Womanizer Pro40 Review: Your Next Clit Stimulator?


Just like most women out there, I enjoy having pleasurable sexual stimulations. Thankfully, my well-hung boyfriend always rises to the occasion.

At times, however, I might need to get off, and he isn’t around, or he might be present, but we want to take the sexual experience to an entirely new erotic height.

It is on such occasions that I thank the makers of sex toys.

I must confess here that I am I an avid sex toy lover and I have probably experimented with just about every single toy available.

Recently, in my quest for the perfect vibe, I came across the Womanizer Pro 40, an air clitoral stimulant that could quickly get me off without any vaginal penetration or direct clitoral contact.

Being used to the direct rumbly vibrators, I wasn’t sure how using the new toy would feel.

Still, the desire to try out a new toy, and the curiosity about whether the Womanizer Pro truly lives up to its name, pushed me into getting my hands on it.

I am glad to say that the sex toy did charm its way into my favorite collection of sex toys, and here is my Womanizer Pro 40 Review.

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What is the Womanizer Pro 40?

It is an air clitoral stimulator that resembles a vaporizer or ear thermometer.

Unlike most vibrators, however, this gadget does not have vibrating motors, and neither does it require penetration for you to get off.

Instead, it utilizes the revolutionary air pressure touch-less-stimulation technology to suck the clitoris and create some of the most potent and erotic sexual stimulations ever.

In fact, just a few minutes into using the toy, I experienced two mind-blowing orgasms, and there was no doubt that the gadget had won me over.

Features of the Womanizer Pro 40

According to many Womanizer Pro 40 reviews, what makes this toy the ultimate sex gadget are the many impressive features that it has. These include:

1. Touchless clit stimulation ability

The Womanizer Pro40 offers an entirely new way of achieving sexual stimulation. That is touchless stimulation.

All thanks to its Pleasure Air technology, which enables the toy to suck you using its silicone tip, and then engulf you with pulsating gentle push-and-pull pleasure waves.

The result is amazingly fast and clitoral pleasures, guaranteed to satisfy any woman. I can only equate such a feeling to a clitoral blow job.

Surprisingly, despite the orgasms being powerful and intense, the toy doesn’t leave you feeling numb, overstimulated or uncomfortable.

2. 8 Levels of intensity

Bearing in mind that different women get off at varying degrees of clitoral stimulation, it is comforting to know that the Womanizer offers up to eight levels of stimulation intensities.

These range from the low, to the highest level. The lowest setting is incredibly whisper-quite, discrete, and hardly noticeable, but still offers satisfying stimulation.

The highest level, on the other hand, is a complete game changer.

At that level, you will feel as if the device wants to suck the clit out of your body as drown into intoxicating, spacey orgasms.

pro40 review

3. Attractive, ergonomic design

Although this was my first womanizer clit stimulator, I must admit that I found its sleek design to be feminine and stylish.

In fact, to the uninitiated, the Womanizer Pro40 could easily pass off as a thermometer or some health device. It has a robust and thick nozzle that feels and sits comfortably in hand.

Its body is also stylish and modern, unlike its previous predecessors that featured rhinestones and leopard prints.

The current versions are available in two shades of pink and white. On its body, there are controls conveniently located to help you navigate from one intensity level to the next.

4. Interchangeable Suction Heads

Whether the idea to include two interchangeable suction heads was by luck or sheer design, it is Ingenious. It makes the gadget to be both versatile and hygienic.

The two suction heads are; a small nozzle with a silicone head and an XL head with a silicone cup. Since these heads are interchangeable, you can conveniently attach the one that is suitable for your clit or preference.

For instance, if you have a large clitoris, or you prefer a fuller feel, the larger silicon cup will suffice. It will not only stimulate your clit but also spread the suction effect to the surrounding skin.

5. Waterproof

When it comes to choosing the best sex toys, resistance to water is a noteworthy consideration. I loved the fact that the Womanizer Pro40 is entirely waterproof. It is therefore easy to clean.

Most importantly, it means that it is perfect for use in any wet conditions, including underwater fun, such as the shower, bath, swimming pool or even at the beach.

The water-proofing surprisingly extends to its charging port, which is concealed behind a water-tight rubber lug.

6. It is rechargeable Via USB

One of the most infuriating experiences when using a vibrator is for it to run out of charge when you are just about to cum.

Having experienced similar disappointments before, it was reassuring to learn that the Womanizer Pro40 is rechargeable.

You only need to charge it using the USB cable and enjoy your intimate moments without worrying about running out of juice mid-session.

When charging, the vibrator’s nozzle flashes green, which is a pleasant touch since it lets you know whether your toy is charging or not. Similarly, when you use it, the nozzle color turns to red.

7. It is body safe

Bearing in mind that the vibe goes into a sensitive part of the body, it should be safe to use. The good thing about the Womanizer Pro40 is that it is entirely safe for body use.

For starters, it is waterproof, meaning you can keep it hygienic. Secondly, the silicone nozzle is non-porous and phthalate-free. All these guarantee peace of mind when using the sex toy.

Hence, no worries about contracting some form of infection.

How does the Womanizer Pro40 work?

