Womanizer Premium Review: The Most Advanced Clitoral Stimulator?

The Womanizer Premium will revolutionize your sex life…

Since it’s inception into the adult toy world, Womanizer has been a brand synonymous with high quality, top of the line innovation, and the most pleasurable stimulation possible.

As a company committed to providing the best possible orgasms for women, from all walks of life, worldwide, Womanizer has reinvented sex toys time and again for their somewhat different approach to marketing their product.

This is a brand that believes in the women who buy their toys and makes it a point to provide for every type of woman.

These days, Womanizer continues to cultivate the sexual revolution with even more evolution in their incredible products.

First developed in Metten in Bavaria, by Micheal Lenke, and wife Bridgette, Womanizer was conceived after the couple had first heard of the epidemic of women worldwide being unable to achieve orgasm.

After making the observation that the sex toy industry had been stagnating for the last few decades, with the same few toys on the shelves, the Lenke’s developed the Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air feature.

Coming a long way from their humble German origins, Womanizer now has three offices around the world, in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Berlin, and have just released their latest product, the Womanizer Premium.

Below, you can find out just what this legendary company’s latest development can do for you in our Womanizer Premium Review.

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What is it?

Since their first toy, Womanizer has redefined just what the adult industry can offer its patrons, and with the Womanizer Premium they’ve once again stepped up their game.

Based on their revolutionary original Womanizer design, the Womanizer Premium takes all the features and advancements of the original Pro and adds a few more for more controlled and intense play and release.

The Premium is a product for those seeking more from their toy purchase and will provide stimulation like no other can.

All of Womanizer’s classic Pro feature inclusions are still available on the Premium, with some new additions to make the company’s latest design really pop.

The most notable change from the Pro’s look and feel is the new body design on the Premium.

With the fuller, more elongated shape and size of the Premium, more control and stability is offered by the toy than any Womanizer product before.

The Premium’s Autopilot is another updated feature of the toy and allows for new sensations and fulfilment with ever use.

The twelve intensity levels, along with the Smart Silence feature, conjoin with the Premium’s Autopilot to produce a stimulation as no other toy could before, all while simultaneously allowing you to be in control and be surprised when the sensation hits you.

Main Features

The Womanizer Premium is host to a plethora of new and classic features alike that set the Premium apart from, not only Womanizer’s other toys, but other brand’s products available on the market today.

As mentioned above, the Premium’s new body shape adds better stability and control than the Womanizer Pro, the company’s signature toy.

However, many of the Pro’s features were adapted for this new evolved version.

Some of these features include construction from the same materials that made the original Pro body safe, and 100% waterproof, as well as the inclusion of the XL stimulation head, for varying body types, and, of course, the use of Womanizer’s patent Pleasure Air function.

In addition to the classic features offered by the Premium, it’s the new additions really put this toy in a league of its own.

The Autopilot feature, as mentioned above, is one of the best of the best new features available on the Premium.

With the Autopilot, the rhythm of the toy’s airflow changes with every use, allowing you to experience orgasm in completely new ways every time you use the toy.

Twelve different levels of intensity allow you to custom fit the Pleasure Air flow to your desired level. The new Smart

Silence feature only activates the Premium when it’s close to your skin. This function not only allows for quieter running, but for a more intense play session as well.

womanizer premium toy

What’s in the Box?

When you receive your Womanizer Premium, it will be delivered in a nondescript packing box to assure that your little satisfying secrets don’t spill out in the mailroom.

After opening the shipping container, you’ll find your Premium all wrapped up, waiting for you to remove its packaging and get down to business.

Even the Premium’s tri-fold box container will give you an idea of the pleasure excess this toy can bring to your orgasm.

Along with the toy itself, the packaging contains a host of various accessories and literature to get the most out of your Womanizer Premium.

In the box, The Premium comes packaged by itself and is visible from the outside of the box, framing the toy as the centrepiece of the packaging.

Upon opening, you’ll find the operating instructions directly to the right of the Womanizer itself.

Though it can be easy to forgo the reading of the instruction manual, in this case, the operating instructions provide valuable knowledge, not only about the varying functions of the Premium, but techniques and use ideas for more effective stimulation.

Below the operating instructions, you’ll find the extra XL stimulation head, as well as the USB charging cable, and the high-quality storage and travel bag.

How Does it Work?

The Womanizer Premium works similarly to the whole line of Womanizer’s Pleasure Air products.

Essentially, Womanizer’s toys work by applying varying and customized currents of airflow to provide stimulation to the clitoris, resulting in orgasm.

What does this mean for you? The Womanizer is like a lover blowing, licking, and sucking your clit.

And the best part? The Premium gives you more ways than ever before to control just the sensations that gives you, while still surprising you with every session.

New features for the Womanizer allow the toy to be paradoxically both under your complete control, while keeping you guessing just what will happen next.

The Autopilot feature allows you to set the intensity you like and let the Premium gradually and randomly elevate airflow to let you, not only focus on the stimulation, but experience the escalation of the moment independent of control.

