Lelo Hugo Review: The Best Prostate Massager for Men?

The people at Lelo pride themselves on quality, unique designs, and appeal. They make whatever from vibrators to lubes, from butt toys to condoms.

All their items are made with body-safe products and with the customer in mind.

Their style team creates all their items with your requirements in mind. Would the user enjoy this? Would this feel terrific? Is this safe? Does this appearance excellent? Is this special to our line?

With these concerns and more in mind, they created the Lelo Hugo, a new prostate massager.

It may not look like much but this little remote-control device has more bells and whistles than I believed it would! Let’s review it.

What is the Lelo Hugo?

Just put, Lelo Hugo is a remote-controlled, powerful prostate massager. It is Lelo’s first male toy.

It has two motors, one in the base to press the perineum and the other in the tip for extreme prostate stimulation.

Due to the design of the Hugo, it is meant to stay in place and stimulate through vibrations, so there is no thrusting included.

It is designed in an “L” shape; the outer arm is more flexible than the stiff internal arm for much better stimulation of the perineum.

It is made from a qualified body-safe product and is 100% waterproof.

lelo massager hugo

I am constantly a little doubtful when a toy claims it can be totally submerged in water with no adverse side-effects. However, the Hugo includes a one-year complete protection service warranty.

So, if by some chance, water does enter into the inner workings of the toy, Lelo will change it, no matter what.


The Lelo Hugo may not look like much, but we discovered it was quite a bit more high-tech than we initially gave it credit for.

The Lelo Hugo is a real prostate massager, but is that?

It isn’t simply some silicon stick you push up your ass when you’re in the state of mind; it’s a luxurious battery-powered sex toy that is made for manual or partnered play and including some beautiful cool innovations.

As contemporary science advances, so too do the ways we please ourselves, and now we have a handheld, adjustable robotics to get us off.

What comes in the package of the Hugo?

Opening the Lelo Hugo prostate massager box is apparently made to make somebody feel like Hugh Heffner.

The packaging itself is kind of swanky, strong and durable with a clear window framed out in a sort of satiny black product, exposing the treasure inside. As soon as opened, we discovered the following elements:

  • The Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager
  • A cordless remote
  • An instruction booklet
  • A USB charging cable
  • A little package of water-based anal lube
  • A satin storage pouch
  • A warranty card

Now, there are a few things you need to understand about the Lelo Hugo and the contents of its fancy-schmancy box.

Of all, the box isn’t precisely discrete, so if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you may desire to keep track of that satin pouch.

The way in which the Hugo works virtually required us to have the gadget, on the one hand, and the directions in the other for the first couple times we used it.

We got the hang of the remote control’s buttons after a while, we will confess that it was a little bit confusing when we got started.

hugo review

The Main Features of the Hugo

Aside from the newbie clumsiness, we experienced initially, our ability to understand and appreciate the primary features of the Lelo Hugo was a proverbial cake walk.

We discovered, first of all, that it is made from a medical-grade silicone which provides it a velvety smooth finish.

Which is the same material utilized on the remote, which can be used as an external stimulator in the very same vibratory patterns as the primary gadget.

The Hugo massager is 5.5 inches in length and simply under 4 inches in circumference, featuring double curved prongs, one for prostate massaging and the other to tickle your perineum.

Among the coolest functions has more to do with the push-button control and less to do with the massager itself.

We, by accident, tipped the push-button control on its side and got a big surprise.

Apparently, doing so increases (or decreases) the vibrational patterns and all of it happens all of a sudden.

We kept switching backward and forward between using the SenseMotion innovation and checking out the six different preprogrammed functions, all which can be managed by pressing on one of three buttons featured on the top of the two-sided remote.

It can be quickly paired with the primary massager, used by itself, or shut off entirely to function exclusively as a controller. Pretty snazzy, right?

HUGO is coated with LELO’s deliciously smooth silicone and includes a gold ABS plastic base, imprinted with the LELO insignia.

There is a little cap beside this which conceals the charging port. Simply plug it in then you can charge it either via your computer system, or USB wall plug. Charging takes approximately 2 hours and will provide you around about 2 hours of play time.

The toy has two powerful motors, one in the angled shaft, and a second on the perineal arm which supplies external stimulation.

There are 6 modes of regular vibrations and 2 SenseMotion modes. It has an insertable length of 3.5 inches and a girth of simply over 4 inches, making it appropriate for nearly any experience level.

lelo hugo

Lelo Hugo Features

The first thing I observed while utilizing the Lelo Hugo is that it can be puzzling to utilize for those very first couple of times. I discovered myself reading a lot the manual for my very first week or two of using the toy.

While it is a little bit of a problem to have the manual in hand while aiming to get off, it was not that big of a deal.

When you initially get the Lelo Hugo, it will have to be plugged up and charged. The toy itself is charged via the included cable while the remote takes two AA batteries (also included).

The toy and the SenseMotion remote set up quickly, and it is controlled with flicks and tilts of the remote, which likewise vibrates as a form of feedback as to exactly what the user is feeling.

The vibration patterns increase or reduce based on how you tilt or snap the remote.

If the SenseMotion control is not your thing, you can also control the toy through the three buttons on the remote.

There is one that increases, one that reduces, and one that alters the patterns. You push down the increase button on the remote and the button on the base of the Hugo to turn the toy on.

It has 12 vibration intensities and a handful of patterns. The patterns consist of a wave, a fast pulsating, a sluggish pulsating, and a random mode. You can adjust the intensity of the patterns through the usage of the remote.

