The 15 Best AI Girlfriends That Never Complain

AI algorithm technology has come a long way since the days of simple chatbots. Now you can even have an AI girlfriend experience using the latest technology.

There is an AI girlfriend experience out there that matches every taste and sensibility.

Whether you’re looking for relaxing escapism or erotic encounters, there’s an app on this list that’s going to digitally connect you to what you need.

Let’s dive into this list and take a look at a few of the most popular AI girlfriend apps out there. 

Slutbot: The Best AI Sexing Service  

ai girlfriend love simulator

Slutbot is easily the best AI-driven sexting service that I found while putting together this review.

You can tell right away that this is offering higher quality content than most other services.

The fact that they hired erotic fiction writers and actual sex experts to design this app is felt immediately once you start sexing.

This app even has the rare distinction of being an AI girlfriend experience that was positively covered by several tech magazines.

You can utilize this service to fulfill your hottest sexting fantasies while also improving your own romantic texting skills.

Overall, the only big downsides to this app were the lack of images and videos as well as the need for entering your phone number—even though your data is kept anonymous. 


  • Positively covered on The New York Times, LifeHacker, Mashable, and Cosmopolitan to name a few 
  • Created by sex educators and erotic fiction writers 
  • Ideal for improving sexting and having spicy adult fun 
  • Totally free, but featured paid premium sext stories 
  • Your data is not shared with third parties 


  • No images or videos
  • Requires a US or Canada phone number Your Basic AI GF Experience  

best ai girlfriend website is another interesting AI girlfriend experience app that you should take a look at. This app was one of the easiest to get started with because of its unique preset and modeling features.

This app has girlfriend presets that you can click on and get started with if you don’t feel like designing your own model.

There are also AI driven girlfriend images that pop up on this app which are great for someone looking for a more visual experience.

The biggest downside I noticed was that the dialogue can sometimes feel a little robotic like a chatbot that needed to have some output curation. 


  • Model your own AI girlfriend 
  • AI girlfriend is modeled based on your real-world interest and preferences 
  • You can also get started with presets 
  • Includes customizable AI images 


  • Chatting can sometimes feel a bit robotic Fast Startup and Free 

ai girlfriend online free was a refreshing app since I didn’t even need to build an account to get started. All you need to do is click on one of the AI girlfriends to immediately jump into a chat session.

These AI girlfriend models are pre-generated with their own personalities and backgrounds.

This means there’s not much room for customization, but you can hit the ground running with conversations rather than having to spend hours, or days, priming an AI model. 


  • Get started immediately with no account 
  • Plenty of free chat sessions that you can jump into 
  • New AI models added semi-regularly 


  • Minimal customization features The Essential Sexting AI Chatbot 

igirl virtual ai girlfriend is going to be the go-to choice for anyone who wants a straight to the point sexting AI chatbot with a minimalistic interface.

You don’t need to know anything about AI modeling to get started with this one. All you have to do is sign up for a subscription and hop into the chat with one of their preset AI models.

Even though there aren’t many models to choose from, you do have the option of picking a diverse range of preset AI girlfriends including an anime waifu, gamer girl, and even a stepmom experience. 


  • Feature a wide range of AI models including anime, girlfriends, and even an AI boyfriend experience 
  • Designed for erotic sexting 


  • No customization features 
  • Only a few models to choose from Build Up Your Chatting Skills  

best-AI-companion allows you to work on your conversational skills while chatting with an AI girlfriend that you helped design.

During the setup, you can pick a variety of features that your AI girlfriend will be interested in such as hobbies, background, and interests.

You’ll also be able to select a variety of visual presets ranging from realistic men and women to anime art. has a free chatting option, but it’s much more limited than one of their paid memberships. 


  • Designed for general GF chat and sexing 
  • Features realistic women and anime art 
  • Fully customizable chat 
  • Can chat for free


  • Realistic AI models look a little off 
  • Free chatting is limited 

Replika: A Dedicated Virtual Friend 

best ai girlfriend app android

Replika is one of the most interesting AI companionship apps on this list.

It’s not expressly geared towards romance or sexual encounters like most of the other AI girlfriends I’m talking about today, but it is worth considering.

Replika is expansive and built out when it comes to fostering an AI friendship or even a mentorship.

Even though they’re XP and token base system can get a little tiring to interact with, Replika is definitely worth considering for anyone who is looking for something a bit more open-ended than just a girlfriend experience. 


  • This AI friend can be a romantic interest, friend, or even a mentor 
  • Fully modeled 3D AI artwork including worldbuilding assets 
  • App available on iOS and Android as well as browser


  • Not as geared toward romantic and sexual exploration An AI GF Experience With More Features  

best-AI-girlfriend-app-free was the first AI girlfriend experience app to integrate SMS texting and now it features live phone calls.

This is a very advanced AI companion even though it’s still only in its beta development. also offers another interesting feature. You have text commands that give you more direct control over the AI you’re interacting with when compared to two other AI apps on this list.

