Njoy Pure Wand Review: The Purest Form of Sex Toy Ever Made?

Are hands-free orgasms possible for guys? I’ve always read about guys who are able to cum just from prostate stimulation, and while I have used a lot of prostate toys and YES they feel fucking amazing, I’d never personally gotten all the way to a hands-free “super o.”

That is, until I tried out the Njoy Pure Wand.

This toy is as close as you can get to a classic in the sex toy industry and has been famous for ages among both men AND women (that’s right guys, the Njoy wand hits a g-spot just as well as it’ll rock your prostate’s world).

I’d been meaning to try it for a while, and finally decided to splurge the 70ish dollar cost to see for myself what people have been raving about for years now.

When I tried it…. holy shit. I think they could charge twice the price and it would still be worth it. Hell, to me this thing is worth its weight in gold, and it is not light. Anyway, before I get too ahead of myself, let’s get into the full review.

To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective products, NEVER purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from trusted and authorized dealers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Stay safe and have fun! 😀
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njoy pure wand

First Impressions

When opening it up, the first thing that struck me about this toy was the sleek beauty of it.

Honestly, you could leave this thing out in the open and tell inquiring guests that it’s an art piece or a war club from x country you visited (this is a stainless steel sex toy and certainly heavy enough to beat someone’s ass to death with).

I love that it has two heads of different sizes- this makes this toy accessible to beginners while still having a large head for those of you who are looking for a little more. One head measures in at a 1-inch width, the other at 1.5 inches, and the total length of the wand is 8 inches.

The weight is 1.5 pounds, and if you haven’t dealt with steel sex toys before I’d avoid being careful with this at first. The weight very much makes a difference in how you handle it, and how much effort it can take to use it.

This does pay off, however, in a bunch of ways. If you’re interested in some new sensations, you have the option of heating it up or cooling it down (not too much, be careful!) and the stainless steel will hold temperature significantly better than some other sex toy materials.

I know that once I warmed mine up a bit, I was surprised at just how long it stayed that way.

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How to use the Njoy Pure Wand

Looking at this thing initially, it might be a little hard to figure out the best way to insert it, or the best techniques or positions for getting yourself off.

This guy does a nice quick run-through of how the toy should be inserted (he’s demonstrating how to use it on women but using it on your prostate is actually the exact same technique. The versatility is just another part of what makes this toy fucking amazing!)

As the above reviewer just so helpfully demonstrated, the best way to go is to just use a simple rocking motion. When you hit the spot, trust me on this, you’ll know.

As far as best positions, I’ve settled on two that I think work the best. The first is lying flat on your back, legs apart and knees up. From there you just reach down, grab the handle, and rock it gently back and forth.

The second position is being seated in a chair while it’s inserted. In this position, I prefer just rocking it ever so slightly side to side across your prostate rather than the back and forth. If you try it, you’ll know why.

pure wand by njoy

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In Use

To be fair, I’ve already spoiled this part of the review earlier on, because I just can’t shut up about how fucking good this toy felt.

I’ve very much enjoyed a lot of toys that don’t require active manipulation in the past, but the ability that this toy gives you to really pound your prostate into orgasmic bliss is unparalleled in my experience.

I’ve just been using the smaller end of it for insertion, and for my needs, that’s been more than enough. I went for the option of pre-heating it in some warm water to make it more comfortable for insertion, and then lubed it up and inserted it lying on my back and starting the rocking motion, I was amazed at how hard I was getting just from the sensations coming off my prostate.

We’re talking like rock-hard, never-been-this-hard-in-my-life hard. I immediately started getting that tingly warmth under my belly that other prostate toys give, but this time it was different, more intense.

As I kept going, it built up to an indescribable level before suddenly I came, and I’m afraid I may have given the neighbors an earful while I was at it… Seriously, after I used this thing I was just laying there trembling for about 10 minutes. And that was just the first time.

Now, I’m not going to promise that this toy is going to work as well for everyone else as it did for me, but honestly even without cumming the sensations were indescribable. Plus, once you’re done, this thing is easy to clean and store, and as an added bonus the weight of this thing makes it a handy weapon against home intruders (I kid).

njoy wand

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Honestly, I really have nothing bad to say about this toy. The Njoy Pure Wand is high quality, beautiful, and durable.

Take care of it properly and it’ll last a lifetime. It is extremely simple, but it hits all the right spots in a way that no other toy I’ve owned ever has.

Plus, if you have a female partner then this toy makes for a bedroom accessory that both of you can enjoy using on each other. My only regret is that I waited so long to actually buy this thing myself after reading positive reviews by others for so long.

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