Kiiroo Onyx 2 vs Kiiroo Titan: Which one is the Best Masturbator?

In today’s world, sex toys are not just mere rubber or plastic pieces that imitate real-life objects and human parts and organs, but rather innovative and creative, since technology has come a long way and most toys nowadays are extremely high-tech devices and come with all types of functions and exclusive features to satisfy any type of desire or fantasy.

And both the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and the Kiiroo Titan are perfect examples of this, two male sex toys from the same manufacturer.

Today, we will be making a comparison between those two and come to a conclusion, what are the differences and similar features between the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Kiiroo Titan? Continue reading below to find out.

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Onyx 2 and Titan by Kiiroo: What are they?

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is an improved version of the original Kiiroo Onyx, an automatic and electronic masturbation device, also known as a ”teledildonic masturbator”; Handheld, automated and best used with lubricants.

The cylinder-shaped format resembles the famous ”Fleshlights”; however, instead of containing the iconic vagina-like opening at the top like the classic Fleshlight, it contains a normal round hole or ring made of silicone inside, to insert the penis and simulate penetration.

On the other hand, the Kiiroo Titan is a newer device, launched almost one year after the Onyx 2, but can practically be considered as being in the same category of device.

Besides being the same brand and type of sex toy, let’s take a further look into the similar features of the two…

titan by kiiroo

Kiiroo Titan

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How they resemble one another

In addition to both being the same tube/cylindrical shape, their batteries require an average of 3 hours to be fully recharged, and the two devices have to be connected to the internet to fully experience the content offered from the online database.

They can be synced to this interactive online database to experience sex through virtual reality (VR) videos with famous porn stars, as well as with 2D videos.

Also, there is the ability to sync and pair with other devices via Bluetooth, for example: A Kiiroo Titan can be paired with a Kiiroo Onyx 2 and vice versa, from any place in the world.

In terms of handling and usage, both models are very lightweight, making transportation feasible and enabling the devices to be taken anywhere.

The silicone material from the inner holes/rings is of very high quality and safe for the skin in the penis, that when combined with correct usage of lubricants, eliminates the risks of irritation or allergies.

The two are both so silent, that it would take a great amount of enhanced hearing skills for anyone to hear any noise coming from them, therefore this greatly contributes to their discretion.

Due to being wireless, they can be enjoyed in any place, there is no limit as to the distance you can travel along with it and connect to other devices.

When you buy either one, the box contains some of the same items: the USB charging cables, manuals or illustrations for setting the device up and getting started, and a card for warranty registration.

But keep in mind that, in both cases, they do not come with any sort of toy cleaner or any related item, you will need to provide your own cleaning method. Nevertheless, the boxes arrive at your chosen shipping address unmarked and plain-looking, reassuring the guarantee discretion.

onyx2 review

Kiiroo Onyx 2

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How they differ from each other

We have looked at the similar features and functions, now let’s go over the differences, which are extensive.

First of all, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 boasts about 120 strokes per minute, with the 10 inner rings contracting at the same time, meanwhile the Kiiroo Titan offers 9 vibrating bullets working at the same time or individually, depending on the current mode of operation.

There are 6 different vibration modes, which are targeted, endurance, targeted power, pulse, blow, and auto.

The second difference when buying the Kiiroo Onyx 2 instead of the Titan, is that inside the box, will be included an essential item: A small package containing a sample of water-based lubricant, something that is not provided when buying the Titan model.

Another item that in the case of the Titan is not included either, but is with the Onyx 2 and comes along with the lube sample is a cap for the top part of the round hole/ring where the penis is inserted; This way, the hole/ring is successfully concealed and it will be almost impossible to identify it as a sex toy.

As for Titan’s benefits, one major advantage over the Onyx 2 is that it includes 1,500 free coins to be redeemed and spent at the interactive online database to acquire content, whereas, with Onyx 2, this is not available.

Another drawback of the Onyx 2 is that it is not available for purchase in Canada, so Canadian men will only have the option of purchasing the Titan model.

Verdict: The ultimate Kiiroo model?

Given the facts, we can conclude that the best Kiiroo sex toy model is the Titan, on the basis of the Titan being a newer model than the Onyx 2, consequently having more diverse vibration options.

Also, the fact that Onyx 2 is not available for purchase in Canada is a major disadvantage, considering that Kiiroo is missing out on a potential market and large customer base.

The key factor making the Titan attractive is having the free coins for the interactive online database, this simply is important because there is a lot of content that makes Kiiroo Titan fully enjoyable.

Sure, the Onyx 2 might even come with a sample of lubricant in the box, but even still the most important aspect of either model is the online content, and Onyx 2 will require purchasing it.

One more benefit is being able to recharge the Titan’s battery using the USB cable, which is extremely practical.

But perhaps the best of all is that Titan has a very masculine appearance and design, owing to the fact that this product is targeted specifically at men, and it is naturally unrecognizable as a sex toy to the average person.

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