Satisfyer Pro 3 Review: Truly the Best Satisfyer of All Time?

Orgasms are effective in relaxing your muscles and relieving stress when you need a distraction. Plus, they feel pretty amazing. One of the several ways you can reach these intense heights is by stimulating the clitoris.

There is a wide variety of toys that promise to help you achieve this, one of the more recent ones being the Satisfyer Pro 3. Here is a review of its capabilities to help you determine if you should go for it.

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What is it?

The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is a sex toy that functions by stimulating the clitoris.

Serving as the successor to the pressure-wave vibrators from Satisfyer, this clitoral stimulator features an upgraded design as well as an additional vibration function.

The head of the toy is bigger and wider with a sleeker and sophisticated appearance as compared to previous versions. It effectively combines intensive, pressure-wave stimulation of the clitoris without contact with a vibrating lay-on head.

It has two motors which can be controlled independently, so you can use them simultaneously or separately depending on your preference.

Satisfyer pro 3

Key features

11 pressure-wave intensities

In the inner area of the Satisfyer Pro 3, the silicone ring alternates between pressure and suction pulses in 11 intensity settings.

10 vibration settings

The edge of the ring that nestles your love bead massages you with 10 tingling vibration settings.


The Satisfyer Pro 3 is fully waterproof, so you can clean it easily with water as well as use it in the shower or bathtub.

Skin-friendly silicone

The toy is made with silky soft silicone that is skin-friendly and completely free from phthalates, latex, and BPA.

USB charging cable

You can use the magnetic USB charging cable to connect and charge Satisfyer Pro 3 via a USB port or a power adapter.

Two motors

It features two powerful motors: one of them uses pressure waves to provide stimulation to the clitoris, while the other is a vibrator.

Ultra-soft optimized head

The ergonomically shaped head of the Satisfyer Pro 3 is soft and gentle around your clitoris. Additionally, the head has been optimized and is now wider and bigger so that it can surround your love bead even more effectively.

Satisfyer pro 3 size

What’s in the box?

The Satisfyer Pro 3 vibration comes in a no-frills box that also comprises of the following:

  • A magnetic USB charging cable
  • A safety information leaflet
  • A multilingual leaflet.

How it works

Before first use, the toy must be fully charged. The LED light should blink to indicate that it is being charged.

To get started, gently spread your labia to expose the clitoris. Place the head of the toy onto your clitoris so that it is enclosed precisely inside the hollow (don’t worry, there is no contact). The Satisfyer Pro 3 head has been optimized, which means that it is now bigger and wider so that it can enclose your clitoris even more effectively. Once you have found the perfect position, you won’t have to move the toy again.

There are three buttons on the toy: one to regulation the vibration and the other two to control the level of intensity of the pressure waves. The control buttons are quite flat, so if you want to use the Satisfyer Pro 3 under the covers, ensure that you locate them with your fingers beforehand. The inner hollow part of the toy changes quickly between pressure and suction pulses in a variety of intensity settings, consequently creating the feeling of oral sex. The edge of the hollow part of the toy around the clitoris produces tingling vibrations that massage it.

There are ten different settings, allowing you to experiment to find the most ideal combination. The pressure-wave function and the vibration function can be controlled separately, which means that there are 110 combinations in total for you to try out. For a more intense pulsation, consider using the Satisfyer Pro 3 in the bathtub or under the shower.

Satisfyer pro 3 how it feels

How it feels

I love the sucking sensation of the Satisfyer Pro 3. The positioning angle for this version is a bit different from the other Satisfyer toys I have used, so I had to figure out the best way to hold it, but it was a fun learning curve.

Combining the vibration and the pressure waves is highly pleasurable. I even had to reduce the level of intensity so as not to climax too soon and revel in the sensation for as long as possible. With this clitoral stimulator, I can experiment with a wide variety of vibration and suction and pressure pulses for a toe-curling buildup and consequent orgasm.

Although it is great to have the option to control the two motors independently, this means that when the time comes to switch off the toy, you have to remember to press two buttons or one of the functions will keep running.


  • Two methods of clitoral stimulation to choose from, namely vibration and pressure wave suction. This is especially great if you are not too sure of the type of stimulation you prefer.
  • There is a wide variety of combinations (110 in total!) to choose from, so you have a lot of options to experiment with.
  • Make your baths and showers even more interesting using Satisfyer Pro 3 thanks to its waterproof properties.
  • Memorable orgasms thanks to the direct no-contact action on the clitoris.


  • You have to deal with switching off two buttons, instead of just one.
  • The vibration is buzzy rather than rumbly, so even though they are great, they could be deeper.


Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is a great sex toy for anyone seeking intense clitoral stimulation through vibration as well as pressure wave suction. To turn up the heat during foreplay, you can also use it on your nipples for more pleasure.

The new design improvements have significantly elevated how this toy, and orgasms are hard and fast. Just remember to turn off both control buttons when you are done with it so that you avoid unexpectedly continuing a play session as you try to come down from a powerful orgasm.

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