This means that you can tinker with your AI settings during the chat without having to back out to a different menu or reset the experience altogether.

Customizable artwork is something that the team behind is still working on, but it is the next development milestone on their roadmap.

Given that they’ve hit all of their milestones so far, it’s safe to say that you can expect custom artwork to be right around the corner.

This app also features near endless interactive content. There are countless AI girlfriends to engage with as well as the ability to customize your own based on how you interact with the chat. 


  • Real-time phone calls with your AI GF
  • Unlimited content and erotic encounters  
  • Customizable artwork on the roadmap 
  • Exchange photos with your AI GF


  • Still in beta
  • Requires account 

RealDollX: Your AI Model—In Real Life!

top best ai girlfriend apps

RealDollX is the first AI girlfriend that I found on this list. It’s actually designed to be used in real life. This app is made by the same company that makes the Real Doll sex toy line.

This app is specifically built to interact with the Real Doll X robotic head system. This is an incredibly high-end way of getting your AI girlfriend to interact with you in the physical world.

This app features plenty of exciting, customizable features. You can fully design your AI girlfriend from their body type all the way through to their voice.

The augmented reality features also make things feel a bit more personal. However, the graphics do feel a little bit dated given how impressive the rest of this technology is. 


  • Fully customizable body type, clothing, personality, and voice 
  • iOS and Android app 
  • Easily save and switch between multiple AI girlfriends 
  • Designed to work with the Realdoll X Robotic Head 
  • Augmented Reality feature 


  • Graphics are a bit dated 

Virtual Mate: A Sex Toy Powered by an AI GF 

real ai girlfriend

Virtual Mate is an app that allows you to design a custom AI girlfriend and then connect the experience to a male sex toy.

This is a powerful combination that’s aiming at creating a much more immersive AI girlfriend experience than what other apps can deliver.

While most other apps either require you to buy a luxury sex toy or stick with basic texting, this app lets you connect the Virtual Mate core to your virtual girlfriend for an erotic encounter that’s out of this world.

While Virtual Mate can only generate 2D characters, it is capable of generating nearly anything as long as it’s not in violation of the company’s copyright policies.


  • Can create a fully immersive VR AI GF 
  • Various experience including Fast Mode, Story Mode, and VR Mode
  • Designed to work with the Virtual Mate Core male sex toy


  • Only 2D characters 
  • Requires the Core sex toy for best performance 

Eva AI: AI GF Chatting With No Distractions  

ai girlfriend apps customize companion

I’ve covered a few AI girlfriend experiences on this list that are easy to use and don’t require you to be a master of AI prompting.

However, I don’t think any of them are as easy and quick to interact with as Eva AI.

This AI girlfriend experience is ready to go the second you sign up for an account.

You can start texting immediately whether you want to have a sexual encounter or just get to know each other a little bit.

Speaking of romantic texting, it does get a little pricey on this app. You are required to spend Neurons, the company’s AI token system, for your romantic texts. 


  • A quick and ready AI GF 
  • Ready to go the second you set up your account 


  • Romantic texts can cost expensive tokens 
  • Only chatting features 

Caryn AI: An AI Girlfriend Based on a Real-World Girl 

Where find virtual girlfriend

Caryn AI has the unique distinction of being the only AI girlfriend experience on this list to be based on a real-world woman.

This app is based on the real world YouTube star Caryn Marjorie who first launched to success in 2016 when her Snapchat account gained popularity.

Caryn Marjorie was transformed into an AI thanks to a team of tech workers spending over 2,000 hours modeling her voice, appearance, and personality.

This is an excellent AI companion for anyone who wants something extremely realistic.

Caryn AI is a grounded AI girlfriend that is much more personable and realistic than most of the other offerings on this list.

The biggest drawback to Caryn AI is that this app is frequently weight-listed due to its immense popularity. 


  • The “first influencers transformed into an AI” 
  • Based on real-world YouTuber Caryn Marjorie
  • Extremely lifelike companionship 


  • Very popular and frequently behind a waitlist for new signups Best for Anime AI Girlfriends  

best ai girlfriend chatbots

This wouldn’t be a complete roundup of AI girlfriend websites without a discussion of AI anime waifus.

Nsfwcharacter is going to be your best bet if your main interest is generating a bespoke waifus that’s like nothing else out there.

Not only can you custom generate your anime art, but you can fine tune in the AI algorithm so that your waifu is completely unique and suits your taste perfectly.

There are also presets that you can choose from if you’d rather jump into a chat then build something from the ground up.

As the name of Nsfwcharacter suggests, this is all about sexy not safe for work interaction.

While you can have more day-to-day conversations, you’ll get the most out of this app if you’re looking for something a little sexier. 


