Frisk Chat Review: Best Platform to Monetize Your Pics?

Experienced or not, in 2020—and, in a few scant weeks, 2021—adult performers face a lot of decisions.

Not the least of which is of the many, and getting many-er by the second, platform to select to host their content.

This wasn’t always the case; as a few years or so ago, there seemed to be only OnlyFans to choose. But though it may still hold the lion’s share of adult performers, it’s luster has begun to noticeably fade: tarnished by some dubious business decisions on one hand, that they take a lot more than their competition in regards to their profiting off their content creators on the other, and—yes, I know we now have three hands here—that while they may tolerate explicit videos and pics and such they aren’t exactly warm towards it.

In my admittedly round-about way, which gets me to an up-and-coming platform that could very well be the answer to all those “problems” with OnlyFans.

So let’s take a deep-ish dive into Frisk Chat and see what it’s all about—and if it’s a challenger to OnlyFans, or at least superior to its competition.

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Beginning with Frisk Chat payouts

Right off the bat, signing up is a pleasantly smooth process, with performers only needing to register a user/performer name, inputting a valid email address, and other details.

After that, you’ll have to verify who you say you are by submitting a current government-issued identification card and then, to make extra sure you’re you a picture of you holding that very same card.

Of the reviews I’ve done for other platforms, this little detail hasn’t come up before—though I freely admit I may have missed it—but if this is unique to Frisk Chat, I have to say it’s quite a smart way to verify identity.

With all this done, there’s the typical wait time to get approved, usually no longer than a day or so. That out of the way, you can get started by creating your profile page, putting in that vitally important banking info, and so forth.

What are Frisk Chat’s fees?

As it was no-doubt created in response to OnlyFans, it’s expected I’m going to be making a fair amount of comparisons between the two.

In the case of Frisk Chat, they’re pretty much the same as both take $20 of whatever their performers take. Keep in mind, though, that this is somewhat flexible, with many platforms adjusting this amount in response to how stridently their performers complain.

How does Frisk Chat work?

is frisk chat safe

Here Frisk Chat doesn’t do a lot more than its competition, and, in all fairness, it could even be said it does less.

To hopefully explain this a little better, let’s take a gander at its approach towards their performers’ ability to make money. Above all else, Frisk Chat is subscription-based: with content creators setting up their profile and then offering their fans various monthly options to see your quality content.

You also have the option to post freebies as well to wet the whistles of potential fans on your “Free Wall.” These can be anything from messages or stories, which operates kind-of, sort-of the same mechanism on the social media platform Instagram.

No surprises thus far, as this is far from new. Again, this may be the same with other sites, but other reviewers have commented that Frisk Chat doesn’t allow posts to a performer’s free wall to be explicit. So if you want to try and entice fans into your private, i.e., profitable, part end of your profile, you’ll either have to make them G-rated or censor them yourself.

Though, to make things more confusing than they should be, on Frisk Chat’s FAQ, they say topless pictures are okay—quite surprising considering that Frisk Chat was set up and continues to be run by adult entertainers 25+ years in the industry.

How much money can performers make with Frisk Chat? payment

From OnlyFans to sites those that just that launched last week—and, yes, I know that’s an exaggeration though considering how frequently they seem to be appearing not much of one—how much you, a performer, might make with Frisk Chat hinges 100% on how you approach it.

As in how much you spend time maintaining your presence, such as how often you post, what you post, and how actively you engage with your pans.

On this, Frisk Chat is better than most as they give their performers an opportunity to learn how to optimize their time, and get the most out of the site, courtesy of their Frisk Chat Academy. You can learn about it, and a lot of important information, by consulting their remarkably well-constructed FAQ page.

How does Frisk Chat payout?

Here I’m going back to what I said previously about how Frisk Chat is better than some, not as great as others, as performers can request a payout every Monday.

Why this is on the better side is because its other sites offer daily withdrawals—though it’s worth mentioning theirs often a fee required to do so—with on the not so much that there are some that limit payouts to bi-weekly or even monthly.

Then there’s the strong likelihood that Frisk Chat will get bounced to the bottom of your list of possible sites to consider as, as they say on the FAQ I previously mentioned: “Frisk is a UK based Limited Company that solely banks in the UK.”

So if you live anywhere except the UK, your payouts will have to go into your account as a foreign transfer and thus could get dinged by a noticeably unpleasant processing charge.

Or, another way, I’d say this royally sucks. Unless you’re in the UK, of course, then God Save The Queen.

Services you can offer your fans with Frisk Chat?

toni galloway

I touched on the Pay and Free walls and their differences, but within those, performers can additionally offer their fans a subscription system—which Frisk Chat puts entirely into their control.

Pay-per-view content can also be created, with the ability to zap out a message to your subscribers to turn them onto this kind of stuff, as well.

Messages, too, can be monetized, though if you’ve looked at my platform reviews, you’ll know this is far from rare. However, there’s a slight difference with their Stories feature, as this appears to be unique to Frisk Chat.

Additional Frisk Chat benefits and features

A typical rave about the site is how accessible and responsive Frisk Chat is about their performers’ needs, problems, or requests.

This is a point in their favor, but (and I knew you probably saw that coming) I did see mentions that several extra-benefits to using the platform can only be implemented by contacting them.

A notable one is the option to create a Personalized Promotional Visual, though only after you’ve uploaded 50+ posts. This needing to contact Frisk Chat is also true for those interested in the Academy.


  • Managed and built by established veterans of the adult entertainment industry
  • 80% take home is same was with similar platforms
  • Adult content is acceptable for subscription or pay-per-view posts
  • Ability to charge for messages


  • UK based, so performers from other countries may get charged bank processing fees
  • Limited amount of monetization options
  • Accounts inactive for a month will be suspended
  • Doesn’t allow explicit content on a performer’s Free Wall

The verdict

Pizzas to porn, smartphones to fashion choices, this or that TV show or movie, if you enjoy—or are satisfied with—anything, then more power to you.

But (and, yet again you probably saw this coming) if you’re an adult entertainer, I’d suggest thinking twice about signing with Frisk Chat. Or if you do, don’t solely depend on it.

Even, I dare to say, for those United Kingdom as though they won’t have to face potentially steep bank processing fees, after judging Frisk Chat’s good points against its bad ones, they don’t come out very well.

For instance, while it first appears beneficial with it giving the site a distinctive human feel, having to contact the site to do things like wanting to use their Academy also means if you can’t for whatever reason reach them, then you’re stuck. On top of this, it makes Frisk Chat appear somewhat less professional when with other adult entertainment platforms, these features are merely a button click away.

Then there’s the issue of the limitations they put on Free Wall posts and blocking inactive sites. By themselves, these aren’t all that egregious. However, after adding this to their stern warnings about content creators not spamming their fellow performers, the more I learn about Frisk Chat, the less I saw them as encouraging or supportive of those paying their salaries.

Or, to spin it another way, when you see more warnings not to do something—or else—from a site’s management versus offers to help, it leaves the impression you might end up spending an excessive and stressful amount of time nervously looking over your shoulder than focusing on reaching your fans.

Could I be wrong about all this? Definitely! It’s that as there are now dozens, if not more, platforms with more monetization methods that work hard to be there for their performers (no matter where they live) and using their benefits doesn’t depend on writing them, Frisk Chat’s shortcomings are too many, their positives too few.

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