Satisfyer Men Review: A Masturbator Recommended by Rocco Siffredi?

Are You Ready for Complete Satisfaction?

One of the world’s most respected, unique, and quality adult toy brands, Satisfyer, promises a sexual revolution sparked with every one of their products.

Known primarily for their women’s toys, when the legendary brand branched out in a masculine direction it was asked by many, if only briefly if the sex toy giant would be able to bring their signature style and quality to a penetration toy.

Those doubts were quickly, and ultimately, quelled when the Satisfyer Men hit the market, however.

With a manly black and blue Silicone frame, the Satisfyer excels at both streamlined construction and privacy.

This toy would look in the right place in a toiletry bag with your favorite body spray and hair product. The unique design flourishes don’t end there though.

The removable cap at the business end of the Satisfyer not only allows for further discretion but for protection from the ultra-soft, satisfying, sleeve, held within the frame.

Speaking of soft and satisfying, this may be the most comfortable and thrilling penetrative toy we’ve ever tested.

For more on this incredible new toy check out our Satisfyer Men review below.

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What is the Satisfyer Men?

The Satisfyer Men is legendary sex toy maker Satisfyer’s first ever penetrable toy marketed to men.

The toy has a plethora of signature effects that set it apart from the multitude of penetrables available today.

The exceptional comfort and softness of the Satisfyer Men’s included sleeve is so incredible that I would safely say I’ve never felt anything like it before.

That point alone is worth purchasing the toy, but Satisfyer has included so much more in this penetrable.

You’ll notice I used the term included sleeve’s, well there’s a good reason for that.

Not only does the Satisfyer Men come with one of the softest penetrable sleeves available, but the company has available for sale six varying sleeves in addition to their included Classic’s model.

Monikers for the sleeves like Lusty Tongues and Chambers of Pleasure should entice you to pick up one of the custom sleeves along with your toy.

The toy’s case holds the sleeve in place tightly, for even the most vigorous use, but also allows for simple removal of the sleeve for change out, or cleaning.

Satisfyer’s commitment to the utmost quality of their toys, as well as to your pleasure is on full display here.

satisfyer men toy

How Does it Work?

The Satisfyer Men has a handful of features that allow it to function better than the average stroker.

The Satisfyer features a topside vent which twists open or closed to allow for changing the tightness of the penetrator.

At the sides of the toy, two squeezable panels allow for an in-use pump function.

This function not only allows the Satisfyer to work as a stroker but a manual penis pump as well, something I’m not sure has been accomplished as well as the renowned adult toy company has done with this toy.

What’s in the Box?

When ordering the Satisfyer Men, you’ll receive the stroker in a discreet and private package that features an image of the product, but looks like high-end Cologne, unless you knew better.

In the box, the stroker comes with the included classic sleeve, the end cap to preserve the softness of the Satisfyer’s patent cyber skin, as well as provide added discretion.

Also included is a trial package of Satisfyer’s Neutral lube for easier, wetter, more comfortable penetration.

Overall, much like the product itself, the Satisfyer’s packaging is simple, streamlined, and discreet, but immediately identifiable with the vibe this stroker will provide you with.

satisfyer men rocco

How Does it Feel?

For all its features, the Satisfyer for Men puts your satisfaction, and your orgasm, first.

As I’ve stated throughout this review, the super soft Cyberskin is perhaps the softest and most intensely comfortable material ever used for a stroker.

The Satisfyer’s tight channels may be off-putting at first for readers with a larger penis, but by using lube, and stretching your new toy, the Satisfyer should adjust to your cock within the first few strokes.

The twistable ventilation cap at the top of the Satisfyer also allows you to increase or decrease tightness manually, and the hand pump on the sides of the toy will enable it to function as a manual penis pump while also serving as a penetrator.

These design flourishes and features allow for a fully customizable experience depending on your wants and needs and end in an overwhelmingly good orgasm.


  • The Satisfyer’s amazing Cyberskin is one of, if not THE, softest, most comfortable, and intensely pleasurable materials ever used for a penetrator.
  • The Satisfyer Men’s design allows for complete discretion in carrying and use, and the cap on the end of the toy allows for added cleanliness, hygiene, and privacy.
  • Though the Classic sleeve is more than capable of making you cum, the toy’s interchangeable sleeve design also accommodates the company’s six other Satisfyer sleeves.
  • The twistable topside vent port allows for increase or decrease in tightness.
  • The side hand pumps allow for the toy to function as a manual penis pump while simultaneously getting you off.

satisfyer men masturbator


  • The frame and overall size of the Satisfyer are somewhat large, measuring in at ten inches in length and nine and a half inches at its widest point. Some users may have a hard time getting a decent stroke with the toy’s girth.
  • Given the toy’s size, the pump, though perfectly functioning, may be harder to work for users with smaller hands.
  • Lube will undoubtedly be needed for users with larger cocks. Though the Satisfyer adjusts quickly to your size, the first few strokes may be somewhat tight.

Final Verdict

In the end, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to really dislike about this toy.

As Satisfyer has always done with their other toy lines, the company has gone out of its way to incorporate some unique designs to this stroker to provide for an incredible experience.

At such an inexpensive cost, and with the extra sleeves so inexpensive, this penetrable is the perfect toy for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Satisfyer has undoubtedly proven that they know just how to make us say “Oh!” no matter how we like it!

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