Do Penis Pumps Really Work or Is It Just a Scam?

Contrary to popular belief, size doesn’t really matter between the sheets as much as most people think it does.

All you need is to be confident and comfortable in your body, and your confidence will radiate onto your partner, creating the perfect atmosphere for some awesome sex.

However, most men derive their confidence between the sheets from the size of what’s between their legs.

That is why some men will go to crazy lengths to ensure that they achieve the perfect size.

Anything to impress the ladies, as they say. One of the most common methods of doing this is through penis pumps.

Whether you are on the fence about buying a penis pump because you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or for the simple reason that you want your penis to look bigger and harder during intercourse, this question has probably already crossed your mind: Do penis pumps really work?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, stick around and find out.

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What Is A Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a mechanical device designed to draw blood into your penis by creating a vacuum resulting in one getting erections that last longer.

It is a device designed to make you achieve better erections. A penis pump does not require you to be aroused for it to work. They can be purchased both online and offline.

There are different types of penis pumps on the market and sometimes getting one that works for you can be a challenging task.

Here is a breakdown of all the types of penis pumps available today.

Types Of Penis Pumps

1. Water-Assisted Penis Pumps

This is a sophisticated penis pump. This pump uses water for the production of pressure inside the chamber.

They are safer compared to other penis pumps since they are a little bit more gentle on the penis.

This pump evenly distributes pressure, therefore, enabling the penis to become erect. It is a bit more costly than other penis pumps and for a good reason.

The advantage of this pump is that it can be used as both an air pump and water pump. They are also safer since they have been tested and are therefore highly recommended by professionals.

2. Basic Penis Pumps

These pumps are also known as air-assisted pumps. They are cheaper compared to the water-assisted ones. Most of them are operated manually.

You manipulate the handheld pump to achieve the vacuum effect, and this results in forcing air out of the chamber.

Battery operated pumps also exist. Compared to the water assisted pumps, these pumps are of lower quality and they tend to focus on performing just one action.

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How To Use Penis Pumps

As aforementioned above, penis pumps work by vacuum creation which then draws blood into your penis. Using a penis pump is not complicated. Most penis pumps work almost the same way.

You put your penis in the cylinder, then using a rubber ring, you create a seal between the cylinder and your body. You then pump.

This pumping process creates a vacuum by pushing air out of the cylinder and bringing about an increase in the flow of blood to the penis.

An increase of blood flow to the penis makes it expand, causing an erection.

It is important for you to familiarize yourself with your penis pump after you acquire it. Understand it and exactly what it can do for you.

Once you acquire your penis pump, you can use it for a few minutes every day whether you are having sex or not. For great results during sex, ensure you use it just before having sex.

This will make your erection last longer during sex.

So, Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Short answer, yes, a penis pump will help you get an erection and no, it cannot cure erectile dysfunction completely.

A penis pump will definitely give you an erection and sometimes even give you extra growth.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction can use penis pumps to get erections. If you would like your penis to look bigger for the fun of it, using a penis pump is a great idea too.

A vacuum pump is a temporary solution since it makes the penis look bigger temporarily. It is not a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction.

If you are looking for a cure for erectile dysfunction, you should probably try something else because a penis pump will not cure it.

It can, however, be a very good quick fix for the problem. How? When you get an erection, the penis pump will help you maintain that erection for a longer period.

It, however, cannot help you start an erection. It is only helpful to you once you already have an erection.

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Those who use the penis pump regularly have reported that the moment they stop doing so, their dicks go back to the original sizes they were before using the device.

There is good news for those who are out to make their dicks look bigger just for the fun of it. Not that they need it anyway. A dick pump guarantees you 100% success.

It is also important to note that using penis pumps too often and for too long can bring about damage to the elastic tissue in the penis. This with time leads to fewer firm erections.

Another side effect of penis pumps is that if you pump too hard too much, you might end up with a burst vein. Nobody wants a burst vein on their penis. T

he good news is that if you give it time, it will heal. Anyway, the long and short of it is, do not overdo it with penis pumps. Know your limits, and you will be fine.


If you are not satisfied with your penis size or length, there are other treatments like surgery, pills or creams that can help correct this issue.

Try them out; they may help more than a penis pump ever will.

It is important for one to try one out themselves before jumping into conclusions.

If you feel you absolutely need to get one, please do. Seeing is believing they say. It is best that you experience it first hand so that you get to know whether it works for you or not.



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