Tenga Eggs Review: Are They Truly Worth It?

I had a chance to review another product from the Tenga brands.

At first, I would not have had a guess what kind of product I was to review. By the look, Tenga eggs are so appealing to the eyes.

They are pleasantly and excellently packed. Who would think an egg could be a sex toy?

You would only believe this after unpacking and cracking the shell to perform a stimulation that would give you a heavenly feeling.

That’s the only time you would believe the great episodes of fantasy of the product I am talking about.


It is a tiny (size of a palm) soft plastic with an outer shell designed for storage and carrying. This gives it a discreet appearance.

The sex toy is designed for male masturbation. It is oval in shape just like an egg. You can easily mistake it as a colored egg.

It is aligned with soft ridges that are wavy to give it an awesome texture. It comes in seventeen varieties and textures each designed to give a different experience of excitement.

It is designed to accommodate all types of the male penis due to its elasticity to elongate long.

They are disposable after use meaning they can only be used once. They come packaged with the lubricant, thus are ready to use at any time, anywhere.

They come in a length of 2.5 inches and 1.75 widths. This does not mean that it is small for you, they can stretch to fit any kind of penis.

How does it feel?

Like I had said, the Tenga egg comes in 17 varieties and textures each giving a different experience. I will try to give an honest feeling with each type of the varieties used.

Remember this may not be the same view with you since we perceive feelings differently.

  1. Wavy: This spirals in just like waves. It gives a long-lasting excitement.the textured edges waves all over the manhood to give a fabulous stimulation. This is my most favorite.
  2. Clicker: Its texture surrounds all around the male thing, giving a fantastic all-around stimulation.
  3. Cool: It comes with a package of menthol-infused lube to give your dick a fresh kick in the pants.
  4. Party: You must get busy and work yourself hard to give yourself a fantastic stimulation.
  5. Lovers heart: Just like the name, it gives an excellent stimulation as if your lover is doing the job.
  6. Spider: Just like the web formed by spiders, this will create a web all over the manhood. Twist it well for a fancy experience.
  7. Cloudy: This offers a real like stimulation due to its soft ridges. In fact, you get to the clouds in ecstasy.
  8. Stepper: This will step you all through the male thing to give you a proper hot episode.
  9. Crater: The ridges adhere so well to the tip and the shaft of the manhood giving you an excellent excitement.
  10. Dance: It’s got a colorful outside structure. However, it doesn’t give such a beautiful experience you would think for such a beauty.
  11. Silky: Its softness in texture gives you a silky kind of sensation.
  12. Misty: Offers an awesome stimulation with an exciting sensation.
  13. Shiny: This resembles the sun. It gives such a glowing fabulous stimulation.
  14. Surfer: Serves pretty well. An excellent stimulation with a fantastic ecstasy.
  15. Thunder: With an extreme stimulation, this will give you a thunderous experience.
  16. Twister: Twist and maneuver it well, you will not be disappointed.
  17. Street: Be active with this one, and you will get a bomb of ecstasy.

tenga egg

How does it work?

Unwrap it just as you would peel a pre-boiled egg. The Tenga egg is packed as an eggshell. Twist to open the shell to reveal the sleeve.

Good thing is that it comes with the lube. Massage the sleeve with the lube gently. Do not massage generously otherwise, you will have an ugly experience.

Slip the sleeve from the tip all through to the shaft of the male thing.

Start the stimulation and experience the awesome ecstasy you have been yearning for.

You can use the sex stimulator to stimulate yourself as well as use your partner to give you a stimulation to an exciting orgasm. However, the sensation experience in both instances is almost the same.

Dispose of the sleeve and the after products after use. It is not recommendable for reuse. I have heard of some people who clean and dry it for another session though. This will depend on you.

tenga eggs

Pros of the Tenga Eggs

  • They come in seventeen different varieties and textures. With this, you have a wide choice of variety. From all the choices, you cannot lack one that excites you to the moon.
  • They are designed in that they can stretch to accommodate all types of manhoods in length and width. No excuse for size.
  • They are packed in a tiny shell the size of a palm. This means you can easily carry along in the pocket.
  • It comes complete. The package comes with the sleeve, and the lube thus can be readily used anywhere anytime.

Cons of the Tenga Eggs

  • They are disposable. They can only be used once and you have to get a new pack for each session of stimulation.
  • They may be expensive bearing in mind you have to get a new pack for each session. You may decide to have the reusable ones like the Tenga Flip Hole.
  • No major difference in the sensation of stimulation with the different varieties provided. They almost felt the same. The experience may vary though.

eggs tanga


The Tenga eggs are one of the best products in this category available in the market.

They come in a variety of different textures. This only means that there is a broad scope of choice of what will excite you.

They can be used by every man. This is due to the fact that they can stretch to whatever given length and width. Thus can accommodate all types of male thing.

Having that, you need a pack with every stimulation, it makes them expensive. However, this may be a benefit to those guys who do not use toys often for self-stimulation.

Their excellent package gives them a discreet identity to those who may not understand what they are and may think they are just colored eggs.

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