We-Vibe Chorus Review: Really Better Than the We-Vibe Sync?

The sex toy industry has come a really long way from the days of silicone dildos and leather strapons. While these toys still exist, many more innovative ones have been introduced, making the industry vibrant, interesting, and inclusive.

One such new product is the We-vibe Chorus. It is a nifty little toy that can be customized to fit your body, driving targetted vibrations wherever you want them to go. Sounds pretty interesting, right? So, is this the toy for you? Well, this in-depth We-vibe Chorus review will help you figure that out for yourself.

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What is the We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus is a sex toy from We-Vibe that has been specifically designed to be used by couples. It can effectively spice things up in the bedroom by giving you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy simultaneous orgasms like you never have before. Which explains its name; Chorus.

The Chorus is worn by a woman during intercourse. It stimulates her G-spot and clitoris directly by sending targetted vibrations to those areas. While the man is inside her, he will also get stimulated and feel the pleasant sensations, and this will, in turn, make him feel the urge to press his penis against the toy. This action will make the toy hit her G-spot and put pressure on it for that extra feeling of pleasure.

The result, of course, is a domino effect of orgasm after orgasm until you are both completely drained, literally and figuratively.

What’s in the box?

We-Vibe_Chorus_whats in the box

When you open the We-Vibe Chorus box, there are a couple of things that you cannot miss.

First, you will find the Chorus itself. You will also find a squeeze remote that controls the vibrations of the Chorus. A storage case will also be present, along with a charging base for the Chorus. There will also be a USB charging cable, a user guide, and a sachet of We-Vibe lube.

We Vibe’s Chorus toys come in cosmic pink, purple or blue, so you have a variety to choose from.

Key Features

Here are some of the features that make the Chorus stand out from other similar toys:

Squeeze remote

The Squeeze remote is pretty unique. As the name suggests, the tighter you squeeze the remote, the harder or stronger the vibrations get. It has been designed to harness that animalistic, instinctual response that results in a more immersive pleasure experience.

The harder you squeeze it, the stronger the vibrations become. If you want to slow things down, simply release your grip a little until you hit a level you are comfortable with.

Alternatively, if you want to be a bit old-school about it, you can simply use the buttons on the squeeze remote to adjust the intensity levels or switch between the different modes.

WeVibe-Chorus controller


The Chorus also has an adjustable fit. It is modifiable so it can be adjusted according to your body type, or simply just to fit you depending on where you want to feel the vibrations from.

These adjustable features were made to target the different bodies of women because different women have their clitoris and G-spots located at slightly different positions.

It can also be adjusted or modified during sex depending on the comfort of the user.

Touch-sensitive receptors

We Vibe’s Chorus also has touch-sensitive receptors which are a pretty unique feature.

The receptors are meant to vibrate in tune with your body movements. When you or your partner come close or move against the receptor sensors, the vibration changes depending on the thrusts, creating a rise and fall in vibrations that will take your sexual experience to a whole other level.

You can also connect the Chorus to the We-Connect App which gives you an additional three different modes for maximum pleasure.

The Chorus comes with ten modes of vibrations. You can start from a low, medium, high, ultra, pulse, wave, echo, tide, crest up to the surf mode, all to have you and your partner curling your toes in pleasure.

Best connectivity AnkorLink technology

The sex toy also boasts of better connectivity which is solely powered by the AnkorLink technology ensuring that there is a seamless integration between We Vibe’s We-Connect App and your device. This goes a long way in ensuring that the signal never drops down especially when you are in the heat of the moment.

It enhances the Bluetooth connectivity and the company recommends that one should keep the Squeeze remote close by as it is the anchor between the We-Connect App and the Chorus.

Waterproof design

The Chorus is waterproof ensuring you can take the action anywhere you want, including in the shower. This also makes cleaning of the product quite easy as you just have to use some water and soap to clean it gently.

It is made of silky-soft silicone that is 100% body-safe. A single charge will give you about 90 minutes of non-stop playtime.

How does the We-Vibe Chorus work?

WeVibe-Chorus couples toy

To use it for the first time, you will first have to charge it fully, a process that will take about two hours. You will be able to tell that it is fully charged when the light turns continuously on.

After charging, wash the toy with soap and water, then apply the We-Vibe lubricant to get it ready for use. You will be able to change the vibration modes by pressing the control buttons.

Using the Chorus is not difficult. Simply insert the G-spot arouser into the vagina and let the clitoral arouser rest on the clitoris. You need to do this after selecting the mode you like. You can then have your partner join you for sex, and jump through the different vibration modes as he thrusts.

You can also experiment by pairing the toy with the remote and the We-Vibe Sync.

My Experience

The Chorus worked pretty well for my partner and me. We were able to climax several times with this toy.

Pairing the device with the app was a bit of a challenge at first, but once it paired, the results were amazing. It worked pretty well for certain sex positions like the missionary, and my partner loved it so much he insisted we keep using it in the future. Having experimented with different sets of sex toys, I think we have found the one.

The way it has been designed also makes it very easy to use. My partner did not find it hard to know how it functions and that is a plus for any product. Working with the different sets of vibrations while listening to our favorite music through the Beat mode made the experience very special.

The fact that the toy is also a super smooth made it feel quite natural. However, make sure you use a lot of lube because it can get a little dry after a while.

All in all, I really love this toy and I would highly recommend it to any couple that wants to spice things up.


  • Chorus by We-Vibe is one of the best toys in the market. The fact that We-Vibe specialized in making something for couples is already an advantage of the toy. The touch-sensitive receptors on the toy also take the game to a whole new level giving the action a more natural and authentic feel and orgasm.
  • Chorus Squeeze remote is also another positive on the product. It ensures a rhythmic and harmonizing pace is maintained as the couple aims for an orgasm. It gives room for a couple to delay orgasm for a greater and grand orgasm. The ten-mode vibration feature gives a new twist to matters in the bedroom. It gives way to partners that want to enjoy the play build their orgasms bit by bit till the peak moment.
  • The seamless integration to the We-Vibe App through the AnkorLink also enhances the experience. It ensures that there are fewer connection problems especially when you have a secure and strong data connection.


  • The battery life is rather short. Ninety minutes is a little too short for couples who want to have a lot more fun or even drag things on for the whole night.
  • Integrating the toy with the Squeeze remote and the We-Connect App can also be a bit challenging the first time.

WeVibe-Chorus package


We-Vibe has been consistently outdoing themselves when it comes to coming up with innovative sex toys that are game-changers in the sex toy industry. They have clearly done it once again with the We-Vibe Chorus.

Providing a toy that couples can play with without either party feeling inadequate is simply an amazing feat by We-Vibe Chorus. It is a brilliant idea and the world is a better place because of it.

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