Womanizer Starlet Review: The Best Manual Vibrator for Beginners?


Suction-based toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and design. If you like the sensation when someone sucks your clitoris, thump and gently pat your clit with an adept finger, you’d love suction-based sex toys.

If you have never used the suction-based sex toys before, you must try one to get the best orgasms. You should have one in your arsenal that you can pair with the other weapons of self-delectation during the pleasure times.

Get ready to be surprised with the size of Womanizer Starlet if you already own a Womanizer product.

Don’t be deceived by the size and be ready to use this pressure wave stimulator at the desired intensity levels. Let’s find out everything that you want to know about the Womanizer Starlet.

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What Is Womanizer Starlet?

The Womanizer Starlet is the latest addition to the Womanizer line of suction toys.

It is incredibly small in size and does the job of pleasuring the clitoris pretty well. It uses a series of tiny micro-suctions by generating the pressure waves to work.

Womanizer is the first brand that came with this idea and they have been reworking on this idea constantly to give their best.

The cute looking Womanizer Starlet is available in purple, fuschia and snow colors.

The starlet has a simple and traditional design and it comes with a silicone stimulation head which is easily removable for cleaning.

On the back of its tiny body, there’s a round button for different functions.

To charge the device, you will find the charging port below the head on the front. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go as it is petite and weighs just 70 gms.

It is made of plastic, and it is comfortable to hold. The head is made of high-quality silicon. Both the materials are non-toxic, free from phthalates, free from latex, hypoallergenic and odorless.

The Starlet looks a little bit like an ear thermometer, but it has an excellent shape that makes it very easy to hold.

The small size and sleek design make it a highly versatile suction toy. It can be used during lazy masturbation sessions, while having sex with your partner or for pairing it with your dildo.


Main Features

Minimal Packaging

The packaging includes a see-through plastic case. The transparent top shows-off the product, and it has the key features printed on the back. The hygiene seal assures the non-tampering of the product.

Rechargeable Battery

The Womanizer Starlet is rechargeable, and it has the charging port on the front. The silicone flap covers the charging port, and the Micro USB end goes there. Before using it for the first time or if the toy is not used for a long time, you must charge it for three hours.

Usually, the Starlet finishes charging in less than two hours. A red light keeps flashing that later turns into a steady glow.

Plastic Body

The Starlet is made of high-quality plastic, and it is very smooth and comfortable to hold. The suction head is made from high-quality silicone.

Minimalistic Design

The Starlet is completely stripped, design wise. Its simple look is quite appealing, and the small size makes it extremely convenient to use. With just one button that handles all the functions, the design is truly minimalistic.

Intensity Levels

The four intensity levels make the toy quite versatile. At the first level, the toy is suitable for the first-timers, the top level is intense enough to make you sweat out of pleasure.

You can always begin with the low intensity during the session and level up gradually as you move towards the orgasm. The lower intensities also allow you to enjoy multiple orgasms without upsetting your clitoris.


The toy is splashproof and not waterproof which means you cannot use it in your bathtub or shower.

Micro USB Cable

For recharging the battery, it needs the Micro USB cable. You can use any Micro USB to USB cable to recharge its battery.

One Button Control

One button control makes it quite convenient to use as it can handle all the functions. You will use the same button to power the device On/Off and change the settings.

What’s In The Box?

The Womanizer Starlet arrives in a simple box with a Perspex type lid. The packaging is minimalistic, and you will find the Starlet in the middle of the box.

Inside the box, you will find the Starlet, a USB to Micro-USB cable and an instruction sheet.

You might be disappointed with the length of the USB cable but you can use it with any USB to Micro USB cable, so it is not a deal breaker. It comes with just one silicone head, but you can buy different-sized heads separately.

The head is easily removable for the cleanup.

How Does It Work?

Power On/Off

To power on the Starlet, you will have to press the round button for 2 seconds. It uses the soft setting by default. Once it is powered on, bring the silicon head in touch with your clitoris or nipple for suction.

To power off the device after use, press the round button for 2 seconds.

Palm Test

Before using the Starlet for the first time, try it on the palm of your hand. You will experience the sucking motion generated by the pressure waves.

Cup The Clitoris

To use the toy, expose the clitoris by spreading your labia apart. Enclose your clit with the silicone head and use light pressure for a tight seal.

For the clitoris, try to place the cup of the head around your clitoris. It’s great if the clitoris gets tucked inside the cup. Increase the intensity levels gradually to avoid over-stimulation.

You can press the button again to increase the intensity.