The Womanizer Pro40 is a touch-free stimulator that uses air pulses to stimulate the clitoris. Since it is an external toy, all you need to do is to place its nozzle over your clitoris.

Just take the rounded silicone head and put it in such a way that it engulfs your clitoris and then switch on the gadget.

For satisfying results, you can apply water lube before playing with the toy. Doing so helps to create an effective seal and improve the vacuum effect.

When you try out the clit stimulator, you will realize the more airtight the vacuum is, the more intense the stimulation gets.

Once you turn the toy on, its soft silicone nozzle begins to suck your clit to create a vacuum.

Even though the clitoris remains untouched, the suction from the Womanizer creates a touch-free pull that stimulates the clit. The resultant feel is similar to a correctly performed blow job.

On its body, the vibe has brilliant on/off controls buttons to help increase and decrease the intensities.

Such is a much-welcomed feature since it not only helps to control the speed but also makes it possible to switch to lower velocities.

With the help of the buttons, you can, therefore, enjoy up to eight different levels of clitoris stimulation intensities, to suit your mood and sought after pleasure.

In addition to the 8-level intensity buttons, the sex toy includes two interchangeable silicone suction heads to suit different pussy sizes and relaxation preference.womanizer pro 40

What’s in the box?

The Womanizer comes as a kit, inside a neatly packed box that contains the following items:

  • The Womanizer Pro40
  • Two interchangeable silicone heads (the default head measures 14 by 12 mm, while the XL head measures 20 by 19mm)
  • A USB charging cable
  • A wall mount adapter
  • The instructional manual

What does using the Womanizer Pro40 feel like?

When my Womanizer Pro40 package arrived, I was literary soaking wet with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to use it.

Unfortunately, the sex toy didn’t have enough battery charge, and since I didn’t want jarring disappointments when am mid my orgasms, I decided first to charge it.

You guessed right, the two-hour wait felt like an eternity, and the green flashing light of the device seemed to tease me by hinting what it would do to me.

I remember thinking, this little sucker is already forcing me to hold my orgasms. However, the battery soon filled up, and it was time for erotic clit stimulation to begin.

When you first switch on the clit stimulator, the nozzle head will begin flashing red.

And as soon as you gently press it to your labia, you will experience a moderate amount of stimulation at the lowest intensity level.

Surprisingly, even at this low level, you will still experience noticeable amounts of stimulation. If you are really turned on, you might also achieve orgasms at this intensity level.

As you gradually begin to climb to higher levels, the suction effect of the toy will create a delightful massage-like clit arousal sensations.

Gradually, you will get to levels that perfectly trigger your clit arousal. If you are intent, you will notice that as you move to higher intensity levels, the stimulations also change.

For instance, when you get to the highest level, it will feel more of a suction blow job, accompanied by earthshaking orgasms guaranteed to either knock you off your senses or even make you pass out for a while.

The orgasms are not only super sharp and intense but intoxicating and addictive as well. In fact, do not be surprised to find yourself experiencing multiple eye rolling orgasms.

If you are worried about the noise levels of this clit teaser, don’t. It is whisper-quiet at the lowest level, and while it is slightly loud at the higher levels, that noise immediately gets muffled once the toy gets in contact with the body.

Since I was experimenting, I decided to switch the silicone head and use the large one. The broad-headed nozzle offered more pleasure than the narrow-headed one.

The sexual suction sensation started at the clit and spread all the way to the surrounding skin. In just a few minutes I had achieved multiple pleasurable orgasms.

womanizer pro40

Pros of the Womanizer Pro40

1. It has two interchangeable nozzle heads:

The Pro40 offers twofold pleasurable options. You have the choice of using the default narrow head nozzle, or you can use the full headed silicone cup for intense pleasure.

2. Offers intense stimulation

In comparison to other suction based stimulators like the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Womanizer boasts of a stronger air pressure technology and exceptional suction ability. Consequently, it can get you off quickly.

3. Has versatile control features

The Womanizer Pro40 has eight intensity levels, which you can use to switch to and fro between these speed levels. In fact, you can even tone down from a high level to a lower level. Such a feature ensures that you can enjoy seamless orgasms.

4. Touch-free stimulator

It being a touch-free stimulator, means that you can enjoy unbelievable clitoral stimulation, and even achieve orgasms without penetration.

5. It is waterproof and body safe

You can use the sex toy in diverse environments. For instance, you can use it in the bath, shower, swimming pool and even at the beach. You can also wash it in water to keep it clean and hygienic.

Cons of the Womanizer Pro 40

  1. The highest level seems too intense and uncomfortable for some people
  2. If you position it at the wrong angle, it feels like you are trying to vacuum your labia
  3. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, which can be annoying for someone who intends to have pleasurable fun for hours
  4. The automatic shut-off feels like you are under supervision

Final Verdict

Even though using the Womanizer Pro40 can be a massive learning curve, the satisfying results are worth it.

It is undoubtedly a noteworthy upgrade from the traditional mundane-looking mode, and it is the perfect clit stimulator for:

  • Women who find it hard to achieve multiple orgasms
  • Someone who prefers touch-less clit stimulation
  • Anyone who craves multiple intense orgasms
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