can pretty much figure out what they need to do on their own, and don’t need much help to get there aside from sensation.

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The Design Basics for the Lovense Calor

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The design of the Lovense Calor focuses first on ease of use.

Generally speaking, the user is provided control in a manner that makes it extremely easy to operate the toy without a whole lot of complexity involved. Two buttons control the primary features of the toy.

Button A provides for a default setting of simple but straightforward vibration. Button B allows the user to change the vibration settings to different speeds and sensations.

Additionally, the toggling between the two switches with the toy plugged in electronically and trigger the heat setting, which provides an additional sensation feature for the user once ready.

Visual Features Make Use Intuitive

The visual controls on the Lovense Color make it extremely easy to manage and change as desired. The features range from a basic low sensation to a high setting, and the frequency of vibration is changeable with four different settings and probably appropriate names for a bit of imagination (fireworks and earthquake modes obviously give the impression the user should be in store for something big).

Indicator lights identify what’s in operation so, if one needs to look to see what’s going on or understand the setting better in the dark, the Lovense Calor LED lights provide the necessary understanding.

Charge Maintenance and Resetting

Of course, like anything electronic, the Lovense Calor toy has to eventually be recharged. This is provided with a built-in USB cable attachment, wiring and USB socket-type power source. For most units, the average charging time will be approximately 1.5 hours.

Once recharged, the unit will be ready for full use again without lag. And, while it might be common sense, it still needs to be said that the toy should not be used while in charge mode. The charging status will be identified by a solid state red LED status on the unit lighting.

Cleaning and Care

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Obviously, with any kind of sex toy intended for male use, cleaning is a must. The device should be treated and cleaned after every use to avoid bacterial build up or residue. Cleaning is simple; it can be taken care of with simple soap and water-washing.

To be thorough, application with a sponge or wet towel is a useful approach. Once washed, the unit should be fully dried before being boxed up and put away. This avoids humidity build-up inside the toy.

Additionally, being an electronic device, the Lovense Calor should not be placed or stored near anything with extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. And, even if not in use, the toy should be recharged at least every half year at the latest to make sure the permanent internal battery doesn’t die out prematurely.

Use of the Lovense Calor with Lubricants

It’s essential to understand that the Lovense Calor must be used with a lubricant. It is highly advised to use a water-based lubricant in the unit with enough supply that the toy is thoroughly treated on the inside before insertion.

This helps improve the sensation effect, reduce any problems with friction on sensitive skin, and keeps the contact smooth throughout the use of the toy and experience. Too little, and the lubricant can dry out, creating the potential for a painful friction reaction.

And lubricant should be added prior to heating the unit if that feature is going to be used. Of course, folks can get a bit creative with lubricants that have added effects, like warming sensations and aromas too.

The Heat Feature Examined in Detail

depth controlled heating masturbator

If the heat feature is going to be used regularly, a user will need to plan some advance time before using the Lovense Calor. The heating treatment doesn’t turn on right away and for good reason. Doing so would probably create a burn risk.

Instead, the heating change is a slower process, typically running somewhere between five and twenty minutes, depending on the ambient temperature in the immediate surroundings. Again, the toy should not be used during this preparation phase.

Lubricant should be inserted in a horizontal position so that it doesn’t accidentally spill out during the warming phase.

Software Compatibility and App Control

Aside from the manual controls on the toy itself, the Lovense Calor can also be managed with a software app and a digital signal connection.

For any kind of device compatibility, the user should be using a mobile device with an Apple iOS or Android software (iOS 11.0 or later or Android 5.0 or later), or a Mac computer with the Bluetooth connection turned on. Windows PC control is compatible as well.

Physically, the Lovense Calor receives its signal with a specific USB adapter to a computer or via Bluetooth connection. For mobile devices, the user simply needs to turn on and execute the pairing feature for their Lovense Calor unit to connect and pick up the related control signals.

Once connected, the user then has the ability to adjust the Lovense Calor features with specific program options and levels. Patterns can be used for specific sensation interests that provide more of a custom feeling than just a standard single setting.

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Pros of the Design

Clearly, for anyone who wants to have a custom experience with a male-oriented sex toy, the Lovense Calor takes things to a new level.

  • The features of the unit are both intuitive as well as easy to understand. And, because the design is contained and sealed, the ability to use, adjust effect, clean and restore for new use make the toy ideal for the regular user who is looking for a reliable but customizable male sex toy. And, for creative couples, the toy can definitely be an enhancer for additional activity prior to actual sexual activity as well.
  • With a contoured design that also easily allows for water-based lubricant, the sensation effect and comfort are maximized with the Lovense Calor sex toy, enhancing the feel and experience for the user. Add in the fact that the toy can be easily charged with its special adapter or by plugging it into any USB power source, and a user could have continuous fun again and again every day.
  • Lighting features make the toy visible in the dark, which allows a Lovense Calor to be very useful without having to turn the lights on to see exactly how to control the unit. That in itself is useful and convenient, especially when a user wants to stay in the dark altogether.

Cons to the Design

Nothing is ever perfect, and the Lovense Calor has some drawbacks, depending on the user’s expectations:

  • The charging time and prep time for heating will be a bit of a let-down if a user is not planning ahead. With over an hour for charging as well as up to 20 minutes for heating, the toy isn’t quite in the category of full spontaneity. However, if speed is not an issue, then this drawback isn’t that much of a problem for a user who wants to relax and take their time.
  • The aspect of connecting the toy to a computer or mobile device might not appeal to some users who are sensitive to what kind of activity is on their computer or could be accessed by others. In this regard, it’s probably not a good idea to use the software feature matching the Lovense Calor to a mobile device or computer that others might be able to read or see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the toy be cleaned with other products such as cleaning solutions?

Again, the toy should be cleaned with warm water and soap. Harsh cleaning chemicals could damage the surface of the toy, creating breaks in the surface that can cause problems later.

Is it possible to use the Lovense Calor portably?

While the device is fully charged, it does not need to be connected. So, yes, technically, it can be used in a portable state using discretion and privacy.

Is the Lovense Calor basically a single-user device?

Technically, the toy is designed for one male user’s insertion into the toy itself. However, nothing stops couples from utilizing the toy together for enhanced play.

Is the toy loud?

The Lovense Calor will emit a vibration noise level that changes with the speed and frequency of the vibration setting chosen by the user. While the toy is not annoyingly loud, it can be heard in a quiet setting.

Overall Review of the Lovense Calor

In summary, the Lovense Calor is an interesting design and a considerable step up from the basic and lackluster usual sex toys designed specifically for men and penile pleasure.

Unlike the classic industry products, which assume manual function and rely heavily on latex or plastic, the Lovense Calor applies technology and comfort to a male-oriented sex toy.

Doing so provides a much closer experience to sexual gratification for the user than what would otherwise be expected with lesser products. In short, the Lovense Calor looks like a winner and is worth a try for the discerning user.

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