The size, paired with the design of the toy makes this toy suitable for almost any level of experience users.

How Does It Feel?

Well, considering that the makers used state-of-the-art silicone instead of latex, the Lelo Hugo massager seemed like it was gliding into our body without unnecessary friction, especially when we utilized the included lube (or some of our own).

The rigidity of both arms is excellent, although the personal taste is a substantial aspect there.

The curvature hits perfect for a lot of crotches. However, we’re sure there’s probably one person out there for whom it does not fit.

Additionally, we thought the power and speed of the numerous functions were acceptable, although some of us wished it featured a couple of more options.

You can use the HUGO in 2 methods, either with the remote or without the remote.

To use with the remote, you just press the Plus (+) button on the remote, then press the button on the base of the HUGO once. The remote ought to then begin to vibrate, along with the HUGO.

Pushing the middle button on the remote cycles it through the 2 SenseMotion modes, then each extra press takes you through the different patterns. You can then control the strength by pushing the plus and minus buttons.

If you wish to utilize the HUGO without the remote, simply just push the button on the base of the toy. Press the button on the bottom of the toy once again to cycle through the six various patterns.

I was so exceptionally delighted to give this a try. Especially as LELO say that this is expected to be an excellent size for novices.

With a generous helping of water-based lube, I entered the position and started to place.

I did meet a little bit of resistance. The curve here is somewhat more noticeable that on the LOKI, but with a few deep breaths, I entirely relaxed and it quickly inserted with ease.

Thanks to the really thin base, it came to rest comfortably, with the secondary motor now situated up against my perineum.

I chose for my very first time out, I would go remote-controlled, so I could just lay there and get a feel for all the vibrations.

lelo hugo protaste massager

Even on its least fast speed, it’s got a good rumble and a great amount of power. Speaking of which, sitting up on the HUGO is simple and comfy.

It’s been developed to fit within the natural contours of the body, so you can rock and sit on the HUGO without it feeling uneasy.

This also magnifies the experience as this pushes the tip firmer towards the prostate.

For its size, it actually does load a punch. The 2 effective motors pulse together, supplying exquisite stimulation on the inside, and then you get the external tickle. I lay there for exactly what seemed like hours, simply taking pleasure in the sensations. The HUGO does leave you feeling remarkably full.

I soon started to feel a tingle in my body, and I understood that an orgasm was coming.

As I lay on my back, I started to ‘thrust’ my hips a little, which moved the HUGO inside, putting more pressure on the prostate.

And with very minimal effort on my part, I felt a big wave of energy pulsates through my body and then I began to tremble in orgasm.

On its 2nd outing, I used the HUGO without the remote. Here, things get intense quite much from the get-go as you can’t control the strength of the vibrations utilizing it by doing this.

So it’s basically “HOLY SHIT” right off the bat. For those of you who positively yearn for power, and require power directly away, then this mode will be ideal for you.

For those of you who take pleasure in the power, but likewise like the heat up, then I would certainly stay with utilizing it with the remote.

Cleaning the Hugo and Maintenance

HUGO is entirely water resistant, so can be taken into the bath or shower for some marine fun. This also indicates cleansing is a breeze.

Just wash with warm water and some toy cleaner, before drying thoroughly and storing it away in the offered silk storage bag, which offers enough space to hold HUGO, the remote and the Key.

You can likewise fit the USB cable as well.

Pros of the LELO Hugo

  • Medium-sized for a variety of users and experience levels
  • Submersible and entirely water resistant
  • Two-hour run time with a fully charged battery
  • Motion-triggered sensors offer a sensual surprise
  • Contains no phthalates or latex, making it hypoallergenic
  • Quiet operation for discrete rendez-vous
  • Rechargeable with a wireless remote and 2 x AAA batteries included
  • Washable with a warm water rinse and/or toy cleaner and set it out to air dry

hugo lelo

Cons the LELO Hugo

  • Requires brand-new batteries and doesn’t give any sign of battery life
  • Not perfect for expert users who are accustomed to larger toys
  • To preserve the medical grade silicone, an antibacterial toy cleansing spray is suggested by the producer, but it is rather expensive (around $15)
  • Vibration strength starts to wane as soon as the battery begins to compromise, which is always a mystery
  • This toy is not ideal for skilled users who want a lot of girth. While the power is fantastic and the variations in intensity and patterns are fantastic, too, users who want something larger will not like this.
  • On the other hand, total newbies to the world of anal play might find the toy too large. At a 4 inch girth, I would not recommend the Lelo Hugo for the first thing you ever stick in your butt.

Lelo Hugo Review: My Verdict

Well, I have to say, LELO is absolutely on to a winner here.

All of the short-comings that the LOKI has actually, have been resolved with the HUGO.

It’s definitely got more power to it, and the second motor provides the additional stimulation I have to take me over the edge.

The remote is certainly an extremely welcome addition and use some exciting brand-new methods to play, specifically with a partner. I was absolutely amazed by how well this worked, and I am so grateful to add it to my collection.

Is it worth it? It’s got the power, it’s remote regulated, and the included SenseMotion function can kick things up a notch when playing with somebody else.

The Lelo Hugo is, in our opinion, a solid sex toy that dabbles in plenty of user-friendly features, the majority of which appear to be developed using negative customer evaluations from other items.

It is a high quality, high-end toy for your butt. The vibrations vary from beginner to expert level, while the size is more suitable for those who are accustomed to things in their rear, however, do not require huge toys to come.

The Lelo Hugo is the ideal toy for you if you are looking for a wonderful toy for your prostate and want something that offers you a bang for your dollar!

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