Womanizer InsideOut Review: The Ultimate Dual Stimulator?

Womanizer is at it again! This time, it’s with an amazing addition to their awesome line of products- the Womanizer InsideOut.

This new baby is different from the rest of the Womanizer toys, and in a good way.

Since it first hit the markets, it almost immediately established itself as one of the best products from Womanizer.

Almost everyone who has tried it has fallen in love with it, and with good reason. So what makes it unique? Simple.

The fact that it has a vibrator in addition to the Womanizer signature Pleasure Air Technology, the first product from the company to have this combination.

If you thought womanizer products were already amazing before the Inside Out, then prepare to get your mind blown.

In simple terms, it is almost perfect, and one should not miss the opportunity to experience it.

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What Is the InsideOut?

The Womanizer Inside Out is the latest remarkable sex toy from Womanizer. It comes with a naughty little twist- the vibrator.

It has a shaft that vibrates combined with the usual body with the Pleasure Air Technology that is famous for revolutionizing the stimulation of the clitoris.

Honestly, Womanizer has upped their sex toy game by coming up with this phenomenal product. We cannot get enough of it!

The Womanizer Inside Out has twelve intensity levels, which are way more levels of glorious pleasure than you will ever need in a single sitting.

This, combined with an awesome vibrating shaft that makes it super easy to reach the G-spot. A world-shattering orgasm guaranteed with every use!


The Inside Out is very beautifully designed and stylish. It is made of black, silky silicone with a touch of gold at the bottom of the device.

It comes in a posh black box that screams sophistication. The silicone feels very soft and smooth to the touch; it’s almost sensual every time you run your fingers over it.

It has a bulbous shape at the bottom that extends up to the silicone head. The silicone head is usually placed over the clitoris when using it.

It also has a projected or extended sort of arm that is used for internal stimulation.

The second motor is housed at the tip of this arm, which makes it vibrate through twelve intensity levels during use.

Despite its almost bulky appearance, it is surprisingly light when you pick it up.

This makes it have the perfect weight for easy manipulation as you use it. An easy to use toy is a wonderful toy, as they say. Don’t ask me who ‘they’ are though.

womanizer insideout

Main Features

1. The Vibrator

This is obviously one of the key features of this product that makes it stand out from the rest of the Womanizer toys. It is the first product from Womanizer to combine a vibrating shaft with their famous Pleasure Air Technology.

This vibrator has a curve shape making it easy to reach the G-spot. It is a great feature for anyone seeking sensual vaginal stimulation during their alone time.

2. Pleasure Air Technology

There’s no mentioning any of the Womanizer toys without the words Pleasure Air Technology coming up. Just like all the other Womanizer toys, the Womanizer Inside out also has the Pleasure Air Technology.

This is where your clitoris is softly sucked by pressure waves, and the result is a tasty orgasm. The Inside Out has the ability to do this through twelve intensity levels!

3. 100% Waterproof

You can take the Womanizer Inside out with you to the bathroom or to the swimming pool and have some fun while you enjoy a splash or a bath.

Showers don’t have to be boring anymore with this device on the market. Let everyone wonder why you take two-hour baths every day like it’s a hobby.

4. Long Battery Life

This is a very vital feature that one should look out for when considering to purchase a personal pleasure device. You do not want to own a device with a short battery life that requires charging every now and then.

It can be quite annoying. Luckily the Womanizer Inside out has a battery life of over two hours. You can have as much fun as you want with it before requiring to charge it again.

For infrequent users, it can run on a single charge for several weeks after that first charge, which is highly convenient.

5. 12 Vibrating And Intensity Levels

A really neat feature of the Womanizer Inside Out is the fact that the vibrating shaft and the suction mechanism can be controlled separately, independent of one another.

They both have an insane twelve intensity levels! However way you like your orgasms, the device ensures that you are spoilt for choice once you see all the different options on the menu.

Whether you like it intense, or if you like it gentle or even something in between, the Womanizer Inside Out has got you covered.

Your naughty desires can easily be achieved with this incredible device. It’s for anyone, really.

6. Silicone Heads

The toy comes accompanied by two silicone heads. Womanizer clearly understands that every woman is different down there, so the two different size options for the silicon heads are definitely heaven sent.

You can easily switch between the default silicon head and whatever other option you choose by simply pulling it off your device and replacing it with a different head.

7. Silent Mode

Love to have fun in silence? Good. The Womanizer Inside out is just the device for you.

We’ve all had those moments when we just ant to duck into a quiet room and have some alone time without alerting the whole building about your business.

You can have fun without anyone knowing what you are up to. You will barely be able to hear the toy yourself, let alone anyone in the next room.

The clitoral stimulator is very quiet and discreet. It produces no sound at all. However, the vibrations produced by the arm are a little audible, but generally very quiet too.