Though it is designed to stimulate the clitoris, you can try using it on different parts of the vulva or nipples to discover what gives you pleasure.

Experiment With Different Intensities

The device works at four different intensity levels. It does not have any patterns, but you can move the device in to and fro motion or circular motion for pulsating effect.

However, you can attain pleasure without moving it as well.

Recharge The Device

To charge the Womanizer Starlet, you will have to lift the flap for exposing the charging hole. Use the included USB cable for charging the device.

A light will flash while the device recharges and it becomes red once the charging completes.

One charge gives you the play time of 30-45 minutes. It takes more than an hour to charge completely. The power back up is not great, but it is good enough for one complete session.

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How Does It Feel?

Small Size

The Womanizer-Starlet is much smaller in size than the most suction-based toys. Due to its smaller size, it is much more manageable than other devices. It’s easier to carry and store because of its weight and size.

As the device is quite small in size, it can be easier to hold if you have small hands. However, if you have comparatively larger hands, you might find it to be a little awkward to hold.

Despite the small size, the device is quite powerful, and it is intense enough to satisfy you. It can easily give you the orgasm with its regular size head. It stimulates the area around the clitoris directly.

Single Function Button

With just one function button, you will have to cycle through different intensities to set it on the one you want.

So, it is little inconvenient to decrease or increase the intensity as it lacks the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button. However, the single button also makes it more user-friendly as it can handle all the functions of the device.


The device is not hands-free, and it needs to be kept in place, but once the pressure waves begin it can do all the work.

You can also use it while having sex with your partner as the small size allows it to fit between you and your partner in different positions.

The Starlet can be used with or without a lubricant. Without lube, it feels little sharp to use but does not cause any discomfort.

By adding the lube, you get a gentle buffer to the motion. As the device is only splash-free and not waterproof so you cannot use it while taking a shower or in the bathtub.

The sensation can be described as reverse thudding. It does not start off too strong, so it is the perfect thing to play if you are a beginner. It can get quite intense at the higher setting too, so it is a great finisher as well.

With its continuous rhythmic vibrations, it becomes very pleasant after warming up a little bit. The top strength is very strong, and you can only enjoy it after you work up to it.

Besides the clitoris, you can also use it on your nipples and other parts of your vulva. It can give you intense pleasures and make you sweat profusely out of pleasure.

It’s rare for a clitoral vibrator to make you orgasm by itself but the Starlet is very much capable of that.

It’s perfect for the masturbation sessions. It’s quite versatile, and you can also use it with your favorite dildo. It is easy to hold because of its shape, and its small size keeps it out of the way.

You can also turn it sideways if your clit hides under the hood.


The Starlet does not operate silently and it makes noise that you may not like. The noise sounds similar to a tiny blender. Once, it touches any part, the noise changes and gets reduced to almost silent.

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Cleaning The Starlet

The Starlet is simple enough to clean but it is not waterproof, and it is only splashproof. To clean the toy you can use an antibacterial toy wipe.

To clean the head, you can remove the head and rinse it with some warm soapy water.


  • Small, Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy To Hold
  • One Button Control
  • Splashproof
  • Exchangeable Stimulation Head
  • 4 Intensity Levels
  • Easy To Clean
  • Low Price Point


  • Not Waterproof
  • Battery Lasts 30-45 minutes
  • Little Noisy

Final Verdict

The Starlet is a great toy, and its price point is quite low. At the first setting, its intensity is easily bearable even for a beginner, so it is the perfect toy for those who want to try a suction toy for the first time.

Its small size makes it look very cute, but it makes no compromise on the intensity due to its small size. At the higher settings, it can provide strong stimulation to those who’re used to these toys.

Those who like to travel with their toys will also like the Starlet as it takes very little space and it is quite light-weight.

The battery does not last for hours, but it lasts long enough for a complete masturbation session. A large battery cannot fit in this small-sized device, so you will have to make the compromise.

If you already own a Womanizer suction toy, you will probably like to try it due to its sleek and cute design. You can also fit the silicone heads of other Womanizer toys on it.

Its low price-point also makes it the right choice for those who want to have amazing masturbation sessions without spending too much money on the toy.

You can also pair it with your dildo and enjoy intense sessions of masturbation.

If you like to stimulate your clitoris during the love-making session with your partner, you can go for the Starlet.

It allows penetration without acting as an obstruction in a large number of positions. Its small size makes it a perfect sex toy, but it is not hands-free.

Overall, it is a nice suction toy for many reasons. The small size makes it highly versatile, travel-friendly, light-weight and more convenient to use. It has a nice build quality, and it can be cleaned easily with a mild soap.

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