Lelo Loki Wave Review: Is This Prostate Massager Worth It?

Whether you are only thinking of it, have actually experimented with your fingers, or currently have a collection of butt toys in your closet, I believe you have already become aware of Lelo toys.

Lelo produces everything from high-end vibrators for her to high-quality prostate massagers for him.

They produce all their toys with body safe, medical-grade silicone. Every style starts and ends with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

While the Lelo Loki Wave is intended for him, she can utilize it for g-spot and clitoral action as well– like a bunny vibe! We are going to focus on its initial purpose in this review.

What is the Lelo Loki Wave?

In simple terms, the Loki Wave is a butt toy. Unlike a lot of the other toys reviewed here, this one is designed to stimulate the prostate.

The LELO site boasts, “The world’s first vibrating prostate massager that moves back and forth to beckon you towards the absolute pinnacle of prostate satisfaction.”

While I cannot vouch for this, as I have not tried all the anal toys the world needs to provide, it is the first high-end prostate vibe to come throughout my control panel that offers this variety of motion!

The Loki Wave is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe, and has 10 pleasure settings.

It has 4 inches of insertable length, with a 4.5-inch girth. It has a rabbit vibrator design. However, Lelo plans for the external arm to be utilized for perineum stimulation rather than clitoral.

It has two motors, one in the inner arm and one in the external. And it takes one hour to charge the Loki Wave completely for two hours of play time.

loki wave review

Lelo Loki Wave Features

The Lelo Loki Wave is made with 100% body-safe, medical-grade silicone is completely waterproof, and is fully rechargeable.

It has two arms, one for perineum stimulation and one for prostate stimulation, and an entire load of other features.

Due to the silky-smooth material, with a little water-based lube, the Loki Wave slides in with no friction or concerns.

As soon as inside it is operated by a control pad on the front of the base of the toy.

The middle button manages the on/off feature, the up and down arrows manage the mode, while the plus and minus buttons control the vibration intensity.

There are five vibration strengths and five waves. The patterns provide everything from a buzz to a pulsating sensation.

The inner arm moves and vibrates in a come-hither motion while the external arm simply vibrates, integrated these feelings develop a one of a kind experience.

As I’ve pointed out in my other Lelo item reviews, the silicone they use on their products is excellent.

It feels elegant and soft, and it doesn’t collect lint like other similar products. It’s easy to clean and does not hold odors. Last, however, not least, it’s really long lasting.

I don’t understand what they do differently when doing the things, but it’s certainly among the best on the market.

What can be found in the package?

The box that the Lelo Loki Wave comes in shows the Lelo company’s focus on luxury.

The cardboard is durable, the lining is luxurious, and the contents are exactly what you would expect from a business like Lelo. In the package, you will discover:

  • The LOKI Wave
  • A USB-Charging Cord: This can be utilized with your computer system or a charging block. Just check that the amperage output is right. Otherwise, you will fry your brand-new toy.
  • A Satin Storage Pouch: if you find the package too ostentatious, prominent, or large, you can utilize this to store your toy
  • A Guarantee Registration Card: Do not forget to register your Lelo Loki Wave. If something were to happen to it, this might save you many $$$! If you lose this, you can download a PDF from the main item page, with the Instruction Manual.
  • A sample of Lelo’s water-based lube: I advise utilizing this, especially if you do not have other water-based lube on hand. The user manual highly suggests just utilizing water-based, anal-safe lube on the Loki Wave.

lelo loki wave

How does the LELO Loki Wave feel like?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the primary bulb that goes in the ass is rather big in size (1.375 inches). I ALWAYS use lots of water-based lube to make insertion much easier and to decrease discomfort.

I’ll be the first to confess that despite the fact that I’m relatively experienced with prostate toys, I always recoil a bit when pressing this bad young boy in. Luckily it has a long, tapered tip that makes it as easy as possible.

Once I get it to about the halfway point, it glides right into place. Then it’s go time! At this point, the hard part is over and the enjoyable begins.

Prior to I turn it on, I prefer to make any necessary small changes, such as getting the perineum bulb into the ideal place under my ball sack. This is where the Wave goes from cool to awesome … as soon as it’s its location, it does not slide or roll out!

Just like my other toys, I normally follow this how-to guide for using a massager. It works for any male anal toy and is definitely relevant for this one.

Now it’s just a matter of flipping the switch and setting the strength. Depending on my state of mind, I want to start at the constant ambiance setting, at a mid-level intensity. This is excellent for heating up and getting those juices flowing. I do not turn on the come-hither until I’ve had it in there for 5 minutes approximately.

It’s time to kick up the intensity as soon as I’m feeling unwinded. Here is where I switch on the robotic wave motion, so the Wave can do its thing!

Also, this is where I’ll slowly turn up the intensity of the ambiance. Every few minutes I prefer to bump it up another notch.

While doing this, I’ll begin to get that warm, comfy feeling throughout my mid area. At this moment I know that a big fat orgasm is close.

Now I like to turn the intensity up all the way. This is where the huge O begins. The pressure begins to develop up in the mid area of my body, from the groin to my stomach.

Like waving a magic wand, the Loki Wave keeps pressing and launching on my prostate, milking it for all it’s worth.

Pre-cum gets heavy at this moment. While my prostate is trembling from rather intense orgasms, the press and release action feels really remarkable. The quantity of pressure is perfect … not too soft, not too hard.

Anyhow, I got kinda carried away there didn’t I ?! If you couldn’t inform, I f*cking LOVE this toy.

loki wave


What I Like About the Lelo Loki Wave

  • The internal arm moves in a come-hither motion. Much like your fingers when going solo. Anticipate this is created to much better stimulate the prostate with more functions than just your fingers.
  • Speaking of: There are 10 settings. These consist of 5 vibration speeds and five waves.
  • Lelo does think about everything. The Lelo Loki Wave is developed to fit completely in your hand. Implying that throughout usage your hand will not start constraining up and get tired of holding the toy.
  • As I pointed out prior to an hour of charge time by means of the USB cable will get you 2 hours of playtime with the toy.
  • This is among the very best features of Lelo! They care about exactly what you are putting in your body, so you do not have to. Their toys are latex and phthalates-free. Making them body safe to use for the majority of users!

lelo lokie wave massager

What I Did Not Like About the Lelo Loki Wave

  • While I enjoyed the girth of the toy, I find that it might not appropriate for all users. It takes some heat up and a lot of lube, but the work is worth the play.
  • Located where your hand would rest while utilizing the toy are the buttons. This can get annoying due to the fact that you ought to watch out for where your hand is resting and careful not to strike any buttons. There is nothing more frustrating than changing the settings mid-wank.
  • Depending on the length of time you go, can imply whether you should charge the Lelo Loki Wave every use or each usage. You charge the Loki Wave using a USB cable, so depending upon how smitten you are with it, you are going to have a toy laying on your desk at all time.
  • Due to the girth of the toy you are going to wish to use a lot of lube. Given, for any play you are going to require lube, but with this toy, you are going to wish to use a lot of lube.
  • The silicone is silky smooth, however, brings in lint like no one’s service. I recommend cleaning up the toy prior to and after each use!

Lelo Loki Wave review: My Verdict

I would not recommend this toy for newbie anal gamers nor would I advise it to big players.

While the toy is girthy, more skilled players may not find it as big or as powerful as they would like. Personally, I discover the size and quantity of power to be perfect!

If you are looking for a vibrating, turning, dual rubbing toy, the Lelo Loki Wave is perhaps going to be your finest match!

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