The Premium also functions manually, to allow you to guide your own pleasure as well fully.

The Smart Silence feature functions by only activating the Premium’s airflow when the toy is millimetres from your skin.

This means that the Premium is an ultra quiet 40 decibels, while maintaining the power to get you off the way you want. Womanizer’s Pleasure Air feature makes the toy completely external in use.

womanizer premium

How Does it Feel?

The Womanizer is made of ABS Silicon, and both heads of the toy are designed from hypoallergenic medical grade Silicon, meaning the Premium is completely body safe.

It is important to remember, however, that the Womanizer’s revolutionary design makes the toy completely external in use, meaning the toy shouldn’t have to enter into your body at any time in order for you to achieve orgasm.

This being said, the feeling provided by the Womanizer Premium is unlike any other adult toys currently available on the market today.

Pleasure Air technology provides a softer, gentler, more focused stimulation than that of rumbling and vibrating dildos and even clitoral focused bullet vibrators.

The feel of the Pleasure Air function goes from a soft lover’s whisper to a gale of focused air aimed at making you cum, depending on how you adjust the 12 levels of intensity the Womanizer Premium offers.

These intensity levels can be set and cycled randomly for an added sense of surprise with the toy’s Autopilot feature.

The Autopilot creates a sense of unpredictably that can change the set feel of play with the Premium to one of pleasant bewilderment.

The Smart Silence feature aids in this by keeping the toy almost complete silent when in use so that anticipation of the surprise intensity cycling is almost impossible.

Who is it For?

The Womanizer Premium can provide stimulation to anyone seeking the sensations provided by the revolutionary Pleasure Air technology.

The Premium, like all of Womanizer’s products, can accommodate all body types and function at the same superb level of provocation for all.

The unique functionality of the Premium cannot only provide clitoral stimulation, but works well for nipples and vaginal openings (on higher intensity settings) as well.

The Womanizer can be incredibly versatile in the hands of a creative person. However, the Premium certainly does have an audience that the specialized functionality of the toy will undoubtedly find considerable favor with.

If clitoral stimulation is what gets you all hot and bothered, then the Womanizer Premium is most definitely the toy for you.

With the Premium’s 12 varying intensity levels, and the Autopilot function, this little windbag will have you overcome with flushing, sense disorienting, orgasm.

Different women reach their climax differently, however, and for those that need vaginal penetration to do so, the Womanizer Premium works delightfully well as a clit or nipple stimulator used with an internal dildo.

Though, if you are one who can only reach orgasm solely through penetration, the Premium may be best left as a foreplay tool.

premium woman

Pros & Cons

The Womanizer Premium is an incredibly designed adult toy, offering a multitude of features that achieve their main function of making you cum harder than ever.

The Smart Silence feature allows for incredible focus on your area of choice, as well as for play almost anywhere, as it keeps the toy ultra-quiet during use.

The Premium’s enhanced body provides added stability and control, while the 12 intensity levels allow you to adjust just where you like to be.

Or, if you want to hand over the reigns of control for awhile, the Premium’s Autopilot function, the true major enhancement over the mass of adult toys on the market, can provide you with surprise sensations to send you to pleasure heaven.

On the flip side, the Womanizer line of products may not be for everyone. As inclusive as Womanizer, as a product with their varying head sizes for different body types, and as a company with their sexual revolution tagline, has tried to be, this is not the all-encompassing toy for women who need penetration for orgasm.

That being said, as mentioned above, the Womanizer still makes for an excellent additional toy to stimulate the clitoris or anywhere else on your body that may help you orgasm.

Below is a quick listing of the Womanizer Premium’s Pros and Cons for a side by side comparison to let you know just how the toy will work for you.


  • 12 intensity modes let you set the Womanizer Premium’s airflow to the perfect setting for you.
  • The Autopilot feature randomly changes your pre-set intensity settings, making for surprising escalations in intensity and providing blushing orgasms.
  • Smart Silence only activates the Premium when it is millimetres from the skin and keeps the toy at only up to forty decibels even on its highest setting.
  • The ergonomic redesigned shape of the Premium’s body allows for more stability and support than any of Womanizer’s previous products.
  • Constructed of high-grade ABS silicone, the Womanizer is body safe, durable, and easy to clean.


  • The Womanizer does not provide internal stimulation, meaning anyone who can only achieve maximum orgasm through penetration will need an additional internal toy with use of the Premium.


The Womanizer Premium is one of the best clitoral stimulators on the market today and allows for incredible customization of intensity level and for random adjustment thereof for some surprising effects.

This is the perfect toy for any woman who gets spasms of joy from clitoral play, however, if penetration is your overall thing, you won’t find that here.

What the Womanizer Premium does offer, though, is a specialization in stimulation in a certain way that only the brand’s patent Pleasure Air technology can provide.

In creative hands, this unique adult tech can have you cumming back for more, again, again, and again.

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