  • Designed for NSFW chats
  • You can fully customize your AI GF’s appearance 
  • Specializes in hot waifus and anime AI girlfriends 
  • Countless presets to choose from to get you started 


  • Works best for anime GFs and waifus 

My Intimate App: Hot AI Girlfriend Who’s Always by Your Side  

top AI girlfriend mobile apps

Sometimes you just want to be able to reach out to your AI girlfriend whenever you can. My Intimate App is an app that allows you to call and text with your AI companion no matter where you are.

You can also hit the ground running with this application. There’s no lengthy process of fine-tuning an AI algorithm here, just texting and calling with an intimate partner. 


  • Realistic voice calling feature 
  • Sexting directly to your phone 
  • Great for romantic chats as well 
  • Android and iOS app


  • Not the most sexually explicit AI GF

Romantic ai: A Subtle AI GF 

best ai girlfriends ios

Romantic AI is all about giving you a companion that you can interact with discreetly.

If you’re worried about opening one of those AI apps that looks very obvious, and very not safe for work (NSFW), at a glance, then Romantic AI is going to be a solid option for you.

This app looks like any other generic texting interface when you have it open.

You’ll be able to pull this out at work, while hanging out with friends, or at home in your leisure time without anyone suspecting that you’re currently texting your AI girlfriend.


  • Discrete interface makes it easy to use in public 
  • AI customizing feature is very easy to use
  • Great for companionship and sexual interaction 


  • Limited visual experience 
  • Could use a phone calling feature The AI Anime Girlfriend Builder  

Best ai girlfriend ranking nsfw is all about helping you build your custom AI girlfriend. This app allows you to work from the ground up to design an anime girlfriend that’s just for you.

No matter what style of anime you’re interested in, how realistic or fantastic you want there to be, or the personality you’re looking for in an anime girlfriend, is capable of generating just about everything.

There are also dozens of prebuilt characters to choose from as well as an active community that’s always designing new anime AI girlfriends for you to interact with. 


  • Impressive range of anime characters 
  • Choose between dozens of presets or build your own 
  • Reasonable subscription plans and an active community 


  • Best for anime fans

How to Pick the Right AI Girlfriend Service

free ai girlfriend apps chatting

As you can see, there are countless options out there when it comes to picking an AI girlfriend and there are only going to be more options as this technology evolves.

So, how do you pick the right AI girlfriend for you?

I put together five things that you need to think about before you commit to any of these services— especially the ones with a subscription cost

What Do You Want to Get Out of This Experience?

One of the things I did before picking the right AI girlfriend for me was thinking about the types of experiences I was looking for.

My main goal was to get over being so shy when it comes to being intimate and romantic with a partner while also improving my sex day.

Knowing what my goals were allowed me to pick a few different AI girlfriend experiences that helped me build up my skills.

Then again, I’ve had friends who weren’t interested in skill building and just wanted to have a good time. They were either looking for a fun bit of distraction or steamy sexual encounters.

 No matter what your goals are, keep them in mind as you’re browsing these AI girlfriend apps. 

Picking Between Texting, AI Chatbots, or Something Else?

best ai girlfriends android

Now, we need to talk about the different styles of text-based fun you can have with a digital girlfriend.

It’s not all simple chatbots, but those are available if you’re looking for something that’s quick and ready to work with minimal interaction.

There are also texting services that send messages directly to your phone number. This gives you a much more real-world experience of actually sexting with someone rather than typing with a chatbot.

There are also services that require a bit more work on your part. These are AI girlfriends that learn more about your sexual and romantic interests as you interact with them.

Some of them even allow you to enter specific inputs to help inform the algorithm’s behavior.

Knowing the type of content that you want to generate ahead of time is going to help you narrow down which app is right for you. 

Learn About Who Made the App

Not every AI app is made equally. This is especially important when you are working with an app as intimate as an AI-powered girlfriend experience.

best ai girlfriend platform

Some apps are simply made by companies who are there to extract your data and make a quick buck While others are made by artists, tech professionals, and even professional sex therapists.

Learning about the company and the team who made the app that you’re interested in is a good way to see if it’s going to be the right app for you. 

Try Out Multiple Services Before “Settling Down”

Here’s something I wish I would have known before I started shopping around for an AI girlfriend app.

You really need to give yourself some leeway to experiment with what you’re looking for, and what you want, before you commit too much to one of these apps.

Some of these apps require some commitment as you work with the AI model to build a digital girlfriend experience that will cater to your needs, interests, and sexuality.

There’s nothing more defeating than spending time working with one of these algorithms only to find out that it doesn’t quite offer what you’re looking for.

The fix for this is pretty easy. Use free trials to check out several of these apps before going all in on any one of them. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment! 

One of the most freeing things about an AI girlfriend is that you’re free to experiment.

Services like SlutBot are a great way to experiment with sexting for example. That app in particular is a great way to improve your sexting skills while finding out your interests.

Speaking of interest, you can open up with an AI girlfriend in a way that you might be uncomfortable opening up with someone in person.

This allows you to explore your sexuality, romantic style, and personal interests all in an environment that’s not judgmental.

So, don’t be afraid to get experimental when using an AI girlfriend service. 

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