We can, however, make no promises about how quiet you will be when the Inside Out takes you to the mountaintop.

8. USB Charging Port

The device comes with a handy USB charging port that you can plug on your wall adapter or computer to charge it. It takes about ninety minutes for it to fully charge.

It has a magnetic charging port. Your Inside Out will glow red when it is getting charged, and when it is fully charged, the color turns green.

However, since the device is almost entirely black, it may be a little difficult to make out the subtle glows if you don’t know where to look.

A neat trick is to turn off all the lights in the room and take a closer look at your device. However, after a couple of charges, you get the hang of it.

How To Clean It

Since the toy is waterproof, cleaning it is very simple. You can use warm soapy water to clean it. Sterilization by bleach can also be used to clean it.

womanizer inside out

What is in the box?

The Womanizer InsideOut comes in a classy and stunning black box. The box comes sealed with a cute black ribbon, accompanied by a beautiful storage bag.

The packaging gives it a very sophisticated look, and it clearly screams “I am the perfect naughty gift idea!”.

Once you open the box, inside it, you will find the Womanizer Inside Out, which is truly a sight for sore eyes the first time you see it.

We guarantee you will have a smile across your face the first time you hold your new best friend in your hands.

The box also contains a Silicon stimulation head, a USB Charger and a USB charging cable with magnetic pins. When you first buy the device, it is good practice to charge it to completion immediately you take it out of the box.

This will usually take about ninety minutes. Finally, you will also find the list of operating instructions in the box.

You should probably give these a quick read if you are not in too much of a hurry to test drive it.

How it works

The concept behind this toy is simple: It works by stimulating you both internally and externally. The clitoral stimulator stimulates the clitoris while the ‘arm’ or shaft covers internal stimulation by stimulating the G-spot.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. This is why the Womanizer Inside Out is referred to as a dual stimulator.

The arm and the clitoral stimulator are controlled independently. They each have their own control buttons.

There is a separate button for controlling the vibrations on the arm and a separate button for air pressure control for the clitoral stimulator.

The control buttons have a + and – sign. When turning the toy off or on, you use the + button that is used to control the clitoral stimulator.

By simply pressing it and holding the button down for a couple of seconds you can either turn the device on or off.

How it feels

The beauty of this toy is that its shaft is a bit thin, therefore it can easily fit into one’s vagina without a struggle. It is especially really easy to penetrate when using lube.

The Womanizer Inside Out can give you one of the most intense orgasms you will ever have if used properly.

This is because while the clitoral stimulator works on your clitoris, the G-spot arm intensifies the pleasure by stimulating your G-spot.

With this kind of stimulation, you will have no choice but to have one or more of the most intense orgasms.

The intensity of the orgasm achieved cannot be described in words, you will have to experience it to relate.

If you compare the intensity of the G-spot arm and the clitoral stimulator, you will discover that the clitoral stimulator is a little bit more intense.

The vibrations of the arm can act as a supplement for the clitoral stimulator. The more, the merrier, as they say.

womanizer insideout rabbit


The Inside Out is packed full of pros. Here are a few:

1. It is incredibly quiet. The vibrations are barely a whisper, and the clitoral simulator is nearly silent. This makes it perfect for you if privacy is a big deal, or if you want to catch a few minutes of some alone time in the middle of the day, wherever you may be.

2. It is stylish and beautifully made, as all Womanizer products are. You will not help but fall in love with the silky silicon and the robust design.

3. It is waterproof. This makes it the perfect bath toy. It also makes it extremely easy to clean, and everyone appreciates an easy cleanup.

4. It is USB rechargeable. Plus, once fully charged, it has a very long battery life. This just adds to the convenience of the toy, and leaves more room for you to have fun with it.

5. With the womanizer Inside Out, there is duo satisfaction. There is clitoral stimulation through womanizer’s signature pleasure air technology.At the same time, you also get to enjoy the G spot stimulation from the arm vibrator. The duo satisfaction offered by the suction and G-spot simulation is obviously a huge pro.


The biggest downside of the Womanizer Inside Out is that the control buttons may be a little cumbersome to operate.

Once the toy has been positioned, operating it can get a little awkward since you cannot see the controls.

You have to visualize the toy and use your memory or feel the buttons with your fingers, which can distract from the task at hand.

Verdict: So Who Is It For?

The Womanizer Inside Out is clearly a wonderful product, designed by people who understand that every woman needs some self-love once in a while (or a few times every day, depending on how freaky you are).

So what is our verdict on this product? The Womanizer Inside Out is specially made for the woman who wants it all.

If you enjoy both internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, you will love this toy. When the clitoral stimulator and the vibrator work together like this, they produce literal